Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's Dish # 19~Christmas in July and More

Welcome to Let's Dish, dedicated to devotees of delightful dishes and doo dads.

Thanks so much to all those who took part in the DESTINATION tablescape challenge.
 The amount of planning that went into some of the scapes was amazing!
 So creative!
The number of visits to many entrants  was high, some in the 50's and 60's, which is great!

You are the best visitors , thanks so much for taking the time just not to link, but to visit the other entrants!

And thank you to those who visit me, and leave a comment.  I certainly do appreciate it!

Some of our friends are hosting  Christmas in July parties.  I actually thought about setting a Christmas table, but the heat brought me back to reality!

Picture 1203
I thought this one was very icy and would be cooling!
Picture 1210
And I think we are supposed to show some holiday treats too...
Picture 1406
How about some snowman soup ( hot chocolate), whipped cream and marshmallows?

My tabletop tip, look for ornaments that can be used for napkin rings, like these rocking horses.  After dinner, put them back on the tree!  :)

On to something more current, my friend Gail sent me these wonderful April Cornell napkins, runner and picket fence napkin rings.

Let's Dish 782
I have picket fence  lots of picket fence votive holders, and a picket fence centerpiece holder, so they will be showing up soon in a tablescape.

Thank you Gail!

My last trip to CTS netted these straw placemats with gingham ribbon inserts.

Let's Dish 1097
Let's Dish 1098
I am thinking Scarecrows for Fall, and yee haw... a cowboy Christmas theme and of course, summer.

They were marked down to .69.

After I got home I thought I should get some of the blue and white checked too, so as Alma was in a CTS , she picked some up for me.

So far the setting above totals 2.69!

75 off these napkins brought them down to .25 per napkin.
Let's Dish 1096
The last doo dad to show is this cute watermelon salt and pepper shaker, in clearance at HG for 3.00.
Let's Dish 1101

I will be linking up to Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict's  Cowgirl Up Christmas in July Party,

and Yvonne's at Stone Gable for the Christmas Linky and TTT.
Susan for Tablescape Thursday, Diann for Thrifty Things Friday.

Alma and I will be doing an all day Bargain Hunting Marathon Wed., so if I find anything good, I'll show you this weekend.
***Any suggestions for next month's challenge, Ladies?

Thanks so much for visiting!

Let's see what you have for us this week!

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  1. Leave it to you to turn hot chocolate and whipped cream into a work of art. Christmas in July...you were much more ambitious than I. The icy
    tablescape is just beautiful! Thanks for hosting us and for inviting us for a peak. Theme for August...how about Dog Days of Summer...or Back to School - maybe too predictable. Cherry Kay

  2. What fun...love the gingham spiral placements! The star mirrors on the Christmas table look wonderful & frosty :)

  3. Love your new April Cornell linens, great colors and design! And the straw mats are too cute, they'll be fun with your fall theme-have fun:@)

  4. Love those picket fence napkin holders. And the rocking horse ornaments used for napkin holders are pure genius.I don't havethe energy to dig out Christmas stuff in July, but I love looking at everyone else's and getting ideas.

  5. I think those picket fence napkin rings are so cute and would love to see an entire picket fence themed table. The recent place setting treasures are going to make a great fall table. As for Christmas? I refuse to even drag out so much as a sprig of holly because I'm trying so hard not to wish the summer away this year. I dislike this season so much that that's what I usually do.

    Have fun on your marathon bargain day!

    (BTW, I know I've said this before, but I really, really love it that you are consistent with linky activation. That makes it really easy for folks to link up. It's a sign that you are a really considerate person.)

  6. Really, Really, Really... I didn't realize that I just used that word four hundred times in my comment.

  7. Loved your elegant Christmas table. Snowman's soup? Do tell.

  8. Oh, those April Cornell goodies made my heart beat faster! Adorable! You find the best bargains at CTS -- wish we had one down here in Texas. I also appreciate your scheduled link-opening!

  9. I wish there was a CTS near me! Or maybe I don't...I would have even MORE items for tablescaping then I do now!! Oh who's kidding, you can NEVER have too much. Love the idea of the rocking horse ornaments as napkin rings...tooo cute! Hugs, Linda

  10. what a neat idea to use the rocking horses for napkin holders humm I shall look at mine more closly this year lol!

  11. What a great tabletop tip for Christmas and I just ADORE those picket fence napkin rings!! They are absolutely adorable!! Your icy tablescape is gorgeous and most certainly cool. You found some great deals as well!!
    See you this evening for Let's Dish!!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

    PS-I think a back to school theme would be fun for next month! :)

  12. I love your icy tablescape and the April Cornell place mats and napkin rings are great. I also like how consistent you are with the Linky, too bad I am not that consistent with linking up :( The round mats with denim ribbon are adorable. I love those round mats every time I go in, I am coming out with at a set of 4. And I also appreciate how you comment on everyone's post. (As does The Tablescaper). Classy ladies you are. xo

  13. CTS...blah, blah, blah! ;-) Ramon and I are traveling to Pennsylvania for a medical conference in a couple of months, and I plan to bring an empty suitcase filled with bubble wrap!!! While he's filling his head with gross stuff pertaining to wound care, I'll be filling that suitcase with CTS bargains!!! :-) Please tell Gail you lost those picket fence napkin rings and send them to me instead. I have a bunch of picket fence flower boxes that would to perfectly with them!!! :-) Great tip on the ornament/napkin rings. There are so many great ornaments out there that are perfect for that! See you for "Let's Dish!" tonight!

  14. I cooled off 40 degrees just looking at your Christmas table! You are always finding the deals...my husband always says that I spend money to save him money...sounds good to me! Do wish I could find some deals like yours.

