Saturday, August 28, 2010

White Eyelet, a Favorite thing on a Summer Sunday

I was going to do a new  table outside today, but it was too bloody hot!

So a little snack for one will have to do!

These little lavender roses were my perspiration, I mean inspiration.It truly is a wipe your brow day!  :)

table 4749 In a little lavender ceramic pot from CTS…

table 4750These are my favorite dishes from my friend Marigene at In the Middle of Nowhere from a few years ago.

table 4755  A paisley napkin in a silver starfish ring, a cool drink in a purple stem, and a little snack.

table 4754

Fall shmall, it is still summer and I am off to the beach!

table 4759

Let’s see what this looks like when Earl gets closer!  :(

Last week I showed you a table I was working on.

table 4670  Many years ago, I bought these white eyelet bed canopies, knowing they would be good for a large rectangular table.

table 4747

They have a pretty lace edge with a pale blue satin ribbon running through it.

They were 5.00 each.

I have some white with blue and lavender striped too.  And I have used them dozens of times for parties.

table 4674

The china I have had for years!  My mom got it for me when I was getting an apartment to go to graduate school at Villanova.  Made in Japan, called English Garden, and bought in the supermarket each week!  I have a ton of it.  Pale blue flower and a silver trim.

I found them, still available  on the net…can’t believe it!

table 4732

I used a pale blue napkin, also ancient, and the stems were a shower gift from my mom.

table 4740

The centerpiece is a vase of blue and white Baby’s Breath. It smells so sweet!

table 4680table 4743

I tucked some into the napkin too.

table 4735

table 4739

The candlesticks are by Empire, weighted silver, and I got them at Savers, for 4.99.  :)

table 4708

table 4703

I used my silver chargers you have seen before.

table 4696

A favorite thing to do on a Summer Sunday is to sit on the porch , enjoy the flowers, and be thankful for the fabulous weather we have had the last few days!

table 4725

So come on up, have a seat…

table 4716

And relax till dinner is served!

table 4745

I am joining Laurie for Favorite Things, The Tablescaper for Summer Sundays , Marty at a Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday, and Susan at a Southern Daydreamer  for Outdoor Wednesday , and Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

table 4316

Also, Porch and Garden Party at First a Dream,. Thanks to all the lovely hostesses!
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  1. Everything about his post is beautiful... the china, the table covering, the napkins and tiny flowers, the porch and your gardens! Even the weather! Lovely!

  2. Kathleen, this is so pretty! How smart of you to think "tablecloth" when you saw the bed canopies! The ruffles make for an elegant look along with the light colour scheme. It is special that you still have your college dishes your mom bought you and they are lovely. Your yard is so beautiful - the landscaping/flowers are still perfect this late in the season! I'm going back to look some more!


  3. Talk about a cool table! Kathleen this table is one of the best. I like the delicate feel and the eyelet table cloth truly sets the stage for an elegant evening. You are so clever to think of these as a table cloth. I always learn something from you! ~ Sarah

  4. So pretty Kathleen. So pale and sweet and innocent. Just lovely.

    Hope I get to sit on that porch tomorrow!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. What a clever reuse and what a refined tablescape to sit me a place. Your photos are lovely...I love the one with lots of glasses in it and the one with lit candles...I can't seem to make that work yet on my camera. Lovely table! Joni

  6. Hi Kathleen! Oh, everything is so beautiful. I love how you've set your table, the dishes are very pretty! Love the 'tablecloth' and the fact that it's all outside makes it so romantic.
    Be a sweetie,

  7. Oh Kathleen,
    EVERYTHING about this table is just so lovely..
    What a clever idea for a tablecloth. I've done bedskirts...but never thought of a canopy!
    You've complimented your lovely china so delicately, with your centerpiece, napkins, stems and candles. It's all just beautiful.

  8. Very pretty table! I've never seen blue baby's breath before and I can't believe how lush and green your yard it! Everything has been brown here for months! The last photo is just perfect-enjoy:@)

  9. Kathleen, what a beautiful table setting! I love the charm of it being outdoors in the midst of your lovly garden, all just perfect!


  10. So pretty, Kathleen! Beautiful table! and very creative. I grew up with a bed that looked just like your table. My mother was trying for the girly look :)

  11. that is absoblutly beautiful! I never would of thought to use bed canaopies for table cloths, sweet! sweet!sweet!

  12. What a terrific post! The table is lovely, and the porch and flower beds.....delightful!

  13. Kathleen....everything about this table is gorgeous...the baby's breath and eyelet are just perfect together and blue & silver another natural pairing. Love it all :)


  14. Beautiful, Kathleen - absolutely beautiful. That table would be a stunner for a shower, wouldn't it? And I love porches (I have serious porch envy!) and the last image makes my heart happy! Happy Summer Sunday, friend!

  15. You are the queen on ingenuity! Everything works so beautifully together on your table. I am old enough to remember the dishes at the grocery stores and my mom helped me collect a set that I had a set in college too!

