Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blue With A Hint of Egg Roll

I have had this fabric for a tablecloth for a few years, from Walmart.  Never knew exactly what to use with it.

Picture 1883

Blue Willow  it is!

The centerpiece is a vase of fresh baby's breath with a touch of red.

Picture 1886

Chargers are from Noritake outlet, Blue Willow from various grocery stores.  Blue stems are from Dansk as well as the pitcher. Blue place mats are from CTS.

Picture 1889

The  toile napkins are from WSonoma Outlet, great sale, 2 yrs ago. You know my motto, "Anyone can pay retail!"  :)

Picture 1892


Knotted napkin rings are replicas of those very expensive ones, from Cmas Tree Shop, so, very inexpensive, very! 

Picture 1878

Blue and white ceramic tea light holders were 1.00 ea at Home Goods clearance.  The white ruffled serving bowls are from HG also.

Picture 1893

Red flatware by Cambridge from CTS as well as the square white lacey plate and the round blue and white bowl on top.

I hot glued a round dish to the white square dish for dipping sauce and hot mustard. Dh likes the latter, I pass on that!   The blue and white spoons are from Walmart.

Picture 1896

Picture 1887


For dinner?  My version of Pork Fried Rice.  Lots of pork, very little oil.

Picture 1543

Cook the rice and cool.  I do mine the night before and refrigerate.

Picture 1540

Saute the cut up the seasoned  pork in a little oil, add onions , garlic, soy sauce, powdered mustard.

In a small amt of oil fry the rice, scallions and 2 beaten eggs.

Add meat mix to the rice mix and continue to cook on low heat.

I add Duck Sauce, Dai Dai, and more Soy Sauce to taste.

Picture 1898

Before serving, sprinkle with  chopped scallions. Serve with Snow Peas.

Picture 1541

Egg Rolls

I ground my own pork,just a piece of pork loin,(that way you can control the amount of fat) cooked it with some minced onions and seasonings.

Egg roll wrappers from the market.

Picture 1867

Fill with the pork mixture, finely sliced scallions and snow peas and shredded cabbage.  Roll and fry.  Drain, and serve with dipping sauces.

Picture 1866

(There several egg roll how to videos on the net if you need a refresher, I did, as I hadn't made them in years!)

Picture 1864

I hope you won't be hungry in an hour!  :)

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

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Erin at Ekat's Kitchen for Pot Luck Friday.

Suzy at Kitchen Bouquets for Flashback Friday.

I am trying to catch up on your blogs, I have been a little under the weather.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. This is a wonderful blend. Very beautiful! And such a great title :)

  2. Kathleeen -- what time is dinner? Love your version of pork fried rice. I make my rice also the night before or bake it in the oven after I cook it on the stovetop -- I don't like mushy rice. What an interesting and beautiful table you have put together with such bright colors. The tablecoth is beautiful. Love the dish glued to the square white dish. I like the hot mustard also -- so please have your husband save some for me. Joni

  3. Lovely table and that food looks so good! You have inspired me to try my own Chinese food!

  4. Kathleen, I'm happy to see a post today. ;-)
    I've decided I want to eat my meals at your table. You always have something wonderful to serve. This table is full of goodies, both for the eyes and the tummy. Loved every inch of it. ~ Sarah

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely! A great meal too!

  6. Your food looks amazing. I love egg rolls. In fact had some last night...but I didn't make them from scratch!!

  7. Lovin' your blue and white table K! Fun fabric for the tablecloth, all the Walmarts around here are doing away with their fabric-bummer. I make a big egg roll dinner once a year, usually in March while cabbage is on sale-enjoy:@)

  8. Very festive! What a fun dinner theme.

  9. Love your table and food....fantastic! The square white plates are wonderful. :)


  10. Beautiful. I love the fabric for the tablecloth. Those egg rolls are so yummy looking! I may have drooled!

  11. First I am sorry to hear you have been not feeling up to par. Please take good care. Happy to see your post today. Love the setting and the food, yum! My mother made her own fried rice years ago. I will have to give it a try. xo, Barbara F.

