Monday, February 7, 2011

Today's The Day!

♪♪♪    If you go out in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.
For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.♪♪♪

If you want the rest of this adorable song, go here.

Picture 1808

He doesn't look happy!  Here's the problem!

Picture 1806

Picture 1789

Look at the ice, not melting here!

You have to carry your pail of sand with you!

The Teddy Bear's moved inside, can't blame them!

Picture 1795

This little white lunch box I got for a dollar at ACMoore serves as the centerpiece with a little bear.  In the basket is a little bottle of wine, as these bears like to party!

Picture 1807

The cloth is a wool carriage blanket given to me by the teacher's where I taught when I had my son.  I still have it!

Picture 1811

When I saw the little bear napkin rings at Savers, the plaid reminded me of these napkins I have had for a few years.  The rings were 5 for $1, and the napkins were from the Springmaid Wamsutta Outlet, orig $4, I got them for .50.  Mitered edges and all!

Picture 1810

Red dinner plate from Pottery Barn Outlet as well as the yellow flatware...on sale for 4 settings for 3.97.

Picture 1797

The marzipan fruits and veggies are from my friend, Debbie, at Mountain Breaths.

Picture 1805

A little wagon of cheese for their lunch.  They are ornaments from WSonoma Outlet . I bought them for my kitchen Christmas tree but didn't use them with all the other cooking/sweets ornies.  I thought they looked CHEESEY!  :)

Picture 1802

Green Bee glasses from CTree Shops.The balloons are cake decorations.

Picture 1796

Their lunch wouldn't be complete without the HONEY.  They can dip the apples from the mini picnic basket in the back in the honey!

Picture 1808

Little Paddington was $1 at CTS and came with a small bottle of marmite.  I didn't know what is was, but it seems it is a common condiment in England.  Oh the things you learn!

Picture 1559

The last I saw of the bears they were trying to walk across the Bay and catch a ride to Florida!  BEAR y smart!  :)

♪♪  Beneath the trees, where nobody sees
They'll hide and seek as long as they please
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.  ♪♪

I am joining Marty for Table Top Tuesday , Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday,

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I appreciate your visit! ♥

Kathleen's%20St%20Pat%20Leprechaun%203Third Annual Blog Crawl here on March 15th!

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Share some green, a table, a recipe, anything related to St. Patrick's Day. Let's celebrate that by then, SPRING will be on its way!♣♣♣


  1. Just adorable Kathleen! And one of my favorite songs of all time .... I used to sing this around the house when I was a kid. Drove my brother nuts, which was probably why I liked singing it so much!LOL

    Have a Beary Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Oh Kathleen, what a sweet table you have put together...I love that song. My mother used to sing it to me and I sang it to my kids when they were young. You always set the most fun tables and always get the best bargains. The plaid tablecloth is perfect with the bears. I am a huge fan of marzipan and those are the cutest little fruits -- another thing my mom would do is take me to Swiss Colony and buy me a marzipan fruit. You have evoked all kinds of warm memories for me with these table. Joni

  3. Cute,cute, cute.....I just love bears and this tablescape is perfect - for them!

  4. How cute, Kathleen! Poor bears...having an indoor picnic! But it looks like they had fun just the same! Love those napkin rings and your cheesy cheese! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Kathleen, I can sing right along as I read the lyrics. I have a book of that same title with the 45 record (of the same title) in a sleeve at the back of the book. Now, that's an old book! 45 rpm!!
    The napkin rings are so cute - and what a great price. You did well. Love the little wagons too. I wish I'd have seen them in our WS store. We don't have an outlet, but I would have paid full price just to get a few.
    Well, it's berry, berry nice tablescape. I bet it helped to chase away the winter blues as you were creating it.

  6. Such a cute table. I love the plaid blanket as a tablecloth! The bears look hungry so I'm glad there is honey for them. They will need it on their trip to Florida! hugs, Linda

  7. So cute, this would be great for the grandkids.I have a blanket like this, I will have to use it for a tablescape.

  8. Oh this is absolutely fantastic. Love the indoor picnic. The linens, and all of the accessories are just perfect and so is the precious teddy bear. I want to come and play too. How fun. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. I just had to come and tell you I have teddy bears all over the house; love love teddy bears and mine are all sitting in basket; really enjoyed this post.

