Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let's Dish # 7 OLE'!

Welcome to the 7th Let's Dish, the place  dish lovers meet Wed night's at 7, LOL!
Next week is the

It can be a table dedicated to your mom, or showing us something table related she has given you.  It could be from mom, or mom in law too!  As for all challenges, a little give away  too!

Tonight I am bringing a little Fiesta table for Cinco de Mayo  to the meeting of dish dames!  So get out your maracas and sombreros, and Let's Dish!

Let's Dish 389

A few years I got these colorful plates by Gibson for .50 in the supermarket.  Lots of colors to choose from!

Let's Dish 387
I used a green ruffled charger from CTS, the colorful plates and soup/salad bowl, flatware by Fiesta via Tues. Morning.
Let's Dish 404
I used those same 1.00 red and yellow tulips in my mom's yellow pitcher as the centerpiece.  I placed it on a folded runner made from a 1.00 curtain panel from CTS.

I turned 2 Margherita  stainless steel glasses upside down to hold the candles.  Some maracas tied with colorful ribbon for the dancing we will do later!  :)

Let's Dish 383
Green napkin, maracas napkin rings from PBarn, and yellow condiment/butter dish from Target.

Let's Dish 386
Look at these glasses!
Yellow and green speckled perfect for a Corona , or in my case Sierra Mist Free!  They were a birthday gift from Alma, The Tablescaper.
 They are sure to appear in many tablescapes!
Let's Dish 391
Another view, with a green bottle of mineral water dressed up for the Fiesta!

I didn't do a Fiesta table last year but the year before I used these dishes.  Same dishes, maracas and napkin rings, but the rest is different.
2010table 3903
I think I can get another year out of them, there's blue in  them, so I can go with that!

In my last post I showed you the centerpieces and favors I did for a baby shower last Sat. 
Let's Dish 462
Let's Dish 459
Let's Dish 443I got lots of emails with questions  about them. 
I got the snapdragons for 1.49 a 4 in pot at HDepot.
The roses were 100 in a bundle for 14.99 at Sams Club, and they were gorgeous.

As I said, they have a great selection of flowers, much better than Costco and so much more reasonable than a florist.    I have been buying them for parties for years.

If you didn't see the beautiful cake, click here!  Worth a look.

I made some of the food for the shower.
Let's Dish 449 
This is a Chicken Snow Pea Bow Tie Pasta Salad.

Great for a crowd.

I seasoned and  roasted a package of chicken cutlets, about 3 lbs I guess.  Two  12 oz  boxes of bowties, a large onion minced, celery diced, and shaved carrots.  I guess about a lb of snow peas.

I used mayo, cider vinegar, powdered mustard, orange juice, pepper and an envelope of Geo Washington seasonings, which is like a granular  chicken base. 
Let's Dish 450
I know, no exact amounts, but I never use a recipe for any kind of salad!  You don't need to, taste as you go and adjust!  Salads are so easy!

And since this is Let's Dish, check out this LARGE  pale green cabbage bowl from WSonoma Outlet.  Marked $48.00, I got it for $11.00.  It held a lot!

Let's Dish 471 
I gave one to my dil too, but I left the 48.00 tag on, lol!  (She knows I would never pay that!)
I hope no one who paid $48.00 is reading this!

This post is getting long, so I will show what else I made another time.

Ellen at The Happy Wonderer had the most clicks last week at 63!

 Lots were in the 50's, so I thank you all for being such good party goers and visiting so many entrants!

Thanks so much for visiting me too!

What do you have for us this week?

Same rules, ONE link ,dish related, no word ID allowed.
I appreciate you using your blog name or your name instead of the post name, but you can do both, there is room.  It helps me keep it straight when I am visiting.

Please link back to Let's Dish in your post, and I'd love to have you leave a comment. Most of you are kind enough to do so, thanks!  I try to visit all the entrants who leave a comment.

Link opens at 7, NY time.

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday
Diann for Thrifty Things Friday


  1. Sigh, I love fiesta ware. Yours is so colorful...well aren't they all..but your combination of colors and arrangements make me smile! Thanks for hosting a fun party!

  2. How fun and festive! Perfect for Cinco do Mayo. What a sweet gathering for your baby shower. Love all the pinks.

  3. I love the bright colors of Fiesta Ware! If I had more room in my kitchen cabinets I would invest in a few different sets. I also love the cabbage salad bowl. I'm sad I live so far from the WS outlet, but my husband is estatic over that!

