Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SNOW~WINTER Table Challenge~ Let's Dish

Welcome to Let's Dish #45.  Tonight is the SNOW~WINTER Challenge.

Please link only those tables that follow the theme this week.

You can see the table used in the header here.

There won't be any challenge for February or March as we have Super Bowl,  Valentine's,  Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, ST. PATRICK'S DAY, and Easter. So many tables!

Suggestions for April are welcome, last year we did The Good Earth, so let's try to think of something different.
Jan 2013 057
Mother Nature must have heard about the challenge, we got  a little snow and it is 15 degrees!
Jan 2013 011
Jan 2013 060
Many of us have these from the Dollar Tree .  I used it to wrap a bowl for the centerpiece.
Jan 2013 015I had a silver wreath that has seen better days, so I broke some branches off, put battery operated lights underneath , and filled in with dried Baby's Breath.
Jan 2013 025I used one of the mirrored chargers underneath.

The lights give off a nice wintery glow.

My tip for Stone Gable's TTT, keep those battery operated lights out after Christmas, good to use in centerpieces all winter.

Jan 2013 019
  Pale aqua tablecloth, made from soda bottles, from BBB.  I got it the other day in the clearance, $7.98 and 90 in.
Very soft, and stain resistant.

Jan 2013 040
Flatware is Calypso, by Towle from CTS.

  Looks like little snow balls. :) It was about half the price that is was in Pier One.  Never pay full price.  :)

Jan 2013 021
Mirrored charger by Jay, aqua paisley plates from HG, with a white trimmed in silver plate underneath.

Napkin rings from Dansk, sleighs by Gorham.
Jan 2013 049

Silver snowflake name card holders from Pottery Barn Outlet, silver trimmed stems, from my mom, shower gift, 42 years ago!

So take your pick, this or a true snow scape table!Jan 2013 044 Jan 2013 001 Snow themed spatulas, clearance, WS Outlet, .92.  Good for flipping snowballs!
Picture 1406

Some Snowman Soup before you go?  Just slide that whipped cream from the rim right in, and start slurping!  Hot chocolate is good, from a bowl, or a mug.  :)

Moving on, next week...Mardi Gras or Valentine's?

The Holidays for Tablescapers are bunched close together this year.

Thanks for stopping by!

Don't forget to put a link back to Let's Dish so others can come visit the entries, if you link up.  I had to delete 2 last week. 

Your turn!

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 unlimited letters to describe your post, so please put the blog name first.  It helps others to get to know your blog.

Of course, leaving a comment is a good thing, I love hearing from you!

Thanks for visiting so many of the entries.  Last week the highest was 70 and the late entries got around 20!

I am joining Diann for Thrifty Things Fri, Susan for TT, Gollum for Foodie Friday, and Yvonne for T, T and T.
That is if I remember to link up!
Those of you experiencing this frigid weather, stay warm and safe!

Picture 1559

Bargain Hunting with Laurie is hosting a ♥ Party on Feb.  11th.  Do join in, it is always fun!


  1. Your snow is so pretty but 15 sounds too cold for me! Your snow~winter theme tablescape is pretty and so many neat touches. I love your napkin rings and flatware. The paisley dishes just make it. Centerpiece is very clever and attractive.

    Stay warm.

  2. How pretty! I really like the aqua paisley plates. I have the red was a gift a couple of years ago.
    And the bowl of hot chocolate is a delight! The chocolate snowmen around the edge are so special.

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL blue & silver tablescape, Kathleen! You are so very lucky to have those gorgeous stems from your Mom. True heirloom treasures!

    I am intrigued by the *recycled materials* tablecloth...very pretty color.
    All your pretty extra touches are just delightful...the snowflake placecard holders, the snowflake napkin rings and those GORGEOUS chargers. *sigh* I want it all!!!

    Thanks for the inspiring challenge this time around & for hosting LD again & again.

    Warm Hugs,

    p.s. We had -5º this morning. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  4. Kathleen~ I love your frosty table with your aqua paisley plates! Wrapping your bowl with the snowflake for a centerpiece is genius! It's frosty here, but in the 20's, no teens thank goodness! Love the snowy beach/bay photo! Thanks for hosting :)

  5. I love your snowy table,Kathleen and that wonderful view of the beach.

    It was about 9 degrees early this morning, then it warmed up. We got out of the for wedding clothes.:-) Warmed up enough to melt all our snow, while we were out running around.

  6. Oh my goodness...this is so awesome! I LOVE the plates, the mirrored chargers, the flatware....everything about this table is so great!!! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing everyone's winter tables at Let's Dish!!! =D Have a great night!

  7. What great ideas you've shared for your wintry wonderland, Kathleen. I missed the large snowflake from the $ Tree, but I love how you wrapped your bowl. You're so good with all the pretty details...the place cards, the sleighs, the pretty plates and chargers and the snowball looking flatware. Thanks for hosting your party.

