Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Ground Hog Day! Have some Pie?

table 1748
Nice to see you again.
Kathleen drags me out every year for Ground Hog Day, even though I am not the aforementioned.
Remember last year when she stuffed me under a cloche?
 table 1749The abuse I take!  The woman is nuts!
Anyway, any Ground Hog around here is 2 feet under, the snow, ie.  If he does get out , he will be blinded by all the white.  That's good right?  Spring will come early?  Excuse me while I roll around on the floor laughing!
Anyway, she made a special breakfast to celebrate Jan. being over.
Picture 1414
Blueberry pancakes, fresh blackberries in  a bit of whipped  cream, and Canadian Bacon.  She said not to worry, bacon is from a pig, but isn't a pig a hog????
For lunch she served ...
table 1341
She said they were Pork ribs.  But isn't pork from a pig, aka HOG???
I know I am NOT staying for dinner!
She talked about gummy Bears, Pigs in a blanket, Bear claws, Welsh rabbit, Hot dogs, Porcupine balls, and kept assuring me it really wasn't what it sounded like!
For dinner, she said she is making ground hog pie!  Now that is just
 Picture 1704
Hope you all have a good Ground Hog Day, rent the movie!  :) Bon Appetit!
Picture 1707
Oh, the dishes the Ground Hog Pie ( meat loaf mix browned with onion and spices, mixed with some ketchup, a layer of cheddar , and mashed potatoes piped on and baked.  A little fun twist on meatloaf. 
Picture 1705
Picture 1709

My Cmas gift from A., The Tablescaper.  I can't wait to play with them and come up with a table.  Maybe we should have a throw down, as she bought them for herself too!
So go over to her blog and chant "Throw Down" and see if she is game.  :)
Thanks for visiting.  Please come back and celebrate Chinese New Year with me.  The year of the Rabbit!
I only eat the Chocolate kind.  :)


  1. You are too funny, Kathleen! Our groundhog, General Beauregard Lee, has only been wrong once and I understand that Phil has about a 39% accuracy rate! Of course, an early Spring is an easy prediction here in the South! :-) Hang in there! Looks like you are fixed for lots of yummy comfort food! I am trying that groundhog pie for sure!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Loved the little chat with the groundhog :) The pancakes, ribs and groundhog pie all look delicious. I think the groundhog pie was the most creative.

    I vote for you and the tablescaper to have a throwdown - what fun that would be to see.

  3. A groundhog sous cloche..Only you..Love the BA plates..too precious..R U getting snow again tomorrow?

  4. Now I know what I can do with my stuffed ground hog. I never have anything to share at the cloche parties. ;-)
    Love the new Bon Appetit plates. Definitely a showdown is in order!
    ~ Sarah

  5. I want to go to your house for groundhog's day! You had a real celebration with all those delicious foods!

  6. Had a good time reading this post. You are so cute and the laugh was really welcome.

  7. Loved your post, Kathleen! I doubt a groundhog could find it's way out of the burrow with all the snow that you have back there, with more coming. Right now, I would welcome summer, and we all know how I feel about summertime in Kansas...yuck.

  8. Well the menu sounds great, love me some hog in any shape or form! I think they'll have to use an ice pick to chip ole Punky Phil out of his hole tomorrow morning, not gonna be pretty out there:@)

  9. Your GroundEagle is adorable! He is SO well behaved!!! My youngest son will be 29 tomorrow, He's our OWN PERSONAL Ground Hog and said "Sorry folks" So Spring Yet!!! Your Hog Vitals look delicious Once Again... And have me dreaming of "Swimming South in the Sound"... today wasn't too bad weather wise, HOPE the Ice Storm does the same!
    Hugs to you,

  10. Hi Kathleen,
    That was very cute!! I have never met anyone who celebrated ground hog day!!
    I loved your script!! with all the foods ending in hog or with animal names, very cute!!
    Thanks for making me smile.
    Blessings, Nellie

  11. I think a throw down would be fabulous. Hope you are staying safe in all this weather we hear you are being blasted with back mid and east!! Happy Ground Hog Day!

  12. LOL, what a cute post. I love him stuffed under the cloche. I have a cousin born on Ground Hogs Day! :)


  13. You are too funny. What is he, exactly? He's not a ground hog, is he really and eagle?

    Great food, but a throw down? I don't think I'm the throw down type. I'm curious to see what you do with them.

    If we make it out there for February break you'll have to send some of that food you're alwasy preparing our way.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. LOL, that woman is nuts! I love the groundhog! Didn't even realize it was Groundhog Day, they keep screaming Monster Storm all over the news lately!
    The Tablescaper has great taste in dishes, love those! And Ground Hog Pie looks delicious!

  15. Enjoyed reading this conversation. :)

  16. You crack me up Kathlyn...LOL! What a fun blog, I really enjoyed it...course, the food doesn't look funny, it looks delicious, hog or not! OK... I need to go get something to eat...see you later...
    Thank you for the great food and the fun.

  17. I love the Groundhog under glass...I missed that last year...and I'm all for a table throwdown...like the "Battle of the Discount CHina".....hey, I know where you guys shop....LOL

  18. I don't think the groundhog will come out of his den with all this cold and snow! We are doomed to have 6 more weeks of winter..brr!

  19. That's too funny Kathleen!
    That poor little groundhog sure is a good sport!

  20. This breakfats is my dream!!!!...I'm happy I'm going to Genoa to attend pie and crumbles classes with Laurel Evans...I'M SO HAPPY!!!

    Hugs, Flavia

  21. Your post made me laugh Kathleen! Happy Groundhog Day (love that movie!)

  22. That was a cute post! Can't wait to see what you do with those dishes - they're terrific!

  23. I keep postin' and they keep disappearin' but I will keep on tryin'!!!!!! Love the post, love your food, just one question: how do I get on your invite list?! :-)

  24. I'm guessing we'll have a little more than six weeks of winter ;) The groundhog couldn't have even got out the door here today! Great dishes you received!

  25. I just had to come and say HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!
    Love your blog. sounds like fun onver here.

  26. You kill me Kathleen! Loved seeing your groundhog again! I know it is hard to believe there will only be 6 more weeks of winter this year! It seems endless!


  27. We'll be lucky if we have only six weeks of winter left ;) Great dishes you received!


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