Saturday, January 19, 2013

Don't You Just LOOOVE a Bargain?

I know many of you have shopped the after holiday clearance sales and found some great things!

I ventured out last Tues. with Alma for a little bargain hunting.

Where did we go?  Christmas Tree Shop, of course!

It is over an hour for me, so I have to make it worthwhile
I already showed you the extreme bargain  tablecloth I got for .98. More here

Dec 2012 270

We picked and hunted our way through the place!

Please excuse my pics, my dining room does not get much light, I have no windows, just a French door.

Dec 2012 313
Dec 2012 294
A pretty red with white embroidered tablecloth...2.50  Wintery, so it can be used for awhile.

"Thanksgiving" by Churchill....FORTY CENTS!

Dec 2012 295

Friendly Village by Johnson Bros. 1.00
Dec 2012 308

Johnson Bros. Blue Fern....salad .50  Dinner 1.99

The pretty pale aqua tablecloth under it is from BBB and it was marked down, and with my coupon came to 7.99 .
90 in round

It goes great with the dishes.

Dec 2012 302

The blue cotton napkins were 8 for 1.24 and they go well with the Blue Fern plates too!  Here I have them paired with a plaid cloth.  Blue, red, green and white.

Not just for Cmas, as I will be using it for Tartan Day, whenever that is!  I think it is April.

Dec 2012 303
2 of these covered casseroles @ 3.49.  They will be hostess gifts at Easter.

Dec 2012 293
Pretty pale pink napkins  @ .60 ea  BBB

Spatulas to save for next Cmas, .42.  Cute to stick in as a little extra with a hostess gift, or a take home for a luncheon.

Gingerbread embroidered placemats, .20

Dec 2012 290
All the tablecloths were either 2.00 or 2.50

Dec 2012 289
Many of them will be gifted.
Dec 2012 299
Blue and tan tonal striped napkins 1.99 for 4
Bell place card holders .50
Dec 2012 310
Already thinking of a ♥ scape for the pink plaid, and then of course later for Easter...which is Mar. 30 this year!
Dec 2012 292
The peppermint striped plates were .25

Gearing up for ST. PAT's, some shamrock clothespins, .44, and green napkin rings .49

Dec 2012 312

I loved these embroidered towels 1.29!  I got the last of them, I hope they get more, as they are great as napkins.

Plus, we had a 10% off 50.00, so we did well.

I have been looking for a Popcorn maker for my gkids, and my friend Pam, who is not a blogger, but reads many of the blogs in my sidebar, picked this up for me in CVS

Dec 2012 307

15.00.  I will try it out, and if it isn't easy to clean, it will go back!  Thanks, Pam!

There's more, but Alma is posting this trip too, and she has some of the same things I showed you, but some different too.  Be sure to stop over at The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays to see her Bargain Bonanza Post!  She will take hers out of the pkg so you get a better look, lol, I didn't!

Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie will be doing her annual Valentine's Party on Feb. 11th.  Always a fun party, mark your calendar! 

And of course, please remember the

♣♣ 5th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl on March 13th.♣♣

Thanks for stopping by, and  the WINTER Tablecape challenge is this Wed.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I do love a bargain...good think I don't have that store.....I would have had a ball!!

  2. You got some great bargains, and I really don't think our store ever has those low prices. Or perhaps the items get sold before they go rock bottom on the pricing. I might use the gift card that I won on your blog, and see what our CTS has. I'm getting ready for your Winter Tablescape Challenge. It's going to be verrrrrry cold here next week, so I'll be blogging in front of the fireplace :-)

  3. You find the best things at the VERY BEST prices!! I love those turkey plates and what a steal! I hope to have a wintry 'scape for Wed. I don't want to spend $, but my colors don't really work, but we'll see! xo

  4. Kathleen --
    I have that red and white tablecloth with the skis on it too! I can't recall what I paid for it, but I'm sure you got a better deal. We don't live near a Christmas Tree Shop, but my brother was in the hospital a couple of years ago in Erie, Pa. and I spotted one there. Sooooo, when the nurse asked us to "step out", I stepped all the way out to my car and dashed to the CTS!!!! You can see my breakfast table that I set from my blog posting:
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  5. Wow you really did score some bargains. I wish I had stores that were like that! I think I've gone to a web page for The Christmas Tree Shop before. It sounds familiar.

