Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LET'S DISH! Meeting 1 Blog Crawl Winners!

Happy Spring~A Sunny Yellow Table

The first meeting of the Sisterhood of Dish Lovers is called to order! :)

We will meet Wednesday's at 7 and share our settings, or dish accoutrements, tips or other table terrific topics!

Join us every week with something to share, or just some dish chat, you are always welcome!

Once a month there will be a throw down or challenge.

Got an idea for one?  Please feel free to make suggestions! 

In order to post an entry, you have to be sure you do not have that bloody word id thing! 

I know we all want people want to leave a comment, but they don't want to take an IQ test trying to figure out those 2 words!  :)  It is really hard!

If you ask a question, please make sure there is a way to contact you.  Some of you have no reply blogger addy's, and some don't know they have that!  :)

I hope the weather where you are was as wonderful as it was here today, Spring has definitely arrived! 

So...Let's Dish!

On a recent trip to Christmas Tree Shop, I found these polka dot dishes in the clearance.  There were a lot of them.  I say WERE cause I took all but the orange.  I have a baby shower coming up and I thought they might work for that.

They were .75 for the dinner, and 50 for the salad, and I had a coupon for 20 off.

Let's Dish 055

Let's Dish 044

A bouquet of flowers that was a hostess gift became the centerpiece in a little yellow watering can.  I put a daisy mat from CTS under it and the birds and yellow salt and peppers.

Let's Dish 054

Yellow ruffled charger from CTS, the polka dot plates, white plate, and  eared soup bowl from Target a few years ago. Dansk watering can napkin rings to carry out the centerpiece theme, and yellow print napkins from PB.

Let's Dish 071

Flatware by Fiesta, via Tuesday Morning, so a good price.

Let's Dish 065

Little white butter dishes from CTS, white ruffled serving bowls from HG, glassware by Dansk when they had an outlet here in Southampton, and glass daisy scatters from Villeroy and Boch were .99 in the clearance basement.

Sadly, both Dansk and Villeroy and Boch are gone, though I tried my best to keep them in business, but there's just so much one can do!  :)

Let's Dish 048

It would be fun to serve this as dessert!  Your friends will know you are spending a little too much time matching your food to your table!

table 3820

The pan is a flower shaped cup cake pan from WSonoma Outlet.

table 3826

You don't need a special pan for this one, just do the flower with whipped cream in a piping bag!

table 3825

Dish Chat...

I thought you might to try this for your Spring table!

Get a flower pot, and a large clay saucer.

Let's Dish 032 Glue the saucer to the pot...

Let's Dish 034You can paint it, they do make special paint for it.

I got this at Michael's with a coupon.

Let's Dish 037Let's Dish 029

Great for a Spring Brunch, and so easy!

Now let's see what you bring to the table this week!  Please be sure to visit as many as you can, and suggestions for topics are always welcome!

The first challenge will be on Wed April 18th

The Good Earth!

Earth Day is the 22nd this year, so close enough.

LOTS  of room for interpretation on this one, so let's see where YOU take it.  And of course a little table related  prize drawing for the entrants.

Start thinking about  a throw down for May, and make your suggestions!


St. Patrick's Day Crawl and Anniversary  winners are!

There were 117 entries and 86 comments.  Most of the entries left comments too.

There are 12 prizes.

There is an extra prize, as promised to the person who visited and commented on the most blogs. 

Priscilla from PWSNW Journal, visited EVERY entry!  I am sending her a gift card and a big thanks for visiting everyone.  She said she had a great time and found so many new blogs that interested her and followed!

1. Happier Than a Pig in Mud  ! Lynne   gets  the gift card

2.Words Upon Wheels Debbie

3. Miss Bloomers  Sonia


4. Kitty's Kozy Kitchen

cake pan

5. 2 Birdies and a Bee  Barb

dish towels

6. House at Forest Manor  Denise

cook book

7. Creative Journeys   Marlis

cook book

8. A LA Carte  Linda

mushroom name holders

10. Cozy Home Scenes  Shannon

11. Grateful Prayer, Thankful Heart  Lorraine

12.La Dolce Vita   Stephanie

So that you get something you want or can use the prizes will be awarded in the order in which you email me with your address.  First received, best choice!  :)

Tell me what number you want! 

Let's Dish 039

#1 Gift card to Lynn,

4 PB  napkins, Sonia picked this, Cookie cake pan, le cruset prep bowls, Dansk trivet, 4 PB mushroom name holders

Linda picked this

Let's Dish 040

Cake Boss book, Canal House Cook Books from WS, 4 Waverly dish towels that are great for napkins,Barb picked this, and last is 4 monkey place card holders from PB.