  8. Hi Kathleen, I visited you header tablescape and now I am starving!!! That chicken pot pie would taste so good right now! And I love the little sleds. I see them on your table tonight too! I don't know what I'll do next week--I was thinking Valentine's Day. And I went all the way up to the "local" CTS looking for some of the bargains you found with the Tablescaper but there were none to be found here! Thank you for hosting this great party. My brain freeze thawed and I came up with something for tonight. Linda

    1. You will just have to come to "our" CTS! LOL. You have so many in CT, we just have one in 120 miles!

  9. Lovin' your pretty table K! Mother Nature must be a tablescaper 'cause it's mighty nippy here in Philly too! Love that last pic looking out to the water:@)

  10. Ah, you went with the aqua tonight too! Love those mirrored chargers. And you didn't use live flowers after all.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. We must have been thinking along the same lines this week. Love the colors you've chosen and the snowflake napkin rings. And those darling sleds with trees.. Love love!!! It does look awfully cold up there! So lucky for you to have CTS.. I am beginning to feel deprived! Love your pretty table. Great idea wrapping your bowl. And I agree, keep those pretty lights out! All year. Thanks for hosting this fun party. xo marlis

  12. Such a beautiful table. I love those sweet little white trees on the sleds. Thank you for hosting!

  13. I'm always looking at your beautiful dishes, but today my eyes strayed and noticed you have a yellow dining room. I have a very similar yellow in my hallway that I love. Sunshiney! Back to the table. I love those sleighs, and the little white trees. Stay warm!

    1. That's my kitchen, BMoore Hawthorne Yellow, did it last year. It used to be a pale violety blue.
      Dining room is sage green. Yes, sunny!

      Thanks, Debbie!

  14. NO KIDDING don't buy anything full price!!! I am SO hard-pressed to pay full price for pretty much anything including groceries, clothes, furniture, tablescaping items (of course!), and anything else I can get discounted. Chocolate soup, huh? I'm sure there were a whole lot of VERY big smiles upon seeing that one!!! Your table is really mirroring the icy, snowflaky look going on outside your window! I think a person would warm right up, though, when they sit down to your table!!! I hope it gets warmer there! I think we're back down into the single digits tonight. :-( Sorry I couldn't link up tonight. I'm still working on getting my office straight around here before I start tablescaping again. I'll definitely see you next week! Have a wonderful, warm(er) week!!!

  15. I love the plates, they make a beautiful table. I am smiling thinking of snowman soup! Thanks for hosting each week.

  16. Hi Kathleen, I enjoyed participating in your challenge :). I love your wreath get a new life in your centerpiece -- fabulous idea. the aqua and silver look so icy together. You know I always love hearing about your bargains. Love your napkin rings too. Joni

  17. Hi Kathleen, I am participating this week, and really stretching my limited imagination with my limited cache of things. I absolutely hate this weather. xo

    1. I know Barbara, it is breath taking, literally, so cold you can't breathe!

      Hope the storm this weekend passes by!

  18. Your tablescape is really pretty as usual, Kathleen. I really like those sleighs. Beautiful cool color, one of my favorites! I can't believe how cold it is there. It is sunny and in the 70's here....Christine

  19. I love your tablescape, the ice skates as a centerpiece is genius. Thanks for hosting each week. hugs ~lynne ~

  20. Kathleen, I love the tablescape using silver chargers and aqua, beautiful! So much snow and I'm sure it's very cold. We didn't have our snow long before it melted. Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  21. Tell us more about the tablecloth made from soda bottles??

    Love the aqua theme. Those snowflake napkin rings and little sleds are so pretty!

    Thanks for hosting!


  22. Kathleen, your header is just so fabulous. Those skates are amazing. I wish I had my old ones from when I was a kid.

    What a pretty table. The icy blue is perfect for the theme. I love your hot cocoa too. We are definitely going to do that. I am running off to pin it right away. We always love as much whipped cream as we do the hot cocoa! The kiddies are going to love me for this idea of yours.

  23. Oh, do I love those ice skates, and especially as a centerpiece!!! I've wanted to buy some for a while--found some small ones like I want for $12 recently and didn't buy them. Have been mad at myself since, but we're going back this weekend, so if they're still there they're coming home with me!!! Thanks for hosting a fun, fun, party! So many details in your party table--all beautiful. Love those silver sleds! ~Zuni

    1. Thanks, Zuni.
      The skates are not real, they are made of plaster . I don't think I could get real ones to stand up! :)

  24. So funny... I've never thought of that flatware as little snowballs. Perfect for your Winter table! Love you blog header, too -- AND your snowy outdoor table. Ours looked just the same last week. :-)

  25. Love, love, love those aqua paisley plates. They will be beautiful for lots of occasions. And your new header is fabulous with the ice skate centerpiece. I'll take the beautiful winter scene inside, please. Gorgeous details on your table! Thanks for hosting each week..........Sarah

  26. OMG, Kathleen..15!!! Yeah, NY was cold in the winter, when am I surprised?! Those aqua paisley plates are gorgeous and I love blue touches for winter...I did mine this way too. I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE ICE SKATES as a centerpiece, so smart, perfect and gorgeous...and your header is FABULOUS Kathleen!! Beautiful elements..I'm going again to check out your awesome tablescape! Thanks for hosting this fun and exciting party!