  12. I love your table...the Blue Willow really sets the theme for the great looking food! Love those napkins and rings!


  13. What a beautiful meal. I'm sure everybody loved it.

  14. Blue Willow is my favorite your table. All the food looks delicious and you didn't even invite me to dinner!

  15. The fabric reminds me of an Imari pattern...perfect with the blue willow...and of course...egg rolls! Yum. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  16. So happy to see you, Kathleen! Does this mean you are well? Hooray! Yummy food, you always make me hungry. I love the tablescape too, pretty colors! Your food presentation is fabulous...Christine

  17. What a beautiful table! And in all my fav colors. Not to mention that great-looking food! Wow!

  18. Your egg rolls look perfect, I thought you ordered in :) I remember those soup spoons! I have some, too, somewhere! I love how you served the duck sauce with them. Dai Day Hot is our favorite!

  19. Everything that you put together for this table looks really good Kathleen. I love the blue with that cloth and the touches of red. Very nice. The food of course looks fabulous as usual. Sorry you've been under the weather. I bought some green goblets...getting ready for St. Patrick's Day!

  20. Looks fabulous, Kathleen. Table, cloth and food!

  21. Your tablescape is beautiful and your food looks awesome!

  22. Kathleen, I'm glad you felt up to posting this beautiful table. What pretty fabric you used for the cloth, and I'm loving those blue and white spoons. You are so clever to glue that bowl to that square plate. It looks great. Dinner always looks delicious at your house. laurie

  23. Why is it that we love blue and white so much! Your table is gorgeous!


  24. Oh, sweetie, I LOVE your red, white and blue table. Everything looks just about perfect. You are so good at this and you must know that I feel very insecure in my tables. :)Well, a LITTLE insecure. Mostly, this kind of thing doesn't bother me too much. I do wish we had more places around to buy things much cheaper. Lubbock is a RICH people town, I am thinking. :)

    I have been baking some today. You will see on my GREEN post for you. :)

    So so glad you are feeling well enuf to want to post.
    Now, Mr. Sweet is sick again. bummer!!

  25. Kathleen, as always your creativity is astounding! I love the tablecloth fabric and how you mixed all of these differing elements. Love it!

  26. Kathleen, you've picked the perfect dishes/accessories to go with that tablecloth. Everything looks so well coordinated! Never mind being hungry 2 hours later....I'll risk it if I could have some of those egg rolls now! (Hubby and I love sushi and I think your tablescape would be perfect for that too!)


  27. Oh yeah! I love what you did with this tablecloth! I know you've been playing with it for a bit and I love the end result. The blue and white ceramic spoons are my favorite. How did I miss those square lacy plates at CTS?

    - The Tablesscaper

  28. Oh your table is really so well pulled together. the cloth is a perfect backdrop for your lovely dishes. Your cooked dishes look yummy!

  29. Hi lovely lady. tonight is full of Beautiful Tablescapes !!! You know your table is ferfect in ever way sweet lady.xxoo
    ps love your dishes~~~

  30. You GO, girl!!! That food looks fantastic! I am SO terrible when it comes to cooking Chinese food. I run to the takeout place like greased lightning!!! But yours looks great! The pattern on those napkins is beautiful. I always like to closely examine toile. The images are always different, and you can find something new almost every time you look! The napkins look great with that ring! Great idea with the double-decker sauce dish!!!

  31. What an upscale oriental theme! Love the little pops of red. And mixing toile with an Asian theme is really gorgeous. Love it all!!!!!

  32. Oh Sigh,
    I love this table too!
    I want that flatware! And the napkin rings!
    I wish there was a CTS store near us.
    You are a tablescape artist Kathleen!

  33. WOW...this fabric is very nice!!!and your tablescape too!!!

    Love recipes....

    May I ask you where WS outlet is??? Thanks and have a nice Thursday....blessings, Flavia

  34. I would love to sit down to your table and partake of the delicious-sounding meal as well.


  35. My favorite table scapes are the ones that show food. I would be all over this for sure. The tablecloth is perfect for this dinner.

  36. I hope you feel better-I'm a little under the weather myself. Wonderful blue tablescape. I like your St. Paddys header, too.

  37. Oh, my gosh! This is fabulous. EVERY SINGLE THING, from the tablecloth to the food is individually interesting and stands on its own, yet is so complementary to every other item on the table.

