Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll!

In a few days it will be Mardi Gras, the next day starts Lent.  Not a big deal for most, but for me it means meatless Fridays, I dislike fish immensely,  and no eating between meals. 
When we were growing up, it also meant going to the 6 a.m. daily Mass.  Oh that was brutal, we used to roll up our pjs, and wear a trench coat and sleepily head to church.  Come home, shower and get ready for school!
My oldest sister reasoned that you could have liquids between meals, so she would melt ice cream and drink it!
Needless to say, none of us will be nominated for sainthood, though my parents who raised 4, not so docile girls, should be.  :)  Well, one was docile!
So tonight, a bit of the gold, green and purple associated with Mardi Gras. 
January 2012 297
January 2012 283
I started with a deep purple cloth and a candelabra with fleur de lis on it.   It came from Villeroy and Boch.  I add a few clip on gold tassels,  and gold candles.  I sat it on a vintage gold linen tea towel, with a mask and some Mardi Gras coins.
January 2012 298
Gold flatware, gold square charger, green glass charger by Gorham, Lenox Eternal plate, green glass bowl, purple napkin, and colorful blingy napkin ring from CTS.
January 2012 287
Green glass with gold ball by Gorham, via the Lenox Outlet. Purple stems from HG.  A mask at each place.
January 2012 306
Little gold buckets hold fresh mums with a gold tassel added.
January 2012 294
January 2012 302
Before next Tuesday, I hope to try a recipe for Paczki, a yeast donut traditional in some parts before Ash Wednesday.  I'll post it if they come out well!  :)
The other  night I made a chicken, baby spinach, onion, cheese taco.
January 2012 271
Toast your taco, add a layer of fresh spinach seasoned, one grilled chicken breast in strips, 1/2 of small onion , done in the pan with some PAM and salt and pepper till nice and brown.  Drizzle it with Lite Ranch dressing, and some  freshly shredded reduced fat cheese.  You can add a sprinkle of crumbled bacon too.
January 2012 273
Put on your bib, roll it up and dig in!  It was a quick, easy and filling dinner.
January 2012 272
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  1. Oh, love those gorgeous jewel colors! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful table. I do think the good times they are a rollin'. ~ Sarah

  3. Love the Mardi Gras colors and the blingy napkin rings are fun! Dinner looks really good too:@)

  4. I usually do meatless Wednesday and Fridays during Lent, I do enjoy fish but it is still not easy when you are not really used to it. Tour taco looks so good and it is healthy, too. I think for Shrove Tuesday dinner I will make pancakes. xo

  5. What a pretty, festive table. That taco looks delicious. I want to try it as soon as possible!!

  6. Hi Kathleen!

    Always love the Mardi Gras colors... your table is very festive!

    So is Lent good for the "diet" as in losing weight? It sure can't hurt to eat less meat... but if you don't like fish then Fridays might be a challenge. Have you decided what you are giving up?

    Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures at my Bunny Hop Party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  7. Hi Kathleen!

    What a FESTIVE for a King (cake, that is!) I always loved the colors they use.

    I haven't even THOUGHT about Mardi Gras...I don't have all the pretty purples that you do, so I may just skip it, although I DO have a gorgeous mask. I'm still taking down Valentines! LOL

    I'll be anxious to hear how your Paczki turn out. We loved the lemon ones from Publix in FL. Our Giant Eagle had some last week that were just AWFUL...I threw them out & THAT is rare at this house, believe me.
    I've never tried to make them at home.

    "Laissez le Bon temp rouler!"

  8. forgot to tell you that your chicken- baby spinach-onion-cheese-taco looks really good!

  9. Love the tablescape! I enjoyed Mardi Gras so much when I lived in New Orleans. I don't think I own the 'colors' of Mardi Gras but it's something to start looking for....yes another excuse for more dishes! Hugs, Linda

  10. I too love this table setting and the rich jewel tones. You have such a talent for setting a beautiful table.

    Your chicken taco looks healthy and good. I can't wait for a functional kitchen again so I can unpack my totes and use more than the 1/2 doz seasonings I have out now.

    I think you should post the Paczki whether it turns out or not - I've never heard of it before.

  11. Perfect for Mardi Gras, love the colors Kathleen!
    Such a festive table!
    I went to Catholic Grade School so boy can I relate!
    We had to attend Mass 3 times a week during our recess time.
    Needless to say, I didn't care for that!
    I do remember always giving up candy for lent and usually at least once I would sneak some and feel so guilty.
    Hugs friend,

  12. Just perfect for Mardi Gras. I was planning on using those napkin rings as well! They just scream festive. I don't recall seeing those purple goblets before. I have the coordinating champagne flutes. Great use of the green goblets from Lenox. I love those with their gold balls on the stem.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. I sure smiled all the way through your introduction. Brought back a lot of memories. But the fasting wasn't so hard on me. I love fish.
    A close friend of mine (her last name was Franchetti - now THAT'S italian), hated fish and so did everyone else in her family. They has pasta with meatless sauce every Friday. Of course, when we were young, EVERY Friday was a meatless Friday.

