Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's for Thanksgiving Dessert?

I am not hosting Thanksgiving, although we will still cook a turkey.  This year we will do it in the smoker dh got for his birthday.  If it doesn't come out well, at least the traditional dinner won't be ruined!

A few years ago I bought myself this pretty cake/pie stand from Lenox.  On sale and with a coupon it was under 20 dollars.  I got one for my sister too.

table 318

I love the base, it is shaped like a pumpkin.

table 319


What should I fill it with? 

I have been assigned 4 things to bring for Thanksgiving...sweet potato and apples, glazed carrots, an appetizer and a dessert.  I usually make a kiddy dessert and an adult.

So I have been thinking about it. 

table 320

Maybe a nice apple tart.  This time I will drizzle it with caramel.

Or perhaps Apple crisp.I could make them in individual ramekins...maybe.

table 1310

Years ago a group of us made the caged pears with the puff pastry.

table 395

I think you could poach a half of an apple and stuff it the same way as the pear.  Why not?

Or that apple pie with the shredded crust I made a few times.

table 1579

table 1581Or the most recent with the leaves that I showed you.

 October Witches 195  Of course there will have to be something chocolate, and I will make these cookies too. I will be making them next week, so I will post the recipe etc.

table 366

Do you make something different, or do you stick to the "traditional"?

Maybe some date nut bread for those who do not like sweet things?  Recipe here.

 table1518-1date nut bread

Tonight, a simple Sunday dinner setting, a fabric turkey is the centerpiece .

Plates from Christmas Tree Shops.
table 1249

I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday

Yvonne for On the Menu Monday
Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.

It was a beautiful day , a little breezy , but nice for a walk on the beach here.

October Witches 305

Have a great week!


  1. I would like a taste of each, please! Love those dishes, I have them too (from CTS!). xo

  2. Oh my, what an array of desserts...I think I'd like a little taste of each, especially that beautiful leaf covered is a piece of art!

  3. Since I love making pies my dear MIL has assigned me to bring a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. I'd love to know how you did the shredded top crust! Maybe wow the in-laws for the holiday lol! LOVE the plates of course. If you tell me they came from CTS I will, again this week, be soooo jealous ;)

  4. Wow,with such a repertoire how does one decide?

    - The Tablescaper

  5. those are very smart Thanksgiving hosts that ask you to bring some desserts and sides! I just mentioned you are smoking a turkey this Christmas and Dear's eyes lit up...
    He might be smokin a bird sometime soon, too!

  6. Could I have a slice of each please! I have such a weakness for pie!
    I think I will have to try that caged apple dessert! It is spectacular!
    Thanks for joining ON THE MENU MONDAY with all of your sweetness!

  7. Wow, that's a lovely cake stand! What a feast for the holiday! :)

  8. Such a lovely cake your sis was tickled, too. :)

    All your pies look so good.
    I pretty much stick with the traditional. We have Thanksgiving here every year...this year, along with a possible 18 family members, we are having about 3,maybe 4 friends sharing dinner with us.

    I am so thrilled with my package from you. Can't wait to "do it up right" and do a post....:)

  9. I'd vote for the pie with the leaf crust! The plates are really cute too. I want to know what appy you're going to make:@)

  10. Could we hold a tasting and then decide. I just love the cake stand!!

  11. I love the Lenox pumpkin stand! The most beautiful one I have seen. I used the lattice maker over the weekend, and came across a picture of our caged pears we made a while back. Found a great deal on the almond paste Saturday...$4/ it's a good time to make more caged pears! Your desserts are all winners, so it will be hard to choose.

  12. Everything looks delish, Kathleen. I love that cake stand. Gorgeous!

    This year is anything but traditional at our house. It will be soups (a couple or three) on Sunday. Then we are going through the ornaments, preparing to clear the basement a bit, so we can get the house on the market...hopefully in spring. I want the girls to go through the ornaments before they decorate for Christmas.

    We are talking about moving the big farmhouse table into the hearth room. Always have wanted to do that and since this may be the last chance to do it for Thanksgiving, it would be a good time. It will return to the breakfast room after Thanksgiving.:-)

  13. Whatever you decide Kathleen, I'm sure will be delicious AND beautiful! You make the prettiest desserts.

  14. I am usually very traditional for Thanksgiving. I've learned to only try something new with the desserts for our family. I absolutely adore those nut looking cookies and cannot wait to see the recipe!
    Your tablescape is so lovely too!

  15. Our Thanksfiving was last month; apple crisp was dessert; still that old fashioned taste. Looking forward to the recipe for those cookies. are they mini whoopie pies?

  16. So funny that both you and Debbie talked about the caged pears this week. I love the apple pie she made with the lattice top but I also love the one you made with the leaf cut-outs. Decisions, decisions!

    I remember that beautiful cake stand. The base is so beautiful!

  17. All look delicious, but that last one with the leaves is beautiful!

  18. Love the cake stand, how perfect! The apple tart drizzled in caramel would be my pick..but they all look scrumptious.
    We usuaaly go traditional, but never too late to start a new tradition.

  19. I have been assigned the appetizer and dessert. I am leaning toward the caged pears...they are so pretty!

  20. The answer to your questions is YES.
    As in... yes to all of them. If you start baking right now, you should have time to bake and be at my house by T-Day.

