Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Black & Yellow & Easter Babka & Give Away

Before I packed away the black and white polka dot dishes by Spode I found at Savers, I decided to do a scape.

Bargains 016 

In case you were in the hospital and didn't read my last post, :)  I got this whole basket for 12.00.  Did I mention they were Spode? :)

I have a black and white polka dot cloth, but I was afraid you wouldn't find your plate on it!

So I paired the polka dots with yellow and white checks.

Bargains 055

I have had this cloth  for years and it came with a little checked topper.

Bargains 060

Ruffled yellow charger from CTS.

Bargains 053

3 matching mugs grouped together with fresh flowers on a plate served as the centerpiece.

Bargains 049

Bargains 054



Bargains 056

Egg salt and peppers, CTS

Black flatware, Target

Bargains 051

Black stems, Pier One

Bargains 057

So how are the Easter preparations going?

Digging out all your rabbits and chicks?

table 2115

I love this ceramic basket by Debbie Mumm.

It opens so your can fill it with cookies or muffins.

table 2116

My dh is of Ukrainian heritage, so every Easter he makes Babkas.

table 2184

Babka is a sweet yeast bread, he puts raisins and cheese filling in his.  It is delicious. I can't wait for him to make it!

Here is a recipe from a bakery on LI.

table 2131

table 2132

table 2183

table 2192

These are from last year, he will make them Holy Week for Easter Sunday.

If you have only had the commercial kind, you don't know what you are missing! You can make many different varieties, cinnamon, prune, chocolate, whatever!

table 1587

A little give away tonight...not MLWest who is so generous, but I have an extra brand new set of these stack and fill  flower pancake molds from WSonoma.

If you are a follower, just leave a comment telling me you want in, and your favorite fruit on  pancakes!  :)

I am joining Susan , BNOTP, for Tablescape Thursday, Gollum for Foodie Friday,  and Jessa Irene at Holiday Haven for her Easter party.

Thanks for visiting.  I would also like to thank the non bloggers who read here.  Every week I get several emails from gals who don't blog, but tell me they tried a recipe or ask a question about a table.  I appreciate hearing from them too!


  1. I love the tablescape with the yellow pieces with the black and white. I have not seen the Debbie Mumm basket before. It is adorable. I am a big blueberry gal. I have a bowl of warm blueberries before bed, every night ! Oh, your hubby's bread makes me drool. Wish I were in your kitchen when that comes out of the oven!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. Okay, before I forget-I want in and my favorite fruit on a pancake is blueberry.....lol....I can't believe you got the Spode for $12 and that tablescape was lovely. I wish I could think of other words because it was one of the prettiest I have seen. But the bread....Oh my....yum!

  3. OMG, what a "DELICIOUS" post!!! I would "LOVE" to win. COUNT ME IN! and it's "BLUEBERRIES" on top for me!!!
    Thank you for the recipe for that scrumptious bread AND a chance of winning your giveaway!
    Hugs to you,

  4. I like the black and white polka dots with the yellow and white check and the yellow chargers. What a cute Debbie Mumm basket. I have always loved Freihofers babka and I prefer mine toasted. I love blueberries on my pancakes and Joe would put those molds to good use on Mothers Day :-)

  5. Oh Kathleen Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I love these dishes, polka dots, can you get any better than that? Yep, by them being Spode. WOWZER. I love your table setting it looks so pretty with the gingham tablecloth.

    Your little Easter basket is just darling. I can think of SO many things I could put in this. How sweet.

    Love your share about the Easter Babka. I love bread, so I know it must be SO yummy. I may try this recipe. And your husband makes it for you? Oh my gosh, how wonderful. He has carried on this beautiful holiday tradition. I love that.

    Oh my gosh, I would so love to be in this drawing for the pancake molds. They would be perfect for the grandkids. I love strawberries most of all on top of pancakes. (I love chocolate chip pancakes though, and have all the grands eating them as well.

