Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What To Do, What to Do? Lady Bug Salad

So many holidays this week.  Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, and of course, Mother's Day.

I did a Fiesta table last year. I know Rett over at The Gazebo House hosts a big fiesta , last year they all wore moustaches! 

table 3915

table 3917

table 3926

I don't have any julep cups or horsey stuff, so I went with  a Mother's Day Breakfast Table.

The Tablescaper and I had a retail therapy session yesterday.

Bargains 044

I got this cute covered  Retail Therapy mug marked down to 29 cents!  Good to keep the gnats out of my coffee once it gets warm enough to have breakfast on the porch.

Bargains 043

A little tin of cookies and some candy with it, LOL.

Anyway, we went to Christmas Tree Shop  and I bought this quilted throw. Scalloped edge , 100% cotton.  I got 2, and was happy to see they were marked down to 6.49 from 12.99.

Bargains 263

One side with pretty hydrangeas, the other without, a nice soft blue.  I like them for the backs of the  white rocking chairs on the covered porch.

Bargains 257

On a previous retail therapy trip, I bought 4 little hydrangea blooms bundled in  burlap.  I am not crazy about burlap, it makes me itch, really!  But these were cute, and the hydrangea factor outdid the burlap dislike!  :)

Popped them on top of a pretty blue small cake pedestal.

Bargains 251

Rattan charger, blue stems for our OJ.

Bargains 259

Gibson white plate, light blue Pfaltzgraff plate .26 at the long gone clearance store, topped with an easy chair for Mom plate.  :)

Bargains 264

Teapot shaped butter plate topped with a Petit Four. ( I know they are for tea bags, but I am using them for butter plates. They were 1.99 for 6 at CTS last year. ) 

Yes, chocolate for breakfast!  Mom deserves it!

Bargains 256

Blue swirl flatware, blue napkin.

Bargains 255

Blue cups and saucers from my neighbor that I talked about in the previous post.

And that's it.  No advance planning here! Use it while you still remember what you bought!  :)

Bargains 260

We had Irish Tacos the other night.  No beans, no hot stuff!

Bargains 047

So happy Cinco de Mayo!  No mayo on these!

Tonight's dinner is Lady Bug Salad.

Bargains 268

Bargains 266

Romaine lettuce, be sure to wash well, cause that's where I found a LADY BUG! 

Red onion, grape  tomatoes, fresh sliced pears soaked in oj so they don't brown after you peel and slice them. Sliced hard boiled eggs, chicken breasts, dredged in seasoned flour and crisp fried in a little oil, shrimp, feta cheese, bacon, croutons ,  and grapes.

Bargains 269

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday, Diann for Thrifty Things Friday and Gollum for Foodie Friday.

Thanks so much for visiting, hope you will come back this weekend for Favorite Things and Seasonal Sunday.


  1. The Queen of All Bargains reigns supreme! I think CTS should name you Director of Marketing. Love the tablescape and the salad looks sooo good. xo,

  2. I am enthralled with your table AND your food! I adore that throw quilt. I love using those on my tables!

  3. I am loving the throw quilts! Everything on your table is perfect. And the salad looks wonderful.

  4. Love the throws and what a pretty blue table! I love blue and white and this is perfect for Mother's Day! hugs, Linda

  5. I was wondering what lady bug salad was. Love your retail therapy mug!

    Use it while you still remember what you bought. Love that!!

  6. So when should I be there for that delicious salad!! It sounds so yummy. Love your blue table. Truly came together beautifully. Happy Mom's Day!

  7. Love your table Kathleen! So happy I'm sitting here with Pollo Asada and pico de gallo and a margarita while I look at your good food!!

  8. I almost forgot what I was going to say about the tables when I saw the salad. That's exactly the kind of thing I like to eat.

    I think both tables are wonderful. I think the Mother's Day one is my favorite because I just love the blues and hydrangeas.

  9. Would I love to have a plate of that scrumptious buggy salad! As I've said many times, nobody is your equal when it comes to bargain shopping.