Linda picked this

If it gets to the end, and there is nothing left you would use, I will substitute something.

The door prize winner is #72  Meredith.  Email me your address and I will send you your surprise gift!

Retta gets the vintage St. Patrick's Day topper, and then has to pass it on to another blogger next year.  Marigene sent it to me, and I pass it to Rett!

Thanks for taking part in the crawl, and for celebrating my 3 year blogaversary.  I hope you had fun, I did!

I am linking to Centerpiece Wednesday, Style Sisters...
Susan for Tablescape Thursday...
Gollum for Foodie Friday..
A Deightsome Life for Home and Garden Thursday,
Diann for Thrifty Friday.
Bev for Pink Saturday Spring Party
Natasha for Say G'day Saturday!

Link up here!
If it is food, we want to see the setting too!

PLEASE, INCLUDE A LINK BACK TO THIS POST, and visit as many as you can. I don't have a button yet!


  1. I love those polka dotted plates...the cakes look luscious! Glad to hear Rett is going to be the next one getting the tablecloth, I know she will do it justice!

  2. I love your yellow and white table Kathleen.

    I have a no reply addy I believe. I don't know how to remedy it, however, I do have an email option, just above my photo on the sidebar. I check that address several times a day. Folks generally use that if they have questions. Clicking there will take you to an email compose page or you can copy and paste the address.

    Thanks so much for doing this Wednesday party.

  3. Hi Kathleen! Congratulations to all the lucky winners! Guess I should look for a 4 leaf clover for next year! I am trying to keep V & B in Maine in business now that ours in CT is closed and I have been there way too many times lately. Your daisy table is very pretty and springy. I have doilies like that from my grandmother--I haven't seen them in CTS yet! Thanks for the new party. I'll start thinking about the next one! Linda

  4. I just adore the yellow polka dotted plates! Talk about happy and sunny and the throw in polka dots to boot! Can't wait to have pansies to put on my cupcakes. The snow just melted off and it is beautiful today. So glad I checked on 7:00 your time - I was just thinking that it might be 5:00 my time! Thanks for the fun party. Congrats to all the winners.

  5. Me too!! I absolutely love those yellow polka dotted plates. I love these linky parties, I don't have an ounce of "Martha Stewart" in me so I need all the help I can get when it comes to decorating anywhere in my house. I want your Easter tablescape!! Thanks for hosting and sharing!!

  6. Kathleen...I am so happy to join your first "Let's Dish" Party!!...

    I really need to go to the get so many wonderful things there...Your table is so magnificently Spring. I love the polka dot plates and the terra cotta plate stand?..that is the cutest!!!...congrats to the winners!!!

  7. I adore yellow...and the polka dots are adorable. I really love the table and the sweet cupcakes with fresh flowers are so pretty! Thanks for hosting the Brawl Crawl...I'm so excited to win anything!! Hope you got my email! Anyway Let's Dish is such a fun meme the name you chose!! Thanks for being such a great hostess!
    Miss Bloomers

  8. Yellow is not my favorite color but these plates just jump off the screen. So cute and so springy! Love them! You can't go wrong with polka dots either! Love this new party and can't wait to visit everyone! Thanks again for the St Pats crawl and I'm so excited to win something. I've sent you an email! hugs, Linda

  9. I will definitely be joining in in the future! Love those yellow and white polka dot dishes! The idea for the planter and saucer is fun! Blessings!

  10. Your sunny table looks so pretty, Kathleen!! I love the little cake stand that you made with the pot and cute!!Thanks for hosting your fun party. I'm so excited to be a winner...Yea!!! Thank you so much!!!

  11. Kathleen, your yellow table is full of sunshine and joy. Love those darling polka dot plates. Will try to stop by CTS while in Dallas. ;-) The St. Pat's Blog Crawl was such fun. Thanks for hosting. Congrats to the winners.
    Let's Dish is a great idea. You know I'm in if it's dish related. ~ Sarah

  12. Congratulations to all the "Lucky Winners"!!!
    Hi Kathleen, LOVE your table! You get the BEST BUYS at the Christmas Tree Shop! Ours is a little ways away BUT I'll have to go check on the CUPCAKES...LOVE THOSE!!! Those yellow polka dot dishes are SO SWEET for spring! AND I REALLY like those little watering cans. It would be fun to add a little CHALKBOARD PAINT on the side SO you can also write something or put a name on them...They are SO ADORABLE, and fit so beautifully with your theme... As ALWAYS Those GOODIES are a tease! YUMMMMY!!!
    Enjoy this GORGEOUS WEATHER! We have some CLOUDS heading in...

