Thursday, March 10, 2011

ALL Rolled Into One~ Winner and One More!

This is the last post before the Third Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl here ON the 15th.  It won't be up till the 15th, so check in the afternoon Tuesday to link up. 

There will be a $60 dollar give away from CSN , a chance for all followers who leave a comment.  Hope you are joining in on the fun!

"To celebrate the blog party on the 15th, CSN will help you swing into Spring with some great outdoor playsets. You can check them out here! "
Beverly at How Sweet the Sound said to do PINK and green this week.  I just couldn't mix pink in with my Irish green, but this is pink and green...

table 3718

table 3719

And I did these shower favors in pink and green.  Tags were made from pretty pink folders I got at the dollar store. The favors are heart shaped stainless steel measuring spoons from Christmas Tree Shop.  I use mine all the time!

table 4303

table 4304

table 4307

table 4310

All packed up and ready to go in a green canvas tote from Pottery Barn I got for  .99.  They fold up, I took a whole bunch as they are very handy!

I am also joining Gollum for Foodie Friday , Erin at Ekat's Kitchen for Potluck Friday, Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things, and finally, The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.

Picture 1909Since it is Lent there will be meatless Fridays here.

I don't like fish!  :(  I made filet of flounder , dipped in egg wash, and dredged in a mixture of toasted crushed pecans and panko.  Some fried shrimp and lemon butter on the side.  You can make a little lemon sauce for the fish, but we like our with fresh lemon and a drizzle of butter.

Potato Cake is rough mashed potato with scallion and goat cheese, put in  greased a muffin cup and baked with a topping of bacon. 

I want to share a little bargain with you!  Just remember you saw it here first, LOL!

Cute little plates, good for appetizers, desserts, chunky  with a little ledge.

Picture 1989

No big deal, right?  From the Dollar store...


Picture 1987 That's right!  Crate and Barrel.  So you never know what you will find

if you keep an open mind!  :)

When I told A., The Tablescaper, she was off in a flash to get her dozen!

And the winner of the pink and green Waverly towels is...

table 4176

Sarah from Hyacinths for the Soul!  Sarah, email your addy please.

Susan from Thoughts from over the Rainbow still hasn't sent her addy, come on Susan!  :)

Tonight's little give away for followers who leave a comment is...from William Sonoma, adorable Spring Pancake Molds.

Picture 1991

Picture 1990

It will make such a cute  blog post.  You can have those little animals marching across a plate of whipped cream puddles!  :)

Thanks for visiting and see you ON the 15th for the big day! Get ready for the soda bread! My recipe here.

table 626


  1. K this is too fun! Congrats to Sarah! GOTTA stop by the Dollar Store on my day off tomorrow... Absolutely lovin' the shower favor measuring spoons and please count me in for the pancake molds, so stinkin' cute:@)

  2. I guess you do never know what you'll find! Leave it to you, though :) I still can't believe you don't like any fish - not even one? There's a whole ocean out there!

  3. You find the very best bargains, Kathleen! I never come across anything good at the Dollar Store. I love your pink and green combo's very spring like and pretty!

    Those pancake molds are adorable! I bought my daughter-in-law the Halloween and Christmas ones to use for my grandson's pancakes, so adding an Esster set would be fun!

    Your fish dish looks don't like any fish? Do you eat vegetarian on Fridays in Lent? I could live on pizza Fridays :)

  4. Which dollar store, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Family Dollar. We have so many dollar stores in our area?


  5. Ooooh, love that pink and green. Very preppy and very Lilly Pulitzer. So Spring-y. Have a good tomorrow.

  6. Ha, I'll leave a comment for the pancakes! I love pancakes! Bet mine wouldn't come out as neat and perfect as yours did :)

    I love the pink and green table, very pretty! Nice little dishes!

  7. I certainly don't need any more plates (ha ha), but the price is certainly right for the C & B plates at the dollar store. I'll take your portion of fish :-) The pancake molds are adorable so count me in!

  8. Your pink and green table is SO pretty! I love it!

    You did such a good job on the favors. So cute!

    I'm with you on the fish. I end up having pasta or Mexican food on Fridays. :)

    Have a great day!