    I'm going to try that taco thingie tomorrow. Just need to pick up a couple of chicken breast. I think my hubbie will love it.

  14. Your tablescape reminds me of my childhood in New Orleans. I had to LOL at the sainthood. I'll be joining you this Lent. P.S. I'm excited about your annual St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl. I'm getting ready!

  15. I think you know I really like this table with all the green...I do like purple and gold, too! Love the stemware.

  16. I love your tablescape! The colors of Mardi Gras are just so lively & fun.

    My mom still goes to Mass every morning during Lent. The rest of the family just follows the meatless Fridays. I'm surprised to hear you say you hate fish...I thought my sisters & I were the only ones!

  17. We NEVER got away with the old coat-over-the-PJs thing! My Mom would bust us every time!!! We went to Mass every freaking morning before school. EVERY morning!!! And then on Sundays, too! It was a part of life that was so ingrained that it actually felt weird if the church had a "snow day." I was SO happy when I got to high school and discovered we didn't have to keep up that ritual! There was never any chance that I was going to become a nun, and if going to Mass EVERY morning like in grade school was a precursor, I wanted NONE of that! :-) I like some fish, so I'll survive Lent, and the bad habits I gave up for Lent 2 years in a row have stuck! Amazing! I don't know what I'm going to give up this year yet. It ain't gonna be blogging, that's for sure! :-) Beautiful table, Miss Kathleen! I am gaga over those blingy napkin rings!!! They remind me of Carmen Miranda for some reason!

  18. Love your tablescape- is it possible it is already almost Lent-where does the time go? Gotta start thinking of something to give up!

  19. This is just great, really beautiful!! Love those napkin rings! (Yes, I see those pretty purple napkins, I need!)

    I don't care for fish either, I stick with mostly meatless meals. The taco looks good, but I would have to leave the spinach off.

    I'll start on my St. Pat tablescape soon!


  20. What a fun table! I love those "blingy" napkin rings. You didn't tell us wheter it was a bargain or not! Joni

  21. A very pretty and colorful table, K.

    We love baked beans, too. I have my mom's recipe....full of molasses, bacon, onions, slow baked for hours...soooo good with barbeque. (I know all this sounds strange to you...I never knew how differently people ate, according to their area.....
    Take this Taco, for instance. Out here, we eat TexMex Mexican food. A taco here is made with beef...for some reason, chicken and Mexican foods have never "gone together" for HAS to be beef. And...we really like corn tortillas better than flour for tacos.
    Your's does look good, tho...may give it a try soon.:)

  22. Think about felafel, a great meat substitute! I just love the purples!

  23. Oh the tales my hubby could tell about his friends and the antics at was always good!!! LOL!

    Your table is so beautifully festive for Mardi Gras..all you need is the parade!

  24. Awesome table! Love the mask and the fun napkin holders! Your recipe looks so good I'll have to try it!

  25. What a festive table, Kathleen. It looks very cheerful. I like how you used a mask as part of the centerpiece and I love the deep green color...Christine

  26. What a beautiful Mardi Gras table, Kathleen! I have a little artificial "Christmas" tree that I decorate with Mardi Gras lights and ornaments, years ago my friend Cindy Mac from the CF sent me the lights from Lousiana.

    Love your 6:00 a.m. going to Mass story, sooooo funny, I can relate!

  27. Kathleen,
    I love your Mardi Gras tablescape! The rich colors are so beautiful and fun! "Drank the melted ice cream...that's hysterical"!!

    Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday if you haven't already.


  28. The colors of Mardi Gras are such fun to work with, and it looks like you have all the right stuff. I love the purple goblets, and the tacos look like a good idea for tonight's dinner since I just bought fresh flour tortillas and have chicken thawing.

  29. Wonderful table! Love those napkin rings, so cute! Now I'm hungry for tacos! XO Cindy

  30. What pretty and rich colors. Kathleen. I fully intend to indulge before lent starts! This year I'm gonna try to be good and stay away from the treats I'll be giving up. It won't be easy since I'm not known for my self-control. Only my lack of it. LOL

  31. How fun, I love Mardi's been a long time though. I'm in love with your table Kathleen, love all that purple jewel looking tablescape. Great napkin rings and purple tabletopper...I need to get something in purple, or make! I'll be preparing for lent, no coffee and no swets...sooo hard, but that's life! This was a treat Kath.

  32. It's amazing how quickly this winter is flying by! Already Mardi Gras and Lent and soon to be St. Patrick's Day and new grandson's arrival time.

    Beautiful table and delicious looking chicken tacos!

  33. Oh good Lord, it's a good thing it is nearly lunchtime! I always leave your blog ravenous.

    I do declare, I believe your table is fit for Rex himself. Wonderfully festive!

  34. Love the Mardi Gras colors! Your sister sounds like a riot :) Great story. Taco's looks excellent, very creative.

  35. I had to laugh and laugh at the melted ice cream! Creative thinking.

    I think the vibrant purples and greens are some of the prettiest colors togethers. Love those napkin rings, they are sooo festive!

