Wednesday, January 19, 2011

♫♫ Bringing in the Sheep ♫♫ Chicken Bundles & Jo Jo's Pie Party!

Some people have shoes to match their bag.

Picture 1497

I have a bag to match my table!  Guess where it is from?

Picture 1498

You knew, right?  :)

Picture 1531

The sheep wandered off the bag looking for greener pastures on the plate.

Picture 1520

A little mini birdhouse gets some paint to match the plates.

Picture 1533

A green glass cake ped with  some spagnum and a few sheep.

Picture 1529

Dark green cloth, burgundy rug mats, black charger and dark green napkin.

Picture 1530

The matching plates, salads and bowls are from Cmas Tree Shops.

Picture 1526 Salt and Peppers from there too.

Picture 1517

The glasses are from Pfaltzgraff when they had their outlet here.  They have a black stem.

You can see the sheep is by the water in this picture, getting a drink.

Picture 1518

I am always mindful of my friend Carol at There's Always Thyme to Cook.  She doesn't like too many pics of the same table!  :)

So let's eat...the menu~

Picture 1539

Picture 1538

Picture 1535

The soup

Picture 1489

The dinner is twice baked potatoes, chicken cutlets stuffed with stuffing, rolled in Panko, browned then finished in the oven.

Picture 1452


Fresh baby spinach s & p and a little cream cheese, topped with crumbled bacon and baked.

Picture 1451

And since Jo Jo is having a Pie Party...

Picture 1474

Apple Cream Crumb Pie

Picture 1463

Peel 6 VERY large apples of  a few different varieties.

Slice, sprinkle with lemon, sugar and cinnamon , a little flour and toss.

Pour into your pie crust.  I used  sheet of Puff Pastry for this one.

Soften  about 4 oz of cream cheese.  Add sugar to taste.

Dot the top of the apples with the cream cheese mixture, using  a  teaspoon.

Top with crumbs.  I use butter, flour cinnamon and sugar  and a little vanilla in mine.  There are many recipes for crumb mixtures.  I like to make a double batch and keep some in the frig for a quick apple, pear or cherry  crisp.

Bake at 350 till browned. 

I know the food police are thinking that's a lot for one meal. :)

We had  the soup for lunch. 

One more, sorry Carol!  :)

Picture 1516

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

Gollum for Foodie Friday

And sweet Jo Jo for her Pie Party.

Please visit all these lovely hostesses.

For some reason I am unable to do the links.  I will keep trying!

Thanks for visiting!

Maria at Calm Energy is the winner of The Snowman movie.



  1. This is just the cutest table! Love the sheep. I am wishing for a Christmas Tree shop to come to the Atlanta area! All that food looks pretty yummy. I need to make a pie for JoJo's party!

  2. I am hoping we get a Christmas Tree shop in my area, and then I won't have to drive 45 minutes to the one in Syracuse! I call and bug the nice people at CTS every other week :-) Great menu!

  3. Very, very cute. Of course I love the sheep, the moss on the cake plate was such a clever idea! Your dishes are perfect! How I wish we had a CTS here, I am always so envious when I see the neat pieces that come from there. Your menu is fantastic and that pie is going to be on my next menu!! Fun table!


  4. Man that leek soup looks so good. One of my favorites....and you made it with sinful! lol

  5. Of course I love those plates with the checks and the sheep. Wish we had a Christmas Tree shop in this area. Cute table! ~ Sarah

  6. Cute table Kathleen, lovin' the little sheep! I've never heard of adding cream cheese to an apple pie before, sounds really good!
    Expecting more snow tomorrow night-yea ha:@)

  7. The food looks delish..But How I love your Xmas tree shop bargains..Always a bargain..Wish it wasn't 3 hrs away..or 7..

  8. Only you have a bag to match their table :) This is a fun little setting, I love the red house plates, the cute little sheep, those little butter dishes and your knack for always making a fitting centerpiece.

    The food looks good - especially the chicken. I love stuffed chicken.

    When did you start listening to Carol? Have a wonderful day :)

  9. Cute table...the plates remind me of Warren Kimble's work.
    Those chicken bundles look yummy...nice looking pie, too.

  10. If you had a Bed and Breakfast, I would make a reservation! I love the visuals I get here and the food just speaks to my love language. Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

  11. This is so adorable. I would love some of those plates. I love the sheep, and they're so DIFFERENT. Not your usual barnyard animal, is it?

    It's a festive, happy table, and the food might even be the best part, especially that soup.

