Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aqua Paisley

These are the dishes I picked up on clearance in HG. by Cynthia Rowley. The Tablescaper passed them by as there were only 4, but she bought similar in black in a larger number!

Bargains 748

Come sit down on my new cushions.  They match the dishes, who knew!  :)

Bargains 743

I was going to make new cushions, bought the foam and fabric a few years ago, but the spirit hasn't moved me.  These were on sale at, and I am pleased with them.

Bargains 730

Bargains 739

The centerpiece is a hurricane I got for 90% off at The Christmas Tree Shop.  I lucked out big time.  It was 1.29!

The candle was 20, not really, but it was more than the hurricane!  :)

I'll show you the rest of the haul in my Sunday's post, so if you a bargain hunter, do come back.  90 off!  I was in heaven!

Bargains 736

Salt and peppers, CTS, .50 each, and the aqua stems are very old.

I used cordial glasses for a white hydrangea bloom at each place, and aqua scatters from the clearance at Michael's.

Bargains 731

I used placemats as chargers, loved the edges.  They were .39 each, seriously, CTS!

The serving bowl is from HG clearance, 2.00

Bargains 734

I used porcelain oyster shells from WSonoma outlet as a butter plate. White linen napkins tied with aqua ribbon, and my everyday stainless from Dansk.

Bargains 737

Something light for these warm summer evenings.

Bargains 652

A flour tortilla crisped in a ruffled bowl, filled with shredded lettuce, red onion, sliced tomato, chicken cutlets cut into strips and fried.  Top with feta, bacon and your favorite dressing.

Bargains 653

I hope you are enjoying summer!

The peegee hydrangea have joined the mopheads and lace caps...

Bargains 750

Bargains 733

Thanks for visiting!  I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday, Gollum for Foodie Friday, Sherry at No Minimalist Here, and Diann for Thrifty Things Friday.


  1. Yes, the Queen of all Bargains is doing her part to live up to the title, I see. Another beautiful table, and even better because you are such a smart shopper. Love that salad, too. Looking forward to the next post. Hope you are keeping cool, at least you can go down to the beach to cool off. xo,

  2. I just got a peegee hydrangea in May and it's blooming now! Didn't expect it to, this year. I discovered them on our trip to Maine a few years back. Love it!

  3. I love this aqua table....boy, you got some amazing deals/great finds on your shopping adventure! I'd love those in aqua or black so I can't wait to see what she does, too!!!

    Lana In Italy

    PS I hope, please, that you get a chance to drop by my blog & leave a comment for a chance to win my 1st Giveaway! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Hi Kathleen,

    You smart bargain shopper you! You really do have such a lovely place on Long Island; you must really love it! This is such a pretty, summery table. Love the aqua paisley, the hydrangeas, and the serving bowl. I think my favorite touch is the hem-stitch napkins with the pretty aqua bows. Once again, you fixed a lovely table.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Beautiful table! I love the aqua colors; it's so summery and reminds me of a nice cool swimming pool! You got some great deals; the paisley plates are so darling and I love the cutwork tablecloth!

  6. I really love today's tablescape, the aqua & white is just stunning. Those plates are gorgeous and I too love the placemat, it adds the perfect accent to those plates. You are definitely the bargain queen, I sure wish we had a CTS in MN!

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. What great finds! I have given up shopping for the summer so I'll be back on Sunday to see your bargains.

  8. Wow! I want to go shopping with you, what incredible bargains. Your table is lovely, I'm particularly fond of the placemats-as-chargers and the salt and pepper shakers.

  9. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Those colors just make me happy! :)

    Love it!

  10. I love the water color, aqua, of your beautiful table.

    I have just about quit room nor money for more dishes and all my dishes..well..let's say they have all done their duty in Blogland and tablescapes. :)

    Your lawn and flowers look lovely.
    xo bj

  11. OMG! I just love this setting and that delicious looking meal too. It's filled with all my favorites and seems like you planned it just for me. I'll be right over! LOL!

