Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Breakfast and Part 2 Storage Party

My friend ,The Tablescaper, henceforth called A, is celebrating her 2nd Blogaversary with, Where Do you Keep It?  Part 2.  Go over and be amazed.  Also check out Confessions of a Dish a Holics entry, two parts, just unbelievable!

I will feed you first, a oven baked puffed  pancake.  Recipe from Betty Crocker, and imho needs  tweaking if I make it again.

Bargains 455

I read several recipes, all looked pretty much the same, but I thought it said serving for 1.  It seemed a bit large, so I plopped it in front of dh.  Half way through , he said he was getting full.  No wonder, I went back and it said serves 4.  I would say it serves 2!

Where do you keep it, Part 2

Placemats, placemats everywhere

Bargains 454

These are just a few.

And to go along with them

Bins of napkins too!

Bargains 431

Tons of kitchen dishes

Bargains 443

Do you think I have enough?

If I gave away half of them

I could fill it with more stuff!

Bargains 439

Lazy Susan filled with dishes.

Bargains 445

DH says it's going to  break

Every cabinet filled with them,

Bargains 444

It's more than he can take!

Kitchen cabinets filled with glasses

More than we can use.

Bargains 424

Bargains 440If I buy another one

DH will blow a fuse!


Shelves in the pantry room

That used to hold the food

Bargains 457

Mixing mayonnaise with dishes?

My priorities are skewed!

I'm skipping to the dining room,

Lots are stashed in there

Bargains 429

Bargains 435

Still more in the basement

But way too much to share!


Now that is warmer

To you I will confide,

I've hidden some new dishes

In this wicker bin outside!

Bargains 459 Dishes are like jello

There's always room for more!  :)

Bargains 438

Do you like my new tote bag?

From my very favorite store!

I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays, and her party this week.

Thank for visiting!


  1. Kathleen, I knew you'd have a rhyme to share. ;-)
    I think all of you have the storage situation solved. I simply need more cabinets, but there is no place to add them. My next house is going to have cabinets top of my list. LOL
    Thanks for the pancake. I'll send you my recipe for German pancakes. They are delicious! ~ sarah

  2. I love it -- hiding dishes in a wicker bin on the porch! I am filing that one away for future reference. Overloaded cabinets may have been why my cabinets were falling off the walls, which is why I am now in the middle of a kitchen spruce-up. The whole place is a wreck, and I am a bit embarrassed to share, but I might. Bloggers are pretty forgiving, generally.


  3. That's a whole lot of stuff to store! But it pays off in your beautiful tables. Happy Weekend!

  4. Yes, there are a few, but all are so wonderful, how could you possibly part with any of them. You seem totally organized. Loved seeing all your pretties. Hugs, Marty

  5. LOL Kathleen! I see lots of pretties even a few things I have. LOL (imagine that huh?). I love that they are out on the porch in the wicker basket! I have a confession, a couple of times this past winter I tucked a few new dish sets in our BBQ Grill until I could figure out where I wanted to store them!

  6. WOW!!! You do have a lot of dishes! I LOVE the purple in your blog header!! My fav. color! And that breakfast looks delish!

  7. That is an amazing collection! And you use them in the most beautiful ways creating the loveliest tables that are most inviting!

  8. I want to be at your yard sale, should you ever have one! That is some collection, and very organized!
    The pancake looks really good.

  9. You're very organized with your amazing collection of beautiful treasures Kathleen. Thank you for sharing it all with us! Lots of hugs. FABBY

  10. You and A are my heroes K! Love all of the fun dishes and goodies for setting such pretty tables! Looks like you're putting all of your storage areas to good use. I see the cute little polka dot casseroles I noticed at CTS the last time I was there:@)

  11. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your dishes sweet lady. We need to go shoping on Monday for more Dishes I know NO WAY !!! How did you like taking all the pictures this to me was Overwhelming Kathleen.
    I hope you come over and see all my STUFF.
    I also hope you have a Great Weekend sweet lady.
    XXOO Diane

  12. It is some comfort to know that I'm not the only one with dishes stashed in every cupboard and closet in the house. Alas, I don't think there is a cure for it.

  13. I would say you are well supplied with dishes!! LOL!!! I loved your poem. . . that was great!

  14. Your post is very entertaining, Kathleen. Just like a hospitable hostess, you started with food. I like that! I love seeing all your beautifulndishes and it,s funny how you are hiding new ones in the basket, lol....Christine

  15. Sorry for the typos, I am using my iPad and can't get too used to the touch screen.

  16. Oh dear...I just couldn't get my where do you keep it post together! I really need a better place to store my stemware. When you have to dig out 6 glasses to get to the 4 you want...something is wrong. I like your stemware storage. That pancake looks real good!

  17. Oh, my gosh! Do you use them all?
    Love all the stemware!

  18. Dishes, dishes...who's got the dishes...???
    Now I KNOW!
    You are brave...I won't show my stashes!!

  19. Oh my goodness! Wow, you are stocked!

    The pancake looks yummy!

  20. I love your poems, love your dishes and glassware and the space you have to store it. And let's not forget that delicious-looking Dutch baby! xo,

  21. WHOA...I knew you had a lot but this is unbelievable. Very nice and tidy, which didn't surprise seem like a nice and tidy kind a gal. :))
    Now the basket on the porch just about takes the cake. I thought Michael Lee West took the cake, hiding dishes behind her long drapes...but...OUTSIDE. Does hubby know? are so cute, K.

  22. Hi Kathleen, so nice to meet you, I have finally found someone who likes and has more dishes than I do, and I didn't think this was possible,~smile~ as I am always on the look out for more dishes. You have such a beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing and for taking the time to visit my blog.

