Friday, March 18, 2011

Writer's Challenge~What would you do if you won the Lottery?

I am joining Lori at Family Trees May Contain Nuts for her writer's challenge.  She said to assume it was a really BIG windfall, so let's see...

First pay the taxes, which would make the wind fall more like a slight breeze   Lori says in Canada there are no taxes on lottery winnings. That's nice! 

Besides all the normal things like taking care of family,

donating to charity, cars, things that everyone says they would do I thought of a few other  silly things.

1.  Send every blogger ten bucks to get rid of that word id thing!  Blogger has a new spam filter which seems to work fine, and if not, you can always put it back.  Some don't even realize they  have it!  Please check if you don't know. :)


Help Stamp Out Word Verification

(courtesy of Sweet Nothings)


2. Buy BJ at Sweet Nothings the things she is pining for from Pottery Barn.   I want her to be happy!

3. Acquire Christmas Tree Shops  so I can open one near all of you who want one!  Then we will all be showing the same "treasures".

table 1303

4. Extend Laurie's  (Bargain Hunting with Laurie )decoration closet so she has more room to fill with all those hundreds of decorations!  :)

5. Buy Carol at Always Thyme to Cook asbestos gloves so she never has to worry about burning her little hands.  Also, a life time supply of fire extinguishers !

6. Get The Tablescaper a new house with a room the size of Madison Square Garden to store all her must have 12 of everythings!

7. While I am buying houses, I need one where I can store my things without going down to the basement.  I am getting too old to carry those bins up and down. Or maybe just a handsome full time house boy to be at my beck and call !  :)

tom selleck

8. Get Donald Trump a hair stylist, or a new one. Pulease, can anyone listen to what he says while staring at his hair?


index Donald Trump


9.Have an all expenses paid  Bloggers convention so I could meet all of you I feel I know, in person,  that would be fun!


10. Pay my husband to read my blog.  He just doesn't get it!  :)

But I won't win, so all of this is moot! 

As long as we have good health, we are all rich!

And that, is the TRUTH!


  1. Fun post!

    I'd love to go to the convention ~ it would be awesome.

    I hate the Word Verification too. Another blogger shared the same feelings and posted about it the other day. I took it off of my blog and within two days had three inappropriate comments. Spam filter caught two of them. I did enable Word verification again until I can decide what to do.

  2. LOL - Can I share your house boy??? I would probably give most of it away - it's more fun to give and see the smile on the faces that never expect anything!

  3. You can have Trump, but Selleck is mine! Hee hee!

    I had no idea about word verification. I've only been blogging less than a year. Do you see it on mine?? How does one go about getting rid of it?~Ames

  4. Oh Kathleen, this is a great entry for the Writer's Challenge. How much fun it would be at the convention. I'll fly in on my Leer jet.
    I have never had word verification on my 2 blogs and can count on one hand the amount of spam I have had. If you get email notification of when someone posts a comment you will see any spam right away anyways and if you delete it quickly they don't come back.
    Thank you for joining in.

  5. These are wonderful and made me smile all the way through. When you got to my heart throb Tom, you got an even bigger one.

    I keep hearing that The Donald wants to run for president. It gives me the shivers just to think of it.

  6. YES! Please buy CTS and open one in the old Walmart building that's 5 minutes away and has been empty for years now! I second the House Boy idea:@)

  7. Wonderful post!! I had so muc fun reading this. I do indeed agree with the "houseboy." Handsome lad! :) Have a wonderful day! Cathy

  8. So funny! The first thing I thought of was hire a limousine to take me out east to visit YOU, so I'd have no excuse. Of course I'll want those gloves then, LOL!

    Would you mind opening a Pottery Barn or W-S outlet near me instead?

  9. Love this post; you are a genious! I go with you 100% with
    #1...hate that Word Verification.
    #7...Tom would be a lovely house boy chez moi.
    # 10... I thought I was the only blooger whose husband didn't read her blog. I don't understand why he can't take 5 minutes to read me once a week. you made me feel much better.

  10. blooger you know i meant Blogger right?

  11. Kathleen, I love your ideas, especially the choice of houseboy (handsome Tom) and the idea of a bloggers' convention. Lots of people don't get the "blogging thing", but once you've been bitten by the "blogging bug", watch out! I know cause it happened to me. And I am loving it! xo,

  12. I'm smiling over here. It would be fun to be able to spend lots of money randomly.

  13. The Donald does have serious hair issues! HAha! You got that right!

    Your ST Pat's celebration looked wonderful! Loved the CTS pic, was just there! We should meet up there! :0)

  14. Doesn't The Donald has enough money to take care of his hair issues himself? I'd rather see you spend it on that convention - maybe take all of us someplace like Paris! Then hire Tom Selleck to come along with us :)

    Cute post, Kathleen!