  10. Love your teddy bear picnic! The last photo is so cool. I know the snow gets tiring and I really hate ice but it does make for some lovely photos....

  11. that is so adorable. I wish my granddaughter could see it but she's too young and in NC while I'm back in Florida. Cute.

  12. How sweet. Adorable little bear. Great idea for a nice little picnic. Cleverly put together, even with a song.

  13. Oh you just brought me right back to childhood with that little Paddington Bear! I remember loving that story and reading it over and over.

  14. Kathleen, love a good teddy bear picnic! This one is perfection with all the plaid details. Nothing like a good winter picnic inside! I've frequently thought I'd have a teddy bear's picnic one day, but just haven't gotten around to it. We used to have one every fall in my classroom. It was a favorite activity. ;-)
    ~ sarah

  15. Kathleen, this is such a cute table setting! Love the little bear napkin rings and I love how you combined the plaid wool and the napkins.

  16. Soon you'll melt and then you can do the Five Little Ducks :)

    Fun post, Kathleen, adorable!

  17. Too, too cute! I loved this. You have such a great imagination and you make every post fun, but this post had me singing and smiling all at the same time! What a perfect use for that carriage blanket. Love it! The plaid napkins and those adorable napkin rings are so perfect for this table. The little wagon of cheese and the tiny basket with the tiny wine bottle are sooo cute! Can you tell I really liked this post? laurie

  18. Hi Kathleen....your Linzer cookies came fabulous...I am making some next week, the ladies are coming for a V-Day lunch...would you believe I couldn't find hazelnuts down here...daughter had to ship them down from the cute bear napkin rings...and I always keep an eye out for that great silverware...our WSO never has anything good....

  19. Kathleen, This is just adorable. It makes me want to run upstairs and see what stuffed animals I can find in the kids room and set a table with them.
    I love the 'moved indoors' sign.
    The yellow flatware is adorable too.
    So warming on this cold winters day.
    My kids have had five days of school canceled in a row due to the blizzard here. We are expecting up to 12" again tomorrow! It is a record for Oklahoma.

    Stay warm and have fun with the bears!


  20. I love that song. Makes me so happy.
    What a fun table.

  21. Kathleen I love this Teddy bear Picnic table! I think you made it so pretty that they would be thrilled to be inside with you for their party :)

    I bought the same Paddington Bear and Marmite set at CTS! I was always curious about the taste of Marmite. Did you try it? I think it's something you have to grow up eating as it taste like medicine to me.

    Think we will get more snow this week? I hope not! At least your snow still looks pretty!

    ♥ Pat

  22. Too cute...but tell them to wait for me, I'll go to FL with them! Love all your accessories...

  23. I hope those bears do come to FL! Send them my way! Too cute! About six years ago I hosted a teddy bear tea party (for adults) They each brought a favorite teddy bear! I've been thinking about re-staging that tea party, this inspires me to do it sometimes soon!


  24. Everything is so cute!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. Oh, geez! Is this not the most ADORABLE thing??! LOL! Love the little bear with the little centerpiece 'tiny' basket with the wine! LOL! Hey, I'm joining HIM for lunch! Love that little red basket with the ribbon too, AND the little Radio wagon -- Great table and wonderful, original, adorable ideas!

  26. P.S. As I mentioned to you in an email, why the HELL can't I find such cute stuff, as you do, in my CTS shop here in CT?????!!!

  27. Kathleen, your table is just adorable. And such a creative idea. I love it! Happy TTT.

  28. I love this beary cute table Kathleen!~
    The plaid and the bears and the cute little lunch box, whimsical and wonderful!
    You find some super deals!

  29. Kathleen,

    One of my favorite songs when I was young, Still is. Very wonderful and clever setting. I have several bears that I have made. I will have to have a picnic for them some day.


  30. Cute cute cute, Kathleen. I am with the bears crossing the bay and heading to FL. my dreams.

  31. What a fun table, with so many cute details...
    makes me want to whip out my Teddy Bear Collection.
    I loved that song from when I was little. It was the theme song on a 'Radio Show'! Now that is OLD!

  32. Kathleen, I just want to come over and cuddle up to the bears and enjoy the picnic. I love that song, and what a fun table you have put together for that. Don't you wonder where they got the darling teddy bear napkin rings and why they gave them away to Savers. If the previous owners had only known how cute they would be on a table! The little wagon of goodies is so tempting. Oh, everything is just perfect as can be. You know, now I will be singing that song all day!

