Thursday, February 9, 2012

Top Hat ♥ Table~ Sugar Cookie Cups

I love doing my tables at my round kitchen table, but for tonight I thought we would eat in the dining room.
I took the leaves out.  I can fit 14 with them in, but tonight there is just 4 of us, and we still have plenty of room. Maybe too much!
January 2012 227
January 2012 241
I used a black to the floor tablecloth, with a white cut work on top.
January 2012 207
I was gifted with 12 of these mirrored chargers for Christmas, so I wanted to use them.
January 2012 216
January 2012 215
The dinner plate is white with a white on white designed edge with silver rim.  I got them in the grocery store over 25 years ago.  I just have plates, I used to use them for  buffet parties.
January 2012 214
This is the Fitz and Floyd  silver rimmed soup plate, found them in the clearance in BBB.
January 2012 220
January 2012 202
The white plate trimmed in silver was also in clearance at BBB, 5 dollars for 12 plates.
I filled antigue stems with BLACK foiled kisses.  I gave the gkids the ones wrapped in orange and froze these for this table!  On sale after Halloween.  :)
January 2012 223
The salt and pepper shakers are replicas of NYC skyscrapers.
January 2012 209
Shannon , designs of Ireland, via China!  1.99 in CTS.
January 2012 224
White napkin with black trim and bow, HG, Top hat and heart mirror with the name written on it.
January 2012 236

January 2012 225  The hats were in clearance in ACMoore, and  the mirror hearts are from Michaels.
January 2012 233
January 2012 226
The stems are Waterford, Lismore, and the x o glass scatters are from the PB outlet.
I filled my wicker hat with fresh white mums and baby's breath, and some  glittery heart picks from CTS.
So put on your Tiara and come for dinner!
January 2012 230
Sugar cookie dough pressed into mini muffin cups, baked and filled with your choice of filling.
I filled some with chocolate, some with fresh strawberries and piped with fresh whipped cream.  I have done this with shortbread dough before, but I wanted to see if it worked with sugar cookie dough.  You can use any  sugar cookie recipe .
January 2012 232
Take 2, they are small!  :)
Don't forget Laurie's ♥ Party is tomorrow!  See my sidebar for details.
Please come back for the party, more ♥ goodies on the way!
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  1. What a stunning tablescape, I love hearing about all the different places where you found these gorgeous things. The top hats and personalised mirrors at each place setting are a great touch.

  2. I love this table and I will definitely make your sugar cookie cups! How fun!

  3. Oops, forgot to tell you! I've made those little "cups" using Snickerdoodle dough and filled them with either raspberry jam or lemon curd and put a pretty mint leaf on top for garnish. They've always been a hit. You're definitely on to something for a pretty, quick treat!

  4. Love the top hats -- a bit of a different take on Valentine's Day! I also enjoy hearing where you found various items. Clever to save the black-wrapped kisses! The sugar cookie cups offer endless possibilities -- must try these soon!

  5. Kathleen, the mirrored chargers are fabulous. What a great idea! Your table is full of elegant details and the goodies look delicious. I'll be back tomorrow for me! ~ sarah

  6. I love the black and white Kathleen!

    I am happily trying to get back in the swing of things today. Tomorrow is doctor...will see what happens next, if anything!

  7. Oh, I just love it all!! So many new and unique things to feast our eyes on!! I have never seen mirror chargers, just perfect for your collection! The top hat theme is wonderful!


  8. Those chargers are incredible! What a great gift. I need a table that would seat 14, how fun is that? Your theme is beautiful and so fun. Lovely!

  9. Kathleen:

    This is such an elegant table. I love being in the dining room! A different feel. So nice to use those gorgeous chargers and the mirror hearts are the perfect compliment. What did you wind up using to write on the mirrors? And that little footed heart stand at the end is adorable.

    Hope you save it until next week and your and Mr. Cuisine have private dinner on V day!

