Wednesday, February 29, 2012

YeeHaw! Rolling Into March~Rigatoni Pie

As it is Leap Day I wanted to do something Kangaroo ey , but I really had nothing that would work. :)
So we are rolling instead!
Feb 2012 025
A little table for the cowgirls and boys!
Feb 2012 033
The tablecloth is Country Living from Kmart.  It was half price, and it is that fabric that can be used outdoors too.
The napkins were in the clearance at Kmart, .50 cents each.
Feb 2012 036
Blue flatware by Cambridge, rattan charger from Pfaltzgraff, navy dinner from CTS, pale blue salad, .26 from Pfaltzgraff outlet, and covered bowl from CTS, 2 for 3.00.
Feb 2012 043
Little skillet  for the butter from CTS, .69
Feb 2012 042
Feb 2012 030
The blue stems are from CTS clearance .99  White mugs because a cowboy has to have his coffee!  :)
An old blue water pitcher to quench our thirst after a day on the prairie rounding up our filet mignon, lol.

The centerpiece is a Conestoga Wagon from Vt. from a long time ago. The gkids have crashed it a few times, so it is a little worse for wear!

I raised it up a bit and covered the riser with a bandana, some tumbleweed for  the cow and dog to play in.
So hitch up your britches and roll into March.

 Not time for Spring yet here, today was rainy and raw.
Something to stick to your ribs...

I made some individual rigatoni pies.

table 3731
You make it in a little spring form pan.

table 3646
This is the big mama size.

table 3648
Each rigatoni is filled with a seasoned meat mixture then topped with cheese.

table 3734

Here's the individual size unmolded.

 Perfect size, a good green salad and some crispy bread and you are done!
DH always makes homemade sauce, he won't eat the sauce from the jar, but if you like it, go with it.

Don't make it when you are rushed, it does take some time to fill each noodle, but it makes a fun presentation.

You can find the recipe and instructions HERE.
My changes were that I added finely minced onions to the meat, and I did a layer of ricotta, parsley, grated cheese mix on top, then the mozzarella, like a baked ziti would be.

Thanks so much for visiting!

I hope you are getting your MARCH ing shoes on for the 4th Annual St. Pat's Blog Crawl on the 13th.  It should be fun and some prizes too!
table 1980leprechaun
I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday
Bunny Jean's Bunny Hop
Gollum for Foodie Friday
Diann for Thrifty Tablescape


  1. Your table is alot of fun! What a cute theme, complete with the covered wagon.
    Could the rigatoni pie possibly look any more delicious?

  2. Am I first? I don't think I've ever been first here.

    I love this whole idea and the Leap Day inspiration. My favorite parts are the way that blue flatware looks against the bandana print tablecloth and the wagon. I love details like that.

    And the rigatoni pie looks AMAZING! I need to show this to my mom and hint for her to make it. She would do a much better job that I would.

  3. What a fun table! The rigatoni pie looks delicious, but not sure I would have the patience to fill each one...before I tackle it, I will give it a little more thought.

  4. What a fun table! And it looks like cook wrestled up some good looking grub from the chuck wagon!

  5. What a fun wonder the kidlets liked to play with that wagon! I am constantly blown away by all the wonderful accessories you've found for pennies. I was in World Market today & looked at lots but you've spoiled me with your prices.

    I did have fun in Old Time Pottery, though. ~~big smile~~

    I've been getting the green out all week....can't wait for your party.

  6. That is a really cute table. Love the covered wagon, what a fun centerpiece! hugs, Linda

  7. Kathleen, that is the cutest table setting! I love the little wagon centerpiece and the tablecloth. The little pot for butter is wonderful!

  8. Your food is beautiful!!! I just had a delicious dinner but I could seriously dig into that rigatoni pie. It's so cute and looks so good!
    I would love to join in on the 13th and I'll be English free =) (at least I'll try real hard!) lol


  9. Cute table, Kathleen. You do find the best bargains!
    See you for the party! ~ sarah

  10. Fun table, pardner!
    That rigatoni pie looks great, not sure I'd have the patience to stuff the big pie, but those little ones are do-able for me, we love stuffed rigatoni.

  11. So fun, you cow girl, you, but... that was not the tablescape I was looking forward to. I know you entertained this, when do we get to see that table?? Love that rigatoni pie.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Hey Pardner, I have that tablecloth too and I love the rick-rack napkins! How cool is that dinner, it looks so neat-wonder if I'd have the patience to pull it off:@)

  13. What a grand idea! As always it looks so tasty and I would just love to sit down and savor the flavor! Have a grand day! Cathy

  14. I love your table!! I have some old cowboy you inspired me to do western table! That rigatoni pie looks clever to set them up on end like that! Love your centerpiece..I bet your grandkids love sitting at your table! The tablecloth is great..wish we had a K-Mart.
    Miss Bloomers

  15. Love the theme to your table, so warm and cheery. Rigatoni pie is a new dish for me, your recipe sounds delish and I can see it appearing on our menu very soon.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  16. Oh my gosh, Kathleen those pies look so good!!

    Love the chuck wagon table too!

  17. What a fun table! the grandkids must love it! And that recipe looks so good! Unfortunately, Mr. C is taking medicine that precludes his eating cheese right now, so I will have to wait to indulge so as not to torture him.

  18. Very cute! I love the Conestoga!

    I am now going over to check out the recipe. My husband adores this type of dish, but I had never thought of doing them individually. It would make so much sense for just us two, because I could freeze all those loverly little servings!

