Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Dish~ Tablescape Challenge~ Harvest

Hello Ladies, welcome to the Harvest Theme Tablescape Challenge!

Tonight in order to linkup your table has to follow the theme, fruits or vegetables.  I am sure we will see a lot of pumpkins! Bring them on!  :)  My first scape of the Fall season.

Let's Dish 1420

I had these beautiful pears, so they became the centerpiece.  I nestled them in to some asters from the garden.

The cloth is a  pale lavender matelasse throw by Ralph Lauren.  I got it at the Springmaid Wamsutta Outlet , long gone now.

Let's Dish 1442I used this rattan type pedestal from WS Outlet to hold the pears and flowers. 

Let's Dish 1441

Alma, The Tablescaper, picked it up on sale in the outlet, 12.48 I believe.

I can't do  links on Live Writer as it doesn't allow it with Windows XP.  I am having trouble with this old computer, so if I am not here next week, I tried to hook up the new one by myself and failed!  :(

Let's Dish 1435

I used  a round rattan charger, octagonal plate by Johnson Bros.  They were ONE DOLLAR a plate in CTS, and I got 12.

Let's Dish 1437

Since they are loaded with fruit, perfect for a Harvest table. 

Let's Dish 1434

Next came a purple plate, Circle of Friends by Pfaltzgraff, via CTS.  I love the edge.

Let's Dish 1433Next a small square plate with fruit and a green edge to match the dinner plate.  They were a 1.00 on dollar days.

Let's Dish 1430Purple stem from HG and green from CTS.

Let's Dish 1439 

Flatware from World Market.

I used a deep purple napkin wrapped in a burnt orange one I made from dishtowels. TIP...check the dishtowel section for colors and patterns that may work.  If it is large you can get 2 our of one towel. 

Tonight is the next edition of Yvonne at Stone Gable's TTT, stop by and get some great ideas!

Let's Dish 1425

The fruit and berries napkin ring is from BBB, and was .99 in clearance, but now they are back up to 2.99.  I knew they would work well with the Johnson Bros. plates.

Let's Dish 1426

Let's Dish 1424

The hurricanes have leaves etched on them and they are from Villeroy and Boch.  The butter domes are from WS Outlet when they were on sale.

Let's Dish 1423

To go along with the Harvest theme, I got this head of red leaf lettuce from the farm down the road.  It is huge!

Let's Dish 1414

For our Harvest dinner, we had the "Big Salad" with tomatoes from our garden.  DH had them, I don't like tomatoes, but LOVE ketchup!  I know, I am strange.  :)

Let's Dish 1445

Shrimp, chicken, red onion, feta cheese, bacon, tomatoes, carrots and toasted pecans.

Let's Dish 1440

Farm fresh!

There is a gift card give away tonight. Good at TJMAX, HG, or Marshall's.

You have to be a follower and leave a comment to have a chance. 

That's it, no facebook liking, heel clicking or anything else. 

Please check to make sure you are a follower, I would hate to have you lose out.

Ok, challenge takers, your turn!

One link, HARVEST table related,blog name first, link back to this blog, and please leave a comment. No word verification permitted. 

Thanks!  Visit as many entrants as you can, that's the fun of it.

Thank you to all of you who leave me a comment.  I am always amazed at some of the big parties where there are a 100 entrants and 50 comments!  If you are linking up, it is polite to say hello.  :)

Oh!  Shannon at Cozy Home Scenes,, had to shut down due to a name infringement problem.  She is starting from scratch, so please hop over and refollow if you read her blog.

Thanks for stopping by!  Suggestions for November's challenge are welcome!

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  1. What a pretty fall color scheme, Kathleen! I love the pale table covering, echoed in the little daisy mums. I've got to try the double-napkin look -- love it!

  2. Tricia, I couldn't decide which one to use, so since I had the both out, I used both! :)

  3. I love the warm colors of fall....I would really enjoy sitting at your table and enjoying a Big Salad! :-)

  4. Such a beautiful Fall table. You have some great bargains. The dishes are so perfect together. Always a pleasure to visit and see what you come up with.

  5. That table is beautiful and the salad looks scrumptious! I'm not up to fall decorating yet, despite the nip in the air, but maybe this weekend. I'm so glad you stopped by! Missed you!