  12. Love your table decor-one of my favorite colors! Don't you love the Christmas Tree Shop for seasonal items?! I love a bargain too!

  13. I was just at Susan's "Schnitzel and the Trout" blog and she mentioned that you won her give away so I thought I'd pop over and say hello! I'm now your newest follower!

    Love your blue and white inspired tablescape! I've really enjoyed looking at your previous posts!

    Please stop by when you have a moment, I love company and new friends are always welcome!

  14. Wonderful colors, and such fun with the flower patterns. Beautiful summer 'scape!

  15. Oh Oh OH OH OHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!!!!!!!!!

    I am PLOTZING.
    What amazing bargains ... are these RECENT CTS and HG buys? IF so, I have some shopping in my near future to do.
    Haven't been to HG in ages, nor CTS for weeks. ACK!

    Your table looks fantastic -- and the cushions are perfect. BTW your garden and yard look gorgeous -- I am SO envious. Mine looks like a weedy moonscape.

    Love the summer food, too. Mmmm....


  16. I love your pretty blues! And my husband just walked behind me and saw your delicious meal and said - mmm ... what's that?! Apparently, lunch next week!

  17. I was in the aqua mood this week also! LOVE those placemats - saw a few at my TJ Maxx but not enough to do a table. Glad you got them!!!! Love those oyster bowls also!

  18. Kathleen -- what a great table and meal. I know I have commented on your collection of wicker in the past -- still coveting it, lol. I did pick up a wicker swing for my front porch this spring -- picked up as in off the curb on trash day -- still can't believe someone was throwing it away, lol.


  19. Love the turquoise table and perfect for where you live near the shore! I am impressed with those cushions too - they fit perfectly. You're killing me, as usual, with your finds from the stores I don't have here!

  20. You made my heart flutter with this post! Aqua is my favorite color (after white, of course). Just beautiful and amazing bargains! :)

  21. Love the turquoise table and all the great discounted buys you found. Fabulous! The tortilla shell salad looks delicious...

  22. I was just at CTS today and didn't see these fabulous bargains!!!! LOVE this gorgeous aqua color. What finds! Love the placemats as chargers too! XO, Pinky

  23. SCORE on those fabulous aqua & white dishes!!!!!

  24. Ooo, ooo, ooo...this is my color. I knew when I saw the title that I was going to love this table and I do! Everything is so pretty!

  25. Beautiful aqua tablescape! I have never seen so many bargains combined to make so pretty a table.

  26. Great finds on those items.. wow. I was in CTS in Dallas a couple of weeks ago and was overwhelmed so bought very little. Love the placemats and the salt and peppers! thanks for dropping in, many blessings, marlis

  27. Beautifully made, and you go girl on the aqua and white bargains.

    Lovely and delicious as always.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Lots of Love,
    Karin Şen Cankan

  28. Blue is such a perfect color for Summer. Reminds me of the beach!


  29. Some great finds! Table looks lovely. Dinner is nice, perfect for this weather. Way to hot for me.

  30. What a gorgeous table, Kathleen! The aqua is such a pretty summer color. Love the new plates and the pretty hurricane. Our area is getting a Christmas Tree Shop and I am so excited because I see all these great bargains you ladies find there. Thank you for joining the Open House party this week.

  31. Love this cool aqua color! Great deals, looking forward to seeing more!

    The recipe sounds yummy too!


  32. Love the aqua colour of this 'scape Kathleen! Still amazed you got all of the fabulous items on your table at such terrific prices! I especially like the cut-out placemats and the hurricane centerpiece. Nice touch with the little hydrangea florals at each setting.


  33. Such cool, refreshing colors Kathleen! I'm the one in Heaven, not you. I adore turquoise & when you surround it with those fabulous pink flowers in your yard...WOW!

    I like the idea of using cordial glasses as individual vases. We seldom have after dinner drinks anymore but I have LOTS of little glasses for such.