  9. Crate and Barrel at the Dollar store? Seriously? I love your pink and green tablescape. I am especially mad about your plaid too, in the tablecloth and the bow! :)) I would love a chance to win your latest giveaway and will be back on the 15th! Congrats to Sarah! I know she is going to love those gorgeous towels! And for the record, I don't like fish either but ate Salmon for dinner tonight. :( LOL!

  10. Your table looks fabulous and I hate to say it...but I LOVE fish and I am looking forward to having lots of it! I will definitely try your potato recipe, it looks delicious!

    Hooray for Sarah and Susan on their wins!


  11. Oh, goodie! Kathleen, I'm excited to win these lovely pink and green towels.
    Love the idea of using them as napkins. Thank you!!!
    Love the cute pancake maker. It would be cute to have a parade of little critters marching across the plate. ~ Sarah

  12. I am in love with the pink and green table! Well, I must admit my heart is tugging toward the adorable measuring spoons! You are the Queen of Bargains and events!

  13. Hi Kathleen please please please count me in!!! Love the pink and green. Who are Erin & Don? Cute favors. Your soda bread looks delish. I totally agree with Pat from MFF about Fridays in Lent and pizza!!! Yum-oh. But your fish looked great. I like fish alot. Mmmm, maybe some fried shrimp on pizza :-)

  14. I love the pink and green, congrats to all the winners before. The pancakes are adorable. Just what I need for my G's! Have a great week. Sandi

  15. My goodness, you always manage to find and post some incredible finds! Those C&B plates are the bee's knees!

  16. I really like the pink and green. Very spring like to me.
    The Waverly towel is really pretty. Lucky winner. I never see stuff like that at our dollar store.

  17. I love this, Kathleen. I like pink and green ,my favorite spring color combo. Great deal on the plates, I better check out Dollar Store too. Your food always look so delish!...Christine

  18. Kathleen,

    I love fish! Hate to cook it! I never find anything at the Dollar store. I must be going to the wrong one.

    Very pretty pink and green.


  19. What a pretty table! And Crate and Barrel at the Dollar Store? What a steal!!! My boys would love those pancake molds, so count me in!

  20. You have packed so many awesome things into this post. Happy Friday.

  21. A cute table and what a sweet favor those measuring spoons are! I need to try your soda bread recipe, and I need some new meatless recipes too!

  22. I think I'll sneak into the dollar store when I get groceries this weekend! And what cute pancake molds!

  23. Wow, Kathleen! C&B at the $ store??? I am getting in my car and heading on over! Love your pink and festive! And I am no big fan of fish myself, having grown up with an aquarium in the house....but yours does look yummy! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  24. I love your pinks and greens!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. Hi Kathleen!!

    Long time, no talk to!! I sure have missed following your postings. (limited net avail. in FL)

    Your pink & green tablescape is lovely & those little favors are adorable & soooo useful, too.
    I agree, you do find the bestest bargains. Color me green with envy over the PB tote, the CB plates and the beautiful Waverly gifts that Sarah won!!

    I fear I'm going to have to use last year's St. Patrick's post, as I am just now getting down my Valentines day items. The trip home drained me & I just don't have the energy to bring all my Irish up from the basement. I must be getting old. LOL

    Either way, I'll join in your party, though...wouldn't miss it for the world!!


  26. Lucky Sarah! And she's just won a blog update too!

  27. Kathleen, my I please eat your fish for you? That looks sooooo scrumptuous! Your pink and green table is pretty as can be. The measuring spoons and the presentation of them are cute, cute. Those towels are perfect for Sarah (of course, they would have been perfect for me too!). I already have the WS pancake molds. My grands get a kick out of the Easter pancakes. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. Have a great weekend! laurie

  28. Wow! I loved the mix of white, green and pink plates. They looked great! And what a great deal on the Crate and Barrel dinnerware! A very interesting Favorite Things visit. Thank you.

  29. I love pink and green together! So springy!

    Congratulations to Sarah on her win!

    I don't like fish either, except fried shrimp.


  30. Your table looks so inviting! and I am envious of anyone near a Christmas Tree shop.
    Happy Pink Saturday ... your post has made me hungry and I have to go get a snack now ... :))

  31. Mmmm-I love fish and asparagus, and the potatoes sound yummy too! Did you get those folding crates at the PB outlet? I really like folding totes and those are so cute. Put my name in for a chance at those pancake molds! Linda

  32. Hi!

    Your tablescape is really stunning and gorgeous! You're really good in mix and match the color of green and pink! They turned out really well! :)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Hug, PuteriFauziah

  33. Thanks for dropping my by blog - I'm hosting my St Patricks Day carnival again too this year, and would love you to be part of it.