  6. Beautiful table as always! New computer? The guy at customer service is going to miss you :)

  7. Gorgeous colors working so well together. Love the little apple plates, see you later! xo

  8. Good luck on the new computer.. it's going to be better. Hooking them up is not that hard...
    Your table is great. I love that you used pears. It's so good those stores are not around do find the best deals... but we'd have to add on to the house for sure. Love your plates and the pretty nito pedestal.. xo marlis

  9. I took a peek at your beautiful table and salad on my lunch hour. I want that salad!

  10. First, I want you to know that I made my banana nut bread like you did yours on the post last week, and it turned out so great!!! I failed to take a photo, though! :-( I was in such a hurry to give it to Ramon to take to work with him that I totally forgot. I had baked one fancy one like that and one in a plain loaf pan (just in case I screwed up the other one!), so I ended up serving the plain one to my students last night. It all tastes good, but I sure wish I would have done both in the fancy pans! Now...on to this salad you created. Mm-mm good!!! I am SO hungry right now, and you're not helping! :-) Kudos to Alma for snatching up that great rattan stand for you!!!!!! I love it! Happy Fall, Kathleen! See ya tonight for Let's Dish! (P.S. - I know nothing about Live Writer, so I can't be of help on that. Sorry! :-()

  11. I love that this challenge is Harvest! Your table is perfect! I love all the colors and plates you have! Gosh I would love to shop at a CTS!! I'm editing my photos of my table and I'll be back later! Happy Harvest!!
    hugs, Linda

  12. Very pretty, Kathleen! Pears are perfect for fall. I love all of the muted colors and textures. I have to learn how to use two napkins together like this. And...I need to visit World Market! :)


  13. Oh my goodness! That shrimp salad looks yummilicious, Kathleen! And I want those Johnson Brothers fruit dinner plates. I would have snatched 24 of them at that price. What a beautiful harvest tablescape!...Christine

  14. Kathleen....your table is gorgeous and you always, always find great things at bargain the fruit plates....and I am so in love with the the color....the table is stunning!!

  15. This is a beautiful table! I love, love, love the Johnson Bros. fruit plates. As always, a great 'scape. Thanks for hosting!

  16. I just LOVE your Fall table, Kathleen. Love the Johnson Bros. lates, wish I had seen them:) Great idea to make napkins from dishtowels! Love the napkin rings too. I sure AM a follower so hope I get a chance. What a GREAT give away!!!!!!!!! I could use some new things for the new house:):) XO, pinky

  17. Hi Kathleen, ooh I love those octagonal plates!! The pedestal is perfect for the pear centerpiece. I also love the green flatware ( sigh!) and those pretty napkin rings. Towels do make great napkins and that color is wonderful for Fall. Thanks for hosting, as always. I'll be linking up when the party opens. I just wanted to stop by and check your table out. XO

  18. Thanks so much for hosting and for a chance at winning the gift card! Your table is gorgeous. I wish we had a Home Goods or CTS, I'm jealous! Joining in with my whimsical fall table.

  19. A harvest of bounty for the eyes to feast upon! Love all your bargains! Count me in on the giveaway! Could always use the gift card!

  20. Thanks for hosting and for a chance for the gift card! Colors are great!

  21. Love the colors of your harvest table, Kathleen.

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  22. You girls can sure sniff out a deal!!! I love those napkin rings. Your table is beautiful. Aren't fall tables so much fun to put together. Thanks so much for hosting. I just linked up two of mine. #14 & 15. Happy Fall! :)

  23. Very pretty table! Great centerpiece! I like the asters for your background- great idea! Love your plate stack! Great colors too-and the towel/napkins look great- I wouldn't have guessed! The salad looks like quite a bountiful creation (I don't like tomatoes either- but I love things made with them)!
    Wow on the gift card! Thanks for hosting and for offering the gift card!

  24. Hi Kathleen! I can't believe the bargains you get in the WS outlet. I wish we had one nearby. I think yours is actually the closest one to me now. None left in New England! I was in the real WS yesterday and left empty handed. Too much $$! Is that a sign that I am getting old?? Love toasted pecans so your salad is really tempting. Now my table is a harvest table but not really your usual fruits or veggies! I think it qualifies since it uses the # 1 harvested crop in the world! Looking forward to visiting all the tables. Linda

  25. What a fresh approach to HARVEST colors... Very creative!!!! And your salad (with or without tomatoes) looks scrumptious...mmmmm

  26. Kathleen, fantastic bargains. I adore that woven cake stand. Food looks delicious as always.
    Sorry I missed the challenge this week. I'm celebrating the cherry harvest. LOL ~ Sarah

  27. I'm finally here after a busy and hard two you didn't miss me, lol.. You are so lucky with such terrific bargains, Kathleen. Your harvest table looks gorgeous, although I know, your heart it's not into FALL! LOVE THAT CAKE STAND and the food looks incredible. Thanks for hosting.

  28. Kathleen~ I love the combination of pears & asters and since I'm a tomato lover, your big salad looks delicious! Once again this week I have a serious case of CTS and WS outlet envy! I can't get over the bargains~ Johnson Brothers for a $1.00 a plate boggles the mind :) Thanks for hosting!

  29. Beautiful table with really lovely dishes. Such great prices too ~ I love the colors you put together!

  30. Such a lovely table. Love the dishes. And what bargains too! Thanks once again for hosting the linky party.

    Jocelyn @

  31. Beautiful harvest tablescape! Love those apple plates, and those napkin rings are fabulous!

    Thanks for hosting, I really like the challenges. Let's just do Halloween for October and Thanksgiving for November, not very original, but appropriate!


