Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's Your Fortune, Cookie?

Chinese New Year is approaching, and I don't want to miss the opportunity for a theme table.  By next Tablescape Thursday, the opportunity will have passed!
January 2012 026
I found these fortune cookie name holders in Tuesday Morning last summer.  I bought these, and my friend, Alma, The Tablescaper bought service for 12 of British Castles! 
I set a place for my friend Carol, There's Always Thyme to Cook.
Her fortune?
January 2012 027
She is the Take Out Queen of Long Island!  She could write a guide book!  :)
Those little ceramic cookies had to be used, so Happy Chinese New Year!
January 2012 012
I got these Mikassa plates last year in Christmas Tree Shop, 1.99.
I used a black cloth, the plates, and lions January 2012 015 head bowls from WSonoma Outlet.
Flatware from CTS, Napkins from WSonoma Outlet.
January 2012 020
Fan shaped plates from HG clearance, 2.00, and little dipping bowls for our hot and duck sauce, .69 from CTS.
January 2012 044
Stems from CTS, so are the white spoons.
January 2012 039
January 2012 033
The candlesticks are new, by Mikassa, from BBB, on sale and a 20% off coupon.  I don't have any as tall as these, so I treated myself.
January 2012 024
Waiting in the background is a tablecloth I found at Savers.  It is lined, and a small check piping around the edge. $5.00   Working on a scape to use it!
January 2012 023
January 2012 018
Let's eat!
Picture 1545
Picture 1544
Pork Fried Rice,  Snow Peas and Duck Sauce.
Picture 1697
Or Shrimp with Crispy Walnuts...
Picture 1866
Homemade eggrolls.
Pick one from Column A and one from Column B, or is that just a NY thing?
I have posted all the methods for these previously. I do not know exact measurements as I don't use recipes except for baking.
I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday
Sherry for Open House Thursday
Gollum for Foodie Friday
Diann for Thrifty Things Friday
2805 for Potpourri Friday
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Don't forget Laurie's ♥ Party on Feb.10th!  She's serving Heartburn Hash!  :)
Picture 1670
The 4th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl right here! 
You are all invited, so start thinking Leprechauns!  :)
♣♣♣♣ March 13th  ♣♣♣♣
Part 1.1Irish dancerGet ready to jig!


  1. What a fun table Kathleen! Love all the cute dishes and what great bargains! The food looks sooooo good!

  2. I knew you'd share a table for Chinese New Year. Just put my house guest on the plane and started thinking about a table for CNY here. Nothing is coming into my imagination. ;-( May have to sit on the sideline this Year of the Dragon. Cute table! The little fortune cookie place card holders are fun. ~ Sarah

  3. Kathleen, you set the most amazing tables! I love this for Chinese New's lots of fun.

  4. You never fail to amaze me with your wonderful buys, tables, and food! I always love to visit here. Happy Chinese New year to you!

  5. That's a fun table K! Lovin' the cute name holders. Pork fried rice sounds great:@)

  6. This table is awesome!...I just want to pull up a chair and eat!!...The dishes are such a great find! You are amazing! Can't wait for your St. Patty's party!

  7. I love a fun Chinese New Year's Table! Love the little fortune cookie name holders! They are oh so cute!

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    Your tablescape is just Beautiful !!
    With the black tablecloth the red and white dishes just makes the table Pop!!! Your dinner sounds so Yummy.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful week, and thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape and my redo on my Kitchen.
    XXOO Diane

  9. Oh, how I would love to have access to all those marvelous outlet stores. Everything is perfect for Chinese New Year. I adore the square red plates, and I'm already guessing how you'll use the new tablecloth hanging in the background. Of course you don't use recipes and measurements when you cook...gifted, I tell you! Cherry Kay

  10. I'm so glad I have a kindred spirit in blogworld! I don't use recipes either and it drives my friends and my mom crazy when I try to explain! Your eggrolls look amazing! I love your square red plates and everything looks so festive. A setting for 12 of British Castles...great find!!

  11. What a beautiful and fun table Kathleen!!

    Jocelyn @

  12. Oh, Kathleen, I love this table, and I love that you had the idea to do it to celebrate the Chinese new year, and I love all your dishes! I HAVE to find a CTS!! I would've bought those fan dishes in a red-hot minute too! So many possibilities!! Love it! :) ~Zuni

  13. I'm such a fan of theme tables. I don't know if it's the teacher in me or just the kid in me, but they are always my favorites.

    You have such great dishes for this one, but my favorite detail of all was easy. It's the place cards. I love that.

    I'm amazed at the number of IRL friends you have who blog. I only know one other person who blogs around here besides me. They just don't know what they're missing.

  14. Those little fortune cookie place cards are so adorable! Love this neat tablescape, so cute, and different!

    Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the future - table designs, and food!!


