Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deck the the Door, the Porch, and anything that doesn't move!

Good evening!  Mild and foggy here on Long Island.
I wanted to join Ann On Sutton Place and The Tablescaper for their parties.
Dec 2012 066The door is decked...
Dec 2012 069  The wreath is a battery operated one from QVC.

  I wired on a French Horn, and some fresh greens and pine cones.

 Next week, the fresh baby's breath will be added and some more greens.

 Plaid bows galore!  I have made at least 20 of them this year so far.  Wired ribbon from Costco, 50 yds for 7.88.  Can't beat that!
Dec 2012 065

Two dwarf Alberta Spruce get lit and bowed, and the lanterns get some fresh greens and bows.

Dec 2012 067

On one side, a bowed tree.

Dec 2012 063

You can sit and wait for Santa.

Dec 2012 064

I see Santa is waiting for Santa too!  :)

Dec 2012 050
Dec 2012 051
Dec 2012 056

I filled the window boxes with fresh greens and of course, a big plaid bow.  Battery operated lights twinkle.

Dec 2012 059
Dec 2012 052Our Blue Spruce is lit, and the Holy Family is spotlighted.

Dec 2012 062  Our house is the only house on the block with lights, so far.
 Only a few homes have winter occupants.

Inside the front door is the Dansk Crystal Nativity.
Dec 2012 043
I surround it with a wreath with sheer ribbon twirled through and lights.  Fresh baby's breath will be added closer to Christmas.

I found the box with the kitchen window sill decos.

Dec 2012 074

A kitchen Santa, his apron stuffed with tiny cookies, stands among the sleighs and tartan boxes.Dec 2012 075 t

Dec 2012 071
That's enough for tonight!

Have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks for visiting.

am joining On Sutton Place and The Tablescaper.


  1. What pretty decor, Kathleen! Your front porch is so pretty and festive! Love your windowsill decor, as well!

  2. What a gorgeous home you have Kathleen!
    And the outside is just charming and perfect!
    Love all the plaids and red, my fave!

  3. Your house looks gorgeous and ready for the King's arrival! Every detail is lovely and charming. I love all the Christmas decor. Happy holiday season.

  4. Your porch is very welcoming K! Also love that beautiful crystal nativity-enjoy:@)

  5. Your porch is adorable, I spotted a star shape Santa pillow, I had one like that years ago! Brought back memories. Your kitchen window is a dream, I love kitchens best and especially when decorated for a holiday. I have no room but have a couple little things here and there - can't do a whole vignette no space. Your home is beautiful! xo

  6. VERY pretty. You just can't beat plaid bows. I love your porch and a red door could not be more perfect for Christmas.

  7. Oh my God your home is beautiful, I love your kitchen window your porch is gorgeous and welcoming.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

  8. Your decor is so festive! Love it :)

  9. Your house looks so welcoming and festive!

  10. Gorgeous decking! I love that you put a Christmas tree on the porch. I'm so going to do that next year! Everything is beautiful! Love your red front door! Merry Christmas!
    Miss Bloomers

  11. Hi Kathleen,

    I'm glad you found your box of stuff for the kitchen window; I've spent all week walking all over this house looking for things. I can't decide if I have Alzheimer's or if I just have too much stuff. :) I love your kitchen window, especially the little copper pot ornaments hanging from the pretty curtains you made.

    Your porch looks so cheery, and I love that you have the Nativity out front. All the plaid is wonderful; I've loved tartan plaids for years, and now that it's popular, it's so nice to be able to find it in the stores. We have a plaid bow on top of our den tree this year.

    I enjoyed seeing your decorations; have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  12. Oh wow it's soooo beautiful I love your adorable Santa ;)


  13. Your home is decorated outside in such a beautiful way! I love the plaid ribbons and all the lights! Your kitchen Santa is so cute...mine is large and sits on the table in my breakfast nook. I need to get that one finished and photographed also!

    hugs, Linda

  14. Love the title of your post Kathleen! Isn't that so true...we decorate anything that doesn't move! You have gone all out in decking your porch and it looks fabulous, so welcoming! Do you usually have snow for Christmas? We've only had a tiny bit this year but are hoping more comes soon!

  15. Kathleen- EVERYTHING looks just beautiful! I love it all. I'd say your hubby better not sit still in one place for long or we will see him with a tinsel boa. xo Diana

  16. Oh, it's fun to see your beautiful house decked out for the season. I love that front porch! Thanks for sharing the joy............Sarah

  17. So festive...the porch looks wonderful and inviting! What charming details. I really like the lights on the windowsills. :)

  18. Kathleen, I am in love with your porch and all of its Christmas goodies! Oh to have such a luxury.... The husband grew up with a front porch and misses it. I would be in heaven decorating it for the seasons. LOL
    All of your red, green, and white surely says traditional Christmas. Glad you found your lost box of goodies. I'm still searching for a box filled with my Santas, but I don't want to go back up into the attic... :-)
    Merry, Merry!

