Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Devil Made Me Do it~ Witches Part 3

Picture 788

The witches dine at The  Devil’s Inn

They like the atmosphere.

Bellies full, they burp and slurp

The remains of  their last beer.

Picture 787

Those naughty witches are all a buzz

And on their brooms they slalom

Pitching lots of rotten eggs,

At Ginger, Kate and Gollum.

Picture 803

Debbie, Debby, Debs and Tess

Be sure to sit with care,

They spread a bunch of fire ants,

A crawling on your chair!

Picture 800

On their way to Jacqueline’s

They meet another coven

These little witches were just too sweet,

So they hid them in an oven.

Picture 792

Anita, Karen and Monique,

I know you like to bake

Watch out for all those spider webs

They stuffed inside your cake!

Picture 802

Now Nancys, Sandys and Cathys too,

I know you don’t like rats,

So I hope you like their gift for you

A box of furry bats.

Picture 804

Soaring off, they head out west,

To tickle Joni’s toes

Shaving cream the houses

Of Janean and Mary Rose.


One last stop at Garden Web,

The Holidayers are quite a group

They drop off crunchy crickets,

And lots of ghosty poop.


Sputtering and diving,

Their brooms they can not steer,

They head back east, to hibernate

And fly again next year!


Please be sure to read Part 1 and 2 in previous posts.  Sorry I didn’t get everyone in .  One post didn’t make it due to illness, but I’ll get you next year!

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday, and Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday.

It’s ok to play with your food!

Picture 781Picture 774

Picture 780

Oven fried potatoes cut with a pumpkin or leaf cookie cutter.

Picture 778

Mini meat loaf baked in the pumpkin mold.

Picture 773

SMILE!  Thanks for visiting, and all the get well wishes.  I am getting there!

Table notes:

Chargers PB Outlet

Red and white dishes Le Dollar Tree

Last 4 rose buds and baby’s breath from my garden in salt shakers

Red satin take out box, Pier 1

Centerpiece, tin bucket , Dusty Miller and snips of berries from the crab apple tree, and anything that was in bloom.


  1. Love the use of red for Halloween, great table and fun centerpiece! You have to be feeling better if you're shaping meatloaf into pumpkins:@)

  2. Glad to hear you "are getting there"
    Those pumpkin shaped goodies are so darn cute!
    Love the black, red and white scape for your witchy table :0)

  3. I love what you did with the meatloaf! My mom always made a heart shaped one for valentines day, covered it with ketchup, and used mashed potatoes around the edge (for lace). I remember her doing it EVERY year! Great ideas though, thanks for sharing! Sandi

  4. I don't even know where to begin...This is so adorable. I feel as if the comments ought to rhyme too. The table is so pretty, no matter whether you made it devilish or not. The reds are great and just pop right out at you.

    BTW, I LOVE how you cut those baked potato chips into pumpkin shapes. How cute is that?

    So here's my attempt:
    Happy Happy Halloween
    to the very clever Cuisine Kathleen.

  5. The red and black was fun and different! Loved the poem! Cute pumpkin hamburgers & chips!

  6. Too funny, Kathleen !
    Love your witty tho twitty poems.
    Hugs ~

  7. I am SOOOOOOOO happy you are feeling better!!! It's great to have you back in blog land.

    You crazy girl, food in Halloween shapes. You are too much. Love your black and red twist on Halloween.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. You're a kid at heart:) I heard you Dollar tree bought our Dollar stores..Wonder what's in store for us:)

  9. Glad you're doing better, Kathleen, you sound great! Ghosty poop? LOL!

  10. So much fun and so cute, Kathleen! I've loved all the witchy posts.

  11. Glad to see you are back with us, you've been missed!

    Love the tea pot in your banner!

    The poem is adorable, don't know how you come up with all that! LOL!

    I need those pumpkin plates with the candy corn and licorice on them, to go with my candy corn tablescape!

    Love it all!


  12. I have a couple of gkids who would love pumpkin shaped potatoes and meatloaf. Grandma too! You do have a way with words, Kathleen. Ghostly poop...hahaha.

  13. I thought I told you to rest! I see you can't keep a fun soul down for long ;) Love the mini meatloaf with the carrot face! Wha-ha-ha!

  14. Kathleen, The poetry is hysterical... and very very good too! I was laughing the whole time. YOur table is so witchy worthy! I love the red and black and white~ a little devilish fun! Did I see breadsticks in that cauldron?
    Best tablescape... best poem!!!!!!

  15. Even being under the weather you are able to rhyme and think to make meatloaf in the shapes of pumpkins....Kudos!!....and ofcourse I love
    Le Dollar adds such class..

  16. Your poem is the winner!!! I love your table. Is Le Dollar Tree kin to Jacques Penne? LOL. great time visiting this evening. Loved your table.

  17. Oh those naughty witches have had the best fun this year! I'm sure they'll be brewing up lot's more fun for next year too!

  18. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! Have spooky, yummy, happy halloween!!

  19. Hope you are feeling better, you had me worried!
    Love the red/white and black.
    The pumpkin plate is cute!

  20. Glad you are feeling well enough to set this table! I think it is a little too elegant for those naughty witches! Maybe my well behaved witches were the ones put in the oven! Happy Halloween! Linda

  21. I am going to have to try the cookie cutter potato idea! That is cute. This table scape is so beautiful, who knew a halloween table could be pretty? Love how you tied it all together. (Oh, and mustard goes with spiders better than ketchup) :)

  22. Kathleen-LOVE that pitch fork!! You should have made a place card for Christine O' Donnell :) I you were close too--I 'd love to know how to do the cake!

  23. Very cute poem and tablescape, Kathleen. I hope this means you are feeling much better.

  24. You are too clever -- if you can do this when you don't feel well, no wonder you are the star when you DO feel great.

