Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Dish 17~ Seaside Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to Let's Dish, Wednesday night's meeting for devoted dish dames.  I love alliteration!

Hope you had a good holiday week!  Yes, it went on here a whole week, fireworks could be seen and heard from one weekend to the next!

So after all that noise and activity, how about a little r and r at a seaside bed and breakfast?

Let's Dish 978
Let's Dish 979It says,
May you always have some sand between your toes, and a shell in your pocket.

Let's Dish 1019 
Maybe you would like a cool drink before dinner.
Let's Dish 1004
Even the birdies have a Beach House!  Barbara, your birdies would love it here, no cats allowed!
Let's Dish 957
Take a swim at our beach...

Then walk back and take a refreshing outdoor shower.
Let's Dish 1007Let's Dish 1008
Let's Dish 1009  
You can leave your towels hanging there, one of the staff will take care of it!
Relax a while on the porch, and enjoy the lilies and hydrangeas.
Let's Dish 977

Let's Dish 986
Let's Dish 983
Let's Dish 1016
Or maybe you'd like to get some sun on the front porch.
When the Bay breeze blows you will get the sweet aroma of the roses.Let's Dish 984
By now you must be ready to eat.
Let's Dish 987In THIS  Seaside bed and b, bugs are not invited, but just in case some   crash, we have pretty white lace edged food screens to protect our meal.
Let's Dish 988
A soft blue patterned quilt over a white cloth covers our table.  Rattan chargers, white plate, pale blue salad, and shell shaped bowl for our bisque.
Let's Dish 1025
A pale blue and white striped napkin, and cwappy white flatware that moves when the wind blows!  :)
Bubble glass, and blue stem.
Let's Dish 1027
The seaside bucket filled with fresh mums with some starfish swimming on top.  :)
TIP.  to arrange the flowers easier, find a vase that will fit inside your container, plop it in and you are good to go.
Let's Dish 1020
Let's Dish 1022
Let's Dish 1014Let's Dish 870
Let's Dish 1013
Meet the House Boy!  :)
tom selleckLet's Eat!
Summer salad with sliced chicken cutlets and fresh pineapple, feta and bacon.
Augyst and dinner dance 233
Augyst and dinner dance 227
Carrot Cake done in a Heritage Pan, and swirled with cream cheese icing.  Bad pic, good cake!  :)
Recipe here.
Augyst and dinner dance 246
Now we can walk down to the beach and watch the sun set!

I hope you enjoyed your stay!

Don't forget next week is the DESTINATION table challenge.  Paris, NY, Italy, where ever you like. 
Take us away to somewhere FUN!

Thanks for coming to the meeting, now let's see what you bring to the table, dish wise, ie!  :)

Same rules, one dish/glass related link, link back to this party, blog name first, leave a comment, and visit as many as you can.  I'll be around to see all those who link and leave a comment.


I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday, Yvonne for Tips and Tutorials, Gollum for Foodie Friday, Diann for Thrifty Things Friday.

Let's see what you want to Dish about!


  1. Oh I want to be a guest at Kathleen's Seaside Bed & Breakfast! With each photo I saw, I told myself, I'm not going to want to leave! ;D

  2. I'll get a younger house boy for you, Gina!

  3. Incredible,I feel as if I took a little mini vaca at this most amazing Seaside Bed and Breakfast.

  4. This looks like fun, Kathleen. You won't believe this, but J bore a striking resemblance to Mr Selleck back in the 1980's.:-)

  5. I want to relax on the porch! Am I blind or did the link disappear? Dianne

  6. This is beautiful and soooo inviting. May I join you?

  7. Ooh, I'd come to your B&B anytime!! It all looks sooo inviting and the meal is perfect..... salad and dessert!! Thanks for hosting, Kathleen!!

  8. Don't mind if I do! I would like to relax at your B & B, dip my toes in the water, and have a piece of your Heritage carrot cake. I have the Heritage pan, but I'll just be lazy and enjoy yours!

  9. I'd book a stay with you at your B&B! Love your blue and white table, it has such a relaxing feeling. I would prefer you get Sam Elliot as the House Boy during my stay!

  10. That should be relaxed feeling...

  11. Kathleen~ Love your quilted tablecovering, centerpiece with starfish and last but not least, your house boy :) What are your rates~ I need to book ASAP!

  12. I can see you having a B&B, with your beautiful tables and delicious recipes. I'd stay there! Very cute post idea, and lovely table. Your relaxing, spa-like blues and whites are so appealing. Lovely table.

  13. Kathleen,
    What an inspiring post! I love the cake. I am crazy for the house boy.
    The table setting is wonderful. Great colors.