  19. This is amazing. You should enter it in a contest!

  20. Hi lovely lady.
    Wow this is a cowboys tablescape setting so sweet! I love the little wagon centerpiece and the tablecloth. The food in servings blows look so Yummy. I hope you are having a wonderful week.
    xxoo Diane

  21. Your tablescape is really cute, Kathleen. SO much fun!...Christine

  22. What fun~ my britches are hitched :) Love, love, love the tablecloth~ all our Kmarts closed~ the closest one is an hour away unfortunately. Looking forward to the wearing of the green!

  23. Yeee Haw!..Kathleen I so love it all!!!...That is the cutest!!...and the rigatoni pie? Unbelievable..I have to try that!

  24. You have the patience of Mother Teresa! There is NO WAY I could stand there long enough to stand all those little noodles up and fill them like that! How many glasses of wine does it take to wade through that project?!?!!! :-) The table is cute as can be! I love the western theme. I'll have my sister wander over and take a peek. She loves all things country. The tablecloth is particularly cool, especially since it's indoor/outdoor. Love those! As for you and your beloved CTS...pffffffffttttttt!!! (That's blowing you a raspberry out of jealousy!!!)

  25. What a FUN, playful table, Kathleen! You're so creative with all your accesories & pretty dishes. That rigatoni pie looks like a work of art in itself...WOW!!

  26. Such a cute table for little cowboys and cowgirls, Kathleen. My husband and I actually went to a "chuck wagon" dinner when we visited the great state of Wyoming a few summers ago. It was fun!

  27. You never run out of idea Kathleen! I love the theme and the little wagon centerpiece with the tablecloth. The little pot for butter is great.

  28. Kathleen, this is just too cute! Love that wagon as the centerpiece- how nice of you to add some "tumbleweed" for the "livestock." LOL
    You "rounded up" everything just perfectly for the cowboy look. Yummy food, too! ~ Sue

  29. Fun table, Kathleen! I suppose you raided the kiddies' toy box for cows, wagons, etc.? LOL The tablecloth is a great one to have--I'd like to have a bandana one myself. And the rigatoni pie looks yummy!! May have to try that! ~Zuni

  30. Whoa Nellie! What a fun table. I didn't know cowboys ate rigatoni :) but it looks mighty good and purdy too.

    Love that covered wagon!

  31. So so cute! I love your tablecloth. I needed that last year for Adrian's cowboy party! Your dinner looks amazing.

  32. Kathleen, you know I love cowboy tables, and this is adorable! Love your wagon centerpiece with the tubbleweed, and what a great tablecloth! You've got every accessory necessary for any kind of tablescape, and you use them so cleverly. That ragatoini pie looks delicious! Feel free to prepare that when I come visit! Looking forward to the Crawl. laurie

  33. Well Dale Evans once again you raised the bar with your fun TS. Watch out for those Shinnecock Indians circling your campsite to steal that delicious Italian pasta dish:-)

  34. Well Dale Evans once again you raised the bar with your fun TS. Watch out for those Shinnecock Indians circling your campsite to steal that delicious Italian pasta dish:-)

  35. This is just darling. I love the whole theme! The tablecloth is a great find. As are the napkins and all the goodies from CTS. The table turned out soo cute. Love the rigatoni too. omg, that looks divine! xo marlis (ps. Thanks for dropping in and for the prayers!)

  36. Wow, the individual rigatoni casseroles are so so cute! I am
    in such a comfort food mood as we have had snow for several days and
    that makes me want comfort food and
    cookies, cakes, etc!

    Love the table with the cute covered
    wagon in the center. You always have such great bargains. I need a
    CTS store - unbelievable prices. The tablecloth is just the perfect touch. I love it.

  37. You made rigatoni in little springform pans?! How adorable! I think that is the cutest way ever to serve rigatoni.

  38. What a fun table have that magic touch with all you do my friend..Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  39. First, I want to thank you for the Rawhide theme running through my head now, Kathleen! : ) Your table is adorable! I love the litte covered pot on the top of the dishes and that covered wagon is perfect for this tablesetting. You did so good with your sales!

  40. The rigatoni looks fabulous! Love your tablescape too, particularly the centerpiece, the napkins, flatware and tablecloth. Just adorable! See you for the Blog Crawl. Thanks for sponsoring it.

  41. What a great idea Kathleen!
    Love that tablecloth and napkins, need to look for some!
    As usual great food....I am hoping to join the party too!
    Thanks for your prayers too,

  42. That is one awesome post! I love it! And yes, I am getting ready to celebrate St. Pat's with you on the 13th! I can't wait, sounds fun and having so much fun doing up my dining room prepping for it!

  43. What a fun table....and the pie looks fabulous.

  44. You are so artistic when it comes to setting a special table. Your rigatoni pie looks wonderful!

  45. This is such a fun table Kathleen! And super thrifty to boot! I love all the fun cowboy/cowgirl accessories. The rick rack napkins are so perfect and fun! too cute! And the recipe looks sooooo good! Thank you so much for joining us at TT! Have a fantastic day!

  46. That is a charming table. Living in the old west, it would be perfect for my gang. I saw those tablecloths at the Big K, but I didn't purchase -- now I am regretting it. The rigatoni pies look so yummy. I will take mine as an individual. I always love things that are baked individually. It makes you feel special, don't you think? Joni

  47. Your pasta looks delish, and the wagon centerpiece is so unique and fun. I like how you even remembered the dog and cow.

    A friend of mine had a leap year birthday and he used to tease everyone how he was the youngest as we all complained about growing older. He has since past away, but every leap year I think of him.

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog this weekend Kathleen!

  48. Hey friend, your table would be a perfect fit in Houston as it is RODEO time. Rigatoni pie, that's a new one and it looks great. BTW, I made your tacos last week, yummy!


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