Tuesday, January 31, 2012

♥♥~Calling All Love Birds~♥♥

January 2012 142
Tonight's table features this red and white cloth from TJM.
January 2012 130
The flatware is Calypso by Towle, purchased at about a third of what Pier One is selling it for, at CTS.
Red charger is from Pottery Barn Outlet, and the dishes are from Le Dollar Tree and cost...a dollar!
I used them once a few years ago in a Halloween Devil table, so it was time.
January 2012 136
Your love bird can sit here, tag was on the gift Alma gave me, a Valentine Red Bird.
Doubled napkin and white alabaster ring from William Sonoma Outlet.
January 2012 137
A hurricane with a white berry wreath, hearts and red berries is the centerpiece.   This was easy, I keep this on my table till after the 14th.
January 2012 132
The stems I have never used before are from HG, and the I used the antique glasses from my friend's mom as they had the same shape and some etchings.
January 2012 147
Ruffled white bowls from HG, and little white bowls for the butter from CTS.
January 2012 148
Fly away now to check out the other tables at Susan's BNOTP Tablescape Thursday, but remember, it won't be available till Thursday morning.
January 2012 144
Hope you are planning something sweet for someone on the 14th!
January 2012 010
I had a small filet mignon in the freezer that needed to be cooked, and some shrimp.
I sliced the filet mignon thick,  seasoned the meat, got the pan hot.  No oil, just sprinkle of salt on the pan.  Seared it on both sides, lowered the heat and cooked a bit.
Let it sit, then sliced it.  Served it on top of linguine with spinach, and did the shrimp in wine sauce.  Very quick and easy! I know you aren't supposed to use shaved locatelli cheese on shrimp, but too bad, we like it!  :)
The steak was as good or better than all those complicated recipes, high heat, oven off, cover with foil etc recipes!
January 2012 007
Cut like butter!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012


I love Polka Dots, any color!
I like them in Pink...Details here.
table 3141
I like them in black...
Bargains 057
And I really love them in RED!
January 2012 106

So tonight I used my red polka dot plates, and bowls.
The bowls are from CTS and were marked down to $1.00
January 2012 110
The runners are from Pottery Barn Outlet, an after Christmas bargain a few years ago. The polka dot salad plates are from PB Outlet too.
January 2012 118
I love these red square plates with a wavy edge.  I got them on line from Pfaltzgraff during one of their Dollar Day Sales,  and yes, they were $1.00.  I had bought the salad plates during the summer for 1.00, so when I saw the dinner plates,  I jumped on it!  I ordered 24, as I thought they would be great for a Christmas buffet, and July 4th.
Unfortunately, 4 of them arrived broken, and more unfortunately, Pfaltzgraff didn't reserve any to replace damages.  Not good!
January 2012 111
A white charger from Noritake, and a small white plate from the Gibson sets so many of us have.
January 2012 103
White flatware from Walmart.
A little pail filled with carnations is the centerpiece, perched on a polka dot cake stand from CTS.  It had a little missing paint which I fixed.  I paid .29 for it!
January 2012 114
These polka dot casserole dishes were one of my extreme scores at Cmas Tree Shops.  They were in clearance, just put out, 90 % off. 
Augyst and dinner dance 091
You don't want to know what I paid!   You do???  59 cents, in perfect condition.  I got squares too.
Augyst and dinner dance 094
January 2012 102
The candlesticks are by Villeroy and Boch, stems by Dansk, and bread plate hearts are from Michael's, marked down to .25
I still have another dotty table brewing.
Augyst and dinner dance 090I think I will wait for Spring for that one!

Jacqueline at Purple Chocolate posted the cutest little cupcake baked in a silicone cupcake mold that came with a saucer.  They are adorable!
I googled where to get them, but decided it was too pricey for as often as I would use it.
I thought about the cups that came with the Cambridge set, and I figured I would give it a try.
January 2012 086  Make your batter, whatever recipe you like, or even a box mix. Pour it IN the greased cup, don't fill too high, it will rise.
Bake it at 350.
After it cooled I piled fresh strawberries on top of the cake.
January 2012 089
I whipped some heavy cream, and piped it on top.
January 2012 097
DH was very happy to try my experiment!
January 2012 093
I think these would be lovely to serve at a luncheon.  Or a chicken pot pie baked in them too.
DH said he would eat it again, isn't he a sport?  :)
January 2012 098
Pick up that spoon and dig in!
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh MY, It's Pie Day!

National Pie Day, eat all you want, calories don't count today!
October Witches 194Mile High Apple Pie
October Witches 099
October Witches 088Potato Cheese and Onion Pie from Cathy at Wives with Knives Recipe
table 1180 Chicken Pot Pietable 1309Little  Apple Crumb Pie
table 1350Meat Pies
table 1911
Recession Pie
Use up what you have in the frig!  Here's the recipe.
table 4255Cherry Pie
table 2898Spinach Pie
Picture 626
Baked Spaghetti Squash PiePicture 704
Shredded Crust Apple Pie
Picture 1454 Peaches and Cream Crumb Pie
Picture 1701 Shepherds Pie
Individual Pot Pies
ghost pie
Ghost Pie ( Cottage Pie)
Hope I haven't left you Pie Eyed!  :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Strawberry, Sweet HEART?

It's cold!
January 2012 076
But not frigid!
It's snowy!  Our first snowfall here in NY on L.I..  Pretty good for the end of January!
January 2012 049
But I can still find my car!  And it is supposed to warm up and rain by tomorrow.
January 2012 074
The snow peeps are happy!
We are cozy and warm, a blessing this Sunday.
A ♥ ty breakfast this morning.
January 2012 067
Blueberry pancakes with fresh strawberries.
Strawberries are a natural for hearts...
January 2012 063
Just make a little cut out in the top!
January 2012 069
Eat your heart out.  :)
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's Your Fortune, Cookie?

Chinese New Year is approaching, and I don't want to miss the opportunity for a theme table.  By next Tablescape Thursday, the opportunity will have passed!
January 2012 026
I found these fortune cookie name holders in Tuesday Morning last summer.  I bought these, and my friend, Alma, The Tablescaper bought service for 12 of British Castles! 
I set a place for my friend Carol, There's Always Thyme to Cook.
Her fortune?
January 2012 027
She is the Take Out Queen of Long Island!  She could write a guide book!  :)
Those little ceramic cookies had to be used, so Happy Chinese New Year!
January 2012 012
I got these Mikassa plates last year in Christmas Tree Shop, 1.99.
I used a black cloth, the plates, and lions January 2012 015 head bowls from WSonoma Outlet.
Flatware from CTS, Napkins from WSonoma Outlet.
January 2012 020
Fan shaped plates from HG clearance, 2.00, and little dipping bowls for our hot and duck sauce, .69 from CTS.
January 2012 044
Stems from CTS, so are the white spoons.
January 2012 039
January 2012 033
The candlesticks are new, by Mikassa, from BBB, on sale and a 20% off coupon.  I don't have any as tall as these, so I treated myself.
January 2012 024
Waiting in the background is a tablecloth I found at Savers.  It is lined, and a small check piping around the edge. $5.00   Working on a scape to use it!
January 2012 023
January 2012 018
Let's eat!
Picture 1545
Picture 1544
Pork Fried Rice,  Snow Peas and Duck Sauce.
Picture 1697
Or Shrimp with Crispy Walnuts...
Picture 1866
Homemade eggrolls.
Pick one from Column A and one from Column B, or is that just a NY thing?
I have posted all the methods for these previously. I do not know exact measurements as I don't use recipes except for baking.
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Picture 1670
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