Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Memories, Pass the Napkins!

Labor Day weekend and Earl, an uninvited guest is making a pest of himself.  But, he is supposed to blow out to sea.  So the sun will come out tomorrow!

Summer Memories…

Memorial Day

And in the blink of an eye,table 4066 It’s time to observe,

The 4th of July!

table 2503


table 904

We ate lots of salads,

table 4017

And hamburgers too,


Some pies made from cherries

table 4269

table 4411

Some with berries quite blue!

table 4582

My waist is expanding,

But I really must bake!

Summer’s not summer without Oreo Cake!img85mcookie pan oreo

We scarfed down the shrimp,

table 3886

With feta and rice,

Mini chicken pot pies


Were really quite nice!

Summer means beach

table 4591

The  snacks we do cart!

We try not to get sand,

In our fresh lemon tart!

table 499

Labor Day is upon us,

We bid summer farewell

It’s a Favorite Thing

I guess you could tell!

table 4291

I am joining  Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday, Kitchen Bouquets for Flashback Friday, Laurie for Favorite Things, The Tablescaper for Summer Sundays, and Little Bit of Everything for So Long Summer BBQ.

Thank you all for hosting!  And thank you for visiting.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!


  1. I am stuffed! What a feast to enjoy!
    Happy PS & beautiful safe holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. What a delightful addition to our party! Thanks Kathleen for sharing so many amazing pictures of your celebration. I've absolutely loved it! Have a happy weekend and have an extra piece of that luscious cake for me!

  3. Nice recap, Kathleen, it's been a great summer. Hot, but nice. Sorry to see it go by so fast! Glad Earl came and went and that the weekend will be nice and cool! Enjoy it, it'll soon be quiet where you are!

  4. 0h, I love this Kathleen!
    What an awesome post celebrating summer!
    And you my dear are a fabulous cook!
    I told you before if I lived with you I would weigh about 400 lbs. by now! hehe.
    Take Care and Happy Labor Day,

  5. Kathleen, what feast for the eyes. I wish you sunshine and clear skies for tomorrow and the rest of the holiday weekend. Glad Earl didn't cause any real problems for you. I'll have one or two of those lemon tarts. :-)
    ~ Sarah

  6. Oh Kathleen, I'm so happy you were able to recreate it! It's such a great post.

    Hopefully our skies will be bright. I'm glad we prepared and really glad Earl wasn't any worse.

    I'm with Sarah, I'll have a lemon tart too!

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Everything looks great, I'd love one of those lemon tarts! Hoping Earl is a distant memory by now! Not one drop of rain here north of Philly, just sums up how this summer has been-dry!!!

  8. Kathleen, I'm showing this post to Ray who grew up on the beach- fabulous!
    xoxo Pattie

  9. Love it! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  10. I'm happy to hear that Earl isn't going to spoil your Labor Day, Kathleen! I know it will be filled with wonderful food. I love your Ode to Summer but I can't believe it's over! We've gone from hot and humid to downright chilly in just a couple of days.

  11. What a fab post, summer in a nutshell and so poetic too!
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Wonderful, clever post. Great photographs. Earl left us little wet but the sun is out now.


  13. What a beautiful post! The food looks absolutely fantastic. I think I'm inspired!
    The strawberries, the pie, the burger, the Oreo's over the top!

  14. Wonderful Kathleen and I am glad that I am not the only one with a waist that is expanding! Great post...a keeper!!

    Jeanne :)

  15. Kathleen-You are so clever! And now you have made me so very hungry... This is a perfect round up of some of your summer food! Great photos. Hope Earl did not kick up too much of a fuss. STay out of the surf. I am going to the kitchen now :)

  16. Well I certainly enjoyed my fair share and then some of summers bounty and the proof is in the pant size!~!
    Love all your red, white, and blue. Glad Earl got scaled down...

  17. You always do great patriotic tables...the food looks delicious, especially the oreo cookie cake. I love the sunset sky at night, sailors delight!
    Hope you are having a great weekend with your little ones.


  19. So glad Earl is just a nuisance and not a disaster! Love your recap :-) Perfect flashback! I'm not ready to let go of summer but its running away from me!