    I'm going to go read your baby shower post, Kathleen. The flower arrangments are adorable!

  4. Pat, the only thing that is by Fiesta here is the flatware. The colorful dishes are by Gibson! I don't own any Fiesta ware. Don't want to misrepresent them! :)

  5. Oh I love this little fiesta you got going on! Those maraca napkin rings are beyond them! The glasses are so pretty too.

  6. I love this colorful, festive table! Before I retired, I would use Cinco de Mayo for an excuse to have some classroom fun! We even made our own tacos and had a pinata! It was a good way for 3rd graders to associate Mexico with the continent of North America!

  7. What a fantastic table! My very very favorites are the napkin rings. They are just too cute. It's all so festive for Cinco de Mayo.

  8. I am in love with your festive tablescape! Love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Hey Kathleen, I am trying to do my Fiesta table but lacking motivation. I may join up later tonight or tomorrow, I hope! The prices for the flowers are absolutely unbelievable, and I love those glasses from Alma! Great color. xo

  10. Great colors!! My 'fiesta' table is coming along very slowly! Wish I had access to those flowers, too!

  11. Love this fun table. The napkin rings are so cute! I would snap those up in a minute if I find them. One thing about a Cinco De Mayo table is lots of color!! I'm working on my Mother's Day challenge and have so many ideas...need to decide on one so I can work on it soon! I'll be back to post at 7pm! Hugs, Linda

  12. I can't believe you got 100 roses for that price! How wonderful! Alas, we don't have a Sam's Club in Portland, just a Costco. Up until now I thought that 2 dozen for 14.99 was good--but it used to be 12.99, and on holidays it goes up higher. Sigh. We don't have a CTS here, either. Maybe I should move =) Your bouquets were lovely; I especially like the wicker baby buggy one.

  13. Very colorful! Love the upside down metal glasses as candle holders and I'm taking tomorrow off so I'll have that Corona:@)

  14. The whole table is great, but those napkin rings are the cutest things I have ever seen. Your glasses from the Tablescaper are great, too. Looks like you will be having a fun Cinco de Mayo!

  15. Love your Cinco de Mayo table, Kathleen! It's so very colorful and fun. I also love your glasses from The Tablescaper. You'll get a lot of use from them. Wow, that bowl from WS is wonderful. I want a WS and PB outlet near me...waa-waa!! I'd toast a Sierra Mist Free with you, as no Corona for me either (bleh!!). I'll see you tonight and thanks for hosting.

  16. Kathleen, your Cinco de Mayo table is very festive. Makes me want to go out for Mexican food tonight. ;-)
    Love the bright colors and the fun dishes. Not certain I'll get a link up this week, but I'm trying. Thanks for hosting ~ Sarah

  17. What a festive table...makes me want to shout 'Ole'!!
    Love all the pretty colors you chose and those glasses from The Tablescaper go perfectly - What a nice gift.
    I also love the delicate floral centerpieces you made for the baby shower. Great buy on the roses.
    I miss shopping at Sam's Club.. now we only have a Costco.

    1. Hi Jane, so good to see you!
      Jane is a very talented tablescaper friend from Holidays, a Garden Web Forum where I first came out about my dish addiction. :) lots of different forums, gardening, decorating, cooking and of course my favorite Holidays! A lot of posters on some of those sites don't like bloggers though, I don't know why.??

  18. We are in the midst of fixing up the house. Hoping to get a sign in the yard. I delved into archives and added them to a post I had going. Hope this is okay. Will be back on track soon, I hope!

    Thanks for hosting, Kathleen.

  19. That chicken salad is making me seriously hungry, so I have to go get something on the table! Your table looks very festive. I need to find some maracas -- that is a really nice festive touch!

    What are you serving for C de M?

    1. Oh goodness, I adore chicken salad. Yours look wonderful Chef Kathleen and I am hungry at 6pm.. already! love those stripe dishes and so inexpensive, too, wow! Your table is so pretty and fun looking too. Thanks for having me with my first "Mother's Month" table.

  20. Nothing says celebration like FIESTA colored dishes. I don't have ANY but I'm working on it! Your table is PERFECT! I am also interested in that wonderful chicken salad! SO YUMMY like everything you do...
    Have a fun week.
    Thank you for hosting!
    Big Hugs,

  21. Your table looks so fun and ready for a celebration! The colors are so festive and the napkin rings are the bomb! Wonderful job, Kathleen. Thanks so much for hosting such a fun party!