  10. Very pretty K! Lovin' the colors and your napkin folds are neat! The Irish tacos crack me up! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day-enjoy:@)

  11. LOL, now I get the lady bug salad! Glad you didn't have caterpillar salad :) I love the Mother's Day table, very pretty! And the Fiesta table is perfectly festive.

  12. Yum that food looks so inviting as does the table . Love the bundles of hydrangeas Happy Mothers Day!

  13. "retail therapy session" LMAO don't I wish I was there!! LOL

    Your table is simply lovely & that "chair" plate for Mom is priceless. You have such a fun sense of humor, Kathleen!

    I am REALLY lovin' your salad!!!! That rocks!
    I made taco salad tonight & took a photo. No way am I posting it now that I've seen yours! ~blush~

    Happy Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby/ Mothers' Day to you, Sweetie!!


  14. I think the hydrangeas wrapped in burlap "make" your table! This is fun for Mother's Day.

  15. Lovely to be sure. I love the hydrangea throw!

  16. I'm tell you that creativity oozes from your pores. There is no end of the gorgeous and varied tables you prepare! Amazing!

  17. I'd heard all about Christmas Tree Shop but never experienced one until last week while visiting my sister in Dallas. LOVED IT! How fun that you have easy access to one in your area. Sure must make for some fun retail therapy!

    Your Mother's Day table is so feminine and relaxing ... perfect for any busy Mom!

  18. Wow, these are great finds. That hydrangea throw is gorgeous and perfect on a table. Beautiful table for Mother's Day and the Cinco de Mayo table is full of festive color. I think you have the weekend events covered. ;-)
    Happy Mother's Day to you! ~ Sarah

  19. Oh that salad~that scrumptuous looking salad. You've got me drooling again. I want some of that~I wouldn't even mind seeing a lady bug in it~I'd still eat it.
    Your throw makes a beautiful table cover, and they will also look so pretty with the blue cushions on your porch. I think the tea bag holder for a butter plate is so creative. I'll be looking at those tea bag holders in a different way now. The plate with the chair is just too cool, and of course, I, who love everything blue, am loving those cups and saucers. laurie

  20. You do such gorgeous tables! Love the ladybug salad..makes me yearn for summer all the more.

  21. Please tell the people at CTS that there are people in Wisconsin willing to spend money! I can't believe some of the bargains you find there, Kathleen. The quilted tablecloths are wonderful.

    I won't even touch the Irish taco situation :)

  22. I guess all the CTS stores don't carry the same things cause I don't see all the things you seem to find!!!! Maybe you just have a better EYE!!! I LOVE your pretty table and the Lady Bug salad is one I know I would LOVE!!!! That's a keeper!!!! XO, Pinky

  23. Oh Kathleen I had sooo much fun meeting up at CTS yesterday. There is nothing like retail therapy!!

    I so love the quilts that you found (and I didn't, dra) and truly love the table you created with them. So blue and soft and dreamy. I bet they'll keep you warm on the porch too! LOL!

    Love your Cinco da Mayo too! Lots of fun and color!

    - The Tablescaper

  24. yummy! that salad looks great! i want some! lol I'll have to try it sometime!

  25. the yellow is absolutley gorgeous....I am a Kentucky Derby lover..already have the Tivo set...I grew up with a Dad that had many race horses...
    Stop by and check out my Mothers Day Giveaway

  26. Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Mother's Day too, Kathleen. That bug salad of yours looks so delicious. The tables are so pretty too...Christine

  27. Cute festive table, but the blue breakfast one is my the hydrangea throw with the blue against it, beautiful.
    I have to agree, burlap is very itchy, it also has an unpleasant odor, or maybe I just remember when the smell of the feed that came in it! I have a small piece that I wrapped in plastic that I may use one day in a TT...
    That salad looks so darned good.

  28. So many good ideas I don't know where to start! Using the teabag holders as butter pats - brilliant! And I have these tea bag holders, so I may copy your idea in the future!! Love the tacos in the shells bowl! Again, I have shell bowls but never thought to use them like this! Love everything else too!