  15. Love the red and white! I just realized I haven't had Chinese food in close to a year!

  16. I just knew what your theme would be! Love the red and white ;o) Joe would be thrilled if I used fortune cookie place cards. He has been going for Chinese food on his January 26th birthday for almost 45 years!

  17. Love this tablescape, Kathleen! Those little fortune cookie place card holders are unique! Happy Chinese New Year!...hugs...Debbie

  18. Oh My.. Kathleen. What a beautiful creative tablescape. Absolutely PERFECT for the Chinese New Year. And your food.WOW! Now I have to go back and get those incredible recipes. Oh how I love your site. Its just so much fun to come here and just enjoy!


  19. LOL, so maybe I can order take-out from you, it all looks so good. Your egg rolls and shrimp look nicer than Jani :)

  20. I am seriously craving Chinese food now. Love the table, wish you set a place for me (for real)! ;-) I have been preparing for the St. Patty's blog crawl - hope the eye surgery doesn't mess me up! xo

  21. Those fortune cookies are just the cutest! You've set such a delightful table! Pass the eggrolls please.....and some hot and sour soup?

  22. Kathleen -- what a fun and whimsical table -- those little fortune cookie name holders are the cutest little things ever. Love the individual covered casseroles. I forgot aboutr CNY, but my husand didn't. He has put in a request for my Lemon Chicken. I only make it once a year. Fun table. Joni

  23. Oh, geez....I just saw that poached egg in the hash and it reminded me that Ramon wants me to learn to make poached eggs. Ugh! I don't WANNA learn!!! Why can't he just have them sizzled in PAM like he has had them since he met me? Boo hoo hoo! GREAT tablescape, Kathleen! I love doing tablescapes for this holiday because the colors are just so vibrant and fun. If you haven't gotten the red of Christmas out of your system yet, Chinese New Year fills the bill! :-) After Valentine's Day, though, I'm pretty much over it and ready to move on! Glad you treated yourself to the candlesticks...they're so pretty! You deserve them! :-) I'm just head-over-heels for the fortune cookie place card holders! How fun!!! Looking forward to your blog crawl in March. I'm teaching a class that night, so I'll be late posting. It'll be fun, though!

  24. What a great table!!! And the food looks delicious! Did you MAKE all that???? YOu are way better than I am! Would love to come taste some, love chinese:):) XO, Pinky

  25. How you always have just the right thing to work with is amazing. Your eyes must be wandering in every direction when you are out and about, looking for that special something for the table. We had stir fried rice for dinner tonight and some of your goodies would have been perfect on the table.

  26. Homemade egg rolls, yum. I don't think I've ever had them homemade. Love your table. Funny how I don't even remember those place card holders. I must have really been wrapped up in my purchse which I have yet to use! I meant to use them at Christmas, but it just didn't happen.

    - The Tablecaper

  27. Hi Kathleen, I always enjoy seeing your pretty tablescapes . This one is so fun and I love the place card holders. Thanks for linking to the Open House party and take care.
    Hugs, Sherry

  28. How cute are those fortune cookie place card holders and the fan plates are fabulous! Way to go in finding a tablecloth at savers for $5.00! Very fun Valentines tablescape!!


  29. I must say Kathleen, I really enjoyed reading you; Love you tablescape and that food is calling my name. I thnk we will be celebrating this special on the weekend.
    Happy Chinese New Year to you.

  30. Honey, I am salivating like crazy~ I love a good Chinese meal! Luv your red table and those cute little place holders. Those plates are to die for and go so well w/the napkin pattern. :-) Geez, now I want an eggroll for breakfast! LOL
    Oh good, I see the St. Paddy's Day Crawl is planned!

  31. Kathleen, I love your table for Chinese New Year. The fortune cookie place card holders are the cutest! I had Chinese food last night (Egg Foo Young)...YUMMY!!!

    Ricki Jill

  32. what fun! you are so creative Kathleen. And I wish I could try those eggrolls - hmm, hmm good!

  33. Such a fun table! I love that you started with the cute fortune cookies and went from there! The food looks amazing -- wish I could join you!

  34. what a lovely table! I rarely decorate mine that much but it is gorgeous

  35. As I've said many times, you are the bargain shopping queen. Love your pretty Valentine's header photo and your tablescape. The fried rice looks pretty good too.

  36. Love all your darling dishes. they are perfect to celebrate chinese new year's or any other time you might be serving chinese.. Food looks scrumptious too. xo marlis

  37. Great table Kathleen! Look at those red plates - I love them and they look fantastic on your table!
    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  38. Wonderful table and the fortune cookie name card holders are very cute (along with your tribute to the take out queen).

    I never heard of one from Column A and one from Column B before! I could really go for one of those egg rolls for lunch.

  39. Kathleen, your table is wonderful! I love the cute little fortune cookie place cards and the dishes you used. The red and black combination looks very dramatic.

