Friday, January 14, 2011

Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride & Meet Pomi

Still cooped up, tons of snow outside, but warm and cozy inside!

I was going to throw this little guy out...

 Picture 1422

But then I spotted my little sleigh, and the wool plaid fabric that picked up his colors, and a bag of batting.  All in the basement, which no one will ever see!  :)

 Picture 1433

The wool has black, green, red, blue, a little yellow, a scapers delight!

Red chargers, PB outlet, navy plates, CTS, red flatware, CTS, green bee glasses as well as the blue stems, .99 , CTS.

Picture 1435

Little red trimmed plates and green bowls, CTS, too.

Picture 1446

Picture 1434

Red lion heads bowls, Sur La Table, red votives, Michaels clearance.

The napkins are from WSonoma Outlet, a great color red...

Picture 1427

Orig 6.00, but I don't know who would pay that!  I paid 89 as I had a coupon.

Picture 1440

I think that does it!

 Picture 1444

POM was kind enough to send me a case of their delicious Pomegranate juice.  When I saw the bottle, I knew I couldn't throw it out without doing  a metamorphosis on it.

Picture 1423

Spray it white, cut the neck off, and insert an unbreakable Cmas ball in it, and decorate. 

Meet Pomi!  The school teacher couldn't waste this adorable bottle. 

 Picture 1426


Picture 1441

What's for dinner on a cold January evening?  Something easy and filling!

Pierrogi, Gorgonzola chopped steaks with sauteed onions and oven roasted carrots. 

Picture 1341

Picture 1339

After hours of shoveling this.

Picture 1400

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I am joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things. Don't forget her ♥ party, it was a lot of fun last year!

Also joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.  She and Christine , Xinex, won first place in a contest sponsored by April Cornell.  You had to feature her products in the  setting.  Congratulations to both of them!

Susan at BNOTP for Metamorphosis Monday for the little pom bottle ...
And last but not least,

Tabletop Tuesday
with Marty at A Stroll Thru Life.

Thank you to all the hostesses!  And thank you for spending time visiting!


  1. You made POM cute!!

    Love your place too.

  2. What a really cute table. Love the plaid and that snowman is adorable. Those desert plates are perfect with this.

  3. Lovin' your 'scape Kathleen and your centerpiece is adorable! I have one little bottle of Pom left in the fridge... fun idea:@)

  4. Well done!!! I so enjoy visiting your house! Wishing you a grand weekend! Cathy

  5. Once a teacher always a teacher :) Great little Pomi snowman craft. The tablesetting is fun, I like the reds/greens/blues together and it always great to see what bargains you get.

    Dinner looks good!

  6. Whoa! That's a bunch of snow...
    Love the little snowman. Wonderful table and your food looks good as usual.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Oh, I love all these colors and the plaid!

  8. I was all prepared to get excited about the snowpom but was distracted by the snow picture!!!

    While your snowed in, join the Pie Party I'm hosting this week and please spread the word!

  9. Pomi is so cute! Great job! I love the tablescape! I LOOOOVE anything plaid! I also love CTS, they ahve such GREAT bargains!!! XO, Pinky

  10. Pomi is adorable. You are crafty and I didn't even know it. :))
    Love the plaid...The table is so adorable.
    I think you sneezed on me 'cause now I have a really bad sore throat..and I NEVER get sick.
    I am on my way to bed with orange tea...and Lemon Pecan Cake..:)))

  11. Oh, so cute! Love the snow shot. This table would warm my heart. - sarah

  12. A perfect table setting for a snowy evening and the menu sounds so delish. Unfortunately I just recycled a Pom bottle. I will have to get another one now!!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. Loving the scape. Perfect for this weather and love the recycling. We sometimes forget that snowmen are still good to go!
    what is CTS? I want one, I may have one. Don't know. Hugs, Ginger

  14. How absolutely adorable, Kathleen!
    I especially like the little detail of the mittens ~ and that homemade snowman... the ear muffs! soooo cute!
    wonderfully inviting table and a comforting dinner too!
    We've had a lot of snow here in NY State!
    At least the white brightens our winter days...
    The sun was brilliant today as I left work, seems like a long lost friend!
    *enjoy a restful weekend!

  15. So creative. Oh my gosh that dinner looks delicious. You deserve it if you shoveled that snow. Ours came and went in several hours. Roads are clear again. Just snow on the lawns and gardens where it belongs.

  16. Oh I don't know what is my favorite, your tablescape or the POM bottle turned into the snowman.

    You are just to clever for me!

  17. Very clever post. I love all your dishes and the snowmen are wonderful. I have never had POM! Will have to try it next week.


  18. I will always remember POMI!! You teachers :-) Is that why my basement is full of "stuff"? LOL Love the salad plates with the red edges.

  19. Love the plaid table "cloth" - it just sets the stage for the whole cute table. Love all your details! Pomi is so cute!!!

  20. This is an absolutely adorable table. I love what your creative mind did with Pomi. That is so cute!! I finally got a chance to go to a CTS, and they must have been all picked over that day. I didn't see much, but I'll be trying again for sure. LOVE the dishes you found there.

