Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Browns~Let's Dish #35~Challenge

Hello Ladies, welcome to the Harvest Challenge at Let's Dish.
I have lost my mojo .  I think listening to all the horror stories and seeing what people are going through after  Super Stupid Storm Sandy has gotten to me.  There will be no Thanksgiving for them, Christmas either for some.  Everyone is tired, the stress has taken its toll.  Please keep them in your prayers.

We were so lucky, and I thank you for all your good thoughts!

I couldn't wrap my head around a table for tonight.  I am not hosting Thanksgiving, so I didn't drag out the china!  I went with something casual.

Let's Dish 1660
I used the striped  linen cloth I got for a dollar at Duralee Outlet.

Let's Dish 1665
A simple brown metal pumpkin filled with faux flowers and a candle serves as the centerpiece.
The amber stems are from Villeroy and Boch.
White turkey s and p's from CTS.

Let's Dish 1670
Let's Dish 1667
Rattan charger, 2.00 Pfaltzgraf, chocolate brown dinner, Pier 1, white square plate, leaf plate and the white pumpkin soup bowls, $1.99 a few years ago, , all CTS.

Let's Dish 1662

Leaf napkin ring from Pottery Barn Outlet, treble clef flatware, clearance BBB, napkins from there too.  The name card holder matches the napkin ring.

It is a feather that has a lip where you place the card.

Let's Dish 1677Let's Dish 1678
 Let's Dish 1669
In the little cloche are come acorn cakelets.
Let's Dish 1674
Let's Dish 1676
The pan is from WSonoma Outlet,  a few years ago.
Hey, Yvonne, did you use yours yet?  :)

You can find the recipe here.
I made them this time with a gingerbread cake recipe, and put whipped cream in between.
Let's Dish 1675 My tip is to slam those pans down, I mean gently tap, tap, tap, so you don't get air bubbles like I did. :)
I think the blahs I have are partly do to a lack of shopping, or getting out of the house!

The gas supply seems to be coming back, so maybe the odd even rationing will be lifted soon.  I have been a miser with my gas, I didn't want to wait on line!

Last time I shopped at CTS I picked this up. (It seems like forever ago!)

Let's Dish 1671
It was the only one they had, and it was less than it was marked when it rang up, a few dollars.  I thought I would fill it with different spreads to bring as a hostess gift on Thanksgiving.

What do you like to receive as hostess gifts?

Don't forget if you bring flowers, bring them in a vase so the hostess doesn't have to run around looking for one while she has other things to do.  I have no time to dig around looking for one while I am trying to serve others. :)

I will try to get next week's post up early, as so many will be busy prepping Wed. night for Tgiving.
Your turn, ladies.

One dish related post, and please link back to this party.

Visit as many as you can.  I have been delinquent in the storm's aftermath and spotty cable service, I will do better this week!

I will be joining TTT at Stone Gable
Susan's Tablescape Thursday, and Thrifty Things Friday at Diann's

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. This is the kind of table that makes my heart beat a little faster...♥ brown and white. Those mini pumpkin tureens are the cutest.
    My prayers are with the folks ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

  2. So sorry for what your state had to go through, Kathleen, but I am glad you and Alma are fine. Your table is beautiful. That tablecloth is such a good buy....Christine

    1. Christine, thank you, but we were spared! Lots of stress worrying, but other than that and a tree, very lucky!

  3. I know how you feel, Kathleen. Family on LI just got their power back this week! Lots of damage, one cousin has over $100,000 worth on his house, on a canal in Massapequa. Oh well. Life does go on, but not too happily at the moment. I hope to join in next week. I am so bad lately. Love the acorn pan. Your table is fabulous, considering your low mojo. ;-) xo

    1. Oy, Massapequa! They really got whacked.
      Everyone just seems so up, worrying about getting power back and searching for gas to get to work. Yes, life goes on.
      Another coastal storm coming next week, I heard. :(

  4. You are so sweet to keep on doing this in the face of such adversity. I am honored to be able to link on.

  5. Funny how seeing the plight of others can be so sobering. Sometimes it is more sobering than our own personal woes. While I feel deeply for each and every person affected by Silly Sandy, I am glad that you are OK. I hope the gas rationing is lifted sooner than later and than the area can begin the recovery process. Seems like that crazy nor'easter prolonged the process even more. A double whammy. Your table is really fantastic, and I can totally appreciate the casual nature of it. Not all Thanksgiving tables are - or necessarily need to be - lavish and formal. The place card holders are the diggity bomb-and-a-half!!! As a hostess gift I most like to receive wine. That will NEVER go to waste at this house! :-) I also like to get fun practical stuff like toilet paper or Comet. It's funny, but it will definitely get used! I once got a tiara. I liked that a lot, too! :-) Happy Thanksgiving, dear Kathleen. I know that this year in particular you have much to be thankful for.