  20. The music count was so close...almost half and half BUT....HATE IT did actually win.
    Now, I have been working for 2 days on how to make my blog load faster and the very first thing to go was my PLAYLIST. They REALLY pull a blogs load time down. Then, I got rid of almost all my HTML many I just didn't really need and they, too, drain load time. Right now, my load time is about twice as fast as before. I am also moving around faster in blogging. There's so many blogs that take so long to load...and they aren't on my visiting list anymore. Too many others I want to visit, too.
    So, your Mr. Cuisine should be happy when he doesn't have to hear RAY CHARLES playing his AWESOME rendition of WHAT'D I SAY.
    bwaaaaaaa, I'm going to miss it.
    A computer savy friend DID tell me of another playlist that didn't drag time down as much as PLAYLIST.COM, and I might try it later.
    Whew...didn't mean to write a book....:))

  21. Happy Holiday to you, Sweetie! Now pass me a lemon tart, please??? Lemon is my MOST favorite of all those items you showed.

    I'm glad to hear Earl's visit was short & sweet...just the right kind of summer guest! LOL

  22. What a clever rhyme, and great looking food as well. Happy Fall!!

  23. All the images are gorgeous, Kathleen.

    We tracked Earl, with memories of our beautiful visits to that part of the world.

  24. OMG Kathleen, NOW I AM SO HUNGRY!!! I think I'll swim down across the sound and grab some leftovers!!! How did you make out with Earl. I'm in the Northwest corner of Connecticut and it missed us BUT it looks like LI got some??????
    Hugs to my Other Connolly,

  25. I wrote a very long comment earlier, and blogger made it disappear... so here I am again- I have been trying to read hundreds upon hundreds of posts in reader. I am so far behind... so I started at the end of the alphabet and am working my way up! Sorry you haven't heard from me lately- I need to start purging, but don't worry- YOU- I will keep! LOL I love your last hurrah of summer here. All the food looks absolutely yummy, especially the fruit pies. Summer is indeed a great time for all this! We can work it off a little bit more than in sedentary winter! LOL
    Your pal, the Tablescaper came by earlier this A.M. I joined her party today.
    TTYL, my friend. xo Sue

  26. Yum! What delicious pictures, and our favorite poet has struck again. How cute! My mouth is watering for one of those lemon tarts - even if it has some sand in it. I think my waist has expanded just from reading your blog! Thank you for linking all of these calories to Favorite Things Sat.! laurie

  27. Hi Kathleen! Looks like you had a great summer! The food all looks yummy! I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  28. HI Kathleen! Oh, my goodness! Look at all of this delicious food! Can I just come on over? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Yum, everything looks delicious!

    Did Earl come knocking on your door there? Hope not!


  30. What yummy fun! Now I'm starving! I wish you lived closer!

  31. Aren't we glad that Earl passed on by and let us enjoy a last summer weekend. Your food would have fit right in our island picnic today. No matter what the season, you can't beat tasty treats! Have a great week. L

  32. Hi Kathleen, I guess you hadn't noticed me much because I can't ever seem to get a tablescape post together. You sure make your food look delectible in your posts. You have a blessed family to have you at the helm. lol

    I gotta try the cream stuffed strawberries for my crew. :0)

  33. I had to laugh when I read your comment about the seats at Mass. Even though we aren't permanent residents here, yet (a girl can dream), J and I always look forward to post Labor Day, when just the "regulars" are at the lake.:-) You should hear us, trying to figure out renters and regulars or visitors of regulars.
    Sure is quiet here this morning. Our company left early, trying to beat the traffic.

  34. Loving your cute poem! I'm glad you had such a fun and delicious summer :)

  35. I simply adore this post -- what wonderful things you did and shared this summer!

  36. What a GREAT!!! end of the summer post. Everything is PERFECT!!!

  37. What a wonderful post! I love how you've recapped summer, and transitioned into Fall. I'm not ready to let summer go...but our weather dictates it today. Your pictures are great...especially the sunset over the water.

  38. Great post! Thanks so much for joining my So Long Summer Blog BBQ! Love the oreo cake...YUM!

  39. Clever, creative, talented and lots of fun! That's you! Love the photos and words describing your summer :)

  40. All your food, especially the strawberries are looking so good, Kathleen. I bet it is so much fun to spend even just a day with you with all the food you prepare....Christine

  41. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    Wish I could have been shopping with you today! We would have fun even if we didn't have any luck shopping.

    - The Tablescaper

  42. You are my kind of gal! Eating your way through the summer... and a little other stuff too. I remember so many of these delights!
    Thanks fo the summer memory!

  43. This was a lovely retrospective about your summer's bounty, Kathleen. It's hard to believe it is almost over and that autumn will be upon us. I love fall so I look forward to it!

  44. Hi Kathleen,
    Love this post....where oh where did our summer go? I am not ready for fall, especially after reflecting on summer. Enjoy your day.


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