  15. Great post!! Yes, I agree, Laurie definately needs an addition to her storage closets!! But good health...that is really the best! but honestly, I would take the lottery has to make you feel better either way!!!

  16. I hate word verification. Took it off mine! My kids don't read my blog...... and yes, the lottery winnings would be nice!
    Trump definitely needs a hair stylist!
    Cute post!

  17. You are too funny! Thanks for a light and giggly post this morning! The thing is, I totally agree with you on everything except paying the husband to read your blog, cause I don't have a husband, and Yorkies can't read. LOL Poor Mr. Trump, he is so well put together
    and dapper, until you look at his hair. One would think something could be done about that. Just goes to show that money does not buy everything, especailly a good hair cut and color. Tom S. is an excellent choice for a house boy, er, man. However I am afraid if you got him, we would stop seeing all of your lovely table posts as you would never get the table set. :D
    Your Easter table is lovely, just right and not over done. A teeny question I have about it did you get the 2 placemats to stack like that, one slightly larger than the other, or did you just luck out? I am going to swipe your blog button for word verification. :)
    Love you and your blog. I can always depend on you to be tasteful and a good time. :)


  18. Kathleen,
    What a beautiful picture of Tom Selleck. I have always found him to be the most beautiful man I've ever seen.
    Agree with you about Donald Trump. Has he never seen a picture of his hair? It sure must be a lot of trouble.
    My husband reads/enjoys and is a big fan of my blog. He encourages me with it, and I know I am fortunate in this!

  19. Great post, Kathleen...I agree with the word would be a silencer for the music that automatically comes on.
    As to your full time house boy, couldn't you find someone a little younger that won't tire as much as you do running up and down the stairs! LOL

  20. Kathleen, I should have used YOUR pic of stored dishes, when I posted that when I won the lottery I wanted to buy more dishes! LOL


  21. I hope you win. I want to come to the convention and, since I'm an ID thing free blog, could you throw in one of those houseboys? Thanks!


  22. I have everything I need or want so I'd give it to the needy. I think I'd have to send most of it to "Shelter Boxes".. the company that sends to the poor people who loose their homes to the earthquakes etc.. imagine not having a roof over your kids heads for weeks/months... spending on new toys and pretty shoes is just not me...

  23. awwwwww, how sweet you are, my dear little Kathleen. I AM happy and I DID get something from PB that I have wanted for 2 solid years. The day I went in, they had it on sale and I just about p'd my pants, right there. I will show it soon...really soon.:))
    First of all, I 2nd the motion to send everyone 10 bucks to get rid of WV.
    Next, The Tablescaper must have an obsession with the number 12 and she DESERVES a HUGE room.
    Next, Lord have mercy...if I had THAT handsome house boy, I could NOT be responsible for what might happen. I am olden....but not THAT OLD.
    And, as rich as THE DONALD is, hey, "go get some hair transplants, man!" Between his really
    WEIRD hairdo and his pursed lips, I don't like looking at the man. "Ivona, you are lucky to be his ex,honey." "Hope you got lots of moola...."

    Yep, I do like all your cute lottery spendings.
    And, I know you are kidding, but saying you wanted me happy made tears come to mine eyes !:)
    love, bj

  24. I just hate that awful word verification thing too. I wonder how many times I forget to check to see if there is one and my comment doesn't get recorded. Can't for the life of me understand what good it does. Tom just gets better looking every year, doesn't he? Some people have all the luck.

  25. Honey- you crack me up beyond words! The Donald has THE worst hair ever! I think he needs a buzz cut. LOL Oh what fun we would all have at our little get-together, wouldn't we? Ya know, I really like to tell someone I like something on her blog, but I hate messing with that dang blasted word verification. I struggle with re-visiting those blogs just because I know I have to submit those crazy letters 2 and 3 times. There really isn't a nice way of telling someone that it sucks- some people can be very easily offended!
    Do you watch Tom on his new series, Blue Bloods? He still looks good to me!

  26. I love what you picked for "your windfall" Kathleen! Great choices!

  27. I get a room the size of Madison Square Garden! Man, I'm going to need one of those butlers too!

    - The Tablescaper

  28. Amen!!!
    What a great post.


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