Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh those White Pumpkins!

At the end of the summer, Pfaltzgraf was having an on line sale.  I didn’t NEED anything, but you know when the price is good, and the shipping is free, I just have to go for it.

Picture 855

These were called Bubble Glass.  I tried to get a pic, if you look at the base of the glass before the stem, there is indeed a bubble.  And such a pretty color blue. ONE DOLLAR!

Picture 854

The lovely white porcelain pumpkin bowls from Christmas Tree Shops.  Really they are prettier than many I have seen, no matter the make, and these were 1.97 a few years ago.  They didn’t have them this year.  I know so many bloggers wanted them.

Picture 843

I used my tablecloth from Villeroy and Boch, Navy blue placemat, rattan charger also from Pfaltzgraf sale, 2.25.

British castles plate from the supermarket

Lacey white plate also CTS

Napkin from WSonoma Outlet, you don’t want to know in case you paid full price!  :)

Picture 852

Goldish orange leaf salad plate from the Pfaltzgraf clearance center, a few years ago.  Yes, 1.24!

Picture 853

A better look at the napkin.

Picture 847

Everyday stainless from Dansk.

Picture 849

A simple white pumpkin surrounded by some fall berries, and blue candles in silver candle holders from Savers.

Blue pitcher in Pinhierro and a gift from my cousin.

Please visit Susan’s Between Naps on the Porch for tons more Tablescape Thursday entries!

I am also joining Hoosier Homemade for Cupcake Tuesday, and Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday.

Picture 836

I bought this  Wilton pan with my coupon at Michael’s.  Wonderful for making individual shortcakes, or so many other things.

Picture 837

You could even make biscuits or  herb quick bread in them, then fill them with chicken salad, or make a version of chicken and biscuits or open faced chicken pot pie.   How about a cheddar cheese bread filled with ham salad.  So many possibilities!  :)

I made chocolate chip cake and put a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt, and drizzled melted chocolate over the top.

Picture 857

Veteran’s Day, a day to remember and thank our veterans for all they have done.  We can never thank them enough!  God bless them.



White Christmas/Winter White meme on Dec 15th! 

I hope you will join in!  So many of us have white dishes.

The rules…white dishes, silver or gold accessories. 

The centerpiece can contain greenery.

Tablescape , vignette or if you are not into dishes,  white food, or maybe you own white winter wonderland.  Dec.15th!  I will make up a button soon, so you can take it as a reminder!

Hope you will come to the party!   Let me know if you are interested!

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, here’s Target’s Black Friday ad…You won’t find me there, but I like to look!



  1. Hi Kathleen...You are so right about those pumpkins...gorgeous! I love your blue and white, of course! That cake pan is a great idea...so many things to do with it! Your party sounds fun. White food? I need to think...potatoes, rice...where's my cookbook? lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Your table is beautiful, lovin' those pumpkins and napkins, the blue candles look great!
    My December calendar is filling up fast but I'll pencil you in:@) lol. I'm in, as soon as you get a pic up I'll put it on my sidebar.
    Got a 20% coupon to CTS today, I e-mailed my co-pilot to see if she wanted to take a road trip!

  3. Beautiful table Kathleen! I love that pan, too. Makes for great smallish desserts! :0)

  4. Kathleen I love the colors on our table. The white, blue and browns are so soothing. Love that cupcake pan!

  5. I just love seeing those white pumpkin tureens, they are so delicate and with so much detail - yes, I would have loved to have gotten some! Your blue & white table with the bit of gold/amber from the leaf plates (what a steal!) looks wonderful. Love the bubble glasses too! I'd love to do a white themed table and join in (but no guarantees with the busy season fast approaching!)


  6. I have to agree - great table setting. And I too love those pumpkin bowls. Gorgeous.


  7. What amazing prices! And those pumpkins are so very pretty. Wonderfully rich and elegant tablescape!

  8. G'eve Kathleen ~ I have to tell you none of these colors are my colors, but you just swayed me. It is a lovely table scape, the colors are perfect &

    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN Hugs, Marydon

  9. The porcelain pumpkins are so pretty. I am on my way to Michaels's . I want that cupcake pan. I have a few coupons too.

  10. Kathleen-I think you are about the best shopper I know!Or maybe it's just that I love all your "stuff" :) I love that cake pan and it does have limitless possible combinations and possibilities. The White Party sounds fun--I'll start thinking now!

  11. Love those white pumpkins! And your cupcakes sound divine...my house full of boys would love them. I might just have to look for a that pan.
    Thanks so much for joining us on Cupcake Tuesday!

  12. Those napkins are exquisite. I love blue toile and those are such an excellent representation. So sorry I missed those. But, I do believe I was with you when you purchased the silver candlestick holders.

