Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Daffodilly Brunch~ Let's Dish#2!

Welcome to Meeting 2 of the the Dish Dames, the sisterhood of dish lovers.

Thank you again to all those who linked up or left comments, I appreciate it!

****Oh, please remember the Tartan Party , April 1st, at Sarah's and Babs' place.  See the sidebar for details!***

Let's Dish 108

A bunch of sunny yellow daffodils from my yard in a milk bottle tied with a polka dot grosgrain bow is the centerpiece.

Let's Dish 075

A plastic tray from the Le $ Tree is the charger over a fabric cloth made from cotton fabric from Portugal, via the Duralee Outlet, it was $1.

Let's Dish 087

I thought about the purple , but went with the green to pick up the lime green plate from Cmas Tree Shop clearance, .75 less 20 %.  They will be used at a later date for a shower, and I have all those dotted serving dishes I got last summer for .39, remember?

Let's Dish 100

Augyst and dinner dance 092

Hot pink napkins with a ring made from an egg from CTS, 2/$1.  The napkins have been around for a long time!

Let's Dish 096

Hot pink flatware from Bealls, on sale.  Egg ramekins from Target.

Let's Dish 095Pink stems from CTS, juice glasses from Antropologie, via 99c store!

Let's Dish 089 Bunny pitcher from the Mikassa Outlet before it closed.  I remember I bought it with a 10 dollar gift certificate the Tanger Outlet sends you for your birthday. 

Let's Dish 090

Egg shaped salt and peppers from CTS, as well as the little egg place card holders.

Let's Dish 117

Fits in well with the new paint color, BM Hawthorne Yellow. 

Let's Dish 086 

Let's Dish 107

That's my little Brunch table for this week, can't wait to see what hopped on to your table, as long as it isn't your cat!  :)

I promised I would show you the dishes I got while shopping with Alma, The Tablescaper, last Fri.

They are  by

Let's Dish 127

Let's Dish 116 Hutschenreuter from Germany, labeled Hotel Ware.

The charger is white with a beige tint edge, a swirl of green,  white in the middle and a few purple flowers.

They didn't have the dinner plate, just the salad, so I am experimenting with plates I have to see what will work.

Let's Dish 118

I am thinking maybe the lime plate on the left, or maybe a purple or even white?

I just plopped it on top of the cloth I used for tonight's table to take the pic.  I am thinking a pale lavender cloth or even ecru?1.00 for

What do you think?

I have the perfect purple napkin ring for them.

The lime plate Alma got for me in the Reading Dish Outlet for .98, and it is really nice, thin, not like my other lime dishes.

Oh, the Hutschenreuther , were buy one get one free, so 2.50 for the charger and  $1 for the salad.  The pic doesn't do it justice, it was rainy today, and the light was poor.

I do love cream soup bowls, and I was  very happy when I saw these...

Let's Dish 130

The above have a gold emblem and taupey line.

Let's Dish 131

Above, plain white with a raised design. Both by Hutschenreuther.

Some people like shoes and pocketbooks, I like dishes!

They were 1.00 each!  Perfect size for soups, and I do usually serve soup at dinner parties.

So that's the let's dish for this week!  Look forward to hearing your thoughts, and seeing your collections or settings!


My friend, Alma, thinks I should split my post, save the food for a separate one?  I have always done both together, something for everyone.  What do you think?

Do you mind the food being with the dishes? I know I always want to take part in Gollum's Foodie Friday, and this way I am sure to do it!

BTW, Gollum's sequel to Gone with a Handsomer Man will be out the beginning of April!  I am rereading it so I can jump right into the new one, A Teeny Bit of Trouble.

I am running this again, as I think it would be perfect for Easter.

Ricotta Cupcakes with Blueberry Sauce.  Recipe for both can be found HERE.

Bargains 671

Bargains 681

Thanks so much for taking part in last week's Let's Dish.  I know many of you visited lots of entries and left comments! It will close on Friday this time.

To link up, please be a follower, and LINK BACK to this post.  A few didn't have link backs, I am hoping you just forgot!  :)

Please leave a comment, it is good to hear your thoughts, and it is the way we get to know each other. Your mother would want you to! :)

Please link only ONE post, and it has to be dish related.

So Let's Dish!

Thanks for stopping by!

Diann for Thrifty Things Friday
Susan, BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday
Gollum for Foodie Friday
Beverly for Pink Sat.
Natasha for G'Day Saturday
Shannon for Cozy Home Scenes


  1. Well, leave it to me to get the date for the "Good Earth" theme party wrong!! :/
    Can I RE-post this weeks table on April 18th???

