Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Time to start getting the Halloween tables going!  I know I have more ghosty stuff, but I didn’t get to that bin yet!

Picture 585

The centerpiece is a foam ghost from Michael’s, nested in a bowl with lights and veiling.

Picture 592Picture 591 A cute little place mat, (WSonoma outlet) over a black tablecloth.

Then a black charger (CTree Shops) white square plate, and patterned salad that I found in the clearance at HG  for.70

Picture 570

Black soup bowl by Nautica that I found when Pfaltzgraff had a clearance center next to the outlet. 

Picture 593

.48!  Made in the USA, see that Pat, Mille Favioriti!  :)  I got the mugs for that price too.  I sure miss that place!

Picture 586

Black checked napkin, really a bandana from Walmart.

I used a white alabaster napkin ring and I will write the names on he little ghosts.

Picture 572

Ghost salad plates, 1.00 at CTree Shops.

Picture 573

Black stems from Pier One a few yrs ago, on sale for less than 2.00.  I think they were 5.00 originally.

I have a set of  battery operated lights from QVC lights in the netting, but I have to work on hiding it better!

Picture 582

For dinner we will have Ghost Pie…

 ghost pie

Which is really Shepherd’s Pie with the mashed potatoes piped on and pulled up to look like ghosts.

Ghost pie2

Use your imagination!  :)

And for dessert…Cookies made with nut molds.  I will do a post on those soon!

table 366

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Next week those Naughty Witches will be on the fly again. Don’t feel safe if you got a visit last year, cause if you are still a visitor here, you could be on the list!  :)

You can read their adventures starting here. Part 2 and Part 3

Maybe some of the bloggers I wrote about will see their names.  Some of them missed it last year!

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday, Gollum  for Foodie Friday and Suzy  at Kitchen Bouquets for Flashback Friday.


  1. I love this! Black and white plates are so wonderful for halloween. And all of your fun ghosts!! Just too much fun.

  2. Your table is just too cute! The battery lights look great with your centerpiece, and I'm lovin' the nut cookies:@)

  3. Very cool, Katherine! I love the little ghost dishes especially!!


  4. What a fun table! You find more deals than anybody I know. I want to shop with you.

  5. are so clever! I love this
    boo-tiful tablescape! Great napkins! Cute ghostly bowls! :) Great The food looks yummy...and fun...can food be fun? :)

  6. This is just great! I love how you made a Halloween table that wasn't the typical look at all. I wouldn't have thought of it. The blacks and whites are perfect, and I love your little ghosts, edible and otherwise.

    Again, so great. Your creativity rocks!!

  7. You do black and white so well, Kathleen. Love the napkins. I need to pull those nut forms out and make some treats with them!

  8. Cute, cute, cute!!! Love those plates, and the napkins and rings, etc! Seeing all those neat things from Christmas Tree shops makes me all the more sad I couldn't go there!! (Wouldn't have room in the luggage for anything though.)

    I need those scarecrow napkin rings!! My TT is with scarecrows this time (I forgot to put my blog name)

    Good looking food too!


  9. I love, love, LOVE this table! How cute in black and white and ghosts! Just one of my favorite holiday table that I've seen! Oh and yes I am a follower and you are on my sidebar as blogs I follow!! :) Can't wait for more ghosts. I wasn't blogging last year at this time!

  10. I love your table. the wispy netting with the lights is really great. What a wonderful ghost! Your plates are wonderful. I love the mix and the little details you added to make the table fun and stand out in a crowd.

  11. Great Halloween table...the black and white works perfectly!!

    And that ghost pie is so cute. It looks delicious!!

  12. That is a really innovative way to use your black & white checkered napkins! Love it! That Shepherd's pie is a hoot! Very creative!

  13. Hi Kathleen!

    What a super fun table! I love all your black and white. How fun!!

  14. What ghostly table. I think the checked bandanas and the floral plates are fab together. I will take a double helping of the ghostly shepard pie and the walnut cookies...need to find what you do to make them. I love this time of year and I love your Halloween tablescape. Joni

  15. Wow! You've been busy and earyl with Halloween. Trying to mix it up a bit, huh. Your little ghost is adorable. I vlove the lights in the netting. Lots of FUN!

    - The Tablecaper

  16. I want the recipe for those cookies! the hell with the diet!
    Love the ghost amongst the tulling....very cute!

  17. This was fabulous. I have those same dishes,but I never thought about then for Halloween. I love what you did with just black and white!

  18. I was wondering if those witches were flying! Hope they won't be out tomorrow, we're due for a doozy of a storm!

    Love the decor and the tables, but those potatoes are really cute :)

  19. Oh my dear Kathleen your *ghosts* are the cutest things ever. I just adore your precious Halloween table. Great display full of beautiful creativity.

    Happy Fall! ~Melissa ;)

  20. Oh Kathleen, I love your table, and I love your ghostly Shepherd's Pie! You always amaze me with all of your many clever ideas! That centerpiece is so cute, and I can't see any light cords, so I think your lights in the netting are already perfect. Love the place mats and napkin rings too! Can't wait to read about the witches, and also about those cookies. laurie

  21. Kathleen, how fun! You've really created a terrific ghost tablescape. The black and white colour combo is perfect (love those salad plates and what a price!) and the centerpiece is very creative. I'll bet your gkids would love to have their names on the place setting ghosts and eat lots of that ghost pie! (well, maybe the nut cookies then!)


  22. Too cute! Love the salad plates and all the special touches. So wish we had a Christmas Tree Shop here. Probably a good thing that we don't!

