Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cream, Green and Plaid

First of all, I want to thank all of you who linked up with the Third Annual St. Patrick's Day Crawl yesterday!  I am working my way through your great posts.  I also want to thank those who left a comment.  I saw so many of you who crawled through the links and left comments!  That is definitely what makes it fun!

PLEASE NOTE...If I haven't been to your entry yet, I will be! Might take me all week end, but I will visit! :)

There's still time to enter the 60 dollar CSN give away here.  Winner will be announced Sunday.

My guests for the 17th will dine at this table.  It is still cold here in NY, so I went for a warm and wooly :) table.

There will only be 6 of us, so it is easier for me if I do it at the kitchen table.  That way I can be in on the conversation while I am serving.

The square bowl on the table is Rosenthal.

Picture 2011

 Picture 2005


I think I found it in the Noritake Outlet years ago for 2.00!

One of my guests in German, so I wanted to make him feel at home surrounded by the rest of us who are Irish.

Oh wait, DH isn't Irish... I  think he forgets that, as he has been married to me for so long and puts up with the whole St. Patrick's Day thing!

I used a black tablecloth with a black with green wool cloth on top.  I tied up the corners with some Irish lace.  Not really, but it's lace and I am Irish.  :)

Picture 2001

Here I was playing with the charger and glasses. The green glass chargers and the green glasses are by Gorham by way of the Lenox Outlet.  I wasn't going to buy the green glasses as I have a different color green, but I gave in to peer pressure from The Tablescaper!  :)

Picture 2006

I decided to use a Waterford wine along with a green water.  Lenox eternal platePicture 2012

The delicate cream soup cups and under plate are a gift to me from Marigene from In the Middle of Nowhere.

They are marked Noritake, Nippon.  A little whiter than the Lenox Eternal, but close enough

She knew I had been wanting some, and sent them to me for my birthday.  They are made by Noritake, and about 80 years old.  They are just beautiful!  Thank you, M!

I used a dark green napkin and gold trimmed flatware by Wallace.

Picture 2007

I used a cream cut work pedestal  bowl filled with fresh greens and mums for my centerpiece, and snuggled it in an Irish wool placemat.

Picture 2016

I stuck some curled satin ribbon and a top hat in for a little color.

Waterford water pitcher  was a gift from my dear friend ,Marie.  It was her mom's.  Individual butter pats from Wm Sonoma Outlet..

Picture 2015

Picture 2013

A Belleek tray will hold the bread.

So Waterford, Belleek, Lenox and Christmas Tree Shops and Savers all grace this table.  And they get along just fine, no dish snobs allowed here!  :)

Picture 2017

I will sprinkle some green sugar, just a wee bit, on the cupcakes to dress them up for the party. I also made an apple crumb pie and baked individual pound cakes to serve with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. 

Picture 1617

I hope my guests enjoy themselves, I tucked a lottery ticket under each plate to see if they have the luck of the Irish!

Picture 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Spring is marching in!

I wanted to join Lynn at Happier Than a Pig in Mud for her Cook Along.  Ina was the featured cook.

Since Easter is coming and every year I try to get those eggs perfect, I tried her method.

Place the eggs in a saucepan and add enough cold water to cover.

Bring the water to a boil and immediately turn off the heat. Let the eggs sit in the pan for 15 minutes.

Remove the eggs to a bowl and allow to rest for at least 2 minutes. When the eggs are cool enough to handle, crack the eggs on each side and then roll them back and forth with your hand, breaking up the shell. Remove and discard the shell.

I should have read the reviews before!  It didn't work for me either.  The shells stuck to the egg, which really ticks me off, and the inside wasn't cooked!

I hope those of you  who have a tried and true method will share.  I always buy the eggs 2 weeks ahead, as I have read in many places that older eggs work better.

Do yours come out perfectly?  Please share your method!

table 2272

I did make her Lemon Pound Cake awhile ago, and it was delicious.

table 2269

Go check all the other Ina recipes at Lynn's!  Can't wait to see who she picked for next month!

Thanks again to everyone who crawled or commented!  Let's do it again next year!

See you Sunday to announce the winner!

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday and Gollum for Foodie Friday.
Thank you to all the hosts!


