Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They're Off~Witches Fly Part 3


Busty, Dusty, Rusty and Musty

Are flying lean and mean,

They steal a song from Shelia

A curio from Christine!


Laurie locks  her windows

Sarah bars the door,

Pat hides all her crystal

When she hears their broomsticks roar.

 ghost table

They make a stop at Holidays

Those girls sure likes their dishes,

They leave a bowl of Groundhog stew,

Yum, it's so delicious!


"Let's go have a party

With those witches with no teeth,

We'll bring a little present"

And steal Wives with Knives new wreath!

_MG_2773Zoulah and Boulag

Zoulah and Beaulah are horrified

They think it is so rude,

Those witches have been drinking

And flying while quite stewed!


"Who gives a fig about those two?"

Musty screeches off with glee

"Should we hit The Tablescaper?"

The other three agree!


They mess up all her linens

And steal some of her coats,

Leave to visit Gollum

And shaving cream her goats!


Cindy, Gail and Suzy

Warn Tess, Elaine and Kitty

Linda, La and Gina

See them heading toward the city.


Marsha  quickly calls Kathleen

Says they'll be there the next morn,

She plans to welcome them back home

With bowls of candy corn.

October Witches 174

Another year of witchy fun

Those four sure caused a scene.

They think you bloggers are the best


October Witches 185

October Witches 189

October Witches 167

October Witches 175

October Witches 180


October Witches 189 That's it for this year!  Moving on from Halloween.  I hope to do a table next  week for  Pink Ribbon Month, in honor of  all those who who are breast cancer survivors and those who are fighting the battle. 

If anyone would like to join me in this , please let me know.

As a little balance to all that candy we are "testing", :)

a delicious salad with brandied apples.

October Witches 013

I had it at a restaurant recently, and decided to try and duplicate it.

Baby spinach, cranberries, toasted walnuts, red onion, feta cheese, sauteed pork strips, and apples.

Cut the apples and toss in cinnamon and sugar.  Saute them in some butter and add some apricot brandy. 

Let them reduce a bit.

October Witches 012

Don't leave them too long, you still want  them to have a little bite to them.  Pour the remaining juice over the top of the pork on the salad.  I served it with a raspberry vinaigrette.  A nice loaf of crusty bread, and it's dinner!

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Gollum for Foodie Friday

Table info:

white and yellow checked tablecloth old

yellow checked topper, Portuguese cotton remnant, $1.00

candy corn plates and bowls orange place mat, yellow charger,  white lace square plates ,Cmas Tree Shop

yellow Fiesta flatware Tues Morning

yellow pin dot napkins, my mom's  , old

tulip shaped glassware, Dansk

orange ramekins, HG

candy corn candles on a stick in the napkin, some dollar store

Montauk daisies from my yard on top of a candy corn bowl

Still time to enter the give away for the  Nordic pan from WSonoma... There will be a runner up prize too.

October Witches 121

Open to all followers in the US

Must have an email address.

Some of those who entered don't have a blog and a no return addy., so there is no way to contact you. 

Please check your dashboard on your email options and make sure you have an email listed.

Leave a comment here about the post ...

and then let me know you want to be entered.

Each entry will be given a number, so if you entered last time, and this  week you get 2 chances.

Winner announced Sunday!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I am going to suck your brain right out of your head and figure out just what makes it tick! You are SO SILLY!!!! This was so fun! I'm sure it was fun for you do create with everyone's name, too. Oh, mercy....I just don't know about you, woman! :-) Fun cand corn Halloween table!!! Now please go take your meds! :-) Oh...I would like to be considered for the pan, too, please.

