Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Perfect Summer Sunday

The weather here was wonderful!  It was a perfect beach day!

Let's Dish 1062
We are blessed to have the place to ourselves.

How about an early dinner at this cute place on the Canal.

Let's Dish 1056
We can watch the boats go by,

Let's Dish 1059
or we can go down to the cut and fish or sit and enjoy the view.

Across the water there is a County Park where people can bring their  campers.

 I have heard it is very hard to get a spot, you have to reserve early.

  You can see why, what a beautiful spot to spend a few days!  The Ocean is on the other side.

Before we head home, we can watch the sun set on the Peconic Bay.

table 2458
DH made some fresh peach blueberry muffins today, so come in and have a cup of coffee or tea.  The end to a beautiful summer Sunday!
I hope you enjoy your day!

Oh, in case you are thinking about Christmas, ( I am NOT!) check out Yvonne's Stone Gable,

 and Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict for details on two different link parties this week

Christmas in July linky parties.

Let's Dish 1084
Christmas Tree Shop has started putting their stuff out, OY!

Joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's felt more like September than July for the last couple days! No complaints, just sayin:@) Have a great weekend!

  2. That Sunset shot is spectacular Kathleen. Glad you had such a nice place to enjoy such great views!

  3. A beautiful place indeed, the sunset photo is breath taking! Kathleen!
    I always get in the Christmas spirit about now, and have even listened to some Christmas songs this week while packing, made the time pass faster too! Thanks for sharing, and would love to have the peach and blueberry muffin recipe. We went to a blueberry farm today and picked lots of blueberries, and I saw one lone peach on the counter this morning. ~smile~ Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love that sunset!!! Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

    PS Any chance of the muffin man delivering some of those muffins?

  5. Beautiful sunset, Kathleen. Beach looks so pristine! Not the way they usually look in the Northeast. DH makes the best muffins. You should consider shipping them frozen. :) xo

  6. what a gorgeous sunset! and those muffins -- yummmm!

  7. Kathleen, that sunset shot should be in a travel magazine. Awesome! Would love one of those muffins about right now. No desserts around here tonight.

  8. Pretty scenery, yummy muffins, nice table! Have a great Sunday~

  9. There is nothing more serene than watching the sun go down over the water! Your last photo looks like it should be in Coastal Living Magazine!

  10. What a gorgeous spot! I love being near the water, just so peaceful. I know I am NOT ready for Christmas yet!

  11. Great spot- I love it and I'm sure you enjoyed being there. PLEASE PLEASE don't make me think about Christmas yet- xo Diana

  12. Love the picture of the sunset! We are headed for the beach next weekend...I can hardly wait.

  13. Sounds like the weather is great in old beloved Long Island Kathleen. I love it that you're enjoying your summer to it's fullest, as before you know it'll be fall! Loving your hubby's cupcakes..wish I acould go and have one with a mug of coffee!

  14. It looks lovely! I've been stuck inside for the nicest days of the summer so far... :(

  15. Great beach shot! I picked blueberries Saturday morning, weather was perfect (overcast and not too hot). Blueberry crisp for dessert tonight. I think muffins are next :-)

  16. Perfect it is, Kathleen. Our whole family (9 of us, including 3 babies!!) are headed to the beach and sunsets next week...can hardly wait, and your post makes me all the more anxious to get there!! ~Zuni

  17. Sunset picture is gorgeous and my favorite. I adore sunsets. This one is such a pretty setting.

  18. Oh, to watch a sunset going down over the water. I am SO wishing I was at the beach. Beautiful pics and I want a muffin!!!! OY is right. Do NOT want to think about Christmas right now. XO, pinky

  19. It was a beautiful day for the beach. That sunset shot is fabulous! Nice you don't get tourists :) DH makes delicious looking muffins!

  20. Now that is the perfect day and the perfect spot in my opinion. It looks wonderful.

    Christmas in July? I'm trying NOT to think of it.

  21. Beautiful pictures, Kathleen, but I bet the food wasn't as good as what comes out of your kitchen! laurie

  22. Hi, dear sister friend,
    I have been in and out of home all summer...having a great time.
    How blessed you are to live near this beautiful place. I do love the water.
    And...I do love muffins. :)
    xo bj

  23. O, and tell your hubs it takes a REAL man to make muffins. :))

  24. What pretty shots of the beach, Kathleen. I'm with you in not ready to even think about Christmas. Hobby Lobby has their Fall decor out and the Christmas decor is just waiting in the background...yikes!!!

  25. The beach looks so peaceful! The raft which was full in a previous post is strangely empty. Can't even thing about Christmas yet.


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