  1. Kathleen, what an elegant table with the beautiful china and all the Waterford. The Lenox Eternal cream soups are gorgeous. They certainly make a statement! What a thoughtful gift!
    I'll have a slice of the lemon pound cake, please. ~ Sarah
    Thanks for hosting the party. I'm still making my way through.

  2. As usual, everything looks stunning. I love how you put the black with the green.

  3. Very beautiful. Those green chargers are so pretty. I agree everything is blended wonderfully, no snobs here!

  4. Not a plate snob at all. Love looking at the Pub crawl posts. I made Ina's lemon bars and lemon cake last week for some friends and neighbors. So delicious. I ate so much I decided not to make Irish soda bread this week because my shorts do not zip from last year:-) Of course no one ever holds a gun to my head and forces me to eat all these sweets I bake.... I have zero willpower lately:-) I diet every Monday AM and by Tuesday night I throw the diet out of the window and dive into the fridge! Happy St. Patrick's day from an Irish gal aka Lynch!

  5. Hey K! Your table is beautiful, enjoy your company on your special day:@)
    Thanks so much for playing along! The lemon pound cake looks amazing!!! Please try this method for hard boiled eggs, I've shared it with many and only one egg lost that I've heard of!
    You'll be so glad to have it before Easter:@)

  6. Your table is beautiful, Kathleen! It really looks like the setting is somewhere in Ireland! I love the tablecloth and all the pieces of your collections. And your dessert look delicious!

    I used to buy fresh eggs from a farmer down the road at the lake. He said to never hard boil a fresh egg or the shells would stick. That may be the answer.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  7. Kathleen you table is chic, elegant romance. Just gorgeous.

    If you pop over you can actually view Ireland from our trip ... add a spot of 'green' to your day.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day ~
    TTFN ~


  8. The Queen of Irish:)

    Everything looks great..gosh you are a busy girl! Bravo!

  9. Kathleen, thanks for the crawl -- it was a lot of fun. Loved your "no dish snob comment." What a great table you have set! Love the green chargers, goblets, and cake pedestal. Joni

  10. Your table is so pretty...the centerpiece looks perfect and I just love that idea of a lottery ticket at each place for luck. Thanks again for hosting is always fun!

  11. Your table is beautiful. I love that your dishes all get along and play so nicely together. :-) I really had fun crawling through all the blogs that linked to your blog yesterday. I am still going through them! Found old favorites and discovered lots of new places to visit. Thanks again for hosting. xo,

  12. Hi lovely lady your Tablescapes are so Beautiful. I love your dishes ever thing is lovely and go's together sweet lady. Thanks so much for having this party. xxoo

  13. Beautiful tablescape! I really love the Belleek china. I discovered it a few years ago and always hope I'll run across a piece of it somewhere.

    Loving the St. Pat's Crawl! I have checked out every single post so far.

    Boiled eggs... I think sucess always depends on the eggs. Yes, older eggs are better for hard-boiled but sometimes even they have shell-trouble. :)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  14. Kathleen, I crack the hard boiled eggs and then let them soak in cold water to cool off. The shell peels off pretty easily that way.

    Always fun to party with you!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Very pretty and festive table!

  15. Your table does look warm & cozy, but I forgot what time I was supposed to be there - don't want to be late!!
    I have always done my eggs the way Ina does and works for me everytime..after it boils just put the lid on and let them sit - probablt 45 mi n to an hour. Then I pour out the water and fill the pan with cold water and let them sit another 30 for me!

  16. Foley, Ina doesn't cover the maybe that's the difference. I did it exactly the way she said.

  17. Oh my goodness...I don't know what looks better..the food or the dishes. I would love to be the guest at your wonderful party! I linked to your blog party as well. Thanks for hosting. Lori L

  18. What a beautiful table! And those sweet little soup cups are so pretty. All your crystal makes everything look so inviting!

  19. I am sure your guest will enjoy this lovely table, Kathleen. It looks so warm and cozy. The cupcakes look delicious and that pound cake, OMG, it's to die for Happy St. Patrick's Day!,....Christine

  20. Just wondering what you will actually be eating tomorrow...?

    What a beautiful lemon pound cake!

    The best method I've found is plunging the eggs into an ice-water bath right out of the boiling water. It works for me!