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Gorgeous Kathleen! Your Vlalentine's tablescape is perfect! I'm loving the mirrorede chargers and give the table glitz with the white dishes and the centerpiece is lovely too, witgh touches of red. The little footed heart stand it's adorable! I can imagine your menu for this, chef Kathleen! Happy Valentine's.
    PS. love the NY buildings, S&P shakers!

  11. Fantastic; love that top hat basket; you do have such original finds to add to your table; good eye for decorating. I try,but still have so much to learn.

  12. Another great inspiration for a fabulous table Kathleen. Love the top hat theme along with black, red and white. Tres chic...(Hope I spelled that right)
    I just bought a mini muffin pan and you've inspired me on what to do with it. Fun! Blessings....

  13. The wicker top hat centerpiece is wonderful! Really sets the mood of this adorable table. I love you attention to detail! Always a treat to visit your tablescapes. Love the cookie cups! hugs, Linda

  14. Adorable centerpiece! Love the top hats with the hearts too! Too cute!
    Your dishes from the grocery store are so pretty- what a lucky purchase!
    The mirrored chargers are beautiful- I love how mirrors work on a table!
    I think your salt and pepper shakers look like the Chrysler Bldg.- that was my first impression! Love it! The desserts look so good! I think that's the place to start before dinner!

  15. Fun, but quite elegant table. The top hat centerpiece is really a great idea. Hoarding the grandkids Halloween candy? Too funny!

  16. What a fabulous table! Does DH know that Romeo is attending?? :-) I love your centerpiece. Those little tarts are adorable, too. Easy to pop in the mouth! xo

  17. What a tip-top table Kathleen! Love the mirrored chargers and I bought those mirrored hearts at Michaels too! Just can't remember where I put them!!!! Next year maybe they will have turned up!
    Smart idea freezing the black Hersey Kisses and I love the sugar cookie cup idea. I have mini muffin pans and a tamper but have never used sugar cookie dough! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  18. The table is just gorgeous, Kathleen! I like how you have the white topper over the black with it showing through. Your dishes are beautiful...what a bargain at the grocery store. I wish they still did those sales.

    The sugar cookie/cupcakes are so cool! I am going to try this. Do you add the filling while they are cooling? I just love these!


  19. Oh, Kathleen, I love this! Elegant and fun all wrapped up together. The top hat is the best and filled with the white flowers and red hearts makes it perfect! So nice!

  20. I love the top hats and red hearts. Perfect for your Valentines table, and not too prissy for the guys. The mirrored chargers are a wonderful treasure. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  21. Cute table K! Love the hats and I missed the black (and orange) kisses. And yep, I'd love a couple goodies:@)

  22. Deeeelightful, Kathleen! I love all those sweet little touches, like that X & O, and the mirrored ♥♥♥'s..very cute!
    Those dishes are GORGEOUS & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new mirrored chargers! How did you get that photo without us seeing YOUR reflection?? LOL

    Very pretty centerpiece arrangement, too. Wish I were as good as you with flowers.

    I'm ready for Laurie's party, too & I'm even in the planning stages for YOURS next month. ;-)


  23. Kathleen...another great table. I too love to use mirrors on my gives such great reflection and I can write on them too!!..I want those mirrored chargers!! They are beautiful!!...

    Another great tablescape Kathleen!

  24. Are you having Fred Astaire for dinner? Looks like a very elegant table! Very pretty!

  25. I forgot to say how pretty your dining room looks! Love that chaise in the corner & that HUGE window...pretty drapes, too!

  26. I do believe you are the TableScape Queen, hands down. :)
    Just beautiful...and I am going to have guests for dinner next week and this is a great dessert to make. Thanks...