    Your Easter egg laden table is just PERFECT!! I love all the happy colors & polka-dots (does anybody else have trouble typing that word???)

    Great finds on that shopping trip with Ms. A. I LOVE the dual handled soup bowls & I know you'll be mixing & matching them with abandon.

    Thanks for hosting LD, even if I did get it wrong. Hey, I'm a natural blonde...what can I say???

    1. No, Miss Retta, you will have to wrack that blonde head of yours, :) and think up another earthy table! Did you write it in your assignment pad? LOL

  2. Love your new header photo of that beautiful table setting. Your daffodilly table is so nice and bright. I like it. My post this week isn't too dishy but my future ones will be better. :0)

  3. I am in awe of how many divine dishes you have Kathleen! You could open a shop!!

    I would love to join in with your party this week but I just haven't had time to do the dishes let alone write about dishes at the moment! School finishes tomorrow for two weeks so I will try to join in next week!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    1. Whenever you are ready, Natasha! It is fun to have you drop in to comment from down under!

  4. Typepad is "improving" things or something...not sure what, but my comment section is confused. I certainly hope it works for folks.
    Alycia told me about having problems with it this afternoon.

    Love your Easter table, Kathleen. Thanks so much for hosting Let's Dish.

    1. Well then I will fit in, as I am often confused, LOL!

    2. I think it straightened itself out. Changes to Dashboard, at Typepad...interesting. Maybe it's a good thing. Keeps me thinking!;-)

  5. OK...I'm just going to have to save my pennies and come up there and beat you, Alma AND the Christmas Tree Store up!!! Then I'll go shopping! :-) And those beautiful new plates...what's up with that???!?! Huh? Huh? I can't HEAR you!!!! Those are SO gorgeous, and the price is just heartstopping!!! I am putting out a new mandate: From now on, all dishes and everything else you buy MUST be sent to ME!!! :-) Seriously, Kathleen...everything looks fantastic. I'm just blown away. Great job! I bow to you and Alma as Queens of Shopping. Stupid CTS! I'm going to kick it in the knee...then you and Alma are next in line! :-) :-) :-)

    1. I have seen your dish closet, A! You have no more room! :)

    2. Yes, I do! Ramon is going to have to live on the roof! He'll be OK...he's a tough guy! :-) Those cream soups...I just want to cry!!! A dollar?!?!?!???! A dollar?!??!?!?! I'm booking my flight with William Shatner right now!!! :-)

    3. I'm joining you! We don't have CTS either. I'm hitting the outlets tomorrow in hope for something...and anthropologie glasses at the 99cent store??? maybe it's a good thing I don't live in NY!!!

    4. Remember, dishes are only things!! :)
      Wm Shatner, OY!

  6. In answer to the food question, I like the food included. But I'll go with the flow. I'm nothing if not a flow goer.

    I love your happy Easter table. I think I saw some green plates like that at HL, but I wasn't about to pay their price. Sure would have loved to get them for your price.

    And I love that bunny pitcher. That's just adorable.

    1. It really is sweet! When I bought it I thought it frivilous, but it brings a smile to my face every year!
      Yep, the price is the deciding factor for me too!

  7. Oh how pretty -- I just love the wonderful Spring colors. I adore your dotty plates --- but mostly, I'm so attracted to your bunny perfect he is for an Easter brunch! Thanks for having us play along with the dishes!

  8. So many cute things K! My absolute favorite has to be the egg place card holders! Looks like you're all set for Easter-enjoy:@)

  9. Hi Kathleen, I don't know where to start--maybe with that beautiful table in your new header! I love the violas down the center. Very pretty and elegant. I don't know what to say about the food in another post. I love scrolling up and and down but sometimes I forget to come back to long posts to see the food. I think the lime green or purple to go with the new dishes is a good idea! Thanks for hosting. Linda

    1. Ok, so I will take that as a yes! I don't like to do too many posts, who has time to keep visiting?

  10. Your table is like a fairy table; i just love those bright colours, those flowers. Your header is just perfection as always.