    Thanks :)

  34. Hi Kathleen - you're making me so eager for St. Patrick's Day to arrive - my daughter will be Sweet 16 that day. She doesn't want a party though... can you believe it? Anyway, I love your style!

    PS - great find at the dollar store. I've come out of there with some great stuff over the years.

  35. Hi Kathleen!
    Wow you really honored the pink and green!
    Your tablescape is beautiful... pink and green are so lovely together...fresh and springtime... a perfect match!

    The dollar store can have some nice surprises in it... I love those kind of finds.

    The bunny pancakes are so cute... Congrats to Sarah!
    I hope you're having a nice weekend, Kathleen...
    Hey, at least it's not snowing!
    *take care*

  36. I adored your pink and green tablescape!

    Happy Pink and Green Saturday
    Deanna :D

  37. yay for Sarah..she will enjoy them and have a pretty table setting for us to see. :)
    Your pink and green is very pretty.

  38. You didn't even know what a treasure you had unearthed at the dollar store. It's amazing what happens when you take that little price sticker off. You never know what's underneath it.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  39. You do come up with the most original table setting; not one of my forte; but would love to use your ideas.
    Happy Sunday,

  40. Hi lovely lady. I love your Tablescape sweet lady~~~ I also go to the Dollar store. The colors pink and green are lovely together!!! Hope you are having a nice day. xxoo

  41. What a fun the pink and green. What wonderful little party favors and so cute! I'm still planning on playing along, but we just tore out the kitchen countertop, sink and removed everything from my cabinets here...I'm looking around my house thinking I'll set up a little table in the driveway or garage. What a mess!

  42. Love the pink and green.. never thought of looking on the bottom of what I get at dollar stores.. I will from now on. I am a new follower. Love your blog.

  43. I love pink and green, what a great combo it is Kathleen. The heart measuring spoons are adorable!
    Love your food and recipes, I have a few from you already, thank you so much for sharing them with us. I can't wait to join your St Pat's party on Tuesday the 15th. Yeah...I'm a SAm. girl from Astoria-Queens, but, hey, I will be making a table for dear St. Patty's Day!

  44. I never see anything like that at the dollar store! Such a fun post and so much to see. I do like your pink and green together--a favorite color combination of mine. Hey, thanks for the Cherry Ames reminder. :-)

  45. Darling tablescape! Love the pink and green. the flowers are perfect and then loved the little boxes too. I'd love to win those cookie cutters (or kid's sandwich cutters).. thanks so much for a chance!

  46. I am a sucker for pink and green. I think its because I grew up as a teen in the 80s and there was the whole preppy pink and green craze. It stuck with me :-) Cute pancake thingy!

  47. Kathleen that's pretty amazing! Crate and Barrel at Dollar Tree! I love all your pink and green. Wish I could join in your crawl but I'm up to my eyeballs in alligators right now. ;)
    Your fish dinner looks delish, btw. You are such a great cook!

  48. Gorgeous Posts Kathleen! Love "EVERYTHING" and Oh My "I LOVE Fish"!!! and your looks SO GOOD, I am definitely making some crushed pecans for mine(That looks Heavenly), Oh My Kathleen, You Don't like FISH!!! and you live on the Island!!! Oh My!!!
    Congratulation to the lucky winners. I KNOW Sarah will LOVE those napkins.
    "PLEASE ENTER ME for your giveaway"!!!
    I am having my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY so be sure to come enter@
    Hugs to you,

  49. there going to be a link for the St. Pat's party tonight to post?...or how do we go about it? Thank you.


  50. Fabby, TUESDAY afternoon there will be a linky up.

  51. What a beautiful table and I love the favors....Every picture was perfect....

  52. I can't wait to join the St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl. I just know everyone will probably laugh at me... as I am nowhere to being Irish! But I do have my post ready!! See ya Tuesday afternoon, lassies and laddies.
    (I know.. laughing already... probably used the wrong terms. lol)
    Ladybug Creek

  53. I am with you on the fish -- not my favorite! Love the pink and green together! Those little white plates are such a steal. Also love the little heart measuring spoons. I envy those of you that can shop at the Christmas Tree stores. Joni


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