  25. Glad you're back and 'Bushy Tailed' again!
    Cute poem and great table.
    Love the B&R for works!
    You gave me my menu for tomorrow night with those cute pumpkin shaped potatoes and meatloaf.
    It's my night to cook for the Gkids.. I'm sure they'll love it.
    Continue to get better.

  26. Kathleen, you must be on the mend - coming up with that fantastic poem, setting a devilish 'scape for us AND making appropriately shaped food! I really enjoyed seeing black/red/white as a colour combo for Halloween and it goes perfect with your theme! Hope you are feeling 100% soon!


  27. I am so sorry to hear you have been unwell Kathleen. I sure do hope you will be feeling better for this weekend! It looks like you might be as your tablescape is fabulous and your poem is brilliant! I can't wait to see what you do for Thanksgiving!

    Take care and keep resting.
    Best wishes,

  28. Hope that this finds you on the mend and feeling better for the quickly approaching festivities. The Halloween tablescape is darling...what I really like are those wonderful white plates with the red furls...I hope to see those highlighted in future tablescapes. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  29. See you are like every other kid and do not listen to all your "mothers"!!! ;)
    Love the red and black table - the little meatloaf and potatoes..I'm going to have to get out my fall cutters..forgot I had them!
    Poem is hilarious..I'm with Carol..ghostly poop!! (and yummy)
    Take care Sweetie!

  30. Oh, K....this is soooo flippin' cute. I love your devil table. You are SO good at all this. Just amazes me.
    Your poem is so also have such a talent in that area.
    Sure glad you are so much better..
    Oh, and I LOVE the teapot in your header..!

  31. Love the red you used...Have missed reading my favorite blogs...

  32. What a cute table! I love the festive touches you've added to the menu, too. I especially love that cute Halloween teapot in your header. Thanks for sharing.

  33. What a cute table and I love the potato pumpkins!


  34. And thanks for the sweet words on my last post!

  35. Kathleen, you're having way too much fun with this. And, please no fire ants in my chair. I keep thinking what fun it would be to spend time with you.

  36. How cute to make a meatloaf in a pumpkin mold! What a great idea. I'll bet you could mold a lot of different foods.

  37. Kathleen, what fun you (and we) have had with your clever witchy rhymes this year! Great idea to use red and black for a "devilish" table! That red ribbon with white edging is adorable!

  38. I love your poem, you are so clever! Your table in red gave me an idea! Thanks so much!

  39. What cute ideas!!! Those potatoes had to take a long time...I applaud you!!! Have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend!

  40. Glad you're doing better Kathleen. Is ghosty poop white?

  41. Bravo~Bravo!! What a great rendition of your own great pumpkin story! The table is really, REALLY pretty despite the pitchfork in the middle. LOL

    I'm so relieved to hear you're feeling better. I was worried, big time! That crud is nothing to mess around with.
    Take it easy for a wee bit yet, okay?

  42. Oh, so fun! I always love your rhymes. Fun seeing my name today too. Your red and white is just gorgeous and makes such a fun table, devilishly wonderful. That red and white patterned one is especially fabulous and the red flatware. Thanks for sharing your fun talents.

  43. Yea Kathleen's back! And she's back with a bang! Love your table and your poetry. And I love your creative food. Those ribbons you used to tie the napkins are so pretty, and I love the red swirls on those plates. Where on earth did you get that pitch fork? How cute! I don't have a pitch fork. Now I want one too! So glad you are finally back and feeling up to your devilish little rhymes, scapes, and food! laurie

  44. I love your red and black witches table but I love more that you are feeling better Kathleen! :)

  45. Thanks for dropping by and telling me to come over. I already had but it was nice that you let me know too. I figured a coven of witches had to be me!!! Have a wonderful Halloween.

  46. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest post combined with such a pretty table and some yummy-looking food! If you had only known...I have two ivy topiaries on my breakfast bar with fleur-de-lis on top. I noticed a very silky spider web starting around one and I thought i was so cool, until my mom came and told me to put my glasses on that it was filled with lots of little tiny spiders!!! Hope you are feeling well!

  47. Well I never did see such a cute post and poem -- how cute! And the devil table was cute as a bug's ear! Love the pumpkin shaped playing with food. I sure hope you get better and thanks for putting a smile on our faces today. Happy Halloween. Joni

  48. Wow!!! I'm tongue-tied...

    I'm lovin' the red plates and glasses...
    So cool, spooky, and yes...very inviting.

  49. What a spooktacular table Kathleen~
    I love the red and black!
    And I love the pumpkin hamburgers, they are as cute as can be!
    I want that pumpkin teapot, boy is that cute~

  50. Kathleen, once again a wonderfully spooky table! I love the red, black and white used together...just perfect for a devil of a good time. The little pitchfork is a cute touch.

  51. Glad you are back and glad you are feeling better.

    Awesome table setting too!

    Happy Halloween

  52. Everything really pops with the black background! Lots of pretty things....and a fun banner, too! ♥

  53. How adorable! You are amazingly creative, even with food!

  54. Such a pretty table! I hope you are feeling better soon. Happy Halloween!

  55. Glad you were feeling better to get this fun post up. Your red devil table is HOT and the poetry yet another entertaining piece. ;-)
    Love the shaped fried potatoes. I'll have to get my chef to make some. Your grands are going to have fun at this meal. ~ Sarah

  56. Red is not usually a color I associate with Halloween but your centerpiece certainly was appropriate :0 The tablesetting is gorgeous but I really loved the pumpkin/fall food. I get such great ideas from your blog and will be making some pumpkin/leaf potatoes and meat loaf soon.


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