Monday, April 25, 2011

Did You Get Your Royal Mail?

I did!  It came last week.

Bargains 123

I hadn't planned on going.

The last one didn't turn out well.  Poor Diana.

And then there was Fergie and Andrew.  Not a good outcome there either!

But this is the first time I got ROYAL MAIL, or ROYAL anything.

I have been called a ROYAL PAIN, by you know who, and the show ROYAL PAINS takes place where I live.  They closed off a block in town last week to film again.  I have only seen it once.


Have you ever seen it?

It is about a doc who leaves the city and comes out here and becomes a doc to the rich and famous.

I have a doc here, Dr. Kot, and he takes care of many of us here in Southampton, who are neither rich nor famous!

He's cute, he could be in the show.

But, I digress!

Now to be honest, my Royal Mail was a give away from  I won.  An Irish Chocolate candy bar and adorable ceramic shamrock from Ireland.  She lives in Northern Ireland, thus the Royal Mail.

So I won't be going, or watching, except on the news.

But those of you who are looking forward to it, enjoy!

I promised a shot of the inside of the Easter Babka.

table 2192


I'll have this slice of this Ukrainian  cheese Babka with my Irish Tea.  :)  The Royals can have their Earl Gray and Crumpets!

I hope everyone who celebrates  had a good Easter !  We were guests at my dil's sister's home.

Bargains 221

Let the hunt begin!  That grandma is about to get scrambled!  All 90 eggs were found in a matter of minutes.

See you Wednesday for Tablescape Thursday and Foodie Friday .  It will feature Teeny from Gone with a Handsomer Man, ML West's new book and a 100 dollar gift certificate give away!  Do come back and enter!  :)

I  hear the Royals, what's his face and what's her name are coming too!  Elton can't make it!

If they come, I will have their table ready, welcome to the USA!  :)

table 4084

I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday


  1. I recently discovered that show. The husband likes it. It's pretty good!

    Your post made me grin, and I will be back for my shot at the big prize. The babka looks just yummy!

  2. It looks like you had LOTS OF FUN on Easter! We sure had a gorgeous warm day too... My Invitation must have gotten LOST in the mail! HUGS to you,

  3. You are too funny. Loved the photo of the Easter Egg hunt. We hid 24 and forgot where we put approx 6 of them. Finally found

  4. That's a good one. And 90 eggs, wow! My daughter called and said she did an egg count and is missing 8 eggs. I found three with money inside and now it's driving me crazy. I can't find the others. Do you think she's messing with me?? :)~Ames

  5. Glad you had decent weather so the egg hunt was enjoyable! The little girls look so cute with their Easter dresses. Babka looks good, enjoy what was left.
    BTW, I gave my invitation to Elton - he was whining about wanting to go!! ;)

  6. Looks like you had a fun day. Nice warm weather. The babka looks delish. Did you find the "golden" egg? ;-) xo

  7. Not going but I sure would love an invite to prince Harry's AFTER party at the Palace, he knows how to throw a party!
    Looks like a great time, Kathleen, I know you did a lot for the party! Babka looks amazing.

  8. Kathleen, It looks like everyone had a nice Easter with lots of fun hunting eggs and delicious Babka. I'd forgotten about Royal Pains. I'll check it out again.
    Have a good week,

  9. I've never heard of the show. I will watch the wedding (just set the TIVO) because I like them as a couple...they almost seem normal. I'm already sick of all the discussion ahead of time.

    I wish I could join you for a piece of that Babka...oh my!

  10. You cracked me up Kathleen! I so enjoyed reading about your mail...but hey, you got a win, non other than from Ireland!
    Happy Easter Season...rom Queens girl!

  11. I am getting up early to watch the royal wedding. I can't wait! I have never seen Royal Pains. :(

  12. Nope, no Royal Mail for me...guess I will have to watch it on the telly...I am not a hat wearer, so it is just as well!
    The babka looks delicious. Hope you had a wonderful Easter feast.