    I do love the look of all of them. I want to make that leafy crust pie of yours. I pinned it, but I haven't tried it yet.

    As for us? We always have pies, and my mother won't let anyone else bake them. She's pushy that way. Good thing she's also the best pie baker this side of the Mason/Dixon line.

  21. Your presentations are just beautiful. I just love coming to your blog and drooling! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!
    Miz Helen

  22. I was assigned the appetizer and a dessert. I am leaning toward the caged pears! Thanks for sharing.

  23. All the desserts look wonderful & I especially love anything with dates...BUT, if I had to choose one of yours, it would be the apple pie with the leaves all over. It's simply spectacular, Kathleen!!!

  24. Love your cake stands and I'm very partial to the shredded crust pie. There'd be a mutiny on the bounty if I didn't make the traditional desserts. The fam doesn't mind a few new things as long as they get their faves.

  25. What a pretty photo of the beach & water, soothing!

    Your Lenox cake plate is just beautiful & perfect for the season's celebration. Personally, I'd make an apple cake in that cute bundt pan & serve it with caramel sauce. Yum! But you go ahead with whatever strikes your fancy...I'm sure it will be delicious & get rave reviews.

    Dessert is the only thing I'm NOT making this year! Sis-in-law is bringing that. So far, the head count is 10 for dinner, but it could change. I'm thinking about getting 2 turkeys & cooking one a day ahead of time, so I can have it dished up into "take home" containers. I can also make the gravy ahead of time, too, that way.

    I always hate going elsewhere for T'day, 'cus then you don't get cold turkey sandwiches the next day. LOL


  26. The food photos are fab, but the BEACH looks even better! :-) I am going to do a drunken peach cobbler, a pecan pie, maybe a sweet potato pie (my family prefers that to pumpkin), and some kind of chocolate confection...probably cake. My family would croak if I didn't stick with the traditional fare, but they are always willing to try new stuff, too...along with the traditional! When my Mom used to do Thanksgiving, she would have a buffet. I know that's what people like, so I've stuck with that except for the salad course which is plated and served at each place setting. I then collect those dishes and the folks can go through the buffet at their leisure. I wish they'd let me plate and serve the dessert, too. Maybe I'll try to slip that in on them one year! :-) Pray for me when I do!!!

  27. Kathleen, I haven't been told what I should bring to dinner, but I know it won't be dessert~ I sure hope someone makes a pecan pie in honor of my birthday on the 26th. Usually they bring in a cake, and I certainly don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but give me pecan pie any ol' day! All of your goodies look wonderful. I probably would enjoy the apple crisp or tart the best~ oh my mouth is watering already~ LOL Hope you enjoy a beautiful day of thanks with your family! Sue

  28. Can I please join you for Thanksgiving? :-) All of the desserts look fabulous. Can't wait to see what's next!


  29. I would like all of them! I loved the "caged" dessert -- so fun! Also loved the shredded one. I am not cooking either (although when you bring 4 things it is kind of like you are cooking). My sister-in-law loves my cranberry bars and my pecan cups so maybe I will bring them. Or maybe borrow from your collection. Love the cake stand and the tablesetting. Joni

  30. Yes, yes, yes, yes, get the pictue. Bring any one of them to my house and I will be happy.

  31. LOVE the Lenox plate/stand. I'm drooling over the desserts!

  32. Hi Honey,

    Check your Yahoo email. *wink*

  33. My goodness, Kathleen. Those desserts are mouth watering, They look so pretty too and knowing you, I know they are just as delicious. I am spending Thanksgiving in FL with my kids and I plan to order a Boston Market Thanksgiving dinner cause it will be a very busy weekend with 2 baby showers scheduled already....Christine

  34. OHMYGOSH, I LOVE that beautiful cake stand, and I'd love those mouth-watering desserts no matter what you put them on! I'm serving a cake shaped like a cornucopia (I hope!) laurie

  35. Any one of your desserts would make me smile. I'll do the traditional ~ pecan pie and pumpkin pie.

  36. What a wonderful cake plate. Since I eat dessert first I would be happy no matter which one you made. On the waiting list for a dessert class at cooking school this week. Pray they call me. Happy thanksgiving and have fun with the turkey smoker..we are doing a fried turkey..well it is the south:-)

  37. Oh my goodness Kahtleen, I'm drooling over all those desserts! I don't know what to make, although I won't host Thanksgiving this year, we're going to our friend's Lesly (American too)but I make turkey anyway. Thanks for the recipes, I'll have to ask hubby to choose. Hugs, FABBY

  38. All your past desserts look so professional, Kathleen. What are your family's favorites?

    We always have to have pumpkin pie with whipped cream and apple pie , and a jello rainbow ring for Thanksgiving dessert. Nothing fancy, just the family's all time favorites that i ahvebeen making over 35 years. This year I am also making a red velvet cake with sweet cream cheese frosting for my daughter's birthday, which falls on Thanksgiving..her request.

  39. Your pies look sensational. I wanted to get back to you and thank you for visiting my blog, and also tell you that anyone who taught for 33 years IS a superstar! Wish teachers had rock star status, and in my book they do! Happy Thanksgiving. Your home is lovely, as I'm sure was your classroom. ~CJ

  40. Everything looks luscious, especially those cookies! And I love your Christmas Tree Shop plates, love the checkboard border -- you always find the best things. I haven't been to the one in my neck of the woods for months!


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