  36. Love your Mardi Gras table as much as your story and images of pjs under your coat at Mass & drinking melted ice cream! Your taco looks as delicious as it is quick & easy. I need to remember that along with my bib :)

  37. That looked delish! I love anything with purple! And yours is amazing!

  38. What a wonderful table Kathleen! Perfect colors and yummy food!

  39. I love a Mardi Gras celebration! New Orleans is one of my favorite much good food there! I've made a Mardi Gras Kings Cake in the past, complete with the hidden baby doll charm, but still dieting this year so no treats for me this time

    There are lots of good vegetarian meals you can make on Fridays, Kathleen. I always make eggplant parmigina or pasta prima vera during Lent.

  40. I don't know how the "a' was left out of parmigiana in my

    I also wanted to tell you that your table is so festive! I'm also looking forward to seeing your Paczki. Your spinach and chicken taco looked delicious!

  41. Your Mardi Gras table is so colorful and festive! I love your story too. I think if I had been raised going to Mass at 6:00am during lent I would soooo look forward to Mardi Gras! Haha! Love the purples stems the most and how clever to include the fleur de lis candelabra as well. It's just perfect!

  42. Super festive and yet refined! A lovely table Kathleen. I bought stuff for a Mardi Gras table last year and never got it done. With all that is going on I will probably not use it again this year. Maybe next year? Your table does inspire me though. Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  43. Sooooooooooooo, how are the Paczki???????????

    Inquiring minds wanna know & we want the recipe, too!!!

  44. What a beautifully festive table. Your dinner looks amazing

  45. The table looks lovely and the tacos look delish! I went to Catholic school from K-12 and I remember going to Mass every morning.

    My dad hated fish, so we had "breakfast for dinner" on Fridays (year-round) and just about all of the High Holy Days. Every once in a while, mom would make Mac & Cheese or another meatless casserole, but dad still had to have eggs or pancakes or french toast. Oatmeal was reserved just for breakfast. LOL

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane and the yummy recipe!

  46. I loved hearing your story about going to Mass! You were so good to go on those cold mornings and then go to school! Brrr!

    Best wishes,

  47. Beautiful! The best I have seem for Fat Tuesday!

  48. Thank you for visiting Kitchen Hospitality and commenting on the bundt pans. I love the mini bundts - so cute and festive. Your Mardi Gras tablescape is beautiful! I got a kick out of your oldest sister's liquids between meals and melted ice cream.

  49. I am so late getting around to see the tablescapes! When I'm pressed for time, I go to my favorites, so that's why I'm here! This table really captures the decadence which is Mardi Gras! Rich purples and greens with touches of gold here and there! Love the details like the tassle in the flowers! Great table, Kathleen!

  50. It all looks wonderful! We had thought about doing a MG table because my mom has the perfect glasses for it, but time and life and computer issues like to get in the way, don't they?

    I love yours. I think my favorite part is actually the napkin ring.

  51. I love the colors of MG, and the napkin rings give it a nice bling. I'll be at the CTS shop today - I'll have to check out their napkin rings.

    My co-workers and I are baking for Fat Tuesday. I'll eat your fish during Lent!

  52. Your table is beautiful Kathleen and I loved your childhood story.

    Jim is home and we are enjoying peace and quiet and rest. I am enjoying visiting the land of blog,also.

  53. The table looks beautiful. Now I've got a craving for beignets!

  54. Hi Kathleen, I love your Mardi Gras tablescape. It's so festive & colorful & fun. I especially loved reading about your sister melting the ice funny!

  55. Hi Kathleen,

    That grilled chicken, spinach and cheese taco is making my mouth water!! Love your festive and colorful Mardi Gras table. I think the buckets of white mums with gold tassels are so cute, and the napkin rings are terrific! I laughed at the story about your clever sister. Does she still get teased about that?

    Happy Seasonal Sunday Kathleen!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  56. Mardi Gras has always been a little bit foreign to me...good Protestant girl. I think that I'll replay my Masquerade table this week...about as close to MG as I'll come. I love your balance of colors, and I adore those little green of your amazing finds, I bet. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  57. Lovely table...great looking taco. Perfect all the way around!

  58. I see you posted this on Feb.15th. How on earth did I miss it. I am too celebrating Mardi Gras over at my blog. Hope to have my table up on the blog tonight.

    Your table is beautiful as always. and Your tacos look so good. I'd like to try those. Everything is so nice Kathleen. Love coming here.


  59. Thanks for stopping by my Valentine's table and I've jumped on the Mardi Gras bandwagon this week as well......even us Mid-Atlantic girls enjoy getting into the fun!

  60. For us Ash Wednesday is our meatless day; I made a pasta meat; home made tomato sauce and all kinds of cheeses. Not a big sacrifice at all.
    Love your Mardi Gras table.

  61. you do know how to set a table! This is so festive and pretty. First time ever, your food didn't make my mouth water. I do not like spinach in any form! laurie


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