    A white Christmas, hmmm, now you've got me thinking.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. This table has one of my favorite color combinations with the blue, white, and pumpkin color. You, as usual, put it together just beautifully. I sure would love to have some of those little pumpkin bowls.

    And those Wilton pans? I would really like some of them too. I love the way the cupcake looks with the ice cream on top.

  14. Love those white pumpkins..when you tire of them please pass them on to your fellow Irish lass !! LOL
    Will have to put my thinking cap on for the 15th

    Love your blue table - everything is so pretty...

  15. I have to agree with you Kathleen, the CTS pumpkin bowls ARE the prettiest I've seen too.
    I love how you combined them with the Blue & White (my first passion) and especially those toile napkins...to create such a lovely table.
    That pan is wonderful, and you 'rattled off' so many great ways to use it...to inspire all.
    You'd make a great 'Sales Rep' !!

  16. Oooing and Ahhing over the pumpkins - they are gorgeous! I did blue and orange this week too! I love those napkins also!!!

  17. I am just loving coming and finding new color combinations on your blog. The blue and white with the orangish-gold looks fabulous and you put it together so beautifully. I think those white pumpkin bowls are beautiful and you are the bargain queen :)

    Now, that I finally have white dishes I will come to your party!

  18. Pretty table, Kathleen, very pretty little pumpkins, but I really love that little blue pitcher!

    A quick glance, first I thought you got a set of pet food bowls on a tray, but knowing you, nah, couldn't be :) I love the cakes, have to get to Michaels, I even have a coupon somewhere :)

  19. Kathleen, do you have a FB page? I want to be your friend on FB if you share when you find a great on-line sale! When you show your finds, I always wonder why I didn't find that! Love this table. Of course, you know I love the blue and white linens. Those individual pumpkin tureens are beautiful. I am just not believing you found those wonderful blue stems for $1!! I am jealous. you know I am drooling over that dessert concoction, and you know if you're having a party, I'll be there. The white party sounds like a fun holiday idea. laurie

  20. Again with the Christmas Tree Shop items! Will your East Coast taunting never end?????

    I've seen the beautiful, delicate looking pumpkins before (and I've drooled over them before), but I don't think I've seen those pretty lacey plates.

    I like the use of the leaf plate. It comes as a "little surprise" amid all the blue and white. Very nice touch. I never would have thought to do that.

    I think I would like to join your Winter White Day.

  21. This is so gorgeous! I love all of the elements!

  22. I want those lidded pumpkin bowls too! What a pretty tablescape you set, Kathleen, love everything on it and especially the food!...Christine

  23. Beautiful table...blue with orange is such a delightful combination. Those napkins are gorgeous, but my favorite on the table are the pumpkins, they add so much to the place setting.

  24. I have lusted after your white pumpkins for so long! They were such a great buy.

    Sounds like a fun party, Kathleen! I'll put it on the calendar ;)

  25. Hi Kathleen,

    Wonderful table! Love the way the blues and warm reds/browns/golds complement each other. Your new glasses are very chic ... and they cost one dollar?? It's a good thing I like you so much, or I could be a li'l bit jealous! ;)

    I have some pans like yours that I've only used for for strawberry shortcakes (well, the cake was made with fresh berries, so I guess they were just strawberry mini-cakes). Thanks for sharing all the great ideas for other uses!

    Hope the rest of your week goes well.


  26. Kathleen, what a great, idea-filled post! I love the blue and white table with the gold leaf plates, and that cake pan is perfect for so many desserts. I have a feeling Michael's all over Blogland will be besieged!

  27. I am glad we have the white pumpkins from CTS, and if I ever see them again, I will be buying more. I only bought two!

    I'll join you for the party Kathleen!

  28. Those pumpkins are beautiful! Great table, as always. And thanks for the offer on the coupon but I'm just not going to make it there this week. Thank you for thinking of me!

  29. Your table is gorgeous. I love the colors and how you put it all together. One piece just seems to perfectly play off the next one.. Beautiful

  30. Wow! I never thought of blue and white for fall, but it is amazing. Those little white pumpkins are the cutest things ever! I love the napkins too and I know you will find lots of uses for that new pan -- yummy dessert you made. Joni

  31. Those really are the cutest white pumpkins. What I love about this table is the unexpected combination of blue with the leaf dish. I think some people get caught up worrying too much about everything matching in color and I love it more when things don't. That added "pop" really makes the table setting special.

    The white party sounds fun!

  32. This is all so beautiful! Love the blue, white and pumpkin colors together! I want those lacey white plates! Speaking of white - great idea to have a white party, but I don't have much white, must try to think of something!

    Those white pumpkin bowls are wonderful! I get sick every time I see things you bought at CTS. I was "so near, yet so far away" from it! LOL! I'm still pouting about that!!