    The tablecloth fabric is wonderful. Isn't it interesting how a person can buy something, stash it away, spot it from time-to-time, wonder if she should get rid of it, and then suddenly realize its potential.

    Love the hot glue dipping dishes. When I first saw them I thought they might be used for a tea light on the top portion and a little floating flower on the bottom. I thought you'd forgotten to fill the one you photographed!

    Well, I enjoyed the pictures. The tablescape has everything!

  38. Kathleen...looks so yummy! Love your table setting and I love your motto! ;) I don't know if I should be sad or relieved we don't have a CTS. LOL Great finds at WS!

  39. Kathleen-Your post title sounds like a good name for a book or a movie! Now you have me curious--I don't know about the expensive version or the copy of the napkin rings :)--but I really like them. You've got me on the egg roll--have never made one. Even when I make Chinese I usually pick those up from the restaurant! Have a good weekend!

  40. Beautiful tablecloth and you set it off with a lovely collection of dishes. It looks just wonderful and so does that food!

  41. Sorry you have been under the weather! All that good food and the pretty table will no doubt make you feel better.

  42. The tablecloth is so pretty! I love your table especially the dishes. I love the square lacey ones. Hope you feel better and better.
    Blessings My Friend,

  43. What a beautiful table. I love all the different patterns of blue and white.

  44. Your table is beautiful, but that fabric is incredible. I love it. It just pulls all the blue and white and red together so well.

  45. Oh Kathleen why do I come here when I'm hungry??? I must really like you!!! It all looks so pretty.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  46. This is beautiful. I really love the little pop of red with the white for your flowers. Perfect with the tablecloth and yet not too much with the pattern of the fabric. The dishes and stemware look wonderful with the cloth and the food has me drooling.

  47. Your tablscape made me hungry! lol Beautiful tablecloth and I love how you put everything together - what a talent you have! Great photo's!

    Thanks for sharing! Mrs. S

  48. Great post - I'm craving Chinese!! Love all your blue, and don't you think baby's breath is a completely underrated flower? I love it en mass!

    Happy FF

  49. Oh my goodness...I 'bout drooled all over the screen. I do love me some Chinese food...and your tablescape...beautiful!

  50. What a gorgeous presentation. Your setting looks wonderful.

  51. Yummy Chinese cooking and pretty TS. I agree why pay retail when you can find a bargain except I never seem to find any bargains around here. I just took a cooking class at Viking two weeks ago to learn Dim Sum. Tried to talk Sue into joining the class but she is not a fan of Chinese. The teacher was amazing. Will send you the recipes.

  52. Gosh, just wonderful looking here! Love all the green, you Irish girl...and i have neevr seen anyone make their own egg rolls but how tasty and delish!

  53. Woman, you never cease to amaze me! Only you could find Blue willow dishes in a grocery store! All of the pieces work so well together, then to add egg rolls on top of it. I definitely need to come and visit and stay 1 or 2 months!! ;)

  54. That food looks so great! And your tablescape is stunning!

  55. Your recipes are very timely. Just a few hours ago I was thinking about our gourmet group dinner which I soon host and decided Chinese food would be something different. You've definitely helped me out. Oh, and your table looks good, too!
    Did you get snow today? I just heard from a Maine friend there was a heavy snow there....again.

  56. Oh my your blue is magnificent! The tablecloth and napkins are just beautiful. And the food... what can I say except yumm!!

  57. I love how all of the colors pull together. The tablecloth fabric is really unique. Our Walmarts out here no longer have fabric. Bummer! My fave on the table are the napkins. I am a fool for toile. Thanks for playing along this week!

  58. Wow, Kathleen! Such a pretty tablescape! I love the blue and white! And how did I miss those WS toile napkins? Gorgeous! Your meal looks yummy! Now I guess I will be doing Chinese take out tonight! lol Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  59. This looks delicious and I LOVE your table settings... beautiful! Found you at EKat's Friday Potluck... I'd like to invite you to come link your most popular recipe at Make a Food-"e"-Friend Monday #2: Most Popular Recipes from the Food Blogosphere. Looking forward to seeing what that is!


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