    1. I usually use a a washable marker to write the name on them, that way I can keep them white. The chalkboard paint is a good idea too!

  13. Oh Goodness! Hear I was thinking I was going to kick back and take it easy again this week without creating a new tablescape. Looks like I am going to have to break a few of my newest finds after all. I had no idea you were doing a party now too, I love it though. I am soooooo behind in blogland. Congrats to all the winners of the St. Patty's day crawl! It was fun and I saw some wonderful and awesome tables! Thanks so much starting a another wonderful way to "dish" with others!

    1. Haha! I meant to say break "out" a few of my newest finds not break a few. I certainly don't want to be breaking anything. LOL!

    2. We knew what you meant! :)

  14. What a cheery the dotted plates, what a find! Congrats to the winners :)

  15. What a pretty sunshine-filled table! I love the yellow polka dotted plates (have a few myself). Your little daisy details scattered around the table are so have such an attention to detail!

    Congrats to all the winners!

    1. Yes, I saw them in your adorable Easter table on your blog!

  16. Congrats to the winners! I love the cupcake thing you made, very creative, even I could make that I think :) Nice party!

  17. I hope you get to use those pretty dotted plates at the shower. I used clay pots in my blog post too :-) Congratulations to all the winners!
    I think you get better buys at your Christmas Tree Shop than I do at ours. The little watering cans are great. Those sweet treats are right up my alley! Enjoy the gorgeous weather. I just got home from a three mile walk through the village, and it is wonderful to be able to wear short sleeves and shorts in March. Looking forward to dishing with you each week. I have plenty to dish with!

  18. You know I LOVE those yellow polka dots dishes, and the flatware!! The little watering can napkin rings are just adorable!

    Thanks for hosting a new (and smaller) dishing group for us!


  19. Thanks for hosting, K.
    Your table, as always, is beautiful.:)

  20. Kathleen, this has been a wonderful start to what is going to be a wonderful party!!! I feel so privileged to have won a prize on the St. Patty's crawl.. wow. overwhelmed.. but to the table.. it's a perfect pick me up, a lovely shade of yellow. The yellow polka dots are pretty cool! love them and the daisy placemat as the center mat.. Thanks so much for sharing and hosting.. xo marlis

  21. Woo Hoo! Thanks so much for the St. Patty's Day Party O'K, it's always fun! Great new party and you know I love polka dots-Happy Spring:@)

  22. Hi Kathleen,

    What a rollicking fun time this weekly party will be! I will certainly be joining in the fun as soon as my house is somewhat back together. Right now, all the stuff from my baker's rack and top of my fridge are stacked on the dining room table. Kitchen walls are prepped and primed, but not painted. Both "dish" rooms are a mess! I am in no way complaining because I'm thrilled to be getting the kitchen renovated after 16 years. :)

    Your yellow table is so cheerful and pretty! I ALWAYS love polka dots. But I have to tell you that I really adore those glass bunnies with eggs in your blog header picture. I've never seen any like them.

    I'm honored to be a winner in the St. Pat's Blog Crawl giveaway; it was a fun party. Have a great evening!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  23. Denise, they are egg holders from the WSonoma Outlet.

  24. Thanks for hosting, Kathleen! I think those plates would be perfect for a shower. Your desserts look beautiful!

  25. As always you have created a lovely table! I love the yellow cheery and springy!

  26. Kathleen, It looks like a true garden party on your table! The idea with the flower pot turned cake plate is great and I plan to steal it! Thanks so much for hosting this, I can't wait to visit all the new blogs that I haven't seen yet. Dianne

  27. What? You have a dish party and I did not know about it? Good thing I read at Sarah's. I must have been really busy here, lol. I love your tablescape, Kathleen, love the colors, so cheerful and bright. That cake looks delish, I want some! Congrats to the winners! ....Christine

  28. HI Kathleen, this is such a wonderful, FUN party! I hope to be able to join in. Right now I am up to my armpits, busy. Our daughter and SIL and 2 dogs are living here while they are building a house. Now, Joe and I are going to build a new house and sell this one too! My head is spinning and I seem to ahve no time at all. I promise I will join in ASAP. Thanks for this wonderful idea. XO, Pinky

  29. I am SO sorry, I forgot to comment on your table!!!! Hang my head in shame:( I love this table, the napkin rings are adorable and also the flower scatters. I got some polka dot plates at CTS several years ago but they are white with different colored pastel dots. I use them at Easter too! I promise I will be back:):) XO, Pinky

  30. I love, love, love all the yellow on the table!!!

  31. Love those polka dot dishes. I so need to make a trip to CTS soon! I have been trying to avoid them for awhile but, I think I have met my limit and am ready for a "Spring trip".The whole table is adorable. And the treats look delish! thanks for hosting.