  21. Gorgeous table -- and it does look authentic. RE the eggs: I cover the pot, too, starting with cold water, and then turn off heat and let them set 15 to 20 minutes. Then pour off the warm water, put in some ICE water and wait a little longer, then peel. I rarely have a problem.

    I really like your green glass, too.


  22. Hi Kathleen! Your Irish table is wonderful! I love the plaid with your pretty white and green china! Those pretty flowers look fresh from a meadow too! Thank you so much for your comment and I was happy to join the crawl but did not get much time to visit everyone...still working on that! I do hope you will pop back by soon to see my tablescape for St.Patricks day that I just posted. I can't thank you enough for inspiring me on this one! Bless you and I hope you and your guests have a very happy St.Patricks day!

  23. Oh, I hope you have room for one more cause I will be right over!!!!!!!!!!! I just love your table! I also love how you say no dish snobs allowed:):) Love that! The Beleek is so lovely, I wish I had some but don't. Love the green chargers and glasses, glad you listened to the Tablescaper:):) Have a GREAT day tomorrow!!!! XO, Pinky

  24. I knew you would do a beautiful table for didn't let me down! This has been a great week for me with all the green. I am so happy those bouillon bowls made it to you without breaking as they are so fragile.

  25. So many lovely things and I enjoyed every photo. Beautiful post.

  26. Your table is wonderful with all the special touches you have added. One of my most favorites is the Irish knit placemat that is under the really ties it all together along with the Irish crystal and the Balleek tray. And adding the lottery ticket under each plate is so FUN!

  27. Such a beautiful and refined table. Great job and no snobs should be allowed! I love those green glasses. I think they look great on your table and mine! LOL! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Have fun.

    - The Tablescaper

  28. Such a cozy table! I love the Irish wool placemat. I have a weakness for knitted cable anything. Those soup bowls Marigene sent you are just beautiful with your other white plates.

  29. Irish everywhere. The green glasses are wonderful. I like the idea of lottery tickets under each plate. How generous and so clever. Irish Blessings to you.

  30. Your table is beautiful Kathleen. I can't believe you aren't worn out from the huge Blog Crawl party, and here you are having a real life party! I love the "Irish" lace tied on the corners, and I'm thinking the Tablescaper was right, those goblets are fabulous! the lottery tickets are a great idea! I wish I had thought of that, but since I didn't, I hope I'll remember it next year. Those cupcakes are soooo beautiful! laurie

  31. You're guests are going to have a great time, eating in such beautiful plates and the fantastic food they'll be having from a master chef like you! The lottery tickets are a terrific idea, so much fun.
    Thank you so much for your great comments on my dishes, they're special to me because I designed them at my hubby's Ceramic factory.....SO, VIVA ST PATRICK'S!

  32. Hi Kathleen!
    Oh there's so much to comment about here tonight!
    First there's the tablecloth and the way you tied the corners! I love that!
    The dishes are so elegant and the cute centerpiece adds a bit of whimsy!
    Seeing the rose frosting cupcakes reminds me to thank you again for the tutorial link ~ I watched it a few times, bought the Wilton tip and made my cupcakes this way a few times since!
    The lemon pound cake is making my mouth water... Lemon is one of my favorite flavors!
    Kathleen, have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!
    Bless you always,

  33. What a prefect post! Happy St Pat's to you.

  34. What a classy and beautiful Tablescape. Green is not normally a color I use for tablescapes but it looks so pretty at St. Patrick's Day times.

    Oh, I'm off to get that lemon cake recipe!

  35. A truly lovely table. I love each carefully chosen piece! The green glasses were a great find. Your plaid topper is perfect! The waterford pitcher is oooh soo lovely! Great table.. Thanks for dropping in with you very kind comments. slainte!

  36. What a great table! Happy St Patrick's Day! I know YOUR guests never go home hungry!
    For Easter eggs, I always pierce the egg, place them in a saucepan, and then cover them with water. I bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat and let them simmer for quite a while. For a large pot, I would say half an hour on the lowest setting. They always work. You can get an egg timer too that sits in the water and tells you when they're done. Or lastly, I do have one of the Cuisinart things that makes up to 7 eggs at a time. Depending on the amount of water you put in, they come out hard, soft, or medium, and the timer goes off when they're done. I have to fudge with the times a bit to get them they way I like them, but it does work!