  14. Aaaah! I can relax just looking at your tablescape. So pretty, Kathleen. And that carrot cake looks real yummy!...Christine

  15. Sounds like a great B&B- Sand, Sea and Selleck! Can you arrange for me to watch the sunset with the houseboy?:@)

  16. That vase:) Is the best..and I do love those little mesh tents..I have some..

    I just wanted to say..that we had burgers tonight..J had a big one..and I had 2 adorable mini ones..Thanks to you~ and the new slider buns here:)

    I was at our lake/beach today w/ 3 of the alphabet boys..the water level is so low..:( They still went in:) OY..I take pics:)

  17. Your cake looks amazing and I love the sea-filled blues in your table!

  18. I love your sea table, as always fabulous and that cake, to die for!! What a great place that is..but the houseboy is my very fav!!!!!! Thanks for having me Kathleen.

  19. Great tip about the container within the vase, Kathleen!

  20. What a fun post! I would love this B&B for sure. Cool blues and whites and that houseboy....sigh, love it all!! Hugs, Linda

  21. Well, I must say my birdies and I would love to relax at Kathleen's b & b! The bird house pulled us right in, and the thought of a cocktail, and perhaps Mr. Cuisine would make his blueberry muffins for us in the a.m. :). But then I saw the house boy, and if he gives massages, well, all I want to know is can I rent by the week? Kidding aside, great great table as always. And so welcoming. Better than Gurney's xo

  22. And what number do I call to make reservations? ;)

    Your table is lovely. The screens are a fun touch and practical, too. I really like the shell-shaped bowls and the blue and white color scheme.

    Your food looks scrumptious. Oh, that cake is beautiful!!

  23. Get me registered right away. Oh, and save some of that cake for me. Great post love the coastal pics.
    I forgot to put my blog name first. Can you take me down and I will put it up again? Just forgot cuz some sites don't allow you many characters to type.

    I should have saved this post for next week. It is definitely French based.

    Thanks so much for hosting,

    Hugs, Ginger

  24. Gee, I just got back from a B&B vacation, but your post makes it clear I could use another week! Love your use of quilted coverlets for the tables.

  25. Such a gorgeous place you have there! When can I come over? I would love to sit and have a delicious meal and look out over the water. Wow so spectacular! Love that you host Let's Dish! Come on over and link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share all this goodness with us.


  26. How gorgeous! I think I need a place like that! I think I would never come home! lol You are something else, sister! Amazing post...and amazing food and pictures- xo Diana

  27. Thank you for hosting.. and for playing with us! I wish I could feel a cool ocean breeze about right now.. it's hot. did i say hot.. it's HOT! But your table cools me right off. The quilted piece fits right in with your theme. The shells are wonderful. Love the center bucket.. xo marlis

  28. Kathleen, is there a room available this weekend? I don't think I'd ever want to leave though. This setting looks so relaxing and inviting. Love the quilt on the table, the beautiful blue stripe napkins, and all the lovely blue and white details. This post makes me feel as if I've been on retreat at the Seaside B&B. Thank you! And thank you for hosting each week........Sarah

  29. Your lake, cottage, food and tablescape look gorgeous!

    Thanks for hosting!!

  30. What a beautiful tablescape! I would love to be at a beach right now :) Thanks for hosting.

  31. Hi Kathleen!
    What a gorgeous tablescape! Soft and tranquil, your colors are perfect and I just love the lace edged food covers!! Oh, and Tom Selleck---Oh MY!! Love him!! :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment! I have not joined the blog parties the past two weeks because my post had a giveaway and a reminder and I know that is frowned upon when linking to parties. But, it's ended now and I should be back next week with my Vegetable Garden Tablescape!

    Have a wonderful night!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  32. Hi Kathleen, I am packing my bags and I'm ready to hit the road!
    Love your B&B..and the poolboy can't be beat!
    The table is gorgeous, I love the quilt and the food covers, too cute!
    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous, must be that sea air.

  33. Kathleen, you forgot to give us the reservation number! I sure you are completly booked. The table is just what I would want to see at B&B.I love the soft sea colors, I just say WOW you did a wonerful job. Where did you find those covers? That poolboy OH MY!!!!!

    Cathy <;0

  34. You had me at houseboy...
    Really, this looks wonderful, and I love the way you put the starfish on the mums in that centerpiece. I also love the quilt for table linen.
    I believe I could come to your place and stay (and stay and stay and...)
    Hoping to be back dishing next week! It's tough to dish when all members of the team are chin deep in their own projects.