    Thanks sweetie for the wonderful opportunity to win these. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. Count me in for the give-away -- I guess I like either strawberries or blueberries on my pancakes! (I actually like the blueberries IN the pancakes!) And your table, as usual, is so pretty, love the black/white/yellow. And your husband's babka looks delicious! We used to get delicious babka when I lived in Brooklyn, oh how I miss it! If I get up the gumption, I will have to try the recipe you gave. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I was dying seeing your $12 basket of beautiful dishware but OMG, hold me back!!! I want to try BABKA!!! With cheese, seriously?

  8. Kathleen, that black and white with the yellow is so happy. You know this table makes me smile! All those sweet goodies are making me hungry. Your kitchen always has something delicious on the stove or in the oven.
    Would love to be included in the giveaway. Let's see, I like blueberries on my pancakes. ~ Sarah
    PS I'm having a mini giveaway for Tartan Day! Do you like Scottish shortbread?

  9. I am a follower...and I LOVE strawberries on top of pancakes! My favorite thing to have for supper...buttermilk pancakes...we call it Breakfast supper! ♥

  10. Your tablescape looks so pretty, and I laughed about not using the b/w tablecloth! I REALLY WANT some of those yellow chargers. Actually, I REALLY WANT a CTS around here! Your polka dot dishes with the yellow looks so pretty. I think I'll come visit you Easter week, because that bread is making my mouth water. I'd love to win some of those cute pancake molds, and I'm a follower who loves strawberries on my pancakes. laurie

  11. I have those so please don't count me in, but it's a great giveaway, Kathleen, whoever wins will enjoy it. Did Barb pay you yet?

    You amaze me how you come up with such gorgeous tables time after time.

  12. Lovin' the polka dots and yellow K! The table is so happy! Now, your hubby's bread-Oh Momma, that looks yummy-enjoy:@)

  13. another delicious post! I'll take some chocolate babka, please!

  14. Thank you for this wonderful post! I have loved black and yellow, polka dots and checks since I was 13 (eons ago!) And I can't wait to show my bakeholic daughter (named Kathleen) your husband's recipe. I will let you know how her attempt turns out. I can just see how big her eyes get when she sees this!

  15. Kathleen, glad I had a minute to stop by and see this gorgeous tablescape. I love the black and white dishes you found, what a deal. I have always love yellow with black and white. Those chargers are just perfect. You really do find the best things. I wish we had a CTS here! hugs, Linda

  16. Kathleen, this one of the prettiest tables you have done, it is gorgeous! I ♥♥♥ it! The chargers are cool...what did you mean by Before I packed away the black and white polka dot dishes by Spode I found at Savers, I decided to do a scape.; are you not going to be using them on a regular basis? You know they will get lost down in the basement!

  17. Love your black and white tablescape today! I'm a follower and I love bluebberies on my pancakes...thanks for charing...Pat H

  18. What a bright and fun table -- yellow and black is so perfect and cheery. What a great find! I want in and I love putting a raspberry or blueberry syrup on my pancakes. Love polka dots and I love the little tall votive holders. Got to love a husband who makes Babka for Easter! Joni

  19. I want in!!! Favorite fruit on pancakes... strawberries! :)

  20. Your black and yellow table is wonderful (my high school colors, too). I would love to win the pancake molds. We eat a lot of pancakes around here! My girls love them. Blueberry pancakes are my all-time favorite. I also sometimes like bananas on them. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  21. What a great scape! Love the black and white polka dots with the yellow and white polka dots. And that tablecloth is adorable!!! Love it all.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Kathleen,
    I LOVE THIS TABLE! The colors and the patterns play together perfectly! It is bright and welcoming! Using the checks with the polka dots together was brilliant. I just loved it from the mugs to the chargers,to the plates, to the napkins to the salt and pepper shakers... just everyting!

  23. Kathleen, I adore your table! And those plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they disappera, you need not look far. ;-)

    What is CTS? I must find this store. I must. Do we have it in Florida? I sure hope so!

    Hugs, my friend. I am off to bed in a few as I have had a long day trying to get the rest of the fallen trees out of this yard. We've had a mess, but they did not hit the house. Praise God! They just tore the yard to shreds. ;-) Last year, we gave our neighbor two oaks. This year, he returned the favor with bigger trees.