  22. I joined the party but didn't know you had a theme. It's my first time!
    Love your Fiesta Ware!
    Your floral arrangements for the shower are so cute! Love the looks of that pasta dish too! Now I want it! I'll check out your cake from the shower too!
    Thanks for hosting!

  23. So fun and festive! Love the napkin rings and the glasses from Alma! Yes, That Home Site aka Garden Web is where I found some wonderful friends, including you Kathleen! What steal on the WS bowl! I rarely get there but I will be looking for some bargains next time we get to the mall! Thanks so much for hosting Kathleen! I race home from work so that I get to link up :-)

  24. You do a very pretty party :) Festive table!

  25. Ole!
    That just seemed like the best way to start this. I love this festive table. My favorite part of all is the napkin ring. That's just too cute, and I would have to use it every year. I love all the bold colors here and the overturned glasses for the votives. That was so creative.

    Those tulips in the middle are just gorgeous. I tried to comment last week and tell you so but my computer kept going wonky that day so I don't know if it ever posted.

    Glad to be back for another week of DISHING and excited to see the inspiration.

    (BTW, I don't think I've ever had something that I pinned REpinned more quickly and more often than your baby shower post picture. Just burning up the pin boards, you are. )

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I see the Pinteresters found that Pinteresting! :)

  26. Your Mexican tablescape is very festive, so colorful and beautiful. It makes me feel like I am in a fiesta even if I am only in my office chair. I love those maracas! The flwoers are beautiful, Kathleen. You are right about Sam's. We bought the flowers that I made bouquets out of for Rochelle's wedding also from Sam's.....Christine

  27. I'm a wing it kind of gal, too, when it comes to cooking. Your baby shower was just beautiful and I love all your arrangements.

    Your table setting here is just beautiful. You really have a good eye to tie everything together. THAT is a gift. xo Diana

  28. certainly set a great table to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!...I can just hear the Maracchi band playing in the distance...Have a great Fiesta!...Ole!!

  29. Those glasses are beautiful! Love your cabbage dish! Thanks for hosting!

  30. Omigosh, here I am in Texas and didn't even think about this week being Cinco de Mayo and goodness knows I have lots of stuff that could go on a table. Tomorrow night we are having green enchiladas for dinner. Does that count for anything?

    1. Lulu, they would count for me getting heartburn! :). Nothing Spicy or bean y for me!

  31. Love your table. Thanks for hosting!

  32. Kathleen, What a fun table. Love all the colors! You are so clever to use an upside down Margherita glass as a candle holder! This table looks like a Fiesta! OLE'!
    Thanks for hosting!

  33. Kathleen - Hola to you! Definitely going to be setting a Cinco de Mayo table. Yours is beautiful. I just love the dishes. Everything is so festive and fun! Maybe I will make my mother's tamales. Those are special occasion and would be perfect. Thanks for hosting! Lots of fun!

  34. We just returned home from dinner at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant....their tables don't hold a candle to yours! Wonderful colors and textures...turning the stainless steel goblets upside down to use as candlesticks is a genius idea...very effective. Thanks for inviting us for a peak and for hosting us for Let's Dish. Cherry Kay

  35. Thanks for hosting this fun event.. love your table.. It certainly says cinco de mayo to me! Great plates for sure.. xo marlis

  36. What a fun table for a FIESTA!!! May I place my order for a Marguerita, please??:) Love all the colors and especially the napkin rings. That salad sounds WONDERFUL!!!!!!! XO, Pinky PS, no time to blog or do a table right now, I MISS being part of this!

  37. Hi Kathleen,
    Such a cute table with such wonderful colors!
    I am always so jealous of your deals...can I come visit you and have you take me to these places?
    Don't worry, I'll call first! lol.
    Love the bow tie salad..too cute Miss Talented you~

  38. Kathleen:

    You're so full of energy! Cooking, party favors and flower arranging for the baby shower and still a new table. It's so full of festive color. I'm glad you like the glasses. I knew you were looking for yellow and yellow (not gold) is hard to find.

    When you have a chance, come grab the button about my GIVE AWAY.

    - The Tablescaper

  39. Love your Cinco de Mayo table & so happy to join in with mine! Have to visit the links later since I'm at work. They frown on that here, LOL!

    Thanks for hosting!