  12. Love your table and the Christmas Tree Shop. I stop and shop there whenever I'm in the east. Thanks so much for sharing your warm winter table.

  13. I love your table! This is the cutest thing! Love how you have those precious little sheep all over the table and your dishes, the glasses, just everything is so darling! I love it.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. This is absolutely adorable! I have the same bowls, but my dinner plates are different. Love those little sheep! Good thing lamb wasn't on the menu! LOL!

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Kathleen! This is just absolutely adorable. I adore sheep, so I am loving this tablescape. Cute dishes, and I want that cute little guy on your table. OH, he's a doll. Love it, and love your food, too. If I bring my own fork, may I come, too???

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  16. This is cute, cute, cute!!! I love those little sheep! Menu sounds delicious!

    That matching bag is just too much!! LOL!


  17. OK. I'm not talking to you about any of the things you buy at You-Know-Where. I'm especially not mentioning the salt and peppers.
    I like those little square Jam(?) dishes. A person can always find room (and a reason) to use them on a table.
    Where did you ever find the little lambies? So sweet.
    The dinner even tastes good clear through the internet. Yum!

  18. This is a darling table. I love that the bag matches the dishes!! All the pieces are beautiful as is your lovely meal.

  19. Oh, I love those dishes! Pastoral scenes that that are always so appealing. Your meal looks delicious.

  20. Your table is darling! Great choice to paint the little bird house. It was the perfect finishing touch for your centerpiece. I agree, I buy 'good' ribbon on a regular basis. Then I keep it forever. I always think that I'm going to wrap gifts with it, but I end up saving it for only those most special gifts. Do you find that when you do end up using your good ribbon, you use really long lengths, so that the recipient can use it again. Thank you for stopping by my post. Come visit again any time. Cherry Kay

  21. I'm home alone tonight because my husband is snowed in at work, so I just ate a hotdog in front of the television. show all this wonderful food and...I' jealous!!! :-) Everything looks terrific!!!

  22. Thank Heaven For CTS..and beautiful tables!!!
    Kathleen you put together another fun table. Love the little sheep. Those dishes are another one of my favorites of yours.
    Right now I'm thinking, your meal is just the delicious 'comfort food' for the weather we've been having.
    Got any leftovers???

  23. Yum and more yum and just the cutest tablescape. I love it and the little sheep.

  24. It looks great Kathleen! Those plates are charming and your dinner looks so delicious!

  25. Personally, I don't think you can EVER have too many photos of the table but your food is just as lovely & luscious looking!

    Only you (and maybe The Tablescaper) could match the plates to the bag! LOL I am soooo jealous of your CTS, I could spit.

    Love the little sheep the best...too cute!

  26. LOL, Marsha, sometimes she listens to me. Maybe?

    Love the little sheep! EWE are the greatest, Kathleen, never fail to bring a smile :)

  27. Dinner looks delicious -- and that table is so adorable -- I love how you've used those dishes to inspire your centerpiece -- where did you find those adorable sheep?

  28. What adorable dishes! I can see why you needed those! And the little sheep wandering around on the table are precious!

  29. Gorgeous (tablescape) and tasty...everything....where could I find soup recipe??? Hugs, Flavia

  30. Every thing looks yummy. I am a lover of the country dishes. Have some with barn yard animals with the red checks.

  31. You never cease to put a smile on my face, Kathleen and you are never sheepish about setting a wonderful theme table!

  32. Oh, Kathleen! What a cute tablescape! I just have a thing for them...and goats, too! Your menu sounds so yummy! I hope you are having a great week!....hugs...Debbie

  33. I was loving your table and wishing I was in NY at our Christmas Tree Shop when I saw your food! Oh can cook for me anytime! It looks so inviting and your sheep! Thank you for sharing...but I would like a sample?? Blessings my friend,

  34. Kathleen.cute tablescape I love country dishes
    and sheep.
    Thanks for stop on my blog.


  35. I am so sorry that I missed out joining you for your wonderful meal. Your tablescape is lovely!

  36. Such a beautiful and Fun table. Even the foods compliment the theme. Great job!

  37. What a fun lil barnyard table. Love all those cute lil sheep. and all that food made me hungry!!
    I'll be right over!! lol
    Truly cute and very well done, a nice change of pace.
    Blessings, Nellie

  38. Oh...I didn't fix dinner and now I want this. The soup looks perfect, the spinach and the pie and I'd be happy. Of course the chicken and potato look yummy too.

