Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seasonal Foods and a Question???

I have a question about Pinterest.

I have seen pics pinned that belong to bloggers I know.  There is no link back or credit given to the pic owner.

For example, there is a picture of a table I know to be Susan's at Between Naps on the Porch.  No mention anywhere .  I have seen a few that have the owners name across the bottom, but no link back.

Under some pictures where it supposedly originally came from it says NONE. What does that mean. Obviously someone originally posted the pic!

So I guess everyone has to put their name across the bottom of their pics before posting!

I have other burning bloggy questions, but I will save them!

I thought I would show a few Fall things to do with food.  :)table 196

Buy some Fall leaves chocolate candy and mount them in some icing!

Picture 626

Mix spaghetti squash with egg , cheese and seasonings , top with mozzarella and bake in a spring form pan for a Squash Pie.

Make a GHOST PIE.  Pipe mashed potatoes on top of the makings of a shepherd's pie.

 Ghost pie2

ghost pie

Or if you don't want to make the pie, pipe some  ghosts on the plate.  Go ahead, it is fun to play with your food!

Those are black olive pieces that need to be cut smaller, but you get the idea!

Augyst and dinner dance 479

Cut some potatoes  in leaf shapes, toss in oil ands bake.Blog Labor 246_thumb[5]

Blog Labor 249_thumb[5]

Those were from previous year's Fall posts.

We have potato farms nearby, so I always like to capitalize on the fresh potatoes in the Fall.

Augyst and dinner dance 446

These are potato cakes, NOT potato pancakes. They do not taste like the ones made from left over refrigerated mashed potatoes like my dad used to make. You don't refrigerate these first, just let them cool until you can handle them to pat into cakes and press in the Panko.

For these you cook and mash the potatoes, add a bit of milk, add scallions, s & p, cheese.  Form into a patty and cover with Panko.  Brown till crisp on both sides.  Crispy on the outside, creamy in the middle.

Augyst and dinner dance 447

Bake your corn muffins in pumpkin shaped pans, and cut your butter in Fall shapes.  Fun!

BlogLabor158 scorn butter

So how do you get your name across your pic if you use Live Writer?  I don't want to have to download them all to Photobucket first!

I am joining Gollum for Foodie Friday and Yvonne for On the Menu Monday.

Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy the weekend!

Remember, these naughty witches start flying soon!

 Blog Labor witches


  1. Your seasonal foods look so yummy, especially the potato cakes. I like the idea of the corn muffins in the pumpkin shaped pans and the cute acorn shaped butter pats. Thanks for sharing your recipes and tips. Happy Fall.

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    These are such cute ideas! :) Every picture looks so festive. I would never have thought of using cookie cutters for potatoes. I guess you have to slice them somewhat thin first, right? I'm so glad you showed the potato cakes; my Mom has made those for years with leftover mashed potaoes. She says they hold together better after they've been in the fridge over night. Instead of panko crumbs she uses flour and no cheese. I do love them!!

    You'll have to visit my blog; I did a second post on "Mitford". Here's the link


    Denise at Forest Manor

  3. I am completely addicted to Pinterest and have worried about how to do this, too. I try to use ones on my own boards, so if you go to the boards, you find the links. Not all photos I use are from Pinterest there are some from Google. These dishes all look really good, especially the roasted ones, mmmm. xo

  4. Hi Kathleen! Delicious looking food as always! On Pinterest, it always automatically links to the page you pin from. So if you click on that photo, you'll find the link on the top right, even if the person who pinned it don't mention where it is from. And you can check on pinterest to see who has pinned from your page. Let me know if you want to know how.

  5. Hi Kathleen,

    I'm back. Glad you enjoyed the posts. I really think Michaelmas is heard more in England than it is over here. They have held Michaelmas Festivals in the past at Biltomore House here in NC. I have the Mitford cookbook, too. The buttermilk pie recipe is really yummy :)

    I have read one of the new "Father Tim" books. It takes place in Ireland. Since you love Irish so much, you might enjoy it. It is a bit darker than the other Mitford Books, though.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. Wonderful dishes, great , delish..and nice to see...hugs, Flavia

  7. I love your fun ideas for Fall foods! I do love potato Mom used to maked them & I always looked forward to them.

  8. What fabulous ideas and photographs. I just love everything, especially the fall-shaped potatoes. Such a wonderful idea. I don't understand Pineterest. lol I've tried and I guess I just don't get it. I dislike intensely when people use photos and information from a blogger and don't credit them and link back. I think it's important to do both.

  9. I've always wondered what bloggers and others think of Pinterest... as you said, no mention of the name of persons who own the photos? But there is not much anyone can do about it....
    I'll admit, I have Pinterest and find it fun to collect ideas from around the net..