    I can't believe you just served your yummy sounding salad in a flour tortilla bowl!! I just bought a box of them YESTERDAY & now everybody is going to think I copied the idea from you. Rats!


  34. Such a pretty table K, love the color, it just makes you feel cooler! Now I can't wait to see what you post this weekend, I haven't been to CTS in a couple months:@)

  35. CTS??? I must know what this place is please??? To find such beautiful things at amazing prices, you must tell me of this "secret" place lol.
    The table is so "breezy and cool" summer just kinda forgot about it!
    I just have to follow you because of what all your other followers have said! You are the queen of a bargain? This I have to find out about!! :)


  36. Kathleen:

    This looks so cool and delightful. It's hard to imagine the heat you encountered when you were putting it all together.

    Your CTS bargains are amazing. I can't wait to see you share them all on Sunday.

    - The Tablescaper

  37. Hi Kathleen! Oh, this is just so beautiful! Love that pretty aqua color you're using. You know how to do it up good!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  38. Such pretty colors! I love those dishes in turquoise and I bet they are pretty in The Tablescaper's black also.

    What a cute idea to use the cordial glasses as little flower vases. Love that.

    I like the way you have placed your napkin and the sweet little bow napkin "ring". Very nice.

    Oh, and let's not even talk about the FABULOUS bargains you got.

  39. Welcome back Kathleen!!!!! No wait I was the one gone for 5 months.....5 months of Hell in New Jersey where there are more pot holes then taxes!!!
    so happy to be back and to see you and the Tablescaper are out grabbing up the bargains....I hit up the CTS while at daughters and got some good stuff but not as good as you....I saw and almost bought the sea shell salt and peppers....did get a few of those great old looking American flags.....
    and nice Waverly place mats with blue seashells on them.....Missed you and looking forward to reading your posts again......Sue

  40. Beautiful dinnerware, Kathleen. That is one of my favorite colors, so pretty!...Christine

  41. Love the dishes. I would have wanted them too, and four piece setting is enough for here. It's all so fresh and summery, like it ought to be sitting at a waterside cafe.

  42. Oh I love this tble Kathleen1 It is so clean and fresh looking. Wow, you really did find some amazing bargains! I love it all! I never even saw those placemats. I would have snatched hem up in a heartbeat~! Thanks for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!

  43. As ever, lovely. The blue looks so marine and cool, just right for this time of year. Love it!

  44. Sale, sale, sale...I should hire you to shop for me because you are the best shopper ever! Enjoy the ocean breezes to go along with your blue colors.

  45. What I wouldn't give to tag along with you on one of your shopping trips! Nobody finds the bargains that you do, Kathleen. Amazing!
    Love the looks of that yummy salad.

  46. Such a treasure trove of bargains! I am in love with the aqua colors. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  47. What great finds! Love the plates, and how everything matches.
    And the flour tortilla 'salad' sounds delicious and great for summer.

  48. Kathleen dear ~
    When I logged into I got an
    ad stating the Improvements
    is issued by
    and nothing else. Just love
    those cushions and would
    like to find them. Also,
    what is CTS please?

  49. Your aquamarine table is very summery and looks like it should be in Tiffany's window :O)! I love that centerpiece candle holder and the shell accessories

    We are in the process of buying a new car ...not fun...not fun at all.

    Can you believe it is August?? Me neither!

  50. That table is beautiful!! I love the colors, I love the tortilla salad too :)

  51. What a lovely visit; you are so creative; I love coming to see you and that tortilla is calling me.

  52. Kathleen, I love the aqua and white table scape. :D What a lovely setting for a meal. I am over here catching-up on your blog.

    Ricki Jill

  53. Such a soft and cool look for a summer table. Those plates are wonderful, and so is your garden. The meal looks delicious too. How do you "crisp" the tortilla-microwave? It looks so pretty in the ruffle bowl. laurie

  54. When it comes to tablescapes and gardening, I have no clue. You're a master! So where, may I ask, do you store all your wonderful finds?


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