Monday, September 27, 2010

PEARings for a Pair

I am like Cathy at Wives with Knives.  In her last post she said how she bought so much produce at the market where she has her booth on Sat.  and then has to cook them all!

I do that too, and I don’t like too many veggies.  I can list them on one hand!

But I love going to the farm this time of year and bringing home the fresh veggies and fruit.

Picture 549

I got this pair of pear chargers a few years ago.  They are wood.

They were in the clearance section. for 2.00 at HG.
Picture 555

Some pear candles for a simple centerpiece.

Marked down after the holiday last year.

Picture 552

A pear side plate from Target, green flatware from Cmas Tree Shop.

Picture 553

Green napkin, Villeroy and Boch,  in a black stemmed  chunky glass .96 from the Pfaltzgraff clearance outlet store a few years ago. Sadly they closed all their stores., green placemat over yellow cloth.

I used clear glass plates as not to cover the pretty pears.

To go along with the theme…

Acorn squash, stuffed with pears, apples and nuts.

(Cut the squash in half, deseed, place cut side down in a baking pan with some water.  Bake for 30 min, fill with the poached pear, apples, butter, cinnamon , brown sugar, s and p   and nut mixture.  Return to the oven and bake another 15 min Drizzle with pancake syrup if you like it sweeter.)

Picture 558

Picture 561

For dessert, a pear baked in puff pastry.

Picture 565

I drizzled some caramel sauce on after I took this pic.


A little table for the pair of us!

Thanks for visiting!

Hey there’s a lively discussion about Blogger Etiquette going on over at In the Middle of Nowhere.  Very interesting reading!

I am reposting this for Diann's Thrifty Tablescape Party.
Thanks to all the hostesses!


  1. One hand...really? Loved your pear-ings, Kathleen! The acorn squash and poached pear recipe sounds wonderful! Great way to get your veggies and fruit too!

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    Bet your hubby loved all those pears, especially the edible ones!! Everything looks really cute!!
    and delicious!! Love the looks of the acorn squash yum!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Dinner looks fab once again!!! I see those great pear candles getting lots of use from now right through New Years! Gonna stop over to IMONW and brush up on my bloggy etiquette:@)

  4. Beautiful and unique table! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Not a fan of pears, but I loved the wooden ones! Miss Picky would like that squash, will have to try it!

    yep, Mimi had some good points with that post!

  6. Lovey! I love me some juicy pears. Your food looks fabulous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Your pear pastry looks so pretty, Kathleen. I bet it's good too. Love your tablescape!...Christine

  8. Squash and pear! I can go for that. Delicious. Lovely tablescape.

  9. I love almost veggies!

    Your pear table is beautiful and I like the way you stuffed the squash. I just use butter and brown sugar...yours sounds better!

  10. Oh, have I been in the mood for baked acorn squash! Isn't it a great fall food? I love sweet and your recipe sounds delightful! Pretty table!

  11. That looks so good!

    Thanks for visiting!!

  12. hmmm, I've only made the squash as a savoury...but this sweeter version sounds soooo good...and I happen to have one in the fridge's veggie bin :) (and I love that chicken-shaped (pot?) pie on your side bar :)

  13. Kathleen:

    This looks so inviting. I'm trying to get a better look at the glass that the acorn squash is in. Does it have no stem?

    That pear looks so inviting.

    I love those charges. Great idea to put the clear glass plates over it. I have some chargers that I don't want to hide. I'll have to steal your idea.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. Kathleen, this looks delicious, but I may go straight to that dessert. It all looks yummy. Are the pear plates a recent purchase? I'd love to find some of these. Love the flatware too. You have great sources! ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  15. Kathleen, love your pear themed tablescape and the yummy looking goodies! The pear chargers with clear plates look great and the pear candles are perfect! ...but you know, you really should eat your veggies before putting out those fabulous desserts!