    Love the new cupcake pan and the cakes!

    I just posted a new tablescape. Come see!


  33. O, K...
    You have so many beautiful things. I love your white pumpkins. The table looks amazing and the dessert is AWESOME. yum...
    O, and I wouldn't miss your White party for anything. I'm going to start working on it right away...all white/gold or silver/greenery...ok.

  34. Love the blue and white. I love the way you layered all of the plates-it looks great with your dark blue candles. I especially love those toile napkins. I don't think I ever get tired of toile. I'd almost be afraid to use them though since they are soooo pretty!

  35. Hi lovely lady. I love your Tablescapes so beautiful with all the colors, you have done a great job ~~~ and I also love the white pumpkins for your centerpiece.

  36. Kathleen, those pumpkins are just precious, and of course, the blue and white is wonderful, too. It's my favorite color combo!

    I'm so glad you are better. Sorry you have been through the ringer, and I hope each day brings renewed strength. Mr. Magpie is finally better after being out of work for weeks in September with kidney surgery, and it just about wore me to a frazzle. I had to see the doctor last week, and we go to the same one. She was amazed at how well he was and how I needed to get some rest! LOL! Gee, I wonder why. ;-)

    Love you and glad you are better. Stay warm as the weather changes...


    Sheila :-)

  37. Those white pumpkin bowls put all others to shame. I love their detail. Cute leaf plates too and both were such bargains. I love that. I love the little muffin pan. What endless possibilities.

  38. You always do the best tables, and I want those pumpkins! It's not nice to make my mouth water and my tummy growl this late at night, you know, with all those fabulous desserts you whip up! I am definitely going to find one of those pans.

  39. Hi Kathleen...

    My friend, I agree with the sweet Scribbler whose comment is just above mine..."you always have the best tables"!!! You know, I just never think about pairing the orange of autumn with blue and white but it's absolutely gorgeous! It's different than the normal...and I like that! Unexpected and ohhh...sooo...sweet! Well my friend, your table linens are gorgeous...as well as your dishes! I just oohed and aahed over them! Ohhh...and those pretty white pumpkin tureens! I would sooo love to have a set of those! Hopefully they will restock and offer them once again! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful blue and white autumn table with us today...this really was a treat!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  40. I love your white pumpkins -- the harvest colors mixed with your blues and whites are so lovely -- I also enjoyed seeing what you made with your new cake pan -- what great inspiration there - love the idea of little individual cakes. Thanks for your visit too. Love all your bargains that look like a million bucks on your table.

  41. Your tablescape is beautiful. I adore the porcelain pumpkins and I love the colors you incorporated into your tablescape.

  42. Oh dear, all white eh? I am not very good at photography and white is a tough one. I wonder what I can come up with. All my Christmas stuff is in dark, rich colors.
    I really like the look of a white pumpkin. There have been lots in blogland this year.

  43. Kathleen, I want the pumpkins! What a great find and at the Christmas Tree shop!

  44. Kathleen, this is SO pretty!! I LOVE those porcelain pumpkin bowls!! And I too want some!! The blue is just gorgeous with the autumn colors mixed in.

    Love it!! Thank you for visiting me! It led me to you and I am a follower!

    Lou Cinda :)

  45. I have seen that Wilton pan and wondered what in the world I might use it for. Thanks for the great ideas! Your table is beautiful!!! LOVE the napkins and pumpkins....and just $2.25 for the rattan chargers??? I am so thrilled for you! That's a wonderful bargain!!!

  46. I love those little pumpkin bowls. And the napkins are so pretty. You really got some bargains here.

  47. Wow. I love those white pumpkins. Good idea on the pan to bake savory muffins and fill them with a chicken salad. I will have to use that idea. Thanks for sharing.

  48. You find the best bargains! That table looks lovely with the white pumpkins.

  49. I can't get over the number of comments you have here. Wow, that's great!!

    I love your cute little pan. I need a new pan like a I need a hole in the head, so I'll have to refrain for the time being.

    Wow, you got some crazy deals, didn't you? I so want those cute little white pumpkin dishes. I don't really have a place for them, so I'll have to do without. Happy FF.


  50. This post just got better and better with each shot....and so many amazing bargains! Great shopping skills, indeed! I'll definitely look forward to preparing a design for White Christmas...I already have some ideas. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  51. That is such a wonderful table Kathleen!
    Blue and white is my favorite and with the orange, so wonderful! I need to try that!
    And the deals you get, oh wow! I so wish we had a Christmas Store near us. Those white pumpkins are just about the cutest ever!
    And yes, I will join your party! What a great idea and it will be fun!
    Get your button up soon.
    Have a great weekend my friend,

  52. Beautiful table, love those white pumpkins.

  53. WHAT???!! There is a Williams-Sonoma OUTLET? Yes, I have been paying full price. Where is this place? Gorgeous table and such great bargains. I want to go shopping with you!