    I'd love to come and sit on your porch! I'll bring my own glass of wine :)

  16. This is gorgeous. I love the history in the pieces that you used. It all came together in such a pretty way, without being over the top frilly. There is blue babies breath? I had no idea!

  17. How clever you are! I would never have thought a canopy cover would be so beautiful. The table is fantastic. I'm a little bit partial to silver rimmed pieces myself.

  18. Hi Kathleen,
    Just love your cool, summery, feminine in every way, table. very
    Beautiful!! and what a delightful
    setting. Looks like it could be for a wedding or Anniversary!!
    Liked the bishop cap napkins, especially with a lil baby breathe
    tucked in. Looks much better that way.
    Great job as always,
    Have a Wonderful week ahead,
    Blessings, Nellie

  19. That is stunningly beautiful Kathleen!
    Using that canopy as a tablecloth was brilliant! You will be starting a trend! And the china is so soft and pretty, the napkins folded so lovely and I LOVE THE BABIES BREATH!
    This is elegant and pretty, and your porch is so charming!
    I would love to sit out there and enjoy the weather and the beach!
    Oh yes, the beach is to die for!


  20. Oh Kathleen, I would love to be joining you at this table. Just looking at the photos relaxes my weary body.

  21. You are just brilliant! Love the canopies for the table cover. Now I'm going to be looking everywhere for inexpensive bed canopies! Kathleen, this table is stunning. What pretty china from the grocery store! It all looks so elegant. I've never seen blue baby's breath. What a pretty centerpiece. Your porch looks so relaxing, and your flower beds are beautiful. I'm so glad you linked this beautiful post to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  22. You are just brilliant! Love the canopies for the table cover. Now I'm going to be looking everywhere for inexpensive bed canopies! Kathleen, this table is stunning. What pretty china from the grocery store! It all looks so elegant. I've never seen blue baby's breath. What a pretty centerpiece. Your porch looks so relaxing, and your flower beds are beautiful. I'm so glad you linked this beautiful post to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  23. What beautiful photos...and your table is stunning. I so well remember the sister in law had a set. So so pretty.
    Your porch is is your whole house. Have I ever got to see any rooms?? Don't recall any.

    On the spam thingy...I can't figure out how to do NOT SPAM...can't find a button for that.???

    I put a music poll on my blog this morning..:))

  24. What a gorgeous post. Your tablescape is beyond beautiful. I LOVE the white eyelet tablecloth!!

    Thank you for beautified my day.

    Blessings to you,
    Patti ~ Fill My Cup with Beauty

  25. My gosh o'mighty but your flower beds are AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL....(I know, such word as awesomely..)

  26. The beautiful tablecloth make your tablescape so elegant, romantic and pretty!


  27. Kathleen, you were SO smart to grab those canopies!! Fab for a table cover!
    Your beautiful china & those gorgeous candlesticks (I want some!!!) make for a delicate & very beautiful table. The setting outside is just magical, too. I'm green with envy over your yard & flowers. How pretty everything looks!!!!!!!

  28. Beautiful setting! The blue and white is so cool and refreshing looking. And where better to serve a meal than on a pretty porch.


  29. Oh, my goodness... You have a wonderful blog!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Have a wonderful Day!

  30. Oh my, the table is stunning and I would love to sit on the porch and visit. You always do the most wonderful tablescapes. You tablecloth is gorgeous and what an ingenius idea. Love the china too. Isn't it wonderful to have something for a long time and still love it so much. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  31. You live in a beautiful place, Kathleen. So close to the ocean... and that wonderful porch. I would spend a lot of time just sitting there. How did you manage to keep your yard so lush and green. Mine is burned to a crisp.

  32. This is beautiful! Blue is always so serene giving peaceful ambiance! Love the baby's breath centerpiece and how you tucked a sprig into the Bishop's hat napkins!


  33. Everything is so lovely and so beautiful, Kathleen. I love the colors, very refreshing and relaxing. Your garden is also very pretty with all those wonderful flowers....Christine

  34. Just stopping by because I thought of you this morning..:))

    I put a music poll on but not many seem interested enuf to vote. *sigh
    Right now, the I HATE IT is leading by a nose...maybe a half nose...maybe just a whisker...

  35. Hi Kathleen - Thanks for letting me know about my link error - I think I have it fixed. Hope you have a great week!


  36. I could have sworn I posted to this and white always makes me smile, very pretty.

  37. Oh Kathleen, You've created quite a blue heaven ;) Love the napkin origami birds.

  38. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!!! This is such a lovely table that you've set, and your china is very similar to mine. I might have to try to recreate your artwork someday! -

  39. Wow! This is such an elegant and pretty table. The tablecloth, the outdoor setting and the china are just wonderful! Looks like the garden fairies would love to sit and have dinner there. It's so delicate and soft looking! Thanks for sharing this wonderful tablescape!

    Miss Bloomers

  40. Until I saw it with my own eyes, I didn't realize there were both blue and white flowers on same stem. That's amazing.