  27. So pretty, Kathleen. I forgot I have some snowflake placecard holders. Those paisley plates are beautiful. What a pretty hot chocolate presentation. I would never have thought to do that. I love the ice skates in your header picture. I don't remember that scape. How did you make them stand up? Thank you for hosting, and thanks so much for advertising my party. laurie

    1. They are fake! I don't think I could get real ones to stand unless I embedded them in something. Got them at CTS. :)

  28. Thanks for hosting this fun themed party, Kathleen! I hope my entry is okay as it isn't a full t'scape but I wanted to participate! Your winter table is so lovely! Great choice in using those aqua plates,so pretty! Good idea to use those large snowflakes to wrap the bottom of your centerpiece and I agree with leaving a few lights out from your Christmas decor to use year round. I'd love a cup of that hot chocolate right now!


  29. It's cold here but no snow! Love your icy tablescape. You always have the best plates! Those are gorgeous! Thanks for hosting this party each week!
    hugs, Linda

  30. I love those mirrored chargers and the blue and white dishes on top--so pretty!

  31. What a pretty table, Kathleen, and I just love those little sleighs atop the plates! I may have to swing by our BBB, as I really "need" an aqua tablecloth! I also love the sparkle those mirror chargers add. Thank you for hosting! Maybe next time I'll remember to link up a little earlier!

  32. It's just beautiful. I love the pale tablecloth and the dishes. It makes me think of a cold, clear, winter day.

    I had all intentions of joining this week. Even had the table set in my head. Unfortunately, my life doesn't ever seem to be following "my" schedule lately. I'm just rolling with it.

  33. I absolutely love your color scheme, especially the aqua plates! Beautiful!

  34. ooo I could link-up an older post, maybe. When I saw your banner, I instantly smiled. I love the skates!

    The aqua plates on your tablescape are so unexpected for a winter theme, but WOW does it ever WORK! I love this table!


  35. I'm sorry I don't have a table for your challenge, but I love yours and can go admire the others. Thanks for hosting Kathleen!

  36. Oops, I so messed up. I thought the winter table challenge was next week. Story of my life these days. LOL I feel like I should go back and pull one of my wintery and icy tablescapes from the past and link it. LOL Your table is fresh and clean and filled with winter smiles. thanks for hosting! And for sharing at TTF.

  37. Well, I can't seem to set my own table, but I certainly enjoyed yours! It is so cold here and your table would just fit right in. I have that same tablecloth in blue and in washes beautifully, I love mine.

  38. Love the snow scene in your yard! Just gorgeous. Your table is very pretty too. I wish I had been able to get it together -- it sits half-done in there in the DR. I have had some medical tests all this week downtown at UAB and have not had time or energy to finish it up. I will post it next week -- hope I finish by then!

  39. How pretty your winter table looks -- Love the blues. While, I'm not really all that fond of winter weather, this was a fun project! We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow....then, I'm ready for Spring! Just 7 more weeks until daylight savings time!

  40. Hi Kathleen,

    I'm so glad you shared the photo of the snow at the beach; it's so pretty! We rarely get snow at our beaches here. Your table is wonderful; I happen to think winter tables are fun to put together. All your accessories are great -- the snowflake napkin rings and place card holders, and the darling little Gorham sleds. Your wine goblets look perfect with the table, and they remind me of some my mom used to have. I think they look very elegant. I really love those aqua paisley plates; I have ALWAYS loved paisley. Those really make a snazzy table!

    It all looks perfectly wintry and sparkly! Thank you, as always, for hosting and I hope you stay warm. They're calling for snow here tomorrow, and we have the most bitter wind blowing right now. Brrrr! :)


    Denise at Forest Manor


  41. Beautiful and a inviting table.Everything looks pretty .Thank you to host such a party.Happy to part of the challenge with other talented extended bloggers.:):):)

  42. I'll take your snowy tablescape any time over real snow. Beautiful the wintery aqua china and pale blue table cloth...made from soda bottles..who knew? Way to recycle!
    Hugs and have a great weekend.
    Stay warm,

  43. What a beautiful table! Your theme worked well for me because we had an ice storm here in NC!
    I love the aqua with the snowflakes and such a good tip about the battery operated lights for centerpieces. The skates on your header photo are so cute!!!!

  44. It has been a interesting week, weather-wise with the cold weather! The grocery stores get so crowded the days before bad weather. Today, we have Winter Storm Luna dropping freezing rain and ice on us! I must before the snow and ice on your table :) Blue is the perfect color for a snowy, winter table.

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