Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Days...Are You Ready?

I want to thank all who entered and commented on the White Christmas Party!  The winner of the $55 dollar gift certificate will be announced over the weekend.

Some of the links didn't work, so if I didn't visit your entry, something was wrong!  I went to every entry and tried to comment.

Time is flying!  So much to do...chandy's to be bowed and beaded.

table 447

Sleighs to be filled with fresh greens and flowers...

table 427

Mantles to be "spruced" ...

table 437

Cookies to be spritzed...


table 1391

Wreaths to be hung and trees to be adorned...

table 1466


Simple weekday dinners during these busy days...

table 373


Cream to be whipped for the cakes to be eaten...

table 1406

And we wait to celebrate the birth of our Lord, surrounded by those we love!

table 1464

Some are hoping for a White Christmas...

Picture 1205

But I am just hoping for a healthy one for everyone.  Snow is not all it is cracked up to be!  :)

Wishing you some quiet moments during this hectic week ahead!

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for


Hooked on Houses   for the Holiday house tour.

Tablescape Thursday, and Gollum at Designs by Gollum for Foodie Friday.

Thanks for visiting and please come back over the weekend to see who won!


  1. Love your pictures...they make me want to sit down at the table and eat with you!

  2. What lovely pictures! I LOVE that huge wreath :) Thank you for sharing and have a blessed week!

  3. Kathleen, Can you believe Christmas is only nine days away? I still have so much to do that I don't think there will be any quite moments for me. I do enjoy the hustle and bustle during this time though. I hope you have a very merry and blessed Christmas.

  4. Thanks for the note re the link not working. I don't know why, because I checked it and it links back to me. I had trouble with that particular linking tool, and when I tried again it would not accept my link at all. I don't know why!!

    Ellen at

  5. Kathleen, you've about summed it all up in a fun way! Great post with all the "to-do's" mentioned and photographed. Looks like you've got it all under control though! Love your tablescape with the continuous garland runner down the center. I really like centerpieces where everyone has the same view.
    I wanted to say how sorry I was that I wasn't able to participate in your Winter White party! Things are pretty busy around here and I just didn't get to it in time! Maybe I'll do one later during the holidays and save it for your 2nd Annual!

  6. All great pics Kathleen! Your mantle is beautiful and I'll have a slice of that cakes please-Merry Christmas:@)

  7. I love these pics and links.... good luck to the next winner....xoxoxoxo, ciao, Flavia

  8. Hope you get some time to sit down and enjoy everything you've worked so hard on! Beautiful (and delicious looking too)!

  9. Beautiful decor, Kathleen! and you are a wonderful spritzer ;)

  10. Oh, I do hope you have Dunkin Donuts coffee for me when I arrive for my slice of the cake. is sooo pretty.
    Everything looks lovely at your home. I will have one last little burst of baking and candy making this coming week when the kids are out of school.

  11. Loads of memories there:) We have so much snow already!

    I love your mantle..I remember you always add fresh flowers..That's love.

  12. Kathleen-Everything looks gorgeous just as I expected! Love your chandelier! That wreath looks suspended in mid air!!??? I HATED not getting to post for your white Christmas party! We are all okay--just busy with all our happy news. I have been helping the kids and still taking class 4-6 hours a week. I hope you are all well and happy!

  13. Absolutely lovely, Kathleen! Keep that inspiration coming! I hope you're staying warm - it is SO cold in NY!!

  14. Kathleen, your holiday decorations are always so beautiful. You put such special touches in all you do, I especially like the festive fresh greens and flowers but it is the little things like the gifts on the cookies, ornaments on the cake and using the rocking horse for a napkin ring which always make things extra special and beautiful!

