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Welcome to Let's Dish, hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of Summer!
Let's Dish 1306On the East End of Long Island,
On a warm and humid night
The lighthouse blinked a message,
With its beam of blinding light.

Now what could be so urgent
That bloggers need to know?
I'm passing on the info,
Don't kill the messenger, though!  :)
Let's Dish 1302
And so, as it is a beautiful day for the beach or boating, I present a little nautical table.
Let's Dish 1292I started with a cotton quilted sail boat throw, over  a white cloth.
Let's Dish 1273
Blue placemat, red charger from PB, blue dinner, nautical salad, and boat bowl.  Bowl from CTS, salads via Pfaltzgraff. com   Each has a different design.
Let's Dish 1296 Let's Dish 1297
Let's Dish 1298
 Let's Dish 1299
Let's Dish 1288
A little buoy from CTS holds the napkins.
Flatware from HG.
Little fish butter plates from the Tablescaper.
Glassware from Dansk.
Let's Dish 1279
Whale salt and peppers from CTS.
Let's Dish 1308The centerpiece are twin lighthouse votive holders, a top a life preserver and scallop shells I collected from down the street.
Let's Dish 1266  I hope you enjoyed my Nautical Table.  Here , the boats will stay in the water till October, and people will enjoy the water and beaches that surround us here on the Island.

My tip is, if you have an idea for a table, no matter the season, go for it!  It is always summer or winter somewhere.

It is always nice to see something different when everyone is posting Halloween, a refreshing change.  No rules!  :)

I am linking to Stone Gable's ,  Tidbits, Tips and Tutorials, with that earth shattering pearl of wisdom! :)
It will be summer a few more weeks here at CK's, so don't put away your flip flops yet!
Let's Dish 1303 I found this crabby soap at CTS, it looks happy it is still summer!  :)
Have some dessert!

Let's Dish 1189
I had some fresh whole cherries and apples left from a cake I made.  I mixed them with some sugar and cinnamon and put them in a small skillet baking dish.

I topped it with a mixture of ricotta, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla, and topped it with some crumbs made with flour, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Bake till the crumbs are nice and brown.
Let's Dish 1191
It was delicious!  The whole cherries bursting in your mouth with the apples, cheese and crumb mixture was a winner.

Let's Dish 1225
Here is the same idea made as a cake.  No cherries, just apples.

Make a yellow cake, let it bake till it is firm enough to hold the sweetened sliced apples.  Spread on the cheese mixture, then top with crumbs and bake in a spring form pan.

Let's Dish 1235 It was moist and delicious. Apples, cheese and crumbs with a little cake, what's not to like?

I am so glad you stopped by, I always appreciate hearing from you!
Joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Fruits, vegetables, you know!

Your turn!

Same rules, see last week's post if you don't know them, thanks.
 Please be sure to visit as many entries as possible. No linking and running, :), and do leave me a comment if you are linking up, it's a GOOD thing to do!


  1. Loved the message from the lighthouse! I photographed 2 lighthouses yesterday. Dear and I are spending a night on the Washington coast. I sure hope to be able to post a summer table while it lasts. Hopefully next week. I always enjoy your tables!

  2. I agree, it's not Fall yet!!! I'll be back to join in with my tablescape later! Love the lighthouse! hugs, Linda

  3. Haha! You caught me! I just composed my 'last fling of summer' blog (not posted yet). I love your crackers with letters spelling out your message.

  4. Kathleen, I am with you. It was 91 degrees here yesterday, sunny bright, green and lovely. Late summer has its own special beauty. And I adore autumn, yet I am really relishing these last few days of summer. It is supposed to be a bad winter. :) Your coffee cake looks wonderful, wish I could have piece with my coffee. xo

  5. My nautical loving heart is crazy for this table! I wish I had bought those bowls at CTS when I saw them last time. So cute!

  6. I agree. I like to wait for the season or holiday itself before designing a table. I'm so tired of any given season by the time that it's over, I for sure don't want to get an early start on it. Thanks for hosting is and for inviting for a day at the beach. Cherry Kay

  7. Well, yuck. Please enter 'us' in two appropriate spots. Cherry Kay

  8. Us Island girls cannot give up on summer as readily as the rest of the world, right? I Love your seasonal tables Kathleen!