    So sorry to be visiting so late. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  41. I am sitting on the chairs waiting for the dinner party to begin. Everything looks so lovely. Simply divine blog!
    Joyce M

  42. What an incredibly beautiful setting: the table, the garden, and the view!

  43. What a lovely table, and oh your garden!!! Everything looks just divine. :)

  44. What a lovely setting Kathleen! I used to have a china set like yours. I had forgotten how lovely it was. I almost regret giving it away. I gave it to a woman who had left an abusive situation and I wanted her to have something pretty for her new home. What a great idea to use a bed canopy for a tablecloth!

    ~ Tracy

  45. Hi Kathleen...your last picture is beautiful...and Only you would think to take a bed canopy and use it as a tablecloth...what a great idea...I did read that right didn't I that it was a those pretty twisted candles....and Ilaughed on Rhett's blog that you have the pie molds but didn't pay $10 for them...ofcourse you didn't!!

  46. Hi Kathleen...your last picture is beautiful...and Only you would think to take a bed canopy and use it as a tablecloth...what a great idea...I did read that right didn't I that it was a those pretty twisted candles....and Ilaughed on Rhett's blog that you have the pie molds but didn't pay $10 for them...ofcourse you didn't!!

  47. How lovely! I am going to remember how you folded the napkin and tucked in a sprig of BB. Very nice.

  48. Love those lavender gingham plates! Pretty purple setting, and that's my kind of snack, I'll be right over, well maybe not if Earl is coming there!! We're thankful he passed us by, I hope the others do as well!!


  49. I tried earlier to tell you that I am in love with your porch and gardens -- it wouldn't work. Maybe this time it will?


  50. I'm back from vacation in California, Kathleen! I've missed you! I did not have any computer time or acess for many days but we had a wonderful time!

    This post was so beautiful ...the table looks like a dream and so does that sunset!

    I hope Hurricane Earl does not hit us this Friday! Stay safe!

    xxoo Pat

  51. I was going to ruffle a tablecloth in a very similar manner. It kept seeming like too much work, this is so much simpler. It is beautiful, wish I didn't need a round tablecloth.

    Keep enjoying the beach as long as you can!

  52. Love the canopy/cloth. I use king size duvets as tablecloths all the time. Your table is soft, romantic, and gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  53. When did you add the lavender place? It is so pretty and so different. I'm so glad I got to enjoy my snack on that porch!

    - The Tablescaper

  54. What a lovely porch, what a lovely setting. Would you believe we are also thinking about Earl on the coast of Maine. Boats from all over the northeast are finding their way to our harbor trying to get away from the worst of it. Crazy!

  55. You are so smart to grab the canopy and use it as a table cloth. Ruffles are so chic right now! I adore the purple plates..where o where are they from? I have purple wine glasses on my table, they would pair up nicely.

  56. Kathleen, Love the lavender setting. Don't forget to stop by my blog for my little giveaway.
    Just leave a comment to enter ;)

  57. Both settings, the lavendar and the blue, are so very pretty. The first one is "happy" and makes me feel like morning. The blue one is so elegant and full of detail. I love every thing about both of them!

  58. Thanks for dropping and leaving such a delightful comment. Your tablesetting is divine! both of them. white and blue baby's breath.. wow. I love those swag dishes!

  59. Oh Kathleen, I'm so glad you got to stop by and enter my giveaway.
    There is one thing you don't know about me yet....I'm computer illiterate, disabled.....I didn't know I used an id? and know I don't need it cause of spam? Without thinking me an idiot..what are you talking about?

  60. This post is lovely,two words came to mind when I saw your blue/silver table setting,exquisite and elegant!
    Love your lilac pot and settings too!

  61. You pulled the lavender dishes out...they go great with that beautiful little rose bush.

  62. Now I'm confused...did you go back and add the lavender table setting to this post...or did I just miss it somehow? Anyway, the lavender is so pretty. You don't see that much purple in all these tablescapes...wonder why that is, it makes for a gorgeous table.

  63. I really like your porch Kathleen, it looks very relaxing and pretty, the lavender setting is delightful.

  64. Hi Kathleen,

    Thank you for suffering in the heat of late summer for our enjoyment! I don't mean we enjoyed your suffering ... we enjoyed the result .. you know what I mean! ;)

    Both tables are beautiful in such different ways -- one bold and colorful and the other soft, subtle, and delicate. Loved the napkin fold and the baby's breath. Loved the story of the supermarket china your mother provided for you. The stemware has a great, classic look.

    Your porch looks so shady and inviting (even though you explained that it was NOT cool), and your landscaping is beautiful.

    Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Thank you for the very amusing comment you left for me. Do you really think I should be concerned??? Lol!

  65. My favorite dishes of yours too! The bed ruffle idea is genius. What do you do with the end that doesn't have the ruffle or does yours? I've never seen blue and white baby's breath. Your little perfectly rounded bushes by the porch look so cute. Do you do all that pruning?


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