  32. OOoh I love the polka dot plates so much and what a deal!! The terra cotta pot cake stand is awesome!!! Really really fabulous all the way around! Thanks for linkiing up to Centerpiece Wednesday!


  33. I'm so happy to be able to join in your premiere Let's Dish party! Love your sunny yellow t'scape! Great idea for that "gardener's dream" cupcake stand!


  34. Well I think I just blew that. My first linkup was celebrating National French bread Day today.....but no tablesetting. ( I didn't realize until after I put the link up that it was suppose to have a table in it. I am so sorry about that one) But... I DID put your link in large and told about this party though and that they should come and be a part of it with the link. I think you will be pleased. I put a great big PS on both this one and my Shamrock Soiree.

    Happy for the winners....well...just wish I had been one of them...sniff sniff. But we all can't win. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yellow table. It is just such a happy table and just so 'spring.' I needed that today. And your desserts. You just outdid yourself. You made them so worthy, and they look SO delish!! Would love some right now.

    Congrats on your inaugural. I'm so pleased to be a part of it.

    Big Hugs,


  35. Looks like a success here, Kathleen! Sorry to have missed the first party, but I am planning for next time, and thanks for the giveaway! xo

  36. Hi Kathleen~ I love your cheery yellow table with your ADORABLE yellow watering can centerpiece. I'm looking forward to joining in the fun~ I had more of a vignette this week rather than a table but I plan on dishing right along with you! Congrats to the winners :)

  37. I tried to leave a comment last night, but I see that it didn't send. Well of course...

    I really love the idea of this party and am so glad you're hosting it. I'm late getting here by a good 12 hours, but I am here nonetheless.
    Just call me the pokey sister in the sisterhood.

    I love your happy yellow table! Yellow is my theme color this year so I'm all about it. The more sunshiney the better. It looks like you, if that makes sense.

    I totally enjoyed the blog crawl, too. I never did email with my visits because I honestly just forgot to keep count. You really do throw a good party, and I'm excited about having one on a weekly basis.

    Hmmm... Earth Day... thinking... thinking...

    1. Debbie, did you send me your choice for a prize?

  38. I am honored to participate in the FIRST "Let's Dish" party, Kathleen & I promise to take good care of the St. Patrick's Day topper & send it on, next year. That is, AFTER I use it in a few photos! LOL

    Congratulations on the start of a really fun meme! I look forward to playing with our dishes weekly. Love your pretty YELLOW tablescape & your desserts are wonderfully creative. Thanks for the tip on using a flower pot for a pedestal, too.


    1. And I am honored you are honored! :)
      And of course we want to see how you use the topper!

  39. Here I've been off visiting all of your participants and never left a comment on your post. So Springy and sweet!

    - The Tablescaper

  40. Glad to follow The Tablescaper... as I was visiting too and didn't leave a comment here. :-/
    A lovely yellow table... adore your dish collection.

  41. Blasted CTS! Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!! Why, oh why must you torture me so? My kingdom for a CTS!!!

    1. You have stores we don't! I would love a Hobby Lobby and World Market! CTS is spreading, if you have a BBB, you will get one eventually. They are owned by them!

    2. :-O Whoa! YOU don't have Hobby Lobby OR World Market??
      I thought I lived at the edge of the free world but guess not!
      One store I'd like to see in my town is IKEA.

    3. Nope, no HL or WM. I have ordered from WM though! We have Ikea here in NY but it is over an hour away! I haven't been there in years. One of these days I will have to meet my partner in dish crime, Alma there! And we can get some Swedish Meatballs too! :)

    4. Orrrrrrr, YOU could come HERE to Ohio & shop with ME at HL, which is very close by!! I'll even give you my coupons!!

  42. Kathleen, I am so envious of your glorious yellows. One of my favorite colors. What a bargain on the fab dinner and salad plates. Thanks you sooo much for sharing and hosting. Big hugs from Savannah, Ginger

  43. Bring on Spring, and bring on the Sisters of Dish! So excited for you....your happy golden tablescape does a marvelous job of inspiring all the bloggers who will LOVE to Dish with you each week. Congratulations on your premier week! Cherry Kay

  44. Hi Kathleen, I just found your blog because my other favorite blogs were linking up! Can't wait to look over all the fab stuff in your blog.
    XO Cindy

    1. Welcome, Cindy! Glad you came to dish with us! Jump in anytime!

  45. Kathleen, I too love your cheery yellow tablescape and the fact that you are hosting a new weekly party. I have to miss this week because I have a house full of contractors but will joining in all future Wednesdays - it is such a fun idea and I look forward to gaining many new ideas from the participants.