    (Glad they stayed inside - that looks a bit treturous out there in the snow.)

  33. Hi Kathleen,
    I've never been to a teddy bear picnic, so thanks for the invite. Very cute post...I could bear-ly contain my excitement.
    Enjoy your day and stay warm.

  34. Poor bears! Well, if they can't picnic outside ... and they don't make it to sunny Florida ... at least they have a warm, festive, fun place to play in the heart of your welcoming home. On second thought ... what lucky bears they are! ;)

  35. I just love your table. I remember that song from grade school. We used to sing it on May Day.

  36. Kathleen, I smiled the whole time I read this WONDERFUL post!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is adorable!!! And so very creative! I love it all! Thanks for the smiles!!! XO, Pinky

  37. Hi Kathleen! Oh, how precious and I love that little song too! Your little lunch box centerpiece is adorable as well as your little bear and his wine! I'm trying not to think about drunk teddies! :) I love all of your sweet little faux foods and that little Radio flyer wagon! It's darling!
    Your dishes and napkins and rings are so precious! I'm so glad you've saved these little teddies from being out in that cold! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  38. You never cease to amaze me, Kathleen! Adorable table and post! Your students must have loved times ;)

  39. What a fun post! Cya next week.
    Joyce M

  40. Hi Kathleen...

    Absolutely adorable, my friend! Why who wouldn't love the sweet little bears picnic! What a fun your really enjoyed creating this cute tablescape! Very clever...very cute...and very creative!!! Of course, the pretty plaids just set the scene and I loved how you made the centerpiece with the little lunch box and bear! I sooo enjoyed this darling table...thank you for sharing it with us!

    Warmest wishes and Happy Valentine's Day!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  41. You have brought a smile to my face tonight! What an adorable table...and story. I'll keep my eyes out for your little friends...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  42. Those poor teddy bears having to deal with all that snow! Fortunately, Kathleen has opened her doors and prepared a terrific tablescape for them to enjoy their picnic on! So cute, fun and creative! Love that little Paddington Bear!
    Hope to join in your annual St. Pat's Blog Crawl!

  43. Your teddy bears can come skiing with me, and I'll show them how to enjoy snow :-) But they probably prefer living with you since you know how to prepare a fun tablescape for them and they can feast at your picnic! So creative Kathleen! I can't believe you still have the marzipan ;o)

  44. Definitely a good idea to move the teddy bear picnic indoors! I can only imagine how much fun you had setting this table. It's adorable, with so many sweet details!
    Stay warm, and Happy REDnesday!

  45. This was just so cute and fun! I loved it!! Made me smile today :)

  46. Hi Kathleen, yes, marmite is one of those British "delicacies" that you even get in little wrapped tins (like we get jelly samples at a diner) and just thinking of it is making me shiver and gag! :) I hope I'm not insulting anyone. I usually eat everything but liver.... Your table is adorable. I think we had several kids books with that song. The plaid blanket is a great tablecloth for a picnic! Linda

  47. OK, where have I been? This post has been up for two days and I'm just looking at it now?!?! It's absolutely adorable, but that's not wine in that little bottle! You certainly found a great use for those napkin rings.

    - The Tablescaper

  48. Cute tablescape! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  49. Oh Kathleen! This is just the cutest post! I love all the cute teddy bears and all the little carts and baskets and love all the plaids too....Christine

  50. I love your blog and your beautiful table decor! I'm your new follower, and I look forward to coming back to visit.

  51. OOOO.......this is waaay adorable. I love EVERYTHING..the bears, the carts, the plaids, the ....EVERYthing! I can't wait to show it to Deeds. She will just love it.
    I can tell you had such fun doing this one. Too cute.
    bear hugs, bj

  52. o, and what happened to that soft pink background? :)

  53. Thank you Kathleen for the visit. I did Valentine's with my granddaughters, "Little girls Valentine Tea Party". My new table was for Valentine's, although I enfatice on the roses for Valentine's and all the followers. Sorry I didn't entioned much this time.


  54. Hi Kathleen,
    Your blog is beautiful and I can hardly wait to join in on your St. Patrick's Day party...
    Big hugs,


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