  40. Awesome table, as always. So colorful and pretty.

  41. What a great, festive table!!! Love all the colors--so bright and fun! It really makes me want to whip up a batch of margaritas and eat some spicy Mexican salsa!

  42. Hi Kathleen!

    Love all the elements of your "fiesta" table. It makes me want to run right out (fast) and get some bright dishes too!

    I really hope to be able to have a tablescape to post for you Mother's Day Challenge. I have her beautiful pink eggshell china that I have been wanting to share for a very long time. I just need to set aside the time to do it... something that I haven't been able to do.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  43. Only 50 cents each? What a deal! They are perfect for the fiesta look. The maracas are such a great idea. I love your yellow and red flatware. I really want to find some like that. Your centerpieces for the shower were wonderful. I, too, use flowers from Lowe's or Home Depot. They just fit into my containers and then they can go into the garden later. Salad looks so yummy! Thank you for hosting!

  44. I am tardy for the party, but I made it! Ole for real!! Arriba arriba!!!! xo

  45. Most clicks eh? That's very cool. I'm way behind this week and can't participate. boohoo! Love Cinco de Mayo and your table is fabulous for this celebration. Growing up in the Los Angeles area we'd have a celebration in elementary school doing the Mexican Hat Dance, etc. Fun memories. I hope to get a Mother's Day table organized for next week.

  46. Hi, Kathleen. What a fun, colorful table! Love it! Thanks for the reminder that this weekend is an opportunity to have some colorful fun--might've missed it otherwise :). That chicken salad looks DELISH....and the cabbage I wish I had a WS outlet nearby! They closed the one we had because it was too close to their regular stores--yep! I guess they didn't think of that little detail before they opened it! :) I'm sorry I haven't been able to "dish" with you lately--lots going on with the new baby, but hope to get in on the Mother's Day one! ~Zuni

  47. Kathleen,
    I'm stopping by to see everyone's lovely tablescapes. I don't have anything to contribute but maybe some other week I will.

  48. What a fun table! Very festive. The little napkin rings are darling.

    By the way, I have the same cabbage bowl... and I got it at the outlet too! I love it to pieces! And what a deal it was. I also got the matching serving tray. Totally charming.

  49. I got the tray too, Caroline! I forgot to show it!

  50. I am slow as molasses getting around to posts this week! So much to do around here in preparation for being gone out of town yet another weekend. Sigh! :-( I am so tired right now I could get into bed and sleep for a month!!! (That will require an industrial strength diaper!!!) You really do find some of the best deals, and this week is no exception. How on earth did you get 100 roses for just $15?!??!! I am renouncing Costco as of today and getting myself hooked back up with Sam's! I used to go there years ago, but Costco's rotisserie chicken pulled me over to their side. I'll learn to cook my own dang chicken for a price like that on little roses!!!!!! I was at Costco yesterday, and the flower selection was almost nil. So sad! Sam's is about 8 miles closer to our house, anyway! Great table, lots of fun stuff!!! I have those exact same maraca napkin rings!!! I only have 6, though, so I haven't gotten much use out of them. (When I cook Mexican food, we usually have a house full!!!) I like the way you clipped the ends of the snow peas to dress your salad. Very cute! Thanks for hosting "Let's Dish!" again this week! Have a great weekend!!!

  51. I love those red dishes (not a surprise, I'm sure)! The maracas napkin rings are so cute. I'm always so impressed with the outlets you have there and the great things you find. I'll have to watch HD for those snaps - they look so healthy!

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  53. Happy Pink Saturday, Kathleen. I am so glad you joined us with your pink.

    The baby shower was awesome. And, that salad looks delish! Love your new bowl, and it was such a great buy. I wish I had been shopping with you that day. I can't find George Washington seasoning around here. I like to use the beef when I oven cook brisket.

    I purchase my cut blooms at Sam's Club, too. You just can't beat their selection and prices.

  54. I've never heard of the seasoning, but I can use another granular chicken base. I might make the chicken salad during the summer when I am hosting a small informal wedding reception at the lake. Although Mr. C won't touch it since it has mayo and snow peas. More for me!

    You amaze me with those napkin rings! You have it all! I can just imagine how nice and cold a Margherita would be in those stainless steel glasses that you turned upside down to hold the candles.

  55. Very festive! I will be getting new laptop tomorrow, can't wait...this phone is driving me nuts!

  56. I would have love to celebrate at your place. I just love how you cut up your peas on your pasta salad; very creative; thanks for the inspiration.


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