  23. Every one has a vice and if yours is dishes I think you'll live to use them all. At least you're not hiding them in your car :)

  24. Oh Kathleen, I love this post!!!! One thing I am learning at theis party is that I ahve to get all of my dishes OUT of boxes and get them on the shelves OUT where I can see them! I love all your hiding places but LOOOOVE that dishes are like JELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That made me LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing! XO, Pinky

  25. Oh I can so relate to ALL those places crammed to the gills. Love the wicker hiding place with the CTS bags peaking out.
    Do you ever worry like me, that your cabinets will come crashing down from all the weight?
    I shudder thinking about it.

  26. Just like jello, huh? Obviously there's always room for more. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  27. Your little ditty was so clever. My engineering husband would NEVER EVER let me put dishes in our Lazy Susan; if I put them there, he would take them out too heavy -- LOL! Love the new dishes in the hamper. Joni

  28. I can't wait to show hubby your pics! He thinks I have a lot of dishes!! If we're out shopping together and I start heading for any kind of tableware, he just gently takes my hand and leads me away, saying "Honey, Step away from the dishes".

    I'm following back from the hop... You have a great blog! I'll be by often for sure!

    ~Mrs B

  29. Oh my. If you ever decide to downsize, let me know. :o)

  30. Wow! Who's gonna win the Queen of dishes crown!

    Do you ever forget what you have? I do! I even have a list of what's where. I also have photos of all my tablescapes so I can quickly see what's what.

    I'm too chicken to show all the places where I keep my stash! Ya'll are making me feel better now! LOL!


  31. Hi Kathleen,

    Your poem is too funny! I love a good sense of humor. I like your fruit dishes in the first cabinet you showed. They look like the Villeroy and Bach pattern - French Country Garden maybe? Anyway, all of your storage looks very organized. Our husbands are pretty patient, aren't they? Thanks for sharing!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  32. Thank you for your kind words, Kathleen. Loved your poem. I think we make room for what we want. :-)

  33. Kathleen, okay, they are hidden all nice and neat- but do you ever forget what is where?! I often forget where things are, especially after I re-organize stuff after getting a wild hair, thinking they really AREN'T looking too organized! I am nuts, I think.... Clever little rhyme, BTW~

  34. This is what I like about your blog. You always have a feast for our tummies, and for our eyes.

    Kathleen, I've said it before, I'll say it again, you are the queen of china. Not the country, but better, as in dishes and decorative goods.

    My china collection is small compared to yours, but like you, I can't imagine parting with the stuff.

  35. I'm feeling better all the time. If my husband starts to get upset with me about all my things...I'm just going to show him yours and a few others I've seen the past couple of days. I've only filled one ex-bedroom!

  36. Oh how I am laughing! I am such a dish aholic but baby, you have me beat! I really have a ton of seasonal dishes, but not near as many glasses. Hey, I think it looks pretty darn organized to me. Never stop collecting!

  37. Holy Moly Kathleen!
    I am amazed at how many dishes some of my fellow bloggers have!
    And I do have to say, if you ever tire of any just send them my way! hehe.
    Love your new tote too!

  38. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You get to shop with Tablescape lady? Oh no, I want to go with both of you!! I am so sorry I just found her post about where you store your dishes. I should have joined in on that one. I just didn't know about it in time to get all of my pictures together. But you can see some of them here.

    I am your latest follower. BTW, I have those same purple cabbage bowls in two different sizes. Why does everyone live so far away? :(

  39. Ingenious storage solutions. I'm thinking that in consideration of the amazing food that you put on the table for DH day in and day out, that each time he has the privilege of eating yet another delicious recipe placed lovingly on a new dish, his only comment should be a great big thank you! The blue glassware is Indiana "Whitehall". I had a note from a blogger that clicked my memory back to "on". Thanks for stopping by my post. You gave me a good giggle! Cherry Kay

  40. Cute and wonderful that you have so many places to just put more dishes! I love the wicker bin and that shopping bag is ever so cute!! hugs, Linda

  41. He can't get mad if you put it all like this! So clever. I agree, I did give a lot away when we remodeled. We are wondering where we can give more away - wedding gifts?!!!

    So fun to see "the backside of Disneyland" as we say it at our house!

  42. Ms. Kathleen you are GREAT!!!!!!
    Thanks for the extra smile today!
    Hugs from Texas,

  43. Oh, Little Miss Kathleen! You are SO in trouble!!! So........I'm sitting here bored out of my mind, waiting for my husband to get off work in this backwards little town where he's filling in for another doctor today, and I start cleaning out my email Inbox. I get just about all the way to the end, and what do I see but an email alert from Marlis's Creative Journeys re: her blog post that I just so happened to save. It was from June 4, 2011, which was the day after all that horrible stuff happened in Savannah. As you may recall, I was nowhere near a computer for about a month or more after that, still reeling, crying, unpacking, and trying to make sense of things. But, I find out that YOU participated in The Tablescaper's party on that day entitled "Where do you keep it all?" I come over to her blog, look at her 6-4-11 post, then swing by YOURS to peek in. THEN I go back to my post from last week to see your comment on MY post. Ahem! NO YOU DIDN'T!!!! :-) Woman, you have just as much stuff as I do!!! You didn't even show the basement where I am SURE there is a whole lot more! Uh huh...holding out on us! If the folks from "Hoarders" come to my house, it'll be on their way BACK from yours!!! :-) :-) :-) We are SO bad, aren't we? I'm really going to start scaling back on what comes into the house this year, though. (That's code for "I'm going to rent a secret storage space off-premises!) :-) Just HAD to pop in and rib you, especially with your current quest to tablescape with only what you have! Have a good weekend, Sister Hoarder!


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