    Sheila :-)

  24. So happy you did a scape with the Spode. Yellow was a perfect accent! never has babka..but looks mighty fine..

    Oh, Carol....:P

  25. Count me in. I like spiced apples over pancakes, but am happy with blueberries, too! The babka looks delicious.

  26. You know I love this yellow and the black and white! One of my favorite combinations! The checks and dots are great too!


    I'm better, but back to the dr. tomorrow.

  27. I just love your table decor in the black and yellow. striking!

    barbara jean

  28. Delicious breads, Kathleen and I love the dotted black and white dishes. Using the yellow table linens was a good idea. The contrast makes the dishes pop....Christine

  29. Oh Kathleen....I love how you combined your newest dots!! The yellow is the perfect punch against the black. Laughing at the tablecloth comment!

    If I were so lucky as to be the winner of those cute stacking pancake thingys, which I didn't even know EXISTED!!!....I would want really sweet fresh strawberries on mine. Yummo!
    Thanks for the chance to enter & thanks for sharing yet ANOTHER fantastically fun table.

  30. I love molds of all kinds, cannot collect enough, it makes breakfast so cheerful! Thank you for the opportunity and I love Strawberries and Whip Cream O Happy Day! Pamie G. www.ourhillcountryretreat.blogspot.com

  31. I used to paint Debbie Mumm patterns. She sure has branched out. Your table is so striking. A real show stopper.
    I love yellow and live with it wrapped around me on my walls. I just decorated my guest room in black, white and yellow. Love it. And your table.

  32. I so desperately need to catch up on reading your blog after my month off and I hope to start tonight but I just had to pop in this am and say how much I love those black & white dishes! You really got a bargain with that basket full! The tablesetting is just gorgeous and Mike's bread looks wonderful.

  33. I lveo to come and check out your tables; you do have special talent to organize it just right. Daisies are my flowers of choicel they are perfect with your decor.

  34. I love your tablescape and would love to have something like that set up on my kitchen table or bar all the time to go with my yellow and black kichen. I really love polka dots with checks.

    And I love those pancakes. I'm a follower and I would want blueberries on top of mine.

  35. Oh i love your black and white polka dot spode!!!
    What a great deal. It certainly made for a very lovely table. I love the black and yellow. I'd love in on your giveaway! pancakes? any berry will do, raspberries, blueberries, blackberrys.. and a touch of honey and dollop of whipped cream! drop back in for a chance at some Mikasa dishes!

  36. Hi Kathleen, I just returned from a trip to Maine-home of the outlets!-with yellow and white checked placemats from V&B outlet! I love checks! I was so proud of my bargains--hubby thinks I am getting crazy since I found blogging--but then I read about your bargains and I don't know how you find them!! Those pancakes look delicious. I would never stop following you! Actually, I lost one this week but then got 2 more! Going back to catch up on your other posts. Linda

  37. Hey Kathleen, great table as always. I love the tablecloth and topper. My mouth is watering with the babka! I'd enjoy those pancake molds. Please count me in! I am a follower! xo,

  38. mmmmm... the Babkas AND the table are just divine!!!
    Pls include me on thte WS pancake molds... w/ bacon & strawberry toppings please!!!

  39. Kathleen, your polka dot table is so pretty! I love how you combined the black, white and yellow. Using the mugs in your centerpiece was a stroke of genius! Love it!!

  40. Kathleen, Your tablescape is like a breath of fresh air! Will Spring ever arrive in New YOrk? LOL. Count me in on your giveaway and I love warm strawberry compote on my pancakes!

  41. I love this Kathleen. It reminds me of the 1950's gingham and dotted swiss dresses and patent leather shoes. Beautiful!!

  42. The black and yellow is fabulous! What a great find on the Spode. I love love love raspberries on everything! Follower

  43. What a cute table! My husband is from Romania and my MIL makes cozonac which is very similar to babka...I miss it. I might have to try out your recipe.
    I love blueberries in my pancakes or fresh picked strawberries.