  10. Such fun food K! My fav are the potatoes that are cut out with the cookie cutter and roasted-they're beautiful:@)

    My Pinterest question is: Are there more "headings" or "labels" shown after you join? folks show a lot of holiday pics so I'm assuming there must be a Christmas or Halloween tag... but I can't find them.

  11. I've seen some of my photos on Pinterest and there is a link to my blog where the photos came from below the picture. I think if you click on the pic the link shows up.

    Great food ideas!

  12. I haven't been on Pinterest lately. But every time I pin anyone's pic, the URL for the original one automatically comes up.

  13. I haven't had a problem with that because usually the URL for the originating place comes with the picture. I do know there must be a way to lock against Pinterest, because I have tried to pin a couple of pics...and they say not allowed. Good questions though!!

  14. You are just getting more and more creative:)

    I wish I could figure out Pinterest:)

  15. What yummy looking food! Gained 5 pounds just looking at the cake! My best!!! Cathy

  16. My Mom made potato cakes! I've tried & mine always fall apart. I will try adding the cheese...maybe it will help to hold them together. Oh & chilling them is a great itea...thanks Denise for that tip.

    Re: Pinterest... I've asked many of the same questions. I thought that every picture had an originating URL that went everywhere with it. BUT if someone takes your photo & puts it on their own blog, not saying where they got it, then its THEIR blog that gets credited & all the hits...not the owner of the photo.
    I, & many others may have to go to putting our names/watermarks across the middle of the photo, if you don't want it used without being credited to you.

    Truth is, if you don't want it stolen, don't put it on the web. There is no respect for copyrights anymore & it is too expensive to really fight it, legally. Unless you're married to a lawyer, I guess.

    I personally know of one person whose image was stolen & used in a HUGE company's promotion on a national level...without any credit to her at all!

    I'd love to know what sites Ceekay found that would not allow pinning, as it would be interesting to learn from them how they did it. I've been looking for a way & have not found it.

    In the meantime, "The Gazebo House" will be plastered over all my photos from now on. Sad.

  17. forgot to say that "pinning" on Pinterest is just the same as bookmarking a site on your computer, because you liked it & wanted to go back to it.
    The only difference is that you can now tell all your followers about it, as well as your FB & Twitter friends, too. I guess I don't mind being pinned as much as I hate not getting the credit for all the time & money I put into the shot. The cost of my camera...$$$...the purchasing of & cooking of the food or the setting of the table...the many, MANY hours spent editing & tweaking photos to get just the right look. The least people could do is use the original site to pin from so that the right person gets the credit.

    ~~carefully climbing down off my soapbox now~~

  18. OK --I'm doing this again without spelling errors --- Kathleen I always love all your food ideas --you are so creative! The cut out potatoes and whipped potatoes ghosts are so cute!

    I fully understand your concern about Pinterest. If you click on a Pinterest photo once to enlarge it, and then again when enlarged, it will take you back to the original blog or website where the photo came from. Tat is how it is cool as it is a visual bookmark back to a favorite recipe or craft. If someone downloads that photo onto their blog or website, however, and then doesn't link it to the original blog, I consider that "stealing" I've seen so many people put up a image on their blogs and then only say "google images" under it -- do they not know that google images come from blogs and web sites that should be identified???

    I find watermarking a chore, and I hate how it ruins a photo. You can also do it in Picasa if you want to. Good luck!

    Come enter my give away on Foodie Friday!

  19. I really enjoyed your fall feast here Kathleen. I haven't even been on the Pinterest site but I hear a lot of people chatting about it...

  20. Great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I am addicted to Pinterest but have no idea how it all works. Sorry...


  21. Hi Kathleen! I've just eaten and now I'm hungry again!
    Have you clicked on the picture itself? Usually the original link is in the right hand corner. Hope this helps!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. I love the leaf shaped potatoes the best of all! You do the most creative and amazing things.

    My husband always made potato pancakes with our left over mashed potatoes. His mom did it, and he always loved it.

    He's such a Mr. Potato Head...

    And I'm glad you asked and got answers about pinterest.

  23. Oh yum, everything looks so delicious, it's making me wish for a snack.

    You're right about putting the names on our photos for Pinterest. I have been thinking about that lately too. It seems the only way.

  24. I see Pat and several others answered you question!
    I love all your great fall ideas. I am making those great potato recipes!
    This is such a yummy post, Kathleen!

  25. Some of the bloggers I read are pleased about how much more interest they are getting since people are pinning them. I wouldn't pin anything if it wasn't a link to get me back to the original. Now, if people steal and put stolen pictures on their own blog, well, as we all know, it's hard to stop a determined thief.