  2. "These witches have been drinking, and flying while quite stewed."...can you still hear me giggling. So much fun. Thank you for the recipe. Sounds delicious. Cherry Kay

  3. Oh yes, I would love to be entered in the drawing to win the Nordic pan. I've always wanted to try to use one. Thank you for the opportunity. Cherry Kay

  4. Awwwww I want more witchy posts!!!!! xo

  5. Very funny! Gosh this salad looks so good.
    Your Halloween table setting is beautiful
    Have a great week

  6. What fun, Kathleen! The food looks yummy..especially the salad! Hope you are having a good week!...hugs...Debbie

  7. I've enjoyed the witches so much Kathleen!
    Love the table!!
    Happy Halloween!

  8. Where do you store your witches during the off season? Probably by the brooms! Happy Halloween Kathleen. I love all your tables. I'll take a chance at the Nordic pan. Love it!

  9. Lovin' your candy corn table K, the colors are just so happy! Well, it sounds like the girls had a fun adventure again this year! Good luck getting them back in storage:@)

  10. Oh those crazy witches! Your Halloween table is fun & pretty at the same tame. The salad looks awesome!

  11. What a gorgeous table! Each and every single picture is stunning.Love your beautiful setting...yes, every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  12. I love your Halloween posts, K! For someone that doesn't use very much orange, you sure did a beautiful orange and yellow together...they would look great with my candy corn filled apothecaries.
    You had better corral those drunken witches before they are charged with flying under the influence!

  13. Oh how bewitching it is around here. Love the table, the poem, that great looking salad! You really know how to have fun Kathleen!

  14. That twosome....they just have too much fun for Halloween....they sure make us all cackle with delight with all their antics!

  15. now this is my kinda halloween table...I LOVE it!! I had just told my husband that I wouldnt mind doing a halloween table, if i could do it in candy corn!!! its is perfect!

  16. What a fun table! You are quite the writer too!! Love the candy corn name tags...very cute idea. That pan looks like a lot of fun. I'd love a chance to win it.

  17. thank you for so much witchy fun cant wait to see what they do next year. candy corn hugs Nancy

  18. And yet again, you made me smile from beginning to end. I loved the conclusion to your bewitching fun, and the whole candy corn themed table was just wonderful. I would never in a million years have thought of it, and I'm delight.

    And I'm just learning how to pin stuff to pinterest so I'm trying to save that salad. We're just big old salad eaters here, and I love new ones.

  19. This is so stinkin clever! You are amazing. Love the table too, the candy corn theme is great! I wish you were doing more but the pink idea is a good one. XO, Pinky

  20. So cute and yes those crazy witches have had lots of fun this year. I really like the candy corn inspired table! hugs, Linda

  21. Kathleen, I hate to see the saga end for the year. You are so clever! Love the candy corn table. Reminds me that I haven't brought any CC into the house this year. Could be because I'd eat it all! ~ Sarah

  22. Beaulah says there is no way the partying can be over already there is another 12 days still left. You tell those four to get up and fly again! How funnnnnn! You are so clever and Beaulah and Zoulah although horrified are thrilled that the girls stopped by their place! I wouldn't know if they had gone missing as I am out of town, but hopefully they will be home by the time I return! Luv ya tons!

  23. Oops, I didn't even mention the table or the giveaway! I would love to be entered. That is such a great pan. Your salad looks wonderful and of course the fun colors of the candy corn table are really cute. I would just sit and nibble it endlessly.

  24. Hi Kathleen! Oh I just love the candy corn theme! Your cute little witches made me smile!! What a great poet you are! I might just try that salad--even though I'm not much of a cook--it looks delicious. Thanks for visiting with me and your kind comments. Oh and please enter me in your contest for the pan, does it come with instructions? lol

  25. That's it? No more Halloween? Love the Halloween posts.
    That salad looks great!

  26. You've elevated candy corn to a new level! I'd love to have a shot at the nordic pan. Also, count me in on the pink table. This was a beautiful and entertaining post.

  27. This salad may just replace my favorite of spinach & strawberries. I love spinach.
    Following those crazy witches has tuckered me right out.