  40. Your tablescape is fabulous! And the meal made my mouth water! I forgot about Chinese New year, this year. I did a tablescape and firecracker shrimp last year and its still in the top 4 favorite posts on my blog. Your little fortune cookie place holders are just darling! I love your post!

    Rainey @ The Project Table

  41. Happy Chinese New Year! Beautiful table, and even more BEAUTIFUL FOOD -- I'm so impressed that you did your own Chinese food - especially that shrimp dish... YUM! (And yeah, I think 'one from column A and one from column B' is a NY thing. LOL, I miss it and have never seen it here in CT.)

  42. P.S. I signed in with my other account, but the comment above is from THIS Gloria you know. ;)

  43. Yay, you were able to link up to the party! Blogger has been so screwy lately. Thank you for joining TTf and have a great weekend!

  44. Kathleen, this was a fun post. Love the tablescape and the menu!

  45. Beautiful as usual, Kathleen! Love the plates and those place card holders are so cute, so Chinese! You even know how to prepare Asian food!...Christine

  46. Such a pretty table, Kathleen! The pork fried rice sounds yummy & homemade egg rolls...delish!!

  47. Pork fried rice and home made egg rolls??? I'm on my way over. Everything looks delicious. Your tablescape is darling. Love the furtune cookie place card holder. Too cute. Thanks for the reminder about St.Patrick's Day. I was thinking about it the other day.I'd better get craic-ing. Sorry, couldn't resist that pun.

  48. Kathleen, those little fortune telling place cooking place card holders are just too cute, and I love the idea of writing a fortune on the back of the name card. Love those pretty red square plates, and the fan shaped plates too. It's just so much fun to use plates that aren't round! Your dinner looks so good, but your food always does. Thanks for the V'tine party advertisement. That little Irish girl, doing the jig, is soooo cute! You clever girl, you. laurie

  49. Oh my galoshes, FUN! You have EVERYTHING to celebrate the year of the dragon (I think, it is?)

    Such a great the little name place holders and the white spoons & those pretty RED plates. *sigh* You live in the best bargain hunting capital of the world!!!!

    pass the soy sauce, please? *wink*

    Oh, & I just added your dancing gig to my sidebar in the form of a reminder of your party. Can't WAIT!!

  50. Hi Kathleen, Your food looks SOOO good! I'm salivating at the thought of the heartburn hash and eggs for breakfast. And I love those fortune cookie place card holders. I hope to be at your St. Pat's party! Linda

  51. Kathleen,
    I just love the colors of the table. Love those red and white plates. Beautiful table. Wish we were having dinner right now. Pat

  52. I would love to be a guest at this table -- so happy and cheerful, and that food looks scrumptious. I wish I lived closer to CTS now that we finally have one. It is quite a trek over there. The little fan plates really make this table.

  53. How clever! I've never seen those fortune cookies, but they are so nice with the fun messages. I love, love Chinese food too. I'd love a homemade egg roll and some rice please. Yum!

    Thank you for your message on my blog. I'll be happy to see what you'll be sharing at my party next week!

  54. That is a great looking table and the food looks wonderful.

  55. You are so darn creative..I can't stand it:) haha
    Those fortune cookie place holders and fan plates are too cute. I was just at Homegoods and was tempted to buy some plates but I resisted. I want to rearrange my pantry so badly and purge some junk....oh and get hubby to stop putting his dust masks in there...ugggh.
    where in heavens do you store it all?

    Food looks delicious!

  56. Okay....the girls have gone back to NYC and Sue has new eye glasses so I can actually read my blogs again....Did you really make all that fabulous looking Chinese food??......where can I get the recipes especially for the egg rolls...and the table looks great the fortune cookie place cards...You always find the best stuff....Hope your New Year is off to a good start...Sue.

  57. Such great bargains and cute dishes Kathleen, I love them! You did such a fun table. God, all that chinese food, you are such a chef, it just kills me, lol! Your family is so lucky, terrific tables and food, wow!

  58. Love the red and white, Kathleen, very festive, and the menu sounds super delicious, always a joy to see your tablescapes.

  59. Those fortune cookies are adorable! Love the tablescape.~Ames

  60. Your table is lovely, Kathleen! Thank you for sharing this fabulous post to Potpourri Friday!

  61. This is an AWESOME table. I am in awe of all the dishes and extras you have. Just amazing. and FUN. :))

  62. This table is fantastic! I love those fortune cookie place card holders! The thought of having a W-S outlet close by makes me swoon. You lucky,lucky girl!

  63. Just when I think you can't possibly come up with a tablescape that will wow me more than some of your previous ones, you do something like this! WOW! Beautiful table and the food looks so delicious!

    I'm glad I caught up with you today and saw you are doing your St. Pat's day crawl again this year, Kathleen. I hope to join in. Life is very hectic for me right now, as I'm sure you understand. I am in a twilight zone between sorrow and joy. I'm taking it one day at a time.

  64. Oh my gosh. Those fortune placecard holders are adorable.


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