  54. Kathleen, this tablescape is absolutely beautiful. I love blue and orange together, and you know how I covet those covered pumpkin dishes. The linens and layers of dishes are fabulous. One of my favorite tables! ~ Sarah
    Love the idea of a White Christmas meme. Count me in!

  55. Hi Kathleen! Oh, what pretty white pumpkins!! I love those. What a pretty table. Your blue and white look so wonderful with the touch of orange.
    I have to admit that Rusty's eyes do look a bit scary! I won't tell my sister in law, though! :)
    I'm a dog person.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  56. Hi Kathleen, I love blue and orange together! Complementary colors on the color wheel, and I'm watching the Knicks in the same colors right now! Those pumpkins are too cute!! I hope you are feeling better. Linda

  57. Loved your last comment on my Statue garden post...made me laugh.
    I love those pumpkins like everyone else...I am in love with the CTS...I spent way top much money there last month when I was in jersey...Can't wait to go back...I got the cutest bunch of balls for 99cents each...yes, ceramic balls in all different patterns, they are so cute in a bowl on my coffee table...
    Only comment from the Boss was "you really have balls"....I guess I do.
    Oh...have you seen the adorable leaf glasses at the Dollar Tree this year...really nice for a buck.

  58. Hi Kathleen,

    Karen at Briarside Lane blog sent me over here. She read my post about going to CTS and thought I would enjoy yours. She was right. Don't you just love a bargain! Your table is beautiful.
    I'll be back.

  59. I really would like to join , let me "study" the situation....and I'm going to tell you if I join...my english is not really good.... have a nice weekend...your blog is wonderful ..as your table!!!! Ciao

  60. Absolutely beautiful table, once again! You are such a great bargain shopper! Nice!!! And you chocolate chip ckae with frozen yogurt? Oh my!!!! Yummy!

  61. I can't stop looking at everything in this post -- especially the dessert!!!

  62. Hi Kathleen,
    Your blog is amazing. I love everything. Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner. I will be joining your party on Dec 15th. Thank you for your inspiration.

  63. Good Morning, Kathleen!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Your comments were fun to read ~
    My "semi-homemade" red velvet cookies were delicious, but I can't take too much credit since only a few of my own ingredients were needed...
    I had to snatch a dozen away for the freezer because they were disappearing fast!
    I think it was the cream cheese :D

    Funny, you mentioned our state's "First Girl Friend." LOL
    I thought the same thing ~ smiling as i type ~
    If that relationship continues, can you imagine the tablescaping that will go on in the Governor's Mansion! I hope they'll have tours!
    There must be a few things we New Yorkers can smile about :o)

    Here in upstate, it's a beautiful, sunny day...
    I'm sure it's beautiful down there too ~ my father-in-law lives in So. Jamesport... the sun shines there so much more than up here!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday...
    ps. I love those white pumpkin bowls; your table is so warm and inviting.

  64. Kathleen, The blue and white table you set is gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Love the napkins and the way you used the white pumpkin on top of the little gold leaf plate. I guess you dream up tablescapes like I dream up table vignettes! LOL
    I am so behind in so much; I start out trying to get to my regular reads, then get distracted... aaagggghhhh..... I am in the middle of changing out my fall today. The kitchen is torn up right now, as is the rest of the house. I need a maid- Hazel! ha ha
    Glad you liked coming on my visit to the barn sale. It was a blast. In a couple of weeks, I head back to the French Hen Farm. Hope they have as many holiday goodies as they did fall stuff. :-) Off to finish my project or I'll be all day! xo Sue

  65. Oooo, baby, this white & gold meme is right up my alley...count me IN!! Hurry up with the button so I can post it on my sidebar.

    Lots of yummy treats in this post & I ♥ ♥ ♥ all your blue & white. I have to agree with you about rushing the Season. I get anxious, too.

    Have FUN shopping with Ms. T. today. I'm jealous! How about I just give you my credit card & you can shop for me??? I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind. You'd probably spend less than me & get waaaaay more, too.

  66. Hey Kathleen....woman I could not keep a diet with you as a friend....your food looks FABULOUS !!!! I thought i wasnt hungry until I browsed through your blog ! fantastic !
    I just stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my little blog, you asked what kind of glue I used to glue the 'thankful walnut' with and the answer is just plain ol' glue gun...but i used a low temp one, so people can break it open with ease ! I hope that helps ! Thanks again and keep cooking up some more inspiring meals ! xo

  67. Oh how beautiful! Those little white pumpkins are divine! I especially love the accent of the orange-gold plates with the blue - gorgeous.


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