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Following Yonder Star...

January 6th is Epiphany, Three Kings Day, or as we used to call it, Little Christmas.  It celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings who brought gifts of gold , frankincense, and myrrh to the Christ child.
December 2011 226
Since the other two symbols are elusive to me, I went with the gold. :)
December 2011 242
I started with a gold and white striped cloth, which was a remnant I got for a dollar at the Duralee Outlet here on Long Island. It is heavy weight upholstery fabric.
The charger is gold glass with a lot of sparkle from Pier 1, about 5 years ago.  I have eleven and was unable to find the 12th anywhere.
December 2011 231 Star mirrors from Pottery Barn Outlet years ago hold a gold and white star candle from the Villeroy and Boch Outlet.
December 2011 224
The centerpiece is gold sprays in a crystal bowl and fresh baby's breath.
December 2011 228
Lenox Eternal dinner plate, (made in the USA, Pat Mille Favoriti  :) and a delicate antique cream soup bowl and under plate.  These were sent to me by my dear friend Marigene, at  In the Middle of Nowhere.  They are 100 years old, Noritake, Nippon, hand painted.  I treasure them.  They made the journey from VT, to KS to NY without any damage. 
I wonder why  some of the  things I order  arrive in pieces!
December 2011 243
December 2011 235
The napkins are antique too.  They are hand towels bought  many years ago at a Trash to Treasure sale they used to have here in Southampton every year.  Lots of old estates would donate things. 
December 2011 240
I filled a martini glass with gold filigree balls from Michaels clearance section.  The glasses are very old too.  They belonged to my friend's mom.
December 2011 239
All the stemware is etched, and one is trimmed with gold.
The tallest one is a recent purchase from Christmas Tree Shop, and the stem is so thin and tall I am amazed I got them home in one piece!
December 2011 233
The flatware is trimmed in gold, by Wallace, and the candlesticks are Mikasa.December 2011 230
So have yourself an epiphany, and a merry little Christmas!  And then, down with the decorations as is our tradition.
I see the Pinteresters have moved on to ♥ Day!
I was surprised to see this little table from a few years ago had been repinned  so many times.  I am amazed and humbled that so many liked the idea.  I think it is the polka dots!
table 1803
There's only 5 weeks till ♥ Day, I wonder if Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie will host her party this year?  Is was always a lot of fun!
Have you started thinking about decorating for ♥ day? 
The easiest thing I ever made for ♥ day was this. This is from 2009. 
table 550
It just came to me to make a heart with the shrimp. Duh... 
Don't forget we have Mardi Gras the week after that!
Oh don't put those snowflake cookie cutters away yet!  We can get snow till March, so there's plenty of time to make snowflake potatoes!
December 2011 143
Just cut the potato, toss with oil and s and p, and bake till browned.  A little fun for a snowy night!
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  1. I'm thinking that so mant people give you special things because you''re a really good steward of treasures. That makes me smile. I signed up for Pinterest, but I'm never exactly sure what I'm doing. Thanks for all the ideas for special touches while cooking. Happy New Year! Cherry Kay

  2. You just have the best ideas...I am so going to do that shrimp heart...

  3. I've got to start celebrating 3 Kings day! Love it. Your table is wonderful as usual. That stemware is really elegant. I'm glad you arrived home with it safely. OYE! So many fun events coming this winter, including Katie's wedding :0)
    Happy Epiphany/3 Kings Day to you!

  4. Happy "little Christmas". Love the shrimp hearts. And polka dots are always fun.

  5. What a sparkly table, Kathleen!!! I wish you would have mentioned earlier about the charger...I have seen those as recently as October in our Pier 1 stores here. I have the dinner plates. They didn't have a lot of the chargers, but at least the one that you need was still available!!! I am going out tomorrow and will keep an eye open. I always make a beeline for the clearance area!

  6. I was pinning Easter and Spring since before Christmas :o I love your table and am always amazed at the things you find on sale or clearance. A day of shopping with you is definitely on my 'bucket list'. xo

  7. Kathleen, your 3 Kings table is delightful. Truly elegant with the formal setting of gold. Makes me want to set a 3 Kings Table. I need to mark my calendar so I remember to do this for next year. Love this idea!
    Taking down Christmas tonight. ;-)
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  8. A golden table is perfect for Little Christmas. It's sparkly & elegant too. You always come up with such clever themes.

  9. You know I love "Made in America" products, Kathleen :)

    It's funny, because my "not made in America husband" always celebrated the Epiphany as a child. Italian children wait for "La Befana," and not Santa Claus, to bring them gifts on January 6th. I always leave some Christmas decorations up until the 6th for that reason.