    This table makes me want to sip on a hot cup of cocoa in a festive plaid mug. I really loved it.

  21. Leave it to you, Kathleen, to see an adorable little snowman in that empty bottle. Love all the red in your wintery tablescape and your dinner looks fantastic.

  22. That is such a cute idea with the bottle! Great job! And those mittens are too sweet. Adorable! Another terrific table!

  23. I am so very happy you didn't throw him out. He looks perfect with your lovely table and on the sleigh. It's a magical fit. I just have to say, the snow is beautiful. I am sorry it's so much work, but at night with the moon and the stars, it comes to life with that. Char

  24. Kathleen,
    This is the best! The absolute best! I love all the color. Blue and white is fine for a while, but then a person has to add some color. Everything fits so well, too.

    I'm crazy about the red trimmed plates with the cookies attached. Those are the sweetest. I feel CTS envy creeping up again. And it was my New Year's Resolution to quit that sort of thing.

    Pomi is very creative and I'm glad you kept his big brother.

    How do your hydrangeas do under all the weight of that snow?

    You have to post this on the Forum. Everyone needs to get a glimpse.

  25. Aren't you the clever girl! I guess when the snow keeps you housebound you entertain yourself with creative projects. Not a bad way to spend time. Your table is just right for the weather and Pomi must feel right at home. Dinner also looks just right for a winter evening.
    Sun is trying to come out in Houston where we've been having some winter weather without the snow.
    Stay warm!

  26. OMG, look at all that snow! I haven't seen anything like that since we lived in Illinois. Good thing you have a realy nice delightful table inside. It is so cute! I love the green bee glasses too and what a deal!...Christine

  27. All that snow makes me shiver.....

    I am feeling fairly well...thanks for asking.
    My throat feels like I have barbered wire in sore..but, other than that, so far so good.

    My daughter and her hubby and friends are flying out of here next week and coming to New York, City. Business/pleasure...mostly pleasure.
    Sure hope they don't have snow the whole time they are there. How far are you from the city?

    Your delightful looking meal sent me to the store for steaks..Mr. Sweet and I could live on steak with grilled onions and peppers...and we LOVE any kind of roasted veggie. I know you don't, but we love a glass of Blackberry wine with our steaks.:))

  28. You made great use of the POM, very cute! You can take a teacher out of the classroom, but you can never take the teacher out of you, or something like that :) You get an A++!

    and for dinner, too, looks fantastic! I'd love a big plate of everything!

  29. think that should be BARBED wire...:)

  30. I doesn't look like a sleigh could make it over all of that snow! Perfect weather for a snow-themed table, though ;) I love Pomi. What a cute idea!

  31. Your table is beautiful, I love the plaid and the way you did your napkins. The mittens are darling and so is Pomi!! Your are a crafty little thing!

    Oh...don't we all have this snow! Hubby went to Home Depot and bought a blower and it won't start! Back to shoveling!


  32. That's alot of shoveling!!

    Pomi is too cute...great idea. Is this what you did to make the time go by when you couldn't get out?
    Love the colors on the make everything work so well together.

  33. Kathleen I meant to write back but so much nicer to say hi at your blog. You've kept yourself busy with all the snow and you still found time to set the table and make something mouthwatering. Love the little pom're too clever.
    We got about 15 inches too or maybe more. But lucky no power out. I think the winds here weren't that bad but the trees sure bent with all the snow. Maybe that's what happened where you are.
    Stay warm !!!! more on it's way!!!


  34. Kathleen, what a cute table! I love all the colors you combined. I really wish I had seen Pomi earlier as I just threw away a Pom bottle a couple of day ago.

  35. Such a cute Pomi. Man, you are into snow people! All that white stuff around you must be inspriring you.

    Love the plaid material and all of your wintery dishes (all procured at magnificent bargain prices of course). It's masterful how you have pulled it all together.

    - The Tablescaper

  36. Tablescape nice (LOVE the little red WS bowls!); little Pomi snowman cute; BUT, the dinner? MAGNIFICENT!!! Man, does that look like good comfort food or what! No wonder you named your blog Cuisine Kathleen. ;)

  37. I love this table, Kathleen.

    I need to get back into partying. I have fallen behind on visiting and partying. Perhaps after I get some of these projects finished.

    The painters will be here bright and early in the morning, so I am trying to get things off the walls etc. Going dark in the kitchen/hearth room/breakfast room. Hoping it has the same affect as with photos. Photos always look great against a dark background.

    I would love to see your newly reupholstered furniture. Clayton Marcus can be ordered from a larger furniture store about 40 miles from here. I've heard good things about CM.

  38. Now who doesn't love snowmen? Love your table and as I was scrolling down thru past post ran across the ice skate tablecape. You really outdid yourself on that one. LOVED IT!

  39. Hey my Monogram namesake....hee hee
    First , I still just love your front porch (even covered with snow) !
    I can still see you have a thing for William..that man...O that man......
    As always, your table is neat and never a repeat ! (I know you always love a good rhyme !)