  26. Delicious looking food, as always! I am another that is lost when it comes to Pinterest...I wouldn't know if any of my mediocre photos were hijacked or not!
    I am anxious to see what your other other burning bloggy questions will be...

  27. I came to see if you had a "Pinterest" button on here, and I was going to click on it to see your name (to tell you, per my other email) and to follow you, but you don't have the Pinterest button shown... So instead I looked at all of your DELICIOUS FOOD! Boy, how I wish I could have those potato cakes with the shrimp on the side! (That is shrimp, no?) That dish sure looks yummy!
    And I didn't read your other comments, so I don't know if people answered your Pinterest questions, so I will do so first, then if your questions weren't answered, I will write you an email tomorrow. :)

  28. Haven't figured out Pinterest, or Stumble for that matter. Love the foods. Cute ghosts.

  29. I love the choc cake and those potato cakes, i almost called them potato pancakes. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa.

  30. Hi Kathleen!! Happy Fall :)

    I love your witches and will be on the lookout for them *flying*, lol!! All your comfort food goodies look heavenly.

    Have a great weekend!


  31. I am on the fly this morning so didn't read through the comments, therefore the watermark ? may have been answered. In WLW there is an option for watermarking your photos, when you add a photo to a post. It is beside picture styles, marked watermark.

    I have not done much with Pinterest. Never seem to have enough time...guess being so busy at my age, that is a good thing,;-)

    Yumilicious post, Kathleen!

  32. More clever ideas! You are so creative, Kathleen.
    I've not used Pinterest, but have wondered the same.

  33. LOVE your fall shaped potatoes!

    I just had an experience where by accident I found one of MY photos on someone's tumblr site thru pinterest. VERY disturbing since it was be mere chance I found it. I just started watermarking all my photos :( I knew I should be doing it all along but I don't really care for the effort or the way it looks.

  34. Seems like everybody I know is talking about Pinterest and I just joined. I wish I knew more about it. I like the idea of collecting my ideas (which I do anyway, in file folders) but I don't know if I want everyone else to see my ideas...It seems like giving out your best recipe to too many people. (I like getting ideas from other people, though, so to be fair...)

  35. That chocolate cake looks amazing! I love your photos of all the food, gosh, you are making me hungry! I also saw a pumpkin cake in a magazine made out of two bundt cakes put together and frosted orange! I love the mashed potato ghost idea - great one for the kids! Can't help with pinterest as I don't know much about it.

  36. Hi Kathleen - I like Pinterest, a lot, and have found some wonderful ideas there. There's a lot of sharing going on and for the most part I think people are good about giving credit where it due. I have found 2 instances of bloggers posting my entire posts, photos and recipes, and not giving me credit. I just happened to recognize my pictures. My blog traffic has increased a lot since I signed up for Pinterest so I know readers come to take a look.
    Would I ever love a plate of those potato cakes!

  37. Your just an amazing cook Kathleen!
    That cake looks so amazingly goood!
    You asked about our apple the paper this week they were all different varieties, pick ur own for $5 a bushel.
    Our apples are good for baking but not that great for just eating straight up.
    Happy Weekend,

  38. Your ghosts are adorable. In fact, I love all your fall ideas!
    Someone just told me about Pinterest so I can't answer your question, but it seems to me we're got to start writing our names all over our photos!!

  39. Your potato cakes look great. I hated my dad's potato pancakes - yuck, but these cakes sound yummy. Clever idea to shape the potatoes into fall shapes.

    Love Pinterest and everyone has answered your questions. I only can't get to the original post once in a while, sometimes it comes from flicker. I have made so many things off Pinterest and give credit back to the original.

    I only watermark a few of my things and I do it on a free program photoscape. I agree, it takes time and sometimes I wouldn't like the look. I have heard that people who steal it for business purposes just put their banner over your watermark anyhow.

  40. Pinterest has way too many ideas for this brain! And it's confusing to me as well, Kathleen. I don't know if the comment under the picture is from the person I know or person who first posted the idea. Loved the yummy food you have on this post. Especially the potato cakes. Goodness sakes girl.. too good!

  41. Seconding what others have said, if you click on the photo on Pinterest it takes you back to the site it was pinned from, so there's always a link! Though my biggest pet peeve is when it links back to a Tumblr pages, as I in no way understand Tumblr or how it works or whatever is going on with it!

  42. Okay, that is sketchy! And I have seen a few blog posts where people use photos from Pinterest and I always want to ask and be like, do you have copyright permission to use that figure?! But then, I also see Google images all the time on blogs and want to be tell people that's illegal! But I think only a small percentage is purposeful stealing, I think most of it is ignorance, which I tell myself is better!


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