  6. I love it all. You really scored.

  7. Looks like you made out well!! I also did a post on what I bought at the CTS! I hope you will stop by and take a peek. You got some things that I did not see at ours.....


  8. Wow, Kathleen, As usual you found the most amazing things at your CTS! I never find good stuff at mine! I think I should go shopping though as I seem to have a case of brain freeze for your upcoming snow, ice, cold party. I want the cold to go away but it's supposed to get worse this week. I can only think of white, white, white, but that's so hard to photograph. I hope I get inspired before Wednesday! Linda

  9. Great bargains, as always. I did my challenge table last week because I knew I would need to work on the baby shower this week. If I have any energy, I might do another snow & ice setup. Always fun to get the ideas rolling. Cherry Kay

  10. You found treasures. I'm wild about the spatulas. I've got to get over to Christmas Tree Shoppe soon.

  11. So...there goes that 20 dollar bill in your wallet! Wow, you got a lot for your money. I love everything, especially that first tablecloth with the deer and evergreens. I so wish we had one of these stores near us. I'm so envious of you whenever you go!


  12. Oh My you hit the jackpot on this trip....I happen to have those same turkey plates...think I paid $1 a piece for them a few years back...I missed tis trip up north going to the CTS....I could kick myself are like the Queen of Bargains for the whole East also that you had a coupon!!

  13. what wonderful finds! I haven't been to christmas tree shop in a very long time.

  14. I have those same turkey plates but don't think they were 49 cents!!!!!!!!!! Dang! Love all your bargains, my CTS doesn't have all the great stuff you seem to find:( I am marking my calendar for the upcoming parties!!!! Thanks for the reminders. XO, Pinky

  15. Looks like you got a great haul! I have the same turkey plates...I paid more than you, though. I like the muted colors.

  16. wow, you got a TON of great stuff! Good job! I can see you had lots of fun and can't wait to see your creations to come!

  17. It was a great day!

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Oh Kathleen, You had a fabulous day! I know you two have so much fun on these shopping trips. You found such great pieces, some I would love to find. I see you found the Friendly Village and I love the linens for Tartan Day. I would have picked up the Erin Go Bragh tea towel, I love to include this in my St. Patrick's Day post. I really enjoyed seeing your treasures............Will look forward to seeing them in your new posts.

    The French Hutch

  19. I want to go to CTS!!! There isn't one close but maybe worth a trip at least once!!!

    hugs, Linda

  20. I love all the things you purchased, what good buys...we have no cts in ca. of course I would love to follow behind you and buy some of those wonderful why when you buy plates you like to try for to say I wouldn't love that but have no space, I think I should dig a basement for some storage, in ca. never any storage, garage only and thats used up...ollllololoololo

  21. I am so jealous that 1) you have such amazing discount places to shop and 2) that I can't come with you! I have been looking for 2 years for just the right color pink napkins and BAM, you find them for just about nothing! No fair :) Dianne

  22. I've enjoyed seeing yours and Alma's bargains! I "shop vicariously" through you two! Love that CTS, I must think of an excuse to visit that one near Orlando.


  23. Woo-Hoo! Your comment went through again! Yeah!! Looks like you gals had a great bargain shopping day, oh the treasures! Love the linens for Tartan Days! Yes, I'm working on the tablescape to join you again this week. Thanks so much for your constant trying on the blog! Hoping all issues are taken care of again. hugs ~lynne~

  24. Oh girl you really do find such great bargains! I haven't been on shopping adventures these days. I really enjoy taking part in yours through the computer screen!!

  25. Always the Queen of Bargain Hunting! Though Alma makes a close 2nd by her blog post too. You must have a good relationship with her not to "fight" her for those fantastic deals where there are only a limited number left! Can't wait to see how you use all those goodies. Are you freaking out about how hard it will be to have such a short time between St. Pat's and Easter this year - I really don't like that! I've put my back out this wknd and am not sure I'll get my Winter t'scape done for Wed to join your party - boo hoo!