    Your poka dot table is very "pinnable," as is everyone you put together. The gold theme of this one is so elegant.

  10. Love those star mirrors...too cute!

  11. Beautiful!! So elegant. Love adding the antique pieces. Your china is so elegant. Beautiful way to start the New Year.

    Jocelyn @

  12. Love your Epiphany table and all of it's golden details! I was with you when you purchased those glasses at CTS. They are lovely. Such gorgeous creamed soups. What an amazing gift. They are similar to the ones I used at my luncheon. Wish you could have joined us.

    Hope you're feeling better. Missed you at New Year's. Hoping that a new tablescape means you're on the mend.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Beautiful! I love all the gold!!! What a wonderful friend!!!

  14. That tablescape is fit for a king! Make that Three Kings!! ;-)

    I did a simple tablescape, but didn't post it, I was just in the mood to change the Christmas reds to butterscotch yellow!

    I need to start thinking about a Valentine tablescape too!

    Happy Epiphany! Don't work too hard taking down the decorations!


  15. Love it, Kathleen!! I'm glad to see your 3 Kings table! The gold is so perfect (I guess we need to read up on frankincense and myrrh for next year's table--LOL. (where will we begin?!). Thanks for the reminder to start thinking about the holidays that are coming up--that's an experienced blogger! Love your table!! ~Zuni

  16. Lovin' your pretty plates K! Also, the shrimp are such a cute idea for Valentine's Day! Hope you're staying warm during this cold snap:@)

  17. Love your Epiphany table and your pretty plates from Marigene! Funny, I just asked Laurie @ Bargain Hunting if she will host another ♥ party this year. Is was a lot of fun last year.
    I remember your shrimp cocktail heart from 2009. I thought it was most clever. Maybe I'll use the idea this year. Our Christmas decor is coming down this weekend, reluctantly. I love my mantle and MKC tree too much to take it down!

  18. Indeed a table fit for a KING!! Beautiful!! Cathy

  19. What a lovely table for Epiphany! That holiday was always observed when we lived in south Louisiana, but not so much here in Texas. Thanks for the look ahead to Valentine's Day! That table IS darling, and the shrimp idea so cute!

  20. Elegant, swellegant table! How awesome to have someone send you those delicate Noritake soup bowls? Love the idea of celebrating Three Kings Day. I never heard of it until this year, thanks to my clever and well-informed blog buddies. Thanks for sharing. ~CJ

  21. love the shrimp heart!! wonderful idea. and I will be using that one. The gold rimmed eternal is so very pretty. Love the cream soups too. Great table.. xo marlis

  22. Religiously, I observe Three Kings Day. But only you could make it stylish! xoxo

  23. Your table is amazing! I love your beautiful dishes and stemware. All your accessories look so pretty. I too, love your Valentine's table.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Lots of folks dont know about old Christmas, and thats a great looking setting that you have on this post. Richard

  25. What a beautiful table! And I love the heart shrimp!!!

  26. I like how you used GOLD to represent a Three Kings Day t'scape, looks so rich and regal! I saw that your polka dot V's day t'scape was a hit on Pinterest - no wonder, it's gorgeous!


  27. What an amazingly elegant table setting you have there. I love the way you tied it into the Three Kings.

    What wonderful foodie ideas you've given me. It's like duh...why didn't I think of that!

    The grandkiddos are gonna love those 'taders.

    God bless and have an awesome day sweetie!!! :o)

  28. Amazing table as always! I love the gold sparkly chargers and the tall balloon wine glasses from (grrr) CTS (still hoping to get one here someday). The vintage soup bowls are too sweet. I may just have to attempt to make the shrimp hearts for either Mr. B's birthday in 2 weeks or Valentine's day.
    Have a wonderful weekend friend.

  29. Kathleeen,
    What a pretty table! I love the gold chargers and all the gold on everything else! I just love gold!!!!
    The Valentine table is delightful! You had so many ideas in this post I will have to go back and look again!
    I am a little late at getting around but I am moving and there is so much to do. Movers are coming next week!
    Blessings My Friend,

  30. Kathleen...your table is amazingly elegant!!..Since I am a new follower, I thank you for showing your Valentines Day table...No wonder it has been repined many times. It is absolutely adorable!!

    As you know, I am a fan!!

  31. Those cream soups looks so pretty and you're right, so delicate. Your table is very elegant with the simple china and the gold and etched stemware. Very stunning! I wonder if I will home for Valentine's Day. I think I will try to be hone either on 2/10 or 11...Christine

  32. Dear Kathleen,

    You're the lady to visit for fantastic ideas and fun food! :) Using the cookie cutters for the potatoes ~ so cool!