  13. Yep, that Grandma looks like she needs to learn to drop and roll! Sounds like you had a nice Easter, the weather here was amazing! When is that wedding any way??? Happy Monday K:@)

  14. Wow, what an egg hunt! I haven't been to an egg hunt in many years. I guess I forgot how wild they are. LOL
    Congratulations on the win! Enjoy!
    Love the humor. You are the best! ~ Sarah

  15. I have not seen that show yet but I'll look for it now. Congratulations on your win and the Royal Mail looks impressive. I'm sure your real invitation will arrive shortly :)

  16. You had me! I've never heard of that show. Looks like your Easter was delightful too.

  17. I love that show Royal Pains! It's really cute and fun. I got Royal Mail last week also....not my invite but something I won from the awesome Scarlett in lovely England! I might watch some of the wedding but getting up at 4AM? NOT!
    hugs, Linda

  18. Thank you for stopping by Kathleen. We had a nice lunch here and ate a lot! The entrance was the plantain cups filled with guacamole and shrimp. Later there was ham with wild rice and mashrooms and ruccula and shaved parmesan. For dessert we had pineapple pie, mu hubby's very fav and my daughters too. I didn't take pics cause I was to busy looking for eggs with my lil'girls and hosting! But you saw my table and the entrance, without the shrimp...was practicing!

  19. I'd love a slice of the cheese babka! Love the Royal Mail package! We're ready for the Big Day here. We normally get up at 5 a.m. for work anyways, so for us it's no big deal.

  20. Looks like a great Easter! The Royals would be thrilled to sit at your wonderful table.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. I will forever remember the date of the WEDDING because my daughter is graduating from college the same day> The graduation is MUCH more interesting to me!!!! Congrats on the win! The BABKA looks delish! XO, Pinky

  22. Hi Kathleen! I've never heard of that show but will look for it! I will not be watching and have been considering doing a USA table this week to remind us...but I've just come home from Colonial Williamsburg so I'm a little jaded right now (should say a little MORE jaded...). But I have jury duty Friday--hope the tv in the jury room is not turned on. I will complain to the judge if I am forced to watch the event all day. Gosh I sound awful but really I can't bear it anymore!!!!!! Linda

  23. The Royal Wedding preperations were definitely in the news in Northern Ireland ...the whole UK gets the day off to watch! I rememebr when Prince William was born ..around the same time as my daughter. Time flies!

    It looks like you had a wonderful Easter! I had so much fun with my grandsons this was so hard to leave them this morning.

    Your husband's babka looks delicious! Save me a piece! ;)

    PS: I got the same Easter platter that you showed in the prior post from Williams's really pretty!

  24. Always a laugh visiting your blog, Kathleen! Enjoyed hearing about your "Royal" Mail! Never heard of the Royal Pains show. Lucky you to have a cute doc! Looks like you had a fun Easter!


  25. Those children look like they are ready to stampede and mow down granma. I hope noone was hurt in the making of this egg hunt.LOL! I couldn't possibly go to the wedding, I don't have an ugly hat!

  26. Oh, egg hunts are so fun. Our grands are all too big now to want to hunt eggs...and Cate, the great-grand is too little. Won't be long, tho.:)

    The Royal Mail is awesome. Congrats on winning.

    I don't even know when the royal wedding is..pretty soon, I think.

  27. Oh, I do miss those Easter egg hunts. It's just not the same after the kiddos grow up.

    Fun post.

  28. That show is one of our favorites Kathleen. I'll think of you now, as I watch it.

    Love your red white and blue table.

    I watched Diana and Charles' wedding on a tiny 12 inch black and white tv. It will be a treat to see this one in color.

  29. Love the tablescape. The pics of the egg hunt are wonderful. Sounds like a perfect day. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  30. Kids are pretty determined to find every egg as fast as possible! Love that photo! Looks like you had a fun Easter, Kathleen.
    Have never seen that show....will look into it.

  31. Love the table. It sure does scream USA!

    - The Tablescaper

  32. Wonderful table and lovely blog!
    All pics are bright and beautiful:)

    Good day..


  33. I've seen it. They filmed at Old Westbury Gardens, and occasionally around the north shore (Locust Valley, etc.) It is pretty good.

  34. Love your sense of humor. Haven't watched the show either. The red white and blue table is the best.
    I have the same dishes you have in your header and just love them. All I have is 7 dinner plates. I would love to find a few more pieces I love the roosters.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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