  35. PULEEEEZE book my reservations!! Kathleen - what a restful and relaxing post - and you picked the PERFECT house boy for my tastes, lol. I love what you did with your bundt cake -- I have that pan and will be using that idea at some point. Always love seeing your sweet wicker pieces :)


  36. I feel more relaxed after looking at these gorgeous photos. Beautifully done Kathleen.

  37. Love your beautiful porch and garden, Kathleen. What I wouldn't give to be able to walk to the beach. What time is check in?

  38. Beautiful table! Lovely summer colours. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  39. Oh, can I come and stay??? Everything looks so calm and restful. I'd like to go and stay at a Bed and Breakfast, rather than feel like I'm running one! LOL!

    - The Tablescaper

  40. Hi, Kathleen. Thanks for hosting; please send me information on whre to call for reservations--this B&B looks FABULOUS!! I definitely want to visit a place with such beautiful porches and tables and beach!! :) ~Zuni

  41. This B&B looks like my kind of place. How soon can we all come visit? I hope we can all fit in there together to have a big get together! It looks like a very relaxing place. Thanks for letting us link to your party.

  42. Oh Kathleen, I wish I could go to your B & B! Everything is just beautiful. All of those soft, cool, relaxing colors;that pretty table, and that scrumptuous looking food -- I'd love to be sitting there letting the house boy bring me what I need. He could definitely meet my needs! laurie

  43. I thought I was visiting your lovely B&B for the lovely home, the fabulous porch, the outdoor shower, your terrific tablescapes and the beach. But no ... I'm really visiting because of the adorable houseboy! Wow ~ I love your place Kathleen! Thanks for a great visit and a fun party too!!!

    Susan and Bentley

  44. I have ALWAYS wanted an outdoor shower...yours is fabulous. (So is your house boy!! ;) )

    I posted a tablescape today that will be perfect for your destination party next week...I'll be back!! :)

  45. What time does the house boy get there? I'll be right over!
    Table looks beautiful. It's been gorgeous since the heat broke, nice days at the beach.

  46. ah!!! You have me laughing all by myself here!! I missed your post yesterday! So glad I had sometime to catch up! This is so cute!! It took me away, far away from the mound of laundry I should be folding, so thank you!!!

  47. Beautiful table as always Kathleen....and may I come for a visit and meet your "House Boy"!!!...Your flowers are so gorgeous...mine have been scorched in the heat from the past couple of weeks!
    Have a great weekend!

  48. I've been so bad about commenting, but I have been visiting!! Love the seaside look..all the blue is so calming! BEST of all is that hunky 'house boy'!! Do you loan him out??

  49. What a great visit to your seaside spa! Love the flowers with the starfish. I would love to be there for real.

  50. Everything looks so gorgeous! Can I come over and is the house boy still there? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  51. I'm heading over. What time is lunch? Your table is so inviting! Love your clever centerpiece!

  52. Oh! Kathleen this is just what I needed after a week of packing, everything looks so serene and inviting! You have out done yourself... Oh! I see you know the Houseboy too! Isn't he so handsome? I am enjoying his new show BlueBloods.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  53. Oh the visit to your B&B had me leaving feeling cool and refreshed Kathleen! Loved every picture. Please send the house boy over with more cocktails! The carrot cake looks delish! Nothing to share this week but I am off to see what everyone else has linked up :-)

  54. Your beach B&B is just beautiful. I felt my stress melting away just looking at the photos! Your blue and white table is cool as an ocean breeze!

  55. oh wow..I think this may just be perfect!

  56. Will the houseboy be there during cocktail hour? I can get there by then! Beautiful, Kathleen! The cake is gorgeous as the houseboy :)

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I should always review for spelling before posting. This is a beautiful post and I'd love to hang out on your porch. Your house boy is also very easy on the eyes!

  59. Oh, wow. And that house boy! :0)

  60. Kathleen, your table setting with the cool blues and whites is just gorgeous. What a feast for the eyes including Tom Selleck! You talk about a guy who has aged well! I'm afraid if I came to your B&B, I'd never leave!

  61. Hey dear Kathleen, I know you're busy dealing with that gorgeous house-boy..but when you have a minute I'd love you to come by, it'll make me so happy, as I appreciate your comments, because I am preparing to change this one into the Nation theme party at Let's Dish. Thank you.

  62. Okay, I would like to book a room please! And I am leaving Troy and Lia at home. I really want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the amazing food, the stunning tablescape and well, if Mr. Pool Boy is there it would be best if Mr. Hubby was at home! Wonderful post Kathleen. I totally forgot to link up last week. It has been somewhat stressful around here (we have to go to court regarding Lia in a couple of weeks and it is very tense for Troy and I).But, thank you for sharing at TTF last week. I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  63. All I can say is I love your House Boy and those gorgeous bay views!


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