  11. OMG Kathleen, first, the photo in your header - wow. Speechless. Then those ricotta cakes with blueberry sauce? oo la la. I love purple and green together and your dishes go so well. Great buys. I think you have a Dish Angel perched on your shoulder when you set out for a day of retail therapy. Wish I had my act together for this week, but eventually I will! xo

    1. A dish angel, huh? That's not exactly the way dh describes it Barbara! :)
      Hope you are feeling better!

  12. The bunny pitcher stole my heart! Thank you for hosting... I love this party. Your Hutschenreuter dishes are really pretty, chargers, salads and the bowls.. Lucky you. Your brunch table is adorable. Love polka dots!! galore. What a great idea to use the large eggs as chargers.. it's just the place i want to spend along the bunny trail! xo marlis

  13. Oh goodness your tables are all so pretty! I love the daffodil centerpiece and how bright and sunny the first table is. Love the German pieces you bought too! Your new header table is fabulous! Wow..what a great table to have Easter dinner at! Thanks for hosting!
    Miss Bloomers

  14. I like the new header Kathleen. I am crazy about your Easter colors and dishes. So cheerful! BTW, I like shoes, pocketbooks and dishes! I better never retire! I am loving "The Good Earth" theme for April 18th. Can I include my dirt cake with gummy worms?

  15. So adorable, all of it -- the whole blooming table! I like your new wall color, too.

    I am going to show up there on your doorstep someday just to go "dishing" with you and Alma because we do not have things at those insanely low prices here. Our CTS must not be "seasoned" yet because they have never had yet most of what I have seen on your blogs.

    Is that hot pink flatware still available? We don't have Beall's here. Think I could order it online?

    Thanks for hosting this delightful party -- and I always visually enjoy your food -- wish I could just taste it!


    Thanks for hosting.

    1. Ellen, I did order it online. I think it was 10 dollars for 18 pieces. No Bealls here. Go to first and then link through so you get a % age back!

  16. Your table was SO YUMMY! But then I got to your cupcakes and was OVERWHELMED! OH MY! I LOVE those egg ramekins, I'm going to have to go Check THOSE Out! Did you say TARGET??? and is that THIS YEAR???
    Thanks for hosting the FUN PARTY for all your fellow DISHaHOLICS!
    Big Hugs Dear Sister,

    1. Donna it was a few years ago, but you never know!

  17. I really enjoyed this table! Love the colors and how clever to use the $tree platters as chargers! I am joining this week with a few things I found to use on a tablescape next week! hugs, Linda

    1. Linda, join in whenever you can! You always find something good to share!

  18. Oh I love love love this!!! I'm going to Dollar Tree in search for those 'charger' plates...cute cute cute!! Seriously wish we had a CTS. I do pretty well at Target, but your deals are amazing!!! Love all the details...the egg napkin rings, everything. So so cute!

    1. They had lots of them, Meredith, in a few different patterns. Good luck, I think your boys would love them!

  19. Hi Kathleen:

    You know I laughed when I realized we both bought the same dollar egg chargers when we weren't even together! Your table looks so bright and cheery.

    And I too am thrilled to see your past Easter table as your header. Love seeing those violas trailing down the middle.

    You know, the new plates with the touch of purple look good on the green plaid cloth - brings out the green in the plates.

    Looks like we need a bigger car for the next time we go dishing in - I don't think we can fit everyone in! LOL!

    - The Tablescaper

    1. The cloth isn't big enough for the dining room table, and the "person" I was with suggested I get the last 8, so I did. I have a green cloth, but it isn't the right color. I will have to make a trip to Duralee! Coming?

      Yes, the Easter table from the past where I had to keep vacuuming the stray moss!

  20. First off, I want to dine at your Easter table in your header. WOW and double WOW. It's gorgeous!
    Your daffodilly brunch table makes me smile with delight. You know I love polka dots, and the details of this table are full of charm.
    Love the new dishes. Those handled bowls are fabulous at the top of the stack. Great find!
    Thanks for hosting and for the heads up on the Tartan Parade this coming Sunday. Can't wait to see what you have to share. ~ Sarah

    1. Thanks , Sarah! I am thinking plaid, but I don't know about Tartan. I hope I pass muster!

    2. Your table is so pretty and festive, Kathleen. I don't mind you mixing the food with your dishes. You say you don't like shoes and purses, you like dishes. My problem is I like shoes and purses too, plus dishes, lol!...Christine

  21. Kathleen,

    I can't think of anything to share yet, but I have been enjoying your first two Let's Dish parties.

    Oh, come to think of it, I just might have something that will fit the bill for next week's party.
    You are so nice to take this on. I think it is destine to become a popular place to drop by on a Wednesday.