  40. Kathleen, being stuck inside with nothing to do sure gets your creative juices flowing! What a cheerful winter table. The plaid cloth is perfect with that snowman (so glad you didn't throw away that guy). Pomi is just as cute as he can be, and you were so smart to create him from that great bottle. This table just makes me smile. (Of course, that food is making me drool, as usual!) Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  41. I love the color is so bright and cheery!
    The POM bottle makes a perfect snowman, Kathleen! What a clever craft and decoration. You should crafte the whole case of bottles for your Christmas party next year to use as part of the centerpiece!
    Did you make those perogies by scratch or are they Mrs. T's? Yum!

  42. What an lot of snow!!! Your table is so cute with the snowmen. I love the tablecloth,too.

  43. Thanks for bringing your snowfamily to Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  44. Oh my, that is a lot of snow, even more than we have! Such a pretty table and what a cute idea for recycling the pom bottle!

  45. Oh what a lovely snowman tablescape and your food looks so delicious. I am so hungry. You really do have a ton of snow. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  46. Ahhhh this is so darned cute and cozy! The plaid is the the snowmen, and POM..I love that stuff. I can't believe your snow...we even had some in South Carolina....crazy winter. I am following already...I just double checked when I hit follow my face popped up:)

  47. Wow, I wish it's snowing here to feel that cozy with your cute pieces! Love them all! That POM bottle trick is just genius!

  48. Hi Kathleen! Oh, what a cute table and your little snowmen are adorable. You've matched everything up so well. Wow! Look at your snow! It's beautiful but I'll bet you're tired of it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  49. Oh Yum! Your dinner looks delicious! Cold January or not I'd be happy to eat at your table. I LoVE Pom, too.
    Your snow looks so pristine. It almost doesn't look real. Wonderful photographs. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.

  50. Kathleen, You are a creative one! I just love the little snowman on his sled! I see you caught the snowy outside and brought it indoors. Adorable. I love your plaid tablecloth. What is it about plaid? And I could not take my eyes off of your flatware. OOOOOHHHHH!
    Now you made my kind of dinner. So delicious! The chopped steak with the cheese is making me hungry!
    Great and fun post!

  51. OMG you are good Kathleen!~
    This tablescape and the one below it are so delightful and so whimsical, I love them!
    The plaid, the mittens, the pink, the centerpieces, you really know how to capture my heart with your tables and food!
    It's been snowing everyday I was gone in Arizona and the trend is continuing.
    Pretty soon, we will have to be shoveling upwards unstead of outwards as there is going to be no room left!
    Happy Week,

  52. HI Kathleen...

    Ahhh...Pomi is absolutely adorable, my friend! You're such a creative and talented lady! That is just the cutest little snowman...such a great idea!!! And...I love your winter's table! Love the plaid tablecloth...simply gorgeous! Your pretty place settings are just perfect! I love the pretty red handled tableware too! I just adore your table centerpiece...that is soooo cute!!! What a fun and festive table...thank you so much for sharing it with us today! Ohh guys really have been snowed in..haven't you!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  53. "LOVE your table" and I'm So Happy the little snowman was Saved!!! OMG, when I come for coffee I'm also "GOING TO HAVE to eat there"...Sorry for inviting Myself BUT your pictures leave me NO alternative than "To raid your Ice Box"!!! hehe, I bet you haven't heard that term in a while!!!
    Wow, you have quite a bit of snow too down there!!!
    Stay nice and warm and Hugs to you,

  54. Now, I have his BROTHER!!! LOL We do think so much along the same lines sometimes, its scary.
    You've convinced me I have to do a snowman table now. LOL

    Yes, 5 girls all together in my family. I have 2 older & 2 younger PLUS 3 brothers, each born 10 years apart in between the girls. It was a big, noisy, happy Irish Catholic family!

  55. p.s. HOLY CRAP on all that snow!!!!!!!!! I thought we had a lot....sheesh! It won't all melt till after Easter!!!!! Ugh!

  56. Kathleen, I'll be right over! Not only is that the cutest tablescape on earth, that's one mighty fine meal to go along with it. I have my fork, and I will just dive in, okay?

    I like the fact that you used that dark plaid tablecloth. I wasn't expecting that and really loved it. You always find things for the best prices. It's called vision, and you have it.

    Now, I have to laugh at the "busty wenches" comment. LOL! I was thinking the same thing after I got home and looked at all of the pictures. Quardruple D's. The whole lot or most of them at any rate! ;-) Anyhow, it was fun, and I love a good pirate adventure.

    Take care and stay warm. You're going to hate me, but it was in the 60's tonight when I went to the grocery store, clear skies, with a great big moon. Too bad I didn't have my camera. I finally got out today and am feeling half way alive after a month of imprisonment with this respiratory thing. I tihnk it should be illegal to have something that long!

    On a happier note, I did a winter tablescape, but I don't have enough sun to get it photographed well. It's really sort of a Christmas 'scape, but I'm calling it a Winter Wonderland. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  57. Love your little pom bottle cutie -- and that table is just adorable!

  58. Love your table, Kathleen! Very cute and seasonal!
    Blessings, Beth


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