  16. I really like those pear chargers! ... and that squash and the pear baked in the lattice cut puff pastry look yummy!

  17. Nice 'Pearing' of your chargers and Pear Candles! It all looks very lovely.
    I was wondering if you were going to cover that pretty pattern with another plate...silly me...
    and clever you ... with a glass plate of course!

    Yummy acorn squash and pear dessert.
    I love when you share your 'how to' recipes..

  18. A delight to visit today!!! All looked so tempting! Cathy

  19. I'm realizing that I could feed an army with what I brought home on Saturday! What was I thinking? Your table is so pretty, Kathleen, and I love the pear theme and those gorgeous chargers.

    I would love your stuffed squash, and that dessert!!! How in the world did you do that?

  20. Your pear chargers are gorgeous. I would have them hanging on the wall. They really are beautiful. Love the squash recipe, it sounds so good and of course I would love some of your fabulous pear pastry. The pear candles are so pretty. What a great tablescape. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  21. I think the pear chargers are so cool...can you believe that I still haven't tried the Caged Pears! I think I threw the lattice cutter away, it was too intimidating...

  22. Your table looks fabulous as always! The pear in the puff pastry looks delicious and I love the way you did it!

    Happy Tabletop Tuesday! :-)


  23. Kathleen, I simply love those chargers!! The table is simple, but oh so pretty. And dessert sounds delish....
    xo Sue

  24. I LOVE acorn squash...I am going to try a pear cobbler soon! thanks for the inspiration and for being a follower! when we were at the Empire State Building the lady said on a clear day you can see the Hamptons!! How cool! Have a lovely day! Jennifer aka Gigi

  25. What a pear-fect post! Love those chargers, and as always, your food looks scrumptuous! I want a bite of that pear pastry so badly, I am salivating. laurie

  26. The pear chargers are stunning! The caged pears are one of my favorite fall desserts. Love the lattice gadget that we all bought! I go to the farmers market every Thursday, and have learned to only buy what I will use :-) It took me many years to learn that!

  27. We do the same...too many and I have to cook them and then I get sick of 'em. Squash is my least fav of veggies, I guess, and I like them fairly well.
    Pears...o my...we do love them. Your pear chargers are out of this world...
    Everything looks great.

    How does everyone do it..? Take photos, shop, make a draft of a post, visit so many is all beginning to wear me out. Kathy over at KATHY'S COTTAGE says she is slowing down on visiting so much..just not enuf time since we all are living LIFE, too. May have to just follow suit ...I know I need about a week of BREAK....

  28. Oh wow, both dishes are amazing! Seriously want to try some of each...and I love the beautiful pear plates and decor!!

  29. Oh my word, you even made the FOOD look wonderful with the tablescape! I'm such a dork that I doubt I'll ever be able to do that.

    It was all really lovely and it all followed your theme just perfectly. I'm glad you didn't cover up those chargers with solid plates. They are too pretty to cover up.

    Loved it all!

    And I'm going to that blog about etiquette. I need to know if I'm doing something wrong...

  30. Going to have to try your acorn sister has an abundance of them in her garden this fall!
    I still shake my head at all your dishes and accent there any theme you can't do???

  31. I just found two of your posts I guess I missed while we were gone.

    Love the pear chargers! Those recipes sound good too!

    I'm working on a pear tablescape too, but a few things are holding me up!


  32. Love the pear chargers! Very smart to use clear plates so the design shows.

  33. Wonderful table Kathlleen! I am the same way, I can name the veggies I like on one hand. But, being at the Farmer's Market 6 days a week, i have had a ton of fresh veggies all summer. Fortunately for me, the folks at the markets (the produce folks generally divide up all their produce that was unsold at the market that day, among the vendors that sell there)know that I distribute all the fresh produce to family and friends on a daily basis.
    Thank you for joining TT and I hope you are having a wonderful week!Oh, and I received my awesome acorn pan! And thank you for the other goodies as well! I can't wait to try the pan! And Lia wants us to use the Santa count down to count down to Halloween! LOL


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