  22. Always a fun party, Kathleen! Cute table! Your header is very pretty. Are those Waterford? They look like the one's my mom gave me but I forgot the name.
    Those cupcakes look so good!

  23. I love your cheerful Easter table! I love the hot pink flatware. I'm amazed that those juice glasses came from the 99 cent store.

    You must have some kind of bargain radar, Kathleen!! LOL You find the greatest pieces at the best prices!

  24. I love the all the colors and patterns together! Can't wait to see what you do with your new dishes, I vote for purple (and maybe green together.)

    I'm with Alma, do the food on another day so it won't be so long. Food sure looks good though!

    Thanks for hosting, I'm joining in.


  25. Kathleen your new header table is so beautiful and elegant. Perfect for an Easter dinner. I love all your details. And your darling easter breakfast table is just charming. The pink flatware was a fun addition as well as all the other cute easter things. Another table or rather tables well done. I appreciated you including your sources for the breakfast table. I really enjoyed this post.


  26. OK Kathleen...I have but one you have a guest room I can stay in so that I may go shopping with you and Alma?...I think I could write a book by just spending one day with you two...Your table is ever so it to pieces!..and your header table.....WOW!!...gorgeous...I am in love!

  27. Kathleen, this is such a fun party!! I've always loved dishes and this is such a good excuse. I do love your beautiful colors on your table all put together. I really like the idea of food and dishes in both, and not splitting it, if you want an opinion. Thanks a bunch for hosting. Oh and btw, I love your gorgeous new header!!

  28. Oh Fun, an Earth day tablescape challenge! HMMM...what to do???? Could you also possibly make a cute little button for me to place on my blog to remind me. Haha! Seriously, I am always a last minute Lucy and will mostly likely be behind as I was last week. I am posting my tablescape I made last week but did not get posted to you before your link closed. OOps! Love your newest finds! I definitely say go with the purple accents. I am in the throws of a purple passion right now and hope to share that soon, maybe next week. As for the food, I say keep it with your dish posts if you want. I know I am always extra impressed when I actually see food with tablescapes. I can see why she might suggest breaking it up though so that each thing gets more attention. Either way, I'm good and will enjoy seeing it all!

  29. Hi Kathleen,

    Love, love this Easter table!! It is so bright and cheerful with all my favorite spring pastel colors. I love the bunny pitcher, the pink Anthropologie glasses and pink napkins, as well as the egg ramekins, the tablecloth and the polka dot dishes.

    Now, about the Hutschenreuther goodies you got for such a steal -- WOW!! I love the little purple flowers, and the cream soup bowls are so elegant. We have a large set of Hutschenreuther dishes, complete with serving pieces that my husband's grandmother gave us. They are to give to our son and his wife when he gets married one day. But not before I do a tablescape with them. ;-)

    Have fun with the party. I'll be making an appearance before long; can't wait.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  30. Dear Kathleen, I love where you shop. The stores CTS, Dollar Tree, 99c store and where the bargains are found. The polkadot dishes are so pretty and I love the green check tablecloth with the Easter table. The Hutschenreuther china is lovely and a terrific price. I used the same pink goblets from CTS on my Easter table and love the pink hue. I am glad to be a member of the Let's Dish. I am now thnkfully back to blogging. My husband has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and he is now home but is going to out-patient therapy 3 days a week and needs my care. We would appreciate your prayers as he recovers. Happy Tea Party! Pam

  31. Kathleen, I'm thrilled to join you for the second meeting of the Sisterhood. I need to find a farm near you and the Tablescaper! I love the purple sprigged dishes--they look fabulous on the green plaid tablecloth and with the green plate. But your polka dotted dishes are tugging at my heart. What a beautiful table! Thank you for the shout out about Teeny. So glad to be in a dish-loving sisterhood! XX00

  32. I forgot to tell you that I love that bunny pitcher from Mikasa. I sure miss our Mikasa store.

  33. Soft, welcoming....I love the lovely pastels and so many personal details. I always enjoy your recipes, too. They inspire me. I don't often go to the 'foodie' in almost I truly appreciate that you include them for us...well, me. Thanks for hosting us for Let's Dish! Cherry Kay

  34. Gosh what's not to love on your table? My favs are the flatware, stems and your new dishes.

  35. Love seeing everything you do - food and dishes. This table is so bright and cheerful - no would could come to the table without being in a happy mood! The bargain finds are amazing. I cannot believe those "soups" for that price. Wow!!