  32. Great autumn table! The deep plum plates are gorgeous.
    Your salad looks delish...

  33. Kathleen, this is so pretty. Those napkin rings are perfect with your pretty plates. I'm always amazed at your bargain shopping! I love the addition of the lavender colors on this table. I had planned to join in today, but I forgot about this being the harvest challenge I was out of town last week and couldn't participate, so that's my excuse for forgetting the theme for this week. That salad made my mouth water. laurie

  34. Such a pretty table! I love the colors you used. I can't believe you found Johnson Brothers plates at CTS and then for $1.00 each too! I say it all the time...I need to stow away with you the next time you go shopping! lol

  35. Thank you so very, very much for mentionning my new blog! I hope your computer issues get resolved. Beautiful tablescapes as always. You got a great deal on those napkin rings from Bed Bath and Beyond. I've always liked them, but am too cheap to buy them at full price. Seeing how pretty they are on your table, I might have to splurge!

  36. Very pretty table K! Love the ratan pedestal dish, it's beautiful! Cute napkin rings too:@)

  37. Oh that rattan pedestal is wonderful! the entire table looks beatuiful. You have some wonderful dishes in this tablescape. And the salad looks so yummy. Thank you for hosting and have a fantastic day!

  38. Beautiful table. Love the plates and napkin rings. Thank you for hosting.

  39. I am loving the color combo! Purple and soft orange! Really fun and creative...your linens and textures and darling dishes just make this table! I really love the napkin rings too! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday and share this post with us!

  40. Absolutely gorgeous, Kathleen. Every individual element combines to Autumn perfection.

  41. Beautiful table! You make me want to rush to the Christmas Tree Shop! I love the plates you got there. I hope I can also find them.

  42. The table is awesome, I am a follower and enjoy your blog a lot. Great giveaway too!

    Mary L

  43. I'm a little late checking in but I made it. Isn't it amazing that we are so caught up with fall when summer was such a short season! Your table is just right and I love your collection of plates. You do find the best things at great prices.

  44. Love, love, love this post. Everything is absolutely beautiful!!


  45. Hi your table.your center piece very pretty.perfect for fall setting.thank you to drop in every time and leave beautiful comments for me.i created my fall table specially to take part in your harvest theme table party.i enjoy taking part and to be with all the other lovely participants too.:):):)

  46. Hi, dear friend, I love your beautiful table, as always. You have such an array of pretty things to choose from.
    I am over this morning to see if there's a theme for next Wed. evenings linkup party? I try to do several table settings at one time as they are sooo time consuming and while I have STUFF out, I might as well do several to put in drafts.
    thanks and love, bj

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. The tones of amethyst add a charming new twist for Autumn. Great tip on the tea towels. Missed joining the fun. Look forward to it next week. Thanks for hosting each week. Cherry Kay

  49. The pears are beautiful! Love the pedestal and the price too! Love all the layers! I'm sorry I didn't make it to link up.

  50. These tablescape is very autumn. All I can see is orange in everything. But that's okay is still looks pretty.
    weight loss programs mn

  51. Hi Kathleen! A lovely and inviting table as always.

  52. I love that WS pedestal! Oh, how I wish we had a WS outlet nearby. I think I'm finally getting the hint that it's really fall. Lovely table and the napkin rings with apples are so pretty.

    What a beautiful salad!

  53. Your salad and table look delicious and gorgeous, respectively. :-)

  54. OK, since I'm so late to this party that no one will likely read this after me, I have to say that you cracked me up about the parties with 100 participants and 50 comments. You are so right about that!! I do very few parties, but I just don't "get" not stopping by to speak to the hostess. Goofy to my way of thinking.

    Now that that is said. I love the table and wish so much that I had been able to be back by last week for the challenge. I finally have my "life" back to whatever passes for normal so am hoping upon hope to be here next week.

    I've miss the fun!

  55. Hi, Kathleen! Happy Fall!

    You know, I thought I was following you, but for some flukey reason, I wasn't. So I am now. LOL!

    I've missed you and blogging. I still am computerless and have absconded with Mr. M's work computer tonight, but it's not always here. :-( We had some big house repairs (unexpected) so I hate to put more on him with a new computer. He's a good boy, but there comes a limit. ;-) If only I had gotten a MAC before the eaves had to be replaced. It will happen eventually. In the mean time, I'm visiting as I can.

    I can't wait to get back so I can play tablescaping with you. I have lots of dishes I haven't previewed yet.

    And speaking of tables, I love yours. How do you always find such great things at such great prices? You are amazing when it comes to that. I love how festive your table is. It looks perfect for fall.

    Speaking of which, hope yours is a happy one, my friend!



  56. The covered soup bowls are wonderful! Lucky you! I have always loved brown and aqua together.

    It sounds as if you will have your hands full the next few days. You have bigger baptism parties than we did, we just had parents and muss, no fuss. Yours sounds more fun!


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