    Your blog is always eye candy :)

  15. Are all your friends hoping for an invitation to dinner? Since I was one of the BAD links, thanks for understanding. I knew I would like you when you said the snowy mountain (instead of my white mantel that it was supposed to be) was indeed, white! Ha! I am becoming a subscriber.
    Mary Ann

  16. Everything looks grand Kathleen! You are right snow is not all it's cracked up to be when you have to get things done around town anyway...
    Hope you have a very healthy fun time celebrating!
    I'm making cookies next week and planning our meal for 7 on Christmas day and that's about all I have left to do :o)

  17. Hi Kathleen,
    Great party and great post. I am always delightfully amused with your posts :)
    Merry Healthy Christmas

  18. I have never seen a more lovely mantle! Gorgeous! Thank you for the warm Christmas wishes! Sending them right back to you!

  19. That cake is making me hungry! I did relink to your post, doing an end-run around it by using a slightly different link.

  20. Oh your tablescape makes me feel merry and bright!

    Seasons greetings to you and yours.

  21. Nope, not ready. Shopping's done but lots of other details to do yet.

    Beautiful chandelier and mantle!

  22. Time has really flown by! I must get those gifts wrapped now. Cookies will be baked next week! Trying to still enjoy each and every moment!

  23. Yum Yum!! The food looks great! You're making me hungry! love your blog! thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas to you, too! God bless you!

  24. Great photos. I adore that White Christmas table. Looks so festive.

  25. Kathleen, I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the last few months. I would love to join you at any table and just chat, but not for too long because there has to be a little bargain hunting, too! Sorry not to have made it to White Christmas but we've just gotten back from a 2 week trip during which I did no tablescapes! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. L

  26. I am so sorry I missed your party! I have a good excuse though...I have just returned from a wonderful family holiday to Hong Kong! I can see it was fabulous.

    I am way too relaxed (and hot!) to be thinking about blogging all the same, so I think I might just have to forget about posting anything until next year.

    Have a great week.

    Best wishes,

  27. Everything looks perfect! I really enjoyed participating in your White Christmas Party. Your invitation inspired me to step outside of my usual routine for a Christmas tablescape. I had a ball! Thank you for sharing your wonderful vignettes and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  28. Lovely as usual! I am agreeing with the sentiment that snow isn't all it is cracked up to be...last Christmas we were pretty snowed in. It can stay away this year :)

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  29. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescapes is so Beautiful sweet lady.
    You know just how to put It all together !! I hope you have a Merry Christmas ~~~Im one of your followers and love to see your Tablescapes.

  30. Loved all your wonderful photos. Looks like you all are going to have a wonderful Christmas.

  31. Oh, Kathleen, YOur homes is a Christmas wonderland! I LOVE the sleigh and the gorgeous white table!
    You are certainly ready for Our LORD's Birthday! I hope your Christmas is as beautiful for you and your precious one's as your home is!

    Just want to clear up something. I could never do a big brunch and a traditional dinner. We have a big brunch, a cheeseboard and antipasta for grazing all day and a very easy intimate supper by the fire. I make dinner ahead (usually in the slow cooker) and sometimes use paper plates.
    This year I am having holiday brisket done a couple days ahead and just reheated.
    We are all too tired and full to have a feast. Our fireside supper is a long standing tradition.
    As usual, my visit was a great treat!

  32. Lovely photos! Your home is a winter wonderland.
    Back to my baking...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  33. Kathleen, I haven't gotten a chance to visit in a while and when I saw this post... GORGEOUS!!! Oh, I love the way you decorated everything! You really did a fantastic job, you must be so happy with the way everything came out. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  34. Kathleen, love your text as much as your photos. Great post!
    Hope you can relax and enjoy your beautifully decorated home this week.
    Thinking of you! ~ sarah

  35. Such wonderful attention to detail! Loved seeing the rocking horses as napkin holders. I used to do that but then gave them away. ~kick-kick~smack!

    I remember you doing the fresh flowers on the mantel swag but never seem to get around to doing it here. What is your source for fresh flowers?

    DH just got out of the hospital with another ♥ attack episode. No damage done this time but still scary, none the less. I'm just glad to have him home with me for one more Christmas morning.

    Stay well...its your health that counts the most.

  36. I'm just getting around to doing my replies, we were gone all weekend!!

    I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations soooo much, thanks for sharing them with us!

    I have just posted more of my decorations too, you are invited to come see!


  37. Beautiful tablescape. :) Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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