  44. Kathleen you always have the best color combos going..this is one of my favorites!

  45. Thanks for a chance to win your giveaway, Kathleen. My favorite fruit on pancakes is blueberries. --Your tablescape is so much fun tonight! Great idea for the centerpiece, too! Thanks for stopping by.

  46. Kathleen I tried to leave a message and it wouldn't go through so I am trying again. First of all THANK YOU for the Babka recipe! My DH is Polish and we always BUY a Babka and they are usually dry and not so good. This one sounds delicious and I can't wait to make it!!!!! I am also going to send the recipe to my SIL! Your table looks beautiful. Please count me in, I love strawberries on pancakes!!!! XO, Pinky

  47. Joe just asked me to ask you what kind of cheese your hubby uses and how much. Thanks!!!!! Pinky

  48. The black polka dots look so great with the yellow check. I just love them. I am going to have to make the bread. I was thinking of doing it last week during bread week.

    Your cute pancake molds are adorable. Sign me up. I would love another gadget! I am a follower.

  49. Oops, my favorite in is chocolate chips and on is fresh strawberries with whipped cream. My hubby is the chocolate chip pancake specialist.

  50. Amazing table..just love it all.
    I am going to make that bread, even tho I can't pronounce the name of it. :))

    I really really really want those pancake molds.:)
    Please put my following name in the hat.

    Flatware...not a lottery win..a 51st wedding anniversary gift. :)))

  51. Hi Kathleen!
    You are one of THE most resourceful and talented tablescapers I've visited !
    Seriously... this tablescape is so fun and so perfectly complete!
    Love it right down to the ruffled chargers and eggie salt/pepper shakers.
    Polka dot fun all the way around!
    The bread looks just delicious... I can smell it baking!
    *have a happy weekend*

  52. oops, forgot to say that strawberries are my favorite pancake topping, followed closely by blueberries and blueberry syrup. GOOD GRIEF..it's midnight here and now I am hungry for pancakes...*sigh

  53. This is gorgeous. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!

  54. Kathleen I just love this black and yellow tablescape! It makes me think of little spring bees buzzing around! LOL Too cute!

  55. Yum...please enter me in your giveaway. I thought I was already a follower and I visit often but I was not....I am now a follower. Hope you come by and visit me and find something enjoyable and decide to follow me too! Love strawberries on my pancakes and waffles.

  56. I want in! And I really want some of that babka!

    Your table is so cute, and you are going to call me a copycat (but that's OK) when I post something similar soon. I have been "hunting and gathering" for a while for black and white, and I have a ton of yellow check fabric. Someday God Willing it is going to be curtains in my beach house. But it might show up on a table that looks quite similar to yours...


  57. Kathleen, thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. LOL....yes, you are right...."artichoke" ....where on earth did that come from.....certainly not from a late night blogger......LOL...it now stands corrected to read "asparagus". Your table is stunning and such a stand-out in contrast of colors.....LOVE it! And I so enjoyed reading about your husband's Easter bread!!

  58. lovely tablescape...like the black and yellow..please include me in your giveaway...I actually love blueberries on my pancakes...and..I am going to try to make babka this Easter...my husband is Polish and he loves babka!

  59. Oh goodness. I LOVE the yellow and black. That is just the sweetest table!!

  60. Hi lovely lady. I love your yellow and black Tablescape. Iam also going to try to make your babka for Easter sweet lady.

  61. Hi lovely lady.
    I also love your Give-A-way ~~~ I love Blueberrys on my pancakes sweet lady.
    Im al so one of your followers on your Blog.
    I hope you have a Great Day.

  62. I love the black and white with the yellow! So pretty, Kathleen. I'll pass on the pancake molds but you can send me the dishes :)

  63. Ooh gosh, Kathleen, apple will do!

    I haven't been to Savers yet--nect P Club run I am stopping in!:0)

  64. You got a better deal than I did? I love the black and white...why are you packing them away? You also have really cute things to go with them...I want polka-dot napkins! You babka looks so good. I seem to be stress eating, so anything sweet and gooey sounds perfect to me right now. I have to go read the last post...I wasn't in the hospital, does the nursing home count?