  28. I am, as ever, charmed! And I just got to posting that sugar cookie recipe for you. xoxo

  29. What a gorgeous table! My favorite color orange...and those sweet candy corn dishes and placecards...adorable!

  30. Nordic pans are the best! Love the "witchy posts"!

  31. Those witches get around! PLEASE tell me that Ground Hog Stew has nothing to do with sweet Earl...

  32. You know Beaulah and Zoulah don't drink!

    Love your Candy Corn table and I love the look of candy corn - just not the taste. The apple salad sounds like something I would really love!

  33. This was so much fun to read! Love, love, love it! Your table is pretty too! You are so clever! You ought to write a book...
    Blessings My Crazy Friend,

  34. I apologize for not visiting my favorite blogs lately, and i promise to do some catching-up with everyone in the next few days. We are experiencing cooler weather starting today (Thursday) and as for myself I'm looking forward to falls return to the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. And are the color of the leaves changing your your way folks as they are mine. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall season that has now begun. Richard from Amish Stories.

  35. Love your candy corn tablescape and the poem! (Don't know how you do those!)

    The salad looks delicious, wish I could eat it, but it has several no-no's I can't eat :-(


  36. FABULOUS very very clever and fun!! Your table is great and I LOVE your header photo (but they are always gorgeous!)

  37. This has to be the happiest table at the party this week. The brandied apples sound like a divine idea I need to try.

  38. I always love reading your witchy stories, Kathleen! You've set a really colorful Halloween table and I simply luv the candy corn theme. I forgot to take out my candy corn candles- so thanks for refreshing my memory, my friend. What a yummy take on adding apples to a salad! ~ Sue
    p.s.- you know I love the name,
    Declan. :-)

  39. Oh my goodness, I SO enjoy your fun poems...they do give me a good chuckle!! I feel so honored to have my name included in the poetry, too!!!! I adore the candy corn tablescape. I look forward to more antics from those witchie friends next year!!!

  40. You are just too good and so witty, Kathleen! I still cannot imagine how you come out with all these cute rhymes.Your table is so delightful and bright. Love it!..Christine

  41. Love the table , esp the witches! You're so great with your poems...
    Salad looks great (without the feta for me)...

  42. Ok Kathleen,
    You are like the most talented at Halloween poems here in bloggyland!
    I love your table with the old check cloth and the bright and cheery Halloween decor!
    This is such a fun post...kudos to you talented lady!

  43. I've been cracking up all this time about this crazy witches! LOL!
    I enjoyed your blooggy land poem sooo much, you've made my day. I love the salad you're also talented by guessing in restaurants how the recipe was made Kathleen. I'm a Halloween Oct. girl, yesterday was my b'day and I did a tablescape fr me. Thanks for sharing the salad recipe, hubby will love it! Love,

  44. Kathleen, you are just so much fun! I'm thrilled to be included in your poem! I love that they were "quite stewed" and that they shaving creamed Gullom's goats! You are so witty. And a pretty, festive table to go along with all this fun. Great post! laurie

  45. Ooops! Forgot to say that I'd love another chance at winning the pan. laurie

  46. Oh dear, I forgot to say that I'd love a chance at winning the beautiful pan!!

  47. I love it. The candy corn dishes are too cute and the colors of the table complement the theme perfectly.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

    Another fabulous table as usual,

  48. I have had such a crazy week..not sure if I have entered or not but I would be so thrilled to win this awesome pan. Wow....

  49. Kathleen, I am so sorry that I am late to the table. Your poetic skills amaze and amuse. I have a little bone to pick with Musty and I quote "Who gives a fig about those two!" Well, I never! You are a very clever and fun loving woman, not to mention a good cook -- the salad looks wonderful. Joni

  50. The three witches have made us all smile -- we will miss their funny antics and your poetry .. lol! The students yu taught must have so mnay good memories of their year in yoru class, Kathleen, as you are so creative!

    The salad looks very tasty!


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