    I love those little sheep...they look so perfect with your dishes. This is a great table!

  39. Such a cute table featuring the sheep, Kathleen. It's really a unique theme. And I lurve the little barns as salt/pepper shakers. ♥ I have to say that I agree that too many pics of the same thing, even at different angles, is over-kill. Glad you listened to Carol. I am drooling while looking at all that food, especially the chicken and the spinach. Just got in from snow blowing the drive. And it's still comin' down! LOL Now I'm warming my tootsies cuz they're cold.... hugs, Sue

  40. So cute! I really like it when a tablescape includes the food!

  41. I love the country look of this tablescpe, Kathleen and the red and green color combination and check design. Your menu looks delicious as always! Nothing better than apple pie to finish a meal!

    It looks like more snow is on the way! YIKES!

  42. Kathleen, you just love making me jealous of your CTS! Now how many people can say they have a bag to match their tablescape? That bag is so cute, and this table is just charming! Love the china. Did those cute sheep come from CTS too? Love those! The food- perfection as always, and I'm drooling, as always! Your food always looks like something from a chef, and your tables always look like something from a design magazine. Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try that. laurie

  43. Girl, I'm beginning to wonder where you keep all your stuff! Every week it something new and fun. Wish I were closer to borrow.

  44. OMG that is so cute Kathleen!
    I would call this table Americana because that is what it reminds me of!
    I want a CTS so BAAAD!
    Or maybe I should say BAAAA!
    Happy Weekend.
    It's going to be minus 35 with the windchill this weekend.
    I may just turn into a popcicle.

  45. I think you should have made Carol sit through about 20 more :-) Cute table! But that pie is what I have my eye on.

  46. Great post. Love the dishes, the bag and the food. The sheep are darling.


  47. What a darling table..just love it all.
    The menu looks and sounds delicious.
    I. WANT. PIE.

  48. Very cute, Kathleen! Your tables always have a great theme to them - wonderful bag to match your table or vice versa! I really like how you used the mirror as a "lake" for the sheep to get a drink from! The stuffed chicken pic makes my mouth water!


  49. My son just asked if he could have some of your pie!!!! Thank you for joining the Pie Party!!!

  50. Kathleen, I'm back for another slice of the apple crumb and another peek at this adorable table. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  51. Your table is adorable and the menu sounds DELISH!!!! Oh, my mouth is watering! I loved chicken breasts stuffed with anything!!!:):) XO, Pinky

  52. Hi Kathleen, your little wandering sheep are so cute, and who but you would think of getting a bag to match your table?? The food looks soooo good, especially the pie and the chicken! We've had so much snow and a few power outages--one for 12 hours. That means no water for us, too! I hope these storms slow down because I need a shopping fix. Linda

  53. Hi those sheep...did I miss where they came from??....the dishes are adorable...Love that CTS...was there last week and got the cutest birdhouse with a wreath on the front for cheap...glad I don't live close to one I would spend waaaay too much money...

  54. Your theme is so cozy feeling-perfect for a cold winters day. The soup looked delicious,I do love soup in winter.

  55. What a delicious meal, and the pie looks especially good. Love your dishes too Kathleen.
    Blessings, Beth

  56. there is a Christmas Tree Shop by my Aunt's house on Cape Cod in Mass. It is the only one I know and so I always think of visits to my cousins when I hear "Christmas Tree Shop"!
    Love the table and your chicken looks yummy!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day

  57. Speaking of things that match, when I saw your tablescape I realized it goes perfectly with a knitted rug I saw in a book called "Knitter's Stash." The pattern looks fairly easy. It's called the Farmhouse Rug. If you happen to be a knitter, I can send you a picture.

  58. My table is very jealous! "Why can't I look so cute?" I've got to get busy to make my table happy. The menu looks fabulous!

  59. Ooooo! This makes me mad!! You know WHAT makes me mad??? I have a Christmas Tree Shop here, and I NEVER find the good stuff YOU do?? I LOVE those little salt and pepper shakers! Oh, OK, I won't begrudge you... I think maybe I should go more often than every three months??? Seriously, everything looks beautiful. The tablescape AND the food!!
    P.S. I'm gonna show you: next time I go to the CTS, I am going to post all of MY good finds! ;)

  60. P.S. I forgot to say (because I was so jealous with the CTS situation) that I LOVE that little red birdhouse for the centerpiece, love the little white sheep, AND you did a beautiful job with your calligraphy on the menu!


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