  9. Love your nautical table setting!! All the details are so perfect!! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this adorable tablescape and enter my giveaway! I tried to link up today on yours but your time is set for tonight...I will be back.
    Karin :)

  10. I am with you and Cherry Kay on this. My Mama used to call it "rushing the season." By the time it gets here you are so sick of it, you don't want to hear about it anymore.

    That cake looks scrumptious -- and I really wish I had some. Our dessert will be Oreos and ice cream.

    See you later this evening. I have done my table, taken the photos, and am now trying to figure out this watermarking thing.

  11. I laughed so loudly at the little message spelled out that my neighbor heard me in the yard!!! That is SO funny!!!!! And SO true!!! I am not ready for Fall yet! We didn't get to have a real summer with the over-the-top heat, so I'm going to extend summer just a bit longer around here, too. I am preparing tables for teaching my Fall classes, and it's hard to get into it. I'm just not ready!!! But I promise to get it in gear before 9/26 for the Harvest theme. Hmmmm...that'll be a tough one seeing how all the farmers around here have pretty much thrown in the towel in the aftermath of this drought!!! Gimme those little boats! I want them!!!!!!!!!!! As long as you're at it, go ahead and toss in the sailboat overlay (SO cute!), the salad plates (I love that each one is different from the other!), and a skillet or two of that dessert! :-) VERY cute table! I really like it!!!!

  12. I have little, if any, "nautical" in my collection, so it's been fun seeing yours! I'm not ready for Fall decorating yet either, but it's hard not to be when around here the kids have been back in school for over two weeks AND the leaves are already turning on the trees. According to nature in E. Tennessee, Summer is moving on...

  13. Oh Buoy~ I'm chuckling over your witty poem and message! And it goes without saying I love your nautical table and your boat dishes! It's summer here until October and we wear flip flops until Thanksgiving :)

  14. Cute table K! Love those great salad plates! Enjoy the holiday weekend-have fun:@)

  15. At 99 degrees at 5pm, it is certainly not fall ya'll or you'ns, the colloquialism, for some, here in the Ozarks. Hoping for some moisture through Isaac, would be nice to get some good from the bad.

    I have Shingles for the third time, Kathleen. I did put a table together...not Fall...but maybe late Summer. I posted it yesterday. Still need lots of rest and painkillers, but I hope to survive this bout and perhaps visit a little.

    I covet those boat dishes!!

  16. What a cute table. The boat bowls are adorable.
    That cake looks delicious!

    P.S. If you lived in the middle of the country, believe would welcome fall in a New York minute!

  17. So Cute and the dessert looks wonderful!!
    Thanks for hosting!!

  18. So cute. Love that flatware!

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Your table is darling. So many details! love the desserts. it has finally cooled off enough to start baking again. Thanks for hosting.

  20. I am with you Kathleen! It's still summer around here too! I love this scape. It's so beachy and so very "Vineyard Vines" to me. LOL! I have two of those sailboat quilts in one of my sons old room that I have been redoing into a sailing room. They are on the twin beds as throws. I never thought of using them for tablecloths. I love it! They will have to do double duty now.

  21. So cute and full of whimsy, Kathleen. I love those boat bowls, among other things. It is still definitely summer here and right now, we are having a hurricane. Ugh! Scary gusts of winds! My goodness, those desserts look so yummy!...Christine

  22. Great message, Kathleen, and a good tip, too! I love your buoyant tablescape...lots of fun things! Enjoy the rest of the Summer as Fall will be here soon enough.

  23. Kathleen, sometimes I worry about myself! I posted this on Tuesday so I could participate in Let's Dish this week.... I came over on Tuesday and the link was not up yet... and for some reason I thought I lined up, but did not. I was checking out LD and could not find my post... It took me awhile to figure out that I never linked up! Oh my goodness!
    Thanks for joining TUTORIAL TIPS AND TIDBITS... your tip was great. I love to wear flip flops until the middle of October!