    O, and I did come see your cheap buys...I am about the 10th or 11th overlooked my tiny name. :(

  27. Oh, how I wish I could seat 14 in my dining room!!!! It would make life SO much easier! But alas and is not to be! :-( Such a cute idea, Kathleen! And how organized are YOU to freeze those black candies from Halloween?!??!?! I'm impressed! :-) I hope you have a relaxing weekend and that Valentine's Day is a good one for you. Smooches!

  28. Oh girl, you have such creative ideas! How do you do it?

    The top hats are fantastic. I think the table is elegant, yet somehow fun. Another winner!

  29. Love your new chargers and your top hat. Cutest salt and pepper shakers. Happy Valentine's day!

  30. You must be an awesome shopper! I don't ever seem to find the bargains, but I must confess I hate to shop, so don't go out looking often! Love your adorable table.

  31. This table is awesome! I love the top hats, so sophisticated. Love the skyscraper S &P.
    It brings back memories of dining at "The Rainbow Room" in NYC.
    Thanks for the beauty and memories.
    The recipe sound great. I will try this.
    Blessings, Ginger

  32. Love your little tarts, Kathleen & your table is beautiful, as usual!!

  33. Black tie formal table rocks! Love the napkins, floor length black cloth, and green striped couch in the corner. I would be so happy to dine in this room. Thanks for posting! ~CJ

  34. Your table is beautiful! The wicker top hat is so cute. Your new mirrored chargers are very pretty. A perfect touch to your table. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Fred and Ginger would love this table (did I just age myself?). I have to know which you found first, the tophat centerpiece or the little ones? This table is so elegant and clever. Love your ideas!

    Robin Flies South

  36. I can't believe you even found black kisses and saved them from Halloween. You're always thinking ahead. The top hat theme is adorable and adds just a touch of your signature whimsy to the rest of the elegant table.

    I would love some of those top hats for my Santa table. I shall not covet, but I'd still like some.

    As usual, a favorite of mine. You and your IRL tablescaping friend are awesome.

  37. How very elegant. I had to "pin" your top hat centerpiece.

    Thank you for inviting us back for your party in March.

  38. Great idea on the sugar cookie cups. Your table is stunning. My favorites are the napkins....Christine

  39. What a grand table. My favorite part were the candles, but I love the top hat centerpiece too. You always have such wonderful tablescape ideas.

    Just wanted you to know you were featured on my Valentine Friday Feature tonight. Congrats, and thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

  40. I love it when you take us into your dining room! Such a sophisticated tablescape too! Love the little top hats and heart mirrors! Your lovely centerpiece is perfect as well. Those sugar cookie "tarts" look super yummy!


  41. I love all the tophats! That is so cute and sooo creative! Hat's of to your for thinking of it. Haha! I also really like your tablecloth. I had battenburg lace on the brain too, you are going to crack up when you see what I did. Your whole setting is just wonderful and delicious looking too!

  42. See, I did visit and decided to follow! Love the top hats!

  43. Now this is a pretty cool table, Kathleen! Love all the silver and glass. What absolutely amazing s&p shakers, too. You do find the "bestest" things....

  44. What a great idea to save the black foil Kisses! What an elegant table. I prefer having a little too much room on a table rather than too little and your dining room is such a pretty setting.

    LOL on the Irish crystal made in China :)

  45. Love your dressed to the nine's and ready to party Tablescape! The detail of the cute hats and heart mirrors are perfect with the black tie napkins. I love your bargains from the china to the salt and pepper skyscapers. Happy Tea Party! Pam

  46. I love your attention to detail Kathleen. I completely missed the black and orange kisses at Halloween. What a great idea to save the black foil Kisses! You made me laugh at the Irish crystal made in China :)

  47. All beautiful! Those cute skyscraper salt and pepper shakers really caught my eye though :-)

  48. Hi, Kathleen. I've been out of the blogging loop for a couple of weeks with family hospitalizations, etc., so I hope you see this late comment. I love your table! And how lucky are you to have been given those chargers?! The sugar cookies are such a cute idea!! Always love all your ideas! ~Zuni


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