  23. Now that's getting in the spirit! Lovely table... and the "Ghost Pie" looks delicious! I too did a small ghost theme tablescape... I will be doing Halloween themes all month!

    Really Rainey

  24. I really like the black and white plates, they are beautiful! The tuille and the lights make a really nice effect- I'll have to remember that trick.

  25. What a cute theme for a tablescape! As always your ideas always thrill me. I really love Halloween tablescapes so this one caught my eye.

    Great job!

  26. You are so clever Kathleen!
    That is just amazing, how did you think of all that!
    I love the little ghosts on the napkin rings and the ones on the table!
    And the netting with lights, just perfect!
    Between you and Laurie, I get my weekly dose of fun and creativity!
    I hope I'm in the story, will have to go read!

  27. This is darling! Oh the goblins will have such fun at your home this year --- and it looks like their "treat" will be such a fun meal! Love this inspiration.

  28. I love your ghostly table, Kathleen. But maybe I shouldn't look at it, lol. I had a nightmare the other night that 3 ghosts were trying to get me and I was screaming "Help me", "Help me" and John woke me up. And I have been really scared around the house since. I jumped when he kissed me goodbye this morning and I told him to leave some lights on. Do you think it is all these halloween stuff? I am pitiful! LOL...Christine

  29. Is it too much to say Spooktacular job? Love it!

  30. Hahaha, love the ghost pie and your great Halloween tablescape. I'm going to try to make it to Michael's today so I can get into the spirit of things.

  31. Your table is very cute! Love all the extra touches! Thank you for sharing!

  32. Kathleen, your posts are always chock-full of ideas! I love all the black and white layering, and the overall effect is such fun! Love the ghost pie, too!

  33. Great table! The 'Ghost Pie' made me giggle. I'm hoping that WalMart still has those wonderful black and white check bandanas. I'm going to buy a boatload if they do. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  34. Hi Kathleen! What a cute tablescape! I love the centerpiece and the twisty smoky ghostly looking candles! lol The food looks yummy, too! Have a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

  35. Ghost pie is so clever. I forgot about those lights and I need to pull them out for my Halloween party. I use an orange sheet as the T-cloth. That sheet has to be 30 years old but it comes out once a year. PB kids has the cutest T-cloth but not on sale yet. Want to know more about those cookies. Pear from yesterday looks so pretty. Your posts always inspire me to get in the kitchen and whip up some calories:-)

  36. The Ghost Pie is perfect!! I love your black and white table. The ghost theme is too cute.

  37. This is Spook-tac-ular, Kathleen!

    I love the B&W color scheme with ghost and that Shepard's pie is such a god idea. Even scarier than ghosts is how few "Made in America" things are available today!

    I picked up a Women's Day Halloween magazine special today and enjoyed reading it. It had a cute idea for skeleton cupcakes using white chocolate covered pretzels as the ribs and a marhmallow as the skull. You would love them!

  38. Fantastic!!! Boo... Tablescape, in black and white!

  39. Such a cute table and I love the black and white napkins. Perfect for Halloween.

  40. Great table, Kathleen! That centerpiece is too ghoul, I mean cool. Love the ghost potatoes!

  41. Hi Kathleen! Oh, what a cute table!! I think I would be scared if it wasn't so cute! :)
    I'm so glad you're coming to my party!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  42. Kathleen, this is a darling table. I like the netting with the tiny lights. Great touch! Fun layers as well, and the shepherd pie with the ghostly topping is very clever. ~ Sarah

  43. I love this! You captured just the right mix of fun, spooky and elegant. I really like the black stemware. I've always loved Halloween!

  44. Kathleen-You ARE getting a jump on Halloween! Your table is adorable! I love your bandana napkins and napkin rings. I have never made or eaten shepherd's pie. It does look like little ghosts! Can't wait to see the cookie post!

  45. As always, your table is just amazing. I love it all. Especially those little black and white checked "napkins" :)).
    I do love the ghost. I don't have much for Halloween...Oh, well...sigh.....

    Tell me, K.
    does you hubby roll his eyes when you start playing at the table?

  46. I love this Kathleen! It is all wonderful, right down to the mashed potato ghosts!:-)

  47. Wow, Kathleen! What a creative table. I am wildly in love with those cute check bandanas you used as napkins. I think they are so cute. I love that trick, and it's so great because it's cute and economical. I have several in a wild pattern, and you've inspired me to work on a tablescape using them.

    Hope all is well with you. I'm just now checking in from my blog exile to see what is going on in the world of my buddies. Thank you so much for your prayers for my hubby. He appears to be on the mend, and I am now off of nursing duty... but maid duty is beckoning! I hope to be back and blogging in about a week or so. In the mean time, sending you warm hugs...


    Sheila :-)

  48. Kathleen...the little nut cookies are just fantastic (looking forward to that post) and your little ghosty shepards pie is very clever....not to mention yummy looking!

    Wishes for a wonderful weekend!


  49. You are always so creative. Love the centerpiece :-) and the Ghost Pie!

  50. Love the black and white table! I remember your Shepherds Pie - tried to make the little ghosts..but my piping skills need work! The nut cookies look so cute.
    I bought some of the orange lights this past week - bnow have to come up with a way to use them...

  51. I was just wondering about you...realized it had been a few days since I heard from ya. Glad you stopped in this morning and thanks for the sweet words.
    Actually, I never really am up on the latest styles..I take all my cues from bloggers...or Pottery Barn catalog.:)


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