  6. Kathleen, thank you for continuing to host, despite the circumstances. I am always inspired by your posts!

  7. Kathleen, something like that horrible storm does put blogging into perspective. I think it has affected blogging all over the country. The thoughts of what some people are suffering just kind of makes blogging seem so trivial. Even when you say you aren't going to do a real tablescape, it turns out so pretty. You've got such an eye for color, and everything on the table just looks so pretty together. I'm loving those square plates with the pierced edges. Hope you get to go shopping soon. I have my cornucopia cake pan out to make a cake this weekend. I hope it turns out ok. I was surprised, last year, that it all came out in one piece! I still have all of you in my prayers. laurie

  8. It's a beautiful table. I love those white soup bowls.

    We are having dinner out this year. On Sunday rather than Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.
    A sweet little story from a long time ago...
    Thirty years ago this month the Mississippi flooded. I went to work on the Friday and kept running into water. After arriving at work, two hours after leaving home (normally about a 20, the highway patrol advised us to return home, if we wanted to get there that evening. I decided I had better miss work that afternoon and started for home. Just after I passed a dam, it broke and water was over the highway. I kept driving and driving looking for a way around the water. Eventually, I arrived home. Soon there was a knock on my door. There stood J. He drove around and around through the flood, just to see me. We were married exactly one year later. Something to think about this November, and be thankful for.

    We continue to keep the victims of Sandy in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. I'm thankful that you're hosting in spite of Hurricane Sandy and the winter storms. amd I'm so sorry for those who've lost so much. Your brown and cream table is really pretty with the little soup pumpkins. Love the acorn cakes from cute. Thanks again, and hang in there.

  10. Hi Kathleen, I love your casual table, especially those white pumpkin tureens! We will still remember all those who are still suffering, in our prayers. Thank you for hosting and have a blessed week!

  11. Thankful to hear you are ok from the storm. Praying for others. Your browns are beautiful!! Love the acorn cakes. I think the hostess gift is lovely!!! My go to spread for a potluck right now is goat cheese topped with fig jam! Happy to have a table to share! I hope to share next week too. Blessings to you and your family this season!

  12. I read this with a heavy heart K. I know this has been awful, someone at work today said "how do you begin to rebuild when you have nothing". Your table is very pretty and I'm glad to hear you'll be a guest this Thanksgiving, although I know you'll still be in the kitchen:@)

  13. Perfect Hostess gift! I love your little acorn cakes! So Sweet.

  14. Kathleen~ Your mojo seems intact to me, I love your table with the white pumpkin tureens and amber V&B stems! Brown is a comfort color for me, maybe because it's the color of chocolate :) but my favorite dress in the first grade was brown and my first car was brown~ it says 'home' to me! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone whose lives have been turned upside down by Sandy. Thanks for hosting!

  15. Kathllen, thoughts and prayers have been with you and your neighbors. I just talked to one of my co workers who lives on Long Island today, she was fortunate, not much damage. It must be hard when lives are interrupted by Mother Nature making everyday life much more difficult than we are used to. I hope things are improving. Thanks for hosting despite your difficult circumstances. Your table looks pretty, love the shades of brown and those place cards!! It all came together beautifully. Hope you get to get out and do some shopping soon!!

  16. So sad about all those affected by the hurricane. My parents lived on the gulf coast during Opal and it took them two years to rebuild! Hard to have holidays during that time but we did the best we could for them. Small things mean a lot! I think we all need to be so thankful for the basics we take for granted everyday! Hope you can find some comfort and peace during the season! Thanks for being such a great hostess! Your tables are always so pretty!
    Miss Bloomers

  17. Casual and lovely! I love the unique placecard holders.

    Praying for the Sandy victims!

  18. You did a wonderful job on the table for someone who's not feeling much into it. I like your specialty baking dishes. Your white turkey S&P shakes are very nice and so are the white dishes and soup tureens.
    It is hard to feel joyous when others are suffering. The good thing is there are so many people caring and trying to help.

  19. Your casual is someone else's elegant. It's a beauty.

  20. Your table is so gorgeous Kathleen...hardly csual, I think; specially with those pretty little tureens in each place. Great linen and those adorable baking dishes. I have all those people that have gone through such perrils with the stupid storm, always in my prayers. Thanks for hosting.

  21. I agree, your table is gorgeous and your white pumpkins are great with all of their elegant detail. What a beautiful table.

    Thanks for continuing to tell us about the storm victims as it leaves the news so quickly. How awful. We all can do something to help them!