  29. I am always treated to your creativity with each and every visit! You have "visions" that I admire and a nack for finding bargains! Your table is so lovely and FUN at the same time. And the salad is most fact, delicious and photogenic all rolled into one!!

  30. My favorite out of tons of fun things (besides the chocolate for breakfast of course) is the beautiful chair plate. That is just incredible. The hydrangeas look so cute wrapped up in burlap. Yes, it makes me itch too, but it makes for a fun presentation!

    I need some of that ladybug salad (love the name!). That has every goody imaginable in it.

  31. This sia very pretty Mother's day table, kathleen and I like the idea of chocolate for breakfast! :) I have not been over to ther CTS in awhile have me wanting to make a visit soon.

    Your Ladybug salad looks yummy!

  32. It looks like you have everything covered in your usual creative way. No Cinco de Mayo table here tonight....we are about to go to our favorite Mexican food place for dinner.

  33. Irish tacos. LOL. Everything looks so pretty and so yummy. I really like the wicker chargers.

  34. Irish Tacos - LOL!! I've never heard that one before, but I'll being using it from now on.

    I love all the deals you find - you're a smart shopper!

    Happy Mother's Day (and FF).


  35. You got some wonderful buys!!!!! Last time I was on Long Island I got great buys too!
    I'm going to copy your ladybug salad. It sounds so yummy!

  36. You so have a talent for finding the cutest things for the cheapest all I've ever seen.
    Been meaning to ask..what does Mr. K. think of all the tablescapes? I KNOW he loves all your great cooking.
    I have never, in my whole entire loooong life, heard of IRISH TACOS. :)))

  37. Oh I love that scalloped edge quilted throw~ great on the porch, but perfect for your table and what a bargain too! Your lady bug salad looks & sounds delish, without the lady bug of course :-)

  38. Hi Kathleen,

    I'm your newest follower. I love your tables this week. The Fiesta table is great! The napkins rings with the little maracas are so cute. And I'm loving the quilted throw with hydrangeas. We have a new Christmas Tree Shop in nearby Greensboro, NC, and I've already bought several things there. Your lady bug salad looks very tasty. I love lady bugs, but not as part of my meal.

    Please stop by and visit my blog if you have a chance. I plan to start incorporating some recipes on the blog soon; I'm still pretty new at all this. Happy Mother's Day!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  39. Beautiful tablescape! Irish tacos, my kind of food... can't take the hot stuff,lol.

  40. I know what you mean about using it while you still know you have it and where it is! hahaha

    Love the new, blue cups and saucers. They look great in this tablescape.

    I am so desperate to go to a CTS that I googled to see if there was one in the city I am visiting this weekend. Alas, no such luck. Guess I am going to have to go out of state to get to one. Visiting a CTS is on my bucket list so it will happen. :) I have to have a taste of those great bargains!

  41. First of all, I LOVE THE tablescape in your header photo! Love the Cinco de Mayo scape and that ladybug salad! Happy Derby Day and Happy Mother's Day to you:)

  42. You really found fantastic treasures and that salad looks and sounds wonderful.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  43. Aha! Soaking the pears in orange juice helps retard browning! Good to know! That would probably work with apples, too, then. I spritz them with lemon juice, but I'm pretty sure I would prefer the aftertaste of orange juice. Pretty tables! The hydrangeas in burlap are cute as they can be!!!

  44. Hello Kathleen ~it was such a pleasure catching up with you.
    I always enjoy seeing what you've got to share.
    You know when you've stumbled across a great recipe makes you crave it even though you've just had dinner.

    I thought you were going to say it was christened Lady Bug salad because the red grapes are similar to Lady bugs. Had no idea you spotted the real thing.
    Each tablescape was beautifully themed.

    I hope your weekend is filled with a splendid surprise.
    Sweet wishes,

  45. The lady bug salad is gorgeous!!! Love your tablescapes too!


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