  36. Love the brunch table! All those pastels and polka dots make my heart go pitter-patter! BUT the cream soups!!!! For a dollar!!!! I need to go shopping with you and Alma!!! I added my tablescape and then I went back to put a link back to you!

  37. This is such an adorable table Kathleen! And you just showed how a fun and pretty table can be thrifty!I love the new soup bowls! I really need to find some. I only have a couple of sets.Okay, that probably means it really isn't a "need" but, it is a strong "want"! LOL Thanks for hosting and (in advance) for linking to TTF!

  38. Hi, Kathleen. A little late getting here, but I'm glad I was able to join your party. Your table is so cute and thrifty. What fun to create beauty on a dime, as you did! And the table on your header is gorgeoussssss!!! I like the mix of the table and the food, so that's my vote. :) Thanks for having a party for us!

  39. Love your table! I hope to join next week. I like the food addition ... makes it all a bit more real I think. After all, we usually set a table in order to eat together!

  40. I love you header! Beautiful table! I used to have that china,don't know what happen to it.But That was almost 40 year back.Hope to link my Easter table next week, Thanks for sharing Joann

  41. What a cute table, polka dots were my mother's favorite...especially anything pink! Love the bunny pitcher...
    Off to visit more tables!

  42. Lovely, lovely table! I am always very sad when an outlet store closes.:( You had an excellent shopping excursion with your friend. I am gaining inspiration!:)

  43. Beautiful Header Table Kathleen...
    I know I haven't commented in quite a while
    but I do check in and always enjoy your lovely
    tables and creative ideas.
    I see you were on another shopping spree. It's
    always fun seeing what you found at such great

  44. I adore the colors of your Easter table!

  45. You had me with the polka dots!!
    xo Cathy

  46. I love your spring decor with those blooming flowers!
    Thanks for sharing. Linking here.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a nice day.

  47. I love the bright, bold colors! You share my love of finding dishes at bargain prices I see. My most recent post shows some of my bargain price finds. I am now your most recent follower and plan to link here.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful table.

    As to splitting the blogs, my blog is a mosh posh of different interests. I tried splitting of to a new blog about my vintage flea market and thrift store finds, but it's tough trying to build up followers all over again. Just a thought.

  48. I love that beautiful table in your header, Kathleen! Your Hawthorne Yellow paint is so pretty and cheerful and so is your table in this post. Great finds with Alma. You two make a dynamic shopping duo :)

  49. I love your header picture as well... love the table setting and all the colors in it. Beautiful job on the Easter table...pretty juice glasses and the bunny looks so adorable. Lovely haul with Alma:) Thanks for your visit!Have a wonderful weekend!~Poppy

  50. I love your dish event, Kathleen, and have enjoyed visiting many of the participants. Your Easter table is so pretty with all the beautiful pastels and your header photo is wonderful all set for Easter dinner. I hope to join in the fun someday soon. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  51. Hi Uber-Talented Kathleen ~
    Would love to see a detailed format in pictures of the tablescape that
    heads your blog... What did you use as a base for the Spanish moss?? A
    runner? I tried unsuccessfuly to find plain green moss runners in
    Michaels/Hobby Lobby, etc and you have solved my dilemna..Spanish Moss...
    A very Blessed holiday to you and yours...

    1. Mary, I used heavy duty tin foil to make a trough. I placed the fresh violas in, and surrounded it with the moss. I used a large nest for the center, and egg shells filled with violas. It was from a few Easter ago, but if you type in living centerpiece in the search bar on my blog it will bring you to the post with lots of pictures.
      I would have emailed you, but you are a no reply blogger! I hope you come back to see this. :)
      A blessed Easter to you also, and thank you!

  52. Your pastel table is so cheery with the pastels. The table runner in your header is breathtaking. I see you have a weekly dish party. I'll be checking out the rules and joining it soon. Enjoy your Easter!

  53. Kathleen,
    Such a bright, cheery and delightful holiday tablescape!!



  54. So sorry I missed this week. I won't be able to do it every single week but hope to join when I can.
    Looks like you had a great turnout.
    Love your pretty summertime table. Looks so cheery.
    xo bj

  55. I love your beautiful colors for your table! I tried to get my post done in time but I missed it! I'll leave the link on my post anyway! I love your new party! Enjoy your week! ♥

  56. Delightful table! I love the use of the plastic egg-shape trays as chargers - so smart. All of these pastels, along with your pretty daffodils just shout Spring. Yummy looking food too! laurie


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