  26. I am so darn jealous!! At those prices they were giving it all away. Sure wish we had a place out here like that. The best we can do is Home Goods and Ross. Oh well. LOVE all your bargains. How fun that you and Alma get to go shopping together. I know you must have a ball!! N.

  27. Looks like both of you found some really great things K! Love the snowman spatulas and of course great prices on the J-Bro! Sounds like a fun day:@)

  28. Hi Kathleen! You did great! I went earlier in the month to get the carolers they had and wound up getting a few of the red and white transferware dishes, too. Love the tablecloths you found. I've been trying to be good though, so I haven't been back {although they've been tempting me with their emails!}.

  29. Way to go, Kathleen!! Woo-Hoo! Clap-Clap!! I'm giving you a standing ovation for your incredible haul.

    I didn't know your CTS was an hour away from you. There is one in Erie, PA that would take me a little over an hour to get to. I just might have to check it out one of these days but it would be much more fun to go shopping with you & Ms. A.

  30. Oh my word, everything is amazing. I love it all. You did good. Hugs, Marty

  31. Score! Would have loved to have seen your cart when headed to the checkout!

  32. Kathleen, Amazing scores!!! Such beautiful things, and tablecloths for 2.50??? I'm just sick we don't have CTS where I live. :(

    Thanks for sharing, I'm drooling.

  33. Those were great bargains. I love sale and bargain hunting.

  34. Wow, what a haul, Kathleen! You certainly did make the trip worth while. It will be fun to see what you do with all of your plates, napkins and tablecloths :) I really like that red and white embroidered cloth!

  35. Like Rett says, you ARE the queen of CTS bargain hunting, Kathleen!!! You came away with some good stuff. I got their e-mail saying they had 75% off, but I still haven't made it into the store. It's under 10 minutes from me, but I sure never see the good stuff you find. Your store must get different items than here in this region. I heard that is often the case.... I may make the trip tomorrow. I have to day to myself cuz I need to be home to take delivery of the husband's new 65 in. flat screen in the morning. Just in time for the big game on his birthday. I wonder if he's gonna count it as his b-day present and does that mean I don't have to get him anything else? LOL

  36. You got some amazing deals! I love CTS!!

  37. Absolutely amazing, Kathleen! Wow! Wow! Wow! I sure wish I had a CTS near me. I'm going to check with Sue to see if she does find anything good at the one near her--it might be worth the drive!! Awesome!! ~Zuni

  38. My goodness Kathleen! You got some amazing bargains, and the best part is that you don't have to wait very long to use some of them! I have never been to a CTS store not had I ever heard of them until I started blogging. They must not be located this far south. Can't wait to see how you will use some of your bargains!

  39. Major scores!! I would have wanted to snatch up just about everything you did. I can't believe you found such great stuff at such great prices. Those peppermint dishes would be perfect on my kitchen table next year.

    I've been too distracted to do an ounce of shopping lately. I hate thinking about the sales I must have missed.

  40. Oh my...the prices boggle the mind! Those Churchill turkey plates for 40 cents should be illegal :) Love those adorable spatulas for gifts and the lidded casseroles! I would love to follow along and watch you and Alma shop and converse :)

  41. Wow! What incredible bargains! I wish we had Christmas Tree Shops here in the Mississippi Valley. On the other hand, maybe I don't. It might be too hard on my wallet.

    1. You really got some great finds...and some great prices too!!! Thanks for sharing these!


  42. Fabulous the beautiful plates..:):):)..

  43. Oh my, look at all those bargains!! I can't believe what a deal you got on the turkey plates and the Friendly Village. Your CTS sure has the deals, Kathleen.

  44. Wow what pretty dishes--I love Johnson Brothers in particular. Also all the lovely tablecloths and napkins--such good prices you got!

  45. All I can say is amazing!! I would have loved to run into those turkey plates! I have some of them, but of course not enough! Joni

  46. You got some great deals. Good thing there are no Christmas Tree shops around here - my bank account would be hurting. :D

  47. OMGosh Kathleen! You are the ultimate shopper. I'm amazed at all the great things you found..especially the Friendly Village plates. I love a bargain, too, but never find the great things you do. I know you'll make some beautiful tablescapes with those bargains.
    Have a great weekend,

  48. I have not been to CTS yet this year. Can't wait to go.


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