  22. Great table. Love the contrast of the white. Despite not being into it (which I can certainly relate to) you did a fabulous job.

    - The Tablescaper

  23. There are those gorgeous white pumpkin tureens. I wouldn't classify this table as casual. It's full of gorgeous details. Absolutely love those leaf place name holders. Exquisite! Thanks for sharing and for hosting. I had trouble linking up for a bit. I kept getting an empty page. This post was gone! Then it reappeared just minutes ago.
    All the best to you and your family. ~ Sarah

  24. I am loving those white little soup tureens...I want them!! must have shopping withdrawal from the storm..You know I didn't even think about all those poor people who will have no home to spend the holidays in...that is really sad...and from what we are seeing and hearing about down South here it doesn't seem like much help is being offered....

  25. Continuing thoughts and prayers for you and Alma and all the storm victims.

    Your table is lovely. Love the individual tureens and the wire pumpkin centerpiece.

  26. Kathleen, Thanks for the reminder. I have been so busy lately with all the goings on of my sons engagement and I have a couple extra family members living with us short term that I am just barely keeping my head on straight!!!! I love your pretty brown and white table. So full of pattern from the tablecloth and lovely with creamy detail. You set a real beauty! The napkins and the tablecloth are so striking together. AND THOSE PUMPKIN SOUP TUREENS.... beautiful!!!!!
    Hope you are recovering from the storm... my prayers are with you, my friend!

  27. Your table is so charming ~ each detail so perfect! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you on the east coast. I have watched many of the shows that have interviewed the victims of this storm and their tales are heartbreaking. I am praying that the leaders of these communities put every effort to restoring some sense of normalcy very soon.

    Susan and Bentley

  28. Kathleen, Your table is beautiful. How could you have lost your mojo... with such a beautiful table. What out when you get your mojo back, you will be in our prayers.

    Okay, where is CTS? I am at a loss.


    1. Christmas Tree Shops, Cynthia. Similar to Old Time Pottery type store. :)

  29. Acorn LOVE !!! those pans are on my lust list ! Thanks for sharing.. Love all your pictures ! Jules ~

  30. It's such a long time I don't come to visit your blog...but I'm happy to see always the same wonderful place ...xoxoxoxo, Flavia

  31. Well I like all types of thanksgiving tablescapes, formal and casual, and the one you have created is just wonderful to me. The brown and white combination is very attractive. It is sad to think that so many will not be able to enjoy the holidays this year as they may be used too. Hopefully there will be stories of those who served others during these tough times right? Happy Thanksgiving Kathleen, I hope you will have a wonderful day!

  32. I like your choice of brown for the holiday. Thanksgiving is the only time of year that I like brown. Came here earlier to see your table but got too distracted to comment.

    (Agree with the tip about bringing a vase if you're bringing flowers. The opposite has happened to me. )

  33. It is so hard not to think about all of those still suffering from Sandy, without power, much worse without their homes or loved ones lost. Even worse when you are so close to those involved.

    You know how I love those little covered pumpkin soup bowls!

  34. The aftermath of Huricane Sandy will be huge for a long time. I know the people of suffering so much! The sablescape with the stirped tablecloth is very festive. I especially love the acorn cakepan so cute. I could use the delicious cakes for my table on acorns. The wire pumpkin and flowers is just right for your lovely fall tablescape! Thanks for sharing and hosting this week's party even all the saddness about. Have a good Thanksgiving with your family and my prayers and thoughts are still with the storm victims.

    Thanks, Pam


  35. My prayers are with those who got affected by Sandy.your table with brown touch is very beautiful.a lovely scape with wired pumpkin and other things.thank you.

  36. I I have just elected you to my Overcomers Hall of Fame. I know that you and your gracious heart have been reaching out to your community. The generosity of strangers can be so overwhelming at times like this. Impressed that you again have the meme up under less than optimum circumstances. Thank you so much. I hope that yours is a blessed
    Thanksgiving. Cherry Kay

  37. The families affected by this horrific storm remain in my thoughts and prayers too, Kathleen! I pray that they will not be soon forgotten and that their needs are kept on the forefront.
    Your tablescape is lovely as it has some of my favorite fall colors, thanks for sharing. It is so nice to be able to visit once again.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  38. You just whipped that up Kathleen? It's gorgeous. I love the striped tablecloth. You have some great things for your tablescape. Just love it!

  39. Don't you wish we bought at least 12 of those soup tureens? I love mine, and bring them out every year. Those acorns sound wonderful!

  40. I have to get to Duralee and CTS? It has been a long time.

  41. Kathleen, this is such a pretty table! I love the browns, golds and all the acorns.


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