    1. Always Wed 7 PM.
      It is always hard for me to get used to wearing shoes after the summer!

  24. Ha ha Kathleen--you have me laughing so hard! I agree--seeing fall decor right now is just as annoying to me as seeing Halloween and Christmas. It's summer until late September! I was planning my "back to school table" thinking you would choose that for our next theme, but I'll get my mind on Harvest ideas now. Linda

  25. You cracked me up Kathleen...but I am posting a Fall tablescape, wheather you like it or not!! I love your summer, sea side tablescape and you have the most gorgeous elements for it too. Great tips, so thank you. Enjoy the little of summer that's left in your neck of the woods. Thank you for hosting.

  26. Needless to say, it isn't fall here! ;-) Love the nautical theme of this table. Cute dishes and details.
    Thanks for hosting! Enjoy the beach...........Sarah

  27. Oh, how I've missed coming to visit. I really like bowl boats. The entire table fantastic! It won't be fall here unti mid to late October here.

  28. Very cute, Kathleen. My boys are too busy for me to stop and set a pretty table. I hope to join in On special occasions and holidays. Have you seen the fun Halloween eyeball salt and pepper shakers at Cracker Barrel? I saw them last weekend and thought if you!!

    1. My dil has 5 little ones, Meredith, so I know how busy you are. Join in whenever you can, I always enjoy hearing from you!
      We don't have Cracker Barrels, but I got some eyeballs at Cmas Tree Shop. Thanks for thinking of me, I hope they were good thoughts, lol!

  29. I'm so glad you said it! I was thinking last week that if some people are starting fall so early- they're going to be doing Halloween before it's even October! Anyway, I love your nautical inspired table! I had one in mind for myself but hadn't gotten around to it yet! Your quilted tablecloth is so cute and I love the lighthouse lantern! Those boat bowls are too cute!
    Super cute table! Thanks for hosting!

  30. Perfect LI table for the summer :) Hope you are enjoying this really nice weather we are having. Tourist season almost over! Went by fast.

  31. I'm with you Kathleen! It is not even Labor Day yet so it cannot be Fall! I love your plates and boat bowls! Perfect sitting on that gorgeous quilt! Thanks so much for hosting each week! I'm glad I had something to contribute this week :-)

  32. I swear tablescapers must be taking their tips from the department stores putting fally items into play in June and Christmas in Sept! I like the last few weeks of summer when it's cooler. I don't want to rush the seasons so I too am sticking with summer for awhile longer anyway. Your theme is perfectly executed with the boat dishes and the plates. It must be so wonderful to liver near the water! Dianne

  33. Too cute! I'm hanging on the the last vestiges of summer and this gives me hope. LOL!

  34. Very cute Kathleen. Love the lobster plates. I have been picking up Autumn items and showing them but, haven't decorated yet. I generally use the month of Septemeber to do "transitional" tables. But, no flip flops for the girl! I don't even own a pair. I am a "cute sandal" kind a gal. LOL


  35. Hi Kathaleen

    lovely collection and liked the table in total.thanks for sharing.:):):)

  36. Love the table, Kathleen! and you are right...It is NOT fall!!! Here, it would be "fall" until December or January, when the leaves finally start to change colors. The acorns are prolific, though. My clean driveway is covered today, with the remains of acorns eaten by the squirrels. It's like driving over a gravel road! I am looking forward to cooler temps, though. These 90 degree, humid days and 80 degree nights are getting to me... I miss the AC!!!

  37. Love the nautical theme! Those little boat bowls are too cute!!

    Great message! So happy to see there are others beside you and me who don't want to rush the season! I really do get tired of it all by the time the next season/holiday comes around.

    I hope to have a tablescape ready by next week's Let's Dish! It ain't a summer one and it ain't a fall one!! LOL! I know you are a teacher, do you cringe when you see the word ain't! I do!!


  38. Stopping by for a quick summer hi! Love the lighthouse theme! Does Pfaltzgraf still have those cute plates?

  39. This is an absolutely fun table, Kathleen! I love those boat bowls, the whale S & P's, and the salad plates. all so cute. I have to say that I'm wishing fall would get here, with it's cool and crisp days. it doesn't last long here in OH, so I want to savor it as long as I can, but I just won't be setting out the decor quite yet.

  40. Happy Labor Day to you and your readers! Richard

  41. I love this nautical table, Kathleen, especially the little boat bowls. I can think of all sorts of fun uses for them. Although our days are still bright and warm I can feel the crispness in the air in the early morning. Love this time of year.


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