    Lovely tables too!

  33. Argh! I can't think of Valentine's Day yet. I just put up the Christmas decor!

    I'm just too scatterbrained to deal with so many holidays and turning 50 at the same time.

    Just kinda kidding.

    I love your gold and white table. It's really beautiful. I had all intentions of doing a gold and white table around the New Year, but as I said, I'm scatterbrained. It wouldn't have been as pretty as yours anyway.

  34. I just love the little soup bowls. My mom's china included those. You don't seem them much anymore. Beautiful table as always.

  35. I love the polka festive, cheery & fun! I love the heart-shaped shrimp appetizers...too cute!!

  36. Our home seems so bare now that Christmas was put away today. Love the gold and sparkle table!

    Having survived 3 days with a grandson, I'm not even thinking of Valentine's Day yet!

  37. Beautiful all of the gold and your dishes are beautiful! Happy New Year! Looking forward to your posts in 2012!

  38. Beautiful tablescape!!
    Congrats too on being featured at Front Porch Ideas and More. I am featured on the same page as you are!
    Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Years!
    Thanks for your visit!


  39. Love your Epiphany table, very pretty! Marigene has such a keen eye, those dishes are lovely. Hope you feel better, stay warm!

  40. Love your elegant gold table, Kathleen. I have an old set of Lenox that includes the cream soup bowls and they are so pretty on the table. One of these days I'm going to do a tablescape. I was happy to put my Christmas things away and start the new year fresh. Love the red and white.

  41. Beautiful table, Kathleen. I am so happy that you are enjoying the creams/underplates.
    I just cleaned out and donated around 500 dishes to the thrift feels good to clear them out as I know they won't be used again...I still have far too many. Howard has been smiling and asking how long it will take to replace them with something "new"!

  42. Hi Kathleen! I love the epiphany table, such beautiful vintage items, and the centerpiece is pretty with the baby's breath! I am always in awe, mostly, of your food. It always looks so divine, but I just don't seem to have the energy to shop, cook, and then clean up. I am inspired, though, when I see your recipes!! Thanks for visiting with me and your kind comments.

  43. Hi Kathleen,

    Happy 2012 to you!! Your table is sooo elegant. I love the striped tablecloth, the star mirrors and the pretty white and gold star candles. This is a perfect table for Epiphany.

    Your Lenox dinner plates are lovely; I think Lenox is so classic. But those antique cream soup bowls are a real treasure. What a WONDERFUL gift from Marigene, and you are lucky they arrived in one piece. :)

    As usual, I love your food and recipe tips. Looking forward to reading your blog in 2012.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  44. What a beautiful table you've set! I love the tall etched glasses. Lovely post!

  45. Gorgeous tablescape, Kathleen! The plates are real treasures! Love the shrimp idea! I searched the Graphics Fairy for graphics in Gaelic...none to be found...but lots of Saint Paddy's postcards! I hope that your 2012 is off to a great start! Happy Saturday!...hugs...Debbie

  46. Stunning table Kathleen! I love your plates, such a beauty they are. The tall etched glasses are gorgeous and I love the shrimp idea...I love shrimp cocktail, ceviche and almost everything else with them, lol I lke your striped tabletopper too...and for a $1! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed year 2012. I have a giveaway, all you have to do is visit me and comment on it. THE GIVEAWAY IS FOR MY YEAR OF BLOGGING. The winner will be announced next Pink Saturday by Beverly. Thanks.

  47. Another stunning tablescape, it took mt breath away, love the centrepiece so simple but oh so stylish.
    I can't believe some are already thinking ahead to V day, but I'm certainly taking the shrimp heart as inspiration this year.

  48. Another stunning tablescape, it took my breath away, love the centrepiece so simple but oh so stylish.
    I can't believe some are already thinking ahead to V day, but I'm certainly taking the shrimp heart as inspiration this year.

  49. Gorgeous table Kathleen. That airy centerpiece is perfection. Love the gold mixed with the baby breath. Those long stems are so elegant looking. I think I'd feel like a queen drinking from one of those. I'm also loving those chargers. Exquisite table. You are so kind to think of the V'tine party before I even thought to post about it! (Do ya think I'm getting old?) Hugs, laurie

  50. The gold is just so "rich" and inviting.

  51. Just magical, K.
    I love that centerpiece...and baby breath makes everything prettier, I think.
    Now, I am starving for snowflake potatoes.

  52. This is such a pretty table Kathleen. Simple and elegant! And I can see why your Valentine table has been repinned. It is so fun! Love the idea of using cookie cutters for potatoes. I wil have to try that! Thank you for joining TTF this week. I hope you have a great day!


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