Saturday, March 30, 2013

Well, I stopped in at Pottery Barn and William Sonoma to wish them a Happy Easter…

And a few things just hippity hopped into my cart. Who could resist when WS had 75% of all Easter.


I always try to get there a day or so before Easter , everything is marked down, plus the outlet sent out coupons for 20 off one item.


The above salad plates came to 4 for 10.00 with my coupon.


This platter came to 8.

Here it is filled with the egg cupcakes  and bunny bites which still have to be decorated tomorrow.  The platter will be a hostess gift.


The white PB pitcher will be for my dil. PB only had 50% off their Easter, and they weren’t taking the coupon, strange since you used to be able to walk through from one to the other.  Now they blocked it off.


The PB bunny candy dish is for her too.  I could see that as a sweet centerpiece, stick some oasis in and fill with flowers.


This sugar and creamer was too sweet to pass up.  I don’t know who will get that yet! 

They also had the cake plate and covered bunny casserole.    

Bunny Cake Stand

(above pics from Pottery Barn)

I resisted, I had bought enough, but picked them up for someone you know!  :)

I only shop the Outlet, and even then only when it is a good sale.  This was!

My ultimate bargain had me doing the happy dance.  They are listed on the website for $129.00. Can you say almost 90% off?

I’ll show you in my next post.


I have my 120 eggs ready for the  gkids egg hunt tomorrow, but still a few hours of cake decorating ahead.  I finished the hors d’s and vegetables.  There will be 19 adults and 12 kiddies, should be fun!

What ever your plans, I wish you a very blessed Easter!

Thanks for stopping by!

I am joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday.

Kathe for You’re Gonna Love It Tues.


  1. Kathleen, I intended to drop by WS today, but didn't get there. '-(
    Would love to add some of these white pieces. The cake stand is adorable!
    Happy Easter to you. Have fun at the egg hunt! ~ Sarah

  2. Wonderful Easter slaes, wow, Kathleen, you did good! Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter Sunday...for He Has Risen!

  3. Oh wow Kathleen, such great bargains! I wish I had a WS outlet near me. The bunny plate, platter and all those accessories are too cute. I can't wait to see what you show us next. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. WOW. That's all I can say. Your bargain-finding, your gift-giving, your food-fixing, your egg-hiding and writing about it all on the day before feeding a crowd. Amazing.

  5. YAY!!!

    And a blessed and very happy Easter to you and yours!

  6. Happy Easter wishes to you and yours! Lots of cute finds that are sure to make a table extra special :)

  7. No WS or PBS outlets here :-( Add those to the list along with CTS. It's probably a good thing seeing your scores! I'm sure my carts would be full! Have a wonderful Easter Day with your family Kathleen :-)

  8. I need to get out to Long Island and visit these outlets!! Nothing right by me. I love everything you bought. Have a happy and blessed Easter, Kathleen. xo

  9. Kathleen:

    I can't wait to see what you picked up for me!!! It looks like you go some awesome bargains. Good luck with the rest of the cooking.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. You got some AWESOME bargains!!! LOVE the salad plates and platter. Lucky girl. All the food looks YUMMY! have a happy and blessed Easter!!! XO, Pinky

  11. You are the best shopper of bargains! I really like the bunny cake plate.
    Have a fun time with the kids tomorrow...

  12. I think your table is just so perfect....I love those rabbit plates and they look so perfect with the pansies in the center of the table...I think it is all so beautiful and you really got some great bargains, I wish you lived by me...

  13. What great deals! I'll have to remember this. I love the seasonal dinnerware from PB and WS. I love all of your sweet little bunnies! Have a Very Happy Easter!!

  14. Kathleen.
    I am so envious of your bargains. I love those Easter plates, bunnies etc.
    Why can't we have any of that around here.
    Have a wonderful Easter and egg hunt too.

  15. Great bargains, festive touches! ENjoy your big family~

  16. I bought the WS Easter plates last year on sale at the outlet and this year bought the PB white rabbit cookie jar on sale here. I loved the rabbit topped tureen but resisted buying it...maybe next year!

    A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family, Kathleen!

  17. Wow, you really found some fun Easter items K! The salad plates are beautiful! Happy Easter-have fun with the kids:@)

  18. Oh, you found some gens....I need an OUTLET!! Happy Easter.

  19. Oh I wish, I wish we had a PB and WS outlet near us! I was drooling over those bunny plates in WS last Easter but they were so expensive I didn't buy them.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Easter with the family, Kathleen. What a treat for them to have all the goodies you make.

    Can't wait to see that ultimate bargain!

  20. You TRULY are the BEST bargain hunter around, Kathleen!! What fabulous finds, girlfriend! I love each & every one of them & I know the recipients will too.
    I can't WAIT to see what was originally priced at $129.00!!!????

    Hope your Easter was a happy one. I'm exhausted...did it all myself. DH is washing the last 2 pans now & I'm going to put my feet up.


  21. Yeah, stuff tends to hop into my cart too...I just about have to swear off shopping for awhile! Even my son in law asked today where I keep all "that stuff!" I couldn't have passed any of that bunny stuff either, and I know you will use it for plenty of other occasions besides Easter!

  22. You know I'm happy for you, but my tears of anguish are flowing right now. I won't be able to spend any money for new things!!!!!!!!!! :-( Boo hoo hoo!!! :-( OK...I'm good now. :-) You ROCKED the sales, girl!

    I hope the egg hunt went well and that everyone had a good time!

  23. Wow, wish I would have been with you for those bargain prices. Great pieces.

  24. It's all just adorable! Why is it that I never seem to find good bargains any more? I think I need to venture north and shop where you shop.

  25. I saw most of these things at the Atlanta outlets, but they were only 40% off. I really fell for the WS bunny plates, but at their prices, I didn't buy. So glad you got great bargains.

  26. Isn't it funny how things have a way of hopping into our baskets? Love the cute plates and platter. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  27. So much Easter bunny cuteness, Kkathleen! We had all of those wonderful pieces at my PB outlet, but I don't think I hit the sale prices. :-( Hmmm...wonder if there's anything left? You are making me want to go back and see! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie


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