  15. Love your post here but I am not quite ready to jump on the Fall OR Christmas bandwagon yet. I love that you took the time and effort to show us your pretties though- xo Diana

  16. Very cool table! I love that snowman soup.

  17. I love those picket fence napkin rings, Kathleen. Looking forward to the table you put together.

    I am thinking a back to school challenge for next month.

    We are at the lake...the sign is in the yard...we are trying to relax and go with the flow.:-)

  18. Your icy, holiday table is lowering my inner thermostat by 25 degrees...no small feat :) and I love your snowman soup! Ditto on Debbie's comment about the linky~ just like clockwork! Thanks for hosting!

  19. I couldn't bring myself to do a Winter or Christmas table this week, but I have enjoyed yours!

  20. Hi Kathleen, I love your bargains from CTS. I can't wait to see what else you find. I love the ornament/napkin ring holder tip. I need to remember that one. Thanks for hosting. I don't have much to share, just a new tea mug, but I wanted to join in.

  21. Kathleen, you and Alma certainly know where the bargains are. These placemats are darling. Love the gingham accent. Great idea to use the ornaments as napkin rings. I like to use ornaments as place card holders. Always looking for nice ones after the season so I can buy multiples at a good price. ;-)
    Thanks for hosting. Have fun shopping........Sarah

  22. Lovely Christmas tablescape, Kathleen...very refreshing in this heat! Love the idea of ornaments as napkin rings! One year, I gave all the kids in my grandson's class a little mug and the ingredients and recipe for snowman soup...cute! And...I may have to drive up there in the dead of night and relieve you of those picket fence napkin rings! lol...so stinkin' CUTE! Thanks so much for joining us at Christmas in July! One of these days I will get my act together for Let's Dish. My grandbabies don't allow for anything elaborate any more...unless I can do one with plastic plates and plastic food!...hugs...Debbie

  23. One of these days, I just MIGHT get the right party at the right time....bear with me. :) One thing about it, one never knows what I might post...always a surprise, I guess.
    I know, you could have A TROPICAL HEAT WAVE party next time....we could all come up with something for that. :)).....maybe....:)

  24. Isn't this fun? I am having a great time viewing Christmas in July posts! Your tablescape is so lovely Kathleen. Thanks for hosting and giving us all a chance to cool off :)

    Susan and Bentley

  25. Kathleen, I love those placemats with the gingham accents! Thanks for hosting!

  26. Your icy tablescape for C'mas in July is stunning Kathleen..you are so talented!! I'm enjoying this C'mas in July to start my imagination rolling from all your inspirations I'm getting from creative ladies like you. I have everyhting C'mas in storage, so I guess I have to take everything out to do something in July, lol..Thanks for hosting once more.

  27. Wow, you really found some amazing margins, but what is this CTS of which you speak? Obviously there is not one in nashville or my margin radar would have found it. I love your placemats, so glad you got the blue too. Can't wait to see how you use them. Thanks for hosting. Dianne

  28. Great bargains! Love those placemats (I have some too, but I got mine at Stein Mart). I remember the whipped cream with the chocolate.. that was most scrumptious. Thank you sooo much for hosting this fun event.. I enjoy it every week. xo marlis

  29. Pretty deals and cute gifts too! The icy Tablescape helped to cool me down some :-) Thanks for hosting Kathleen

  30. Your bargains are just so amazing! I was going to use some other placemats I had for tonight's setting but didn't like them on the round table so I switched them. Anyway, point is the ones I was going to use were one of my CTS finds and still had the price tags on them at .50cents each. Love that! Will have to try and use those soon. I can't say enough how lucky you are to be so near that place. As for Christmas in July, I just can't go there! LOL! But your frosty settings are quite refreshing right about now. How about another destination setting, I missed the last one and would love to participate in one of those. If not this month at least I hope you will consider another one of those again. Thanks so much for hosting...have a great weekend!

  31. I enjoyed your post, especially the placemats with the gingham ribbon!

  32. Thanks for hosting a fun party! I joined. Love all the pictures. So many pretty things!

  33. Oh, you just reminded me that I have those straw and gingham placemats too. LOL. I got the red and the navy ones last year. Now, where did I put them? I love those little picket fence napkin rings! How cute! Your icy table is perfect for cooling us down! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful day!

  34. I sure love that picket fence set! It's so pretty with those nice flowers.

  35. All of these finds are great! I love your pretty tablescapes week after week.

  36. What a lovely christmas tablescape in July,looking at it I felt so cool and refreshed much needed in these summer months.Thanks for hosting the lovely party here.I am your newest follower,do drop a while at mine.

  37. Snowman soup? How much fun! Your Christmas tablescapes are cooling me off in this heat. Keep it up, the temp is almost down to 93..Yay! I wish we had a CTS near us. You find the cutest things and great prices. Have a great weekend,

  38. It is very fun to be looking at Christmas things while I am watching the Olympic opening.

    I am popping over from the Christmas in July party.


  39. Your Christmas table is beautiful...it really is just right around the corner!
    Love the AC napkins and those napkin rings are so cute.
    Thanks for hosting each week!

  40. I love Christmas so why not do a post with a theme of this great holiday, and it looks like your all ready for it! Richard

  41. An Edwardian lady in full dress was a wonder to behold, and her preparations for viewing were awesome.silks saree

  42. Thanks for all the nice ideas, Kathleen. So much variety and all of them just beautiful. Sorry I was unable to link this time, been traveling and did not even have time to post in between. I have been to 5 different states this month. I am having a tea party next weekend so how about a tea party for an idea?... Christine

  43. Oh My Word! Kathleen, I want to dive into that bowl of hot chocolate. I would never have thought of hot chocolate presented like that. It looks so pretty. Your icy tablescape did make me feel a little cooler - it's so pretty. laurie


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