  19. Ouu! I love seeing the outside of your home. It is beautiful. I love all the decorating you have done outside and inside. It's so very inviting. Thanks so much for a lovely tour!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Sorry teacher, I made a typo ;o) Nothing is safe from getting decorated in my home either! As you know I am a rubber stamper, and we always say that if it doesn't move, STAMP IT! Your home is looking very festive, and having a front porch is wonderful. My stuff gets wet!

  22. Very very cute Kathleen..Your porch is the cutest I have seen..I put a wreath and 2 soldiers..I should follow your lead on dressing up the wicker one year!

  23. The Christmas spirit is alive and well at your house...very festive!

  24. Beautifully done Kathleen. I so love your porch.

  25. The front door wreath is simply stunning, adding the French horn was inspired and finishes it off beautifully. I wish we had a porch where I could do a Christmas display but sadly everything that goes on my front door is exposed to all the elements!
    The Christmas Santa is fab!

  26. Very pretty decor, Kathleen! Your porch is beautiful. We haven't seen as much as we used to in the way of decor because of the Hurricane cleanup but folks are beginning to put things up.

  27. Beautiful, beautiful front entrance! I just love all the details! The wreath is gorgeous!

  28. Your porch is so inviting! It is beautiful. You did a fantastic job.

  29. Bless me Father for I have sinned ... I am peagreen with envy for Kathleen's porch.

    Seriously, I love it all! The porch looks like it should be on a magazine cover, and all the other vignettes look so beautiful too.


  30. You are definitely in a festive mood with your home decked out in green and red. It looks so inviting inside and out.
    Happy to be a new follower, Mary Alice

  31. Your decorations are beautiful and so welcoming, Kathleen. I have always loved that front porch of yours and your sweet little kitchen tree too. Everything looks so festive.

  32. Kathleen, How fabulous! LOVE, LOVE your's gorgeous with so many fun touches with Santa and the toys. Hopefully, more people will decorate their homes if they're there for the holidays.You're definitely sharing the Christmas spirit.

  33. Your porch is so festive and cozy! Everything is just beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Dani

  34. Kathleen, your porch decorations are gorgeous! I love all those plaid bows and your decorated sitting area. I have that same Santa chef that you have in your kitchen!

  35. The porch is wonderful! We don't have actual porches here in Southern California. Well, some of the early, mid-century and earlier houses do, but it's rare to find ones built after that time that make room for real, sit-in-the-chair-and-watch-the-world-go-by porches. My parents had one. It helped a person survive the summer heat.

    You know, I don't know if I ever told you, but your kitchen tree was the inspiration for me putting one up. I started about three years ago. I have enough kitchen ornaments this year. At first it was pretty sparse. I hadn't bought ornaments in years, and was actually shocked at the prices. Anyway, I just love mine - and you're to blame for that.

  36. This is so beautiful, Kathleen--I love your red door and your use of plaid--lovely! Also really enjoyed seeing your kitchen decorations.

  37. Ooooohhhh....what a pretty crystal Nativity set! That's really unique! I love the way you have decorated the porch and front door. I WANT that red door! Ramon doesn't get red doors. I TRY to tell him the significance, but he just goes blank on me. What a dingbat! We'll be getting the house painted next year...that door is gonna turn R-E-D!!! :-) Very pretty, Kathleen! You've done a whale of a job! But I wouldn't expect anything less from you, Miss Decorating Queen of Long Island! :-)

  38. Your exterior is just as lovely as the rest of the things you create. I love the French horn on the wreath, and I really, really love the coziness around the porch. Beautiful all!

  39. The house is looking fabulous Kathleen. You got such great shots outside too. I love your ribbons, what a deal. It is definitely looking a lot like Christmas!

  40. Wow, Kathleen, your house looks beautiful, festive and all decked out in it's Christmas best. What fun to have a big front porch with all the pretty wicker and my favorite color...a red front door!!!

  41. Kathleen, You home is so beautiful and all decked out for Christmas, I repeat others, WOW!
    Love that Santa is waiting for himself, I feel that way often.
    Are the battery operated lights on a timer. I am wondering how long the batteries last. I tried them a few years back, I am hoping they have a longer life, now. I may try year.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas. Ginger

  42. Your home and porch look beautiful, Kathleen! You really have decorated everything that didn't move on the porch - LOL. I love it!

  43. YOur home looks gorgeous! I can see why you're so exhausted. Love all of the plaid.

    - The Tablesscaper

  44. Love the Dansk nativity. And I so want a red front door. What color is that?

  45. Beautiful! Just beautiful. Merry Christmas, Kathleen, to you and your family!

  46. Your decorations are so beautiful and inspiring...seems like I always wait too long or just not enough time period. Need to get off the excuse train and do something spectacular next year..copying lots of your pics for ideas!!


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