    You sure find the best deals at CTS - so wish there was one in MN!

  46. I made it to your inaugural Dish party after all :) Thanks for having me and I look forward to Dishing in the future!

  47. Beautiful, sunny table, Kathleen. I'm loving the color yellow with my daffodils blooming now :) Congratulations to all of your winners! I'll try to get my act together to join you next month.

  48. Congratulations, Kathleen! Your very first weekly blog party! I am so thrilled that we have an outlet for our tablescapes! Thank you so much! You have such a sweet sunny table. Love the dishes... and love the price even better! Let's dish every week!
    xo Yvonne

  49. hi lovely lady.
    Wow You know I LOVE those yellow polka dots dishes, you did a beautiful job putting this all together, I also love your flatware!! The little watering can napkin rings are just adorable!I also love the little flower pots this is a great Idea so sweet. Thanks so much for hosting your linky party..
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  50. Love this sweet yellow table scape. I am a big fan of polka dots so I am loving those plates, too. I know what you mean about trying to keep the Dansk store open. I was so sad when they closed the outlet in our area. It has been years and I still miss that place!

    I am excited about your new dish party! More incentive for me to get a table scape going so I can party along.
    Looking forward to visiting the party every week.

  51. I am so sorry that I missed the party! My computer was in the "hospital" at the Apple store the last couple of days. Are you going to only have the link up one evening?

    The yellow is soooo Springy -- I love the whole polka-dotty ruffly thing.


  52. Looking forward to dishing with you soon! Love your yellow polka dotted dishes!

  53. Kathleen, your table is the perfect springtime table-so bright and cheerful. Oh My! The deal you got on those polka dot plates - I think I'm going to have to move some place where there is a CTS - not in your area, because I know you'd get there before me and grab up all the bargains. Love those ruffly chargers too, and how cute the way you sprinkled the little daisies around the table. I'm always inspired when I see one of your tables, and I'm always hungry when I see your food pictures, although these look almost too pretty to eat! Congrats to all the lucky winners! laurie

  54. This is a lovely blog! I came via Nann's referral, and I will be back!

  55. Love the yellow and white polka dots, Kathleen! And those napkin rings... Adorable! I wish I could do the whole tablescaping thing, but I'm just not that talented. I do enjoy looking at everyone else's though, because I lurves me some dishes. LOL I used to love to hunt for deals at the Dansk, Pfaltzgraf and V&B outlets here, but they've all closed. Hope your week's been a good one and that you have a fantastic weekend, my friend! Congrats to all of the winners too! ~Mary

  56. Oh Kathleen, it's so fresh and bright and cheery, just like springtime! Your desserts are to die for. I'm just a newbie at tablescaping and you are certainly an inspiration.

  57. Hi Kathleen
    even though I am chronically dish challenged I always love to see your latest acquisitions!
    The polka dot plates are fab!
    Your St P blog crawl looks to have been a huge success once more, what fun it was to see who took part.
    I'm sure that Let's Dish! will be just as successful.
    bon weekend

  58. What a cheerful table! I love your polka dots. ...Can't believe I missed linking on the first week of "Let's Dish." I'll try to do better next week! Such a fun new meme!

  59. Love your lemon yellow tablescape, Kathleen. Congrats to all the St. Pat's blog crawl winners! My daughter got that cake Boss cookbook in her bridal shower wishing well, as well as some other cute CTS item. I'm exhausted from all the partying ... now I need a couple days of R&!

  60. What a lovely, cheery looking table!!! Love the yellow! And those cupcakes look beautiful!

  61. Hello Kathleen, I am looking forward to getting in on this fun! So love your dishes - I am hoping to make a trip and will include CTS in my list of places to go! So very cheerful! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  62. Hi Kathleen! Yeah I'm late, I've been baby sitting my darling garndgirls, so I did my table late, but I also forgot to link up my new buffet's so busy to be a mother and my Victoria caught a cold too, so! I can't wait to join the fun too at your place, I love to party! As always I adore your cooking and gorgeous tablescapes. Enjoy your Sunday.


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