    I'm in for the giveaway...love them! I like blackberries on my pancakes!

  65. Love you blog!! Great giveaway, my little "grands" would love cupcakes made in those cute little shapes.

    Mary L

  66. Oh my - what lovely loaves. Truly beautiful.

    Happy Foodie Friday,

  67. Beautiful table as alwasys. The ceramic basket is adorable!

    It would not be Easter without Babka, Kathleen. I also like mine with cheese!

    I am berry lover, so it's strawberries or bluberries on top of my pancakes and soemtime sI'll add a sliced banana :)

  68. Count me in! & Love your table setting! Such a great color combo!! :)

  69. Just found your blog through Foodie Friday and I'm your newest follower! You really have a lovely tablescape! So perfect for Easter. The Babka from last year looked delicous! I can't wait to see this year's creation.

    My favorite fruit with pancakes is blueberries! :) I would love to enter your giveaway! Thank you for a chance to win and nice to meet you!

    BTW, I'm hosting a Tea Sampler Giveaway on my blog. If you love tea, come check it out.


    Have a nice weekend.


  70. Hi Kathleen! Oh, what a lovely table. The yellow and black look so stunning! Love your basket - so cute!
    Maybe I could pop over for some breakfast? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  71. Nice to know those Newsday recipes actually work :)

  72. Thanks for posting the recipe. I think I will whip it up for Easter. I smiled at your 7 cent post. You gals have way to much fun out there at the Tree store:-) I wish they would open one here.

  73. Your table is lovely!! I have never had Babka, it looks good:)

  74. Wow! A basket of Spode mugs for $12 and so cute too. I'm sitting here drooling over those bluberry pancakes. The Babka looks yummy and a nice tradition to have for Easter. Hope you have a great weekend.

  75. Kathleen, what a darling tablescape...love the yellow and black and polkadots...beyond adorable! You find the best "stuff" at The Christmas Shop. If they ever put one here, I'll be in serious trouble. ;) Your DH cooks? You lucky girl! I love those cute pancakes...regular pancakes are so boring compared to those! There is some seriously good eatin' going on at your house!

  76. Wonderful table...just returned from taking the grandkids and their parents for a week in Disney World. I feel like I've been 'rode hard and put up wet.' Your polka dots are wonderful, and yes, I would love to have those pancake molds. Don't know if I'm too late for the drawing...so tired I might not have read correctly. I'll post again in a few days. Thank you for sharing your dotty design. Cherry Kay

  77. Do I want in???? Did the dish run away with the spoon???? Oh yeah! I want in! Great giveaway. And I go to two different Savers at least once a week and NEVER, EVER saw anything with that beautiful Spode name underneath. But I will keep looking...you have inspired me to continue my quest! LOL Thanks! Love all your tablescapes!

  78. OOPS! Forgot to tell you I like Raspberries and peaches on my pancakes...I love the Melba!

  79. What a fabulous find on that Spode! Black and yellow, you can't go wrong! Beautiful! I am going to try the bread recipe. It looks delicious! What kind of cheese did dh use inside?
    I do want in on your fabulous giveaway. Blueberries and a blueberry syrup with chocolate drizzle would be my choice on pancakes! Love your blog and I am a follower. Have a great week!

  80. Lovely black and yellow! As usual your tablesetting is lovely. It's a delight to see what you put together.
    Do I ever want "IN"! Those pancakes look just yummy! My fav fruit would have to be blueberries to top off pancakes.
    mr pr er at aol dot com

  81. I WAS in the hospital (for a few short hours anyway!), so I DIDN'T get to see your great bargain!!! Love 'em!!! Beautifully paired with the sunny yellow! I really like those ruffly yellow chargers, too! I have heard of Babkas (on "Seinfeld" several years ago when Elaine and Jerry were discussing them), but never eaten any. Looks divine! It's too late for the contest, but my favorite fruit IN pancakes is blueberries. I have never put any ON pancakes. I am SO behind everyone else in this life!!!


Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate your visit!


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