  37. Kathleen, There is something oh so romantic about wedding ring china. I love the way it looks on your table. Over the years, I have put together a set of dishes, all with this theme, but from different makers, finding a Wedgwood platter here and a Noritake piece there. It all started with a set of Tiffany dinner plates in a box lot at an auction. I haven't used them in years, but I think your table setting is so beautiful that I will have to use mine again. Happy St Patricks day.

  38. What a beautiufl tablescape, Kathleen! And your cupcakes look so yummy! I love the idea of the lottery ticket! lol Looks like your blog crawl was a huge success! Happy St Paddy's Day!...hugs...Debbie

  39. The lemon pound cake looks wonderful! What a pretty table you set. Thanks for sharing...
    Blessings My Friend,

  40. Thank you dear Kathleen for having me at your St. Patrick's Party, I'm originally a girl from Astoria-Queens and I grew up in an Irish- Italian neighborhood (now it's Greek) and so I never failed to go to the city to watch the parade with my friends when I was a teen, or, let's see, now...oh yeah!, with my first boyfriend at 14...TOMMY HAYES! hahahaaa...

  41. Hi K,
    What a fantastic table, china, flatwares & foodie & everything, "wanderbaum"...

    Happy TS...

    Greetings & blessings from Stockholm,

  42. Kathleen,
    What a wonderful table! I really liked the cups and saucers. And they'd be perfect to have alongside a generous slice of the lemon pound cake...

  43. I love your table Kathleen!
    I am always amazed at how many tables you come up with!
    And that little tray with the shamrocks is so cute too!

  44. Hi Kathleen, That Lenox also comes with a platinum border which my mother uses as her everyday china. I spent half my childhood drying it because she doesn't put it in the dishwasher, and I still love it! She always makes her eggs the way you described and they come out perfectly for her, but NOT for me! I try to put them in very cold water running water while I peel, and usually that works best, but not always. Supposedly fresh eggs are harder to cook but don't know if that's true. And I always thought you were the one who kept The Tablescaper under control on your wonderful shopping trips! Actually she had the right idea with those green glasses-they are the perfect touch. Happy St. Patty's Day! Don't miss my Ina post if you have time! Linda

  45. What a pretty St. Patty's Day table. I love the white with green - so fresh and spring like.

  46. Beautiful table Ms. Kathleen!!! I love the greens almost as much as I do your reds!!
    RE: the eggs. The way that I do mine, must be okay...they always peel wonderfully!
    Buy eggs two to three weeks in advance, and store in 'frig. Put in pan and cover with cold water....add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Bring to boil (lid on) and boil for 10 minutes, lid off. Cool under running cold water. Crackle shell by rolling on counter. Peel...the shell comes off mostly in one swipe :^) If using for Easter eggs, dry eggs (after cooling in running water) before coloring. HTH

  47. We've been eating on paper plates (yeah, I know, lol) until I finish my revisions, so I can't tell you how much I loved your tablesetting. Hope you had a great St. Pat's! Sorry I missed the party. I was held hostage by Linky! LOL

  48. I liked seeing the process of how you dress up your table, Kathleen. It looked so elegant! I treasure my few pieces of Belleek as it's hard to find now. I made a lemon pound cake for dessert on St. Pat's --great minds think alike (plus I had too many lemons and needed to use them up )
    Your blog crawl was fun and very festive! Wonderful turn out!

  49. Kathleen-Your table is lovely and I think those cupcakes are gorgeous! The tops look like white roses. I may have to try that pound cake--looks delicious. I sent you an email :)

  50. How pretty all your Irish tables have been. Love your wooly plaid and the little hat in the flowers - looks like a lebrechan is about to pop right up out of the flowers.

  51. Wish I could have linked but on bed rest. All is so pretty!!!!

  52. You get the prize, friend, for the most appetizing dishes, and, of course, your table settings arent bad either. I would love to be right there sharing good conversation and good times. Hope you are having a taste of spring.

  53. Great table with the Waterford, Belleek and CTS mix! Everything is so pretty. And that lemon cake ain't too shabby either. YUM!


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