Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hamptons Style Independence Weekend~Let’s Dish #70

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It started here Wed. night, and Sunday night the fireworks were still going off on the beach.

Thursday was the parade here in Southampton, and afterwards my son treated us to lunch at the golf club.  3 of his 5 kids here, dressed in their r, w and b.

Friday we were treated again to a fund raiser down on the ocean.

The Fresh Air Home provides a camp for children with disabilities.  They have facilities to accommodate those in wheel chairs, etc.

My sister was in a wheelchair for her 26 years, so we are very aware of limited facilities for handicapped children.  This is a very good cause.

Mostly everyone was dressed in red, white and blue, and we were greeted by a juggler on stilts.  This is my family walking in.

The party is held at one of the very large homes on the ocean, and the Bay, where the fireworks were set off, is across the street.

This house is valued at over 19 MILLION!

Inside the gates a mini carnival was set up for the children.
The dinner was held on the Tennis Courts.  What?  Yours aren’t large enough to hold 300 people? :)
The grounds were beautiful!
Some type of sculpture.
You can see part of the house here, it looks out to the Ocean on one side, the Bay on the other.

The plates  were paper, :(, but the cloths were fabric.  Simple pot of petunias and a white candle graced the table.

The breeze from the ocean kept us cool, and there were no bugs!
Check out those red heels!  Ouch, the tennis courts!

The highlight of the night, were the Grucci fireworks, set to music.
It was truly beautiful!

It was a wonderful family night, once in a lifetime for us.  I am probably the only one there who hasn’t been to Europe!  Shh, don’t tell.  :)

So did you get some ideas for your next party?

The next day was our beach community’s annual party.

Hot dogs and all the fixings served at the edge of the Peconic Bay, with neighbors we have known for years. The community provides the hot dogs and cold drinks and people volunteer to bring sides.  I made pulled pork.

It is fun to see everyone, the kids who were kids are now there with their kids!
Sunday truly was a day of rest!  Lots of activity last weekend, and it was HOT!
So that’s what I was doing, how about you?

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Thanks for stopping by!  I am joining BNOTP for  Tablescape Thursday, and The Places I’ve Been at the Tablescaper’s.


  1. Does my tennis court hold 300? You are funny...
    My driveway might hold 75 but the dishes would slide off the tables on part of the driveway. Love the red, white and blue tablecloths with the white chairs! I love a theme.
    I hope my floors are done by your white challenge.

  2. I enjoyed this so much, Kathleen. We didn't do anything for the 4th. First time in awhile that we haven't been at the lake on the 4th or at least part of the holiday.

    My table is white and beige this week. Perfect for the challenge. I have a lot of white dishes. I think I can manage to set a table for the challenge. If I can remember!

  3. Oh, Kathleen! What perfect ways to celebrate July 4th! The photos are wonderful and the activities were exactly what America is about to me. Love reading this - thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. You had an action-packed holiday weekend Kathleen! Love all the festivities and the worthy cause! Looking forward to the challenge, I'll have to put my thinking cap on :)

  5. Wow, You were busy for all the 4th of July festivities, Kathleen! What fun you had. I enjoyed seeing all the pics. Thanks for hosting every week. I'll have to get busy thinking about your next challenge.

  6. hi Kathleen, it looks like you had a star spangled time over the 4th! We were dodging rain all weekend but we did manage to see our local fireworks show! Parade and barbeques were rained out but we had family fun anyway! It was so much to see everyone's red white and blue and hear of their traditions and celebrations. You are really testing me with the white party! That will be a challenge for me for sure! Thanks for hosting and making it so much fun!

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th and benefit a worthy cause at the same time. Everything looked so festive and so "wow"! What fun it must have been. The beach party looked like fun too. How fun that you've been celebrating the 4th that way for so long, and watching the generations grow up and become the adults. laurie

  8. Thanks for hosting each week. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Gorgeous hydrangeas.

  9. My goodness Kathleen! You sure were busy! We didn't do anything but grill some steaks. Mr. B had to work Friday so we didn't battle the fireworks traffic this year. Thanks so much for hosting. I'll have too see what I have to use for the challenge. I may not be able to pull anything together this time.

  10. What a wonderful party. Love those hydrangeas! Thanks for hosting. Jennifer

  11. Kathleen - WOW what a fun celebration! And... Challenge accepted! Hugs, Holly

  12. F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!! we had a little party but not like yours. wink...
    thank you for hosting this wonderful party..I think the best I have come across in blogland..
    love, Mona

  13. This sounds like a spectacular weekend! I can't imagine spending $300. a ticket and eating off of paper plates, even though it was for charity. How fun to be at one of those amazing homes. Your grands looked great!

    - The Tablescaper

    1. Well, if it means more $$$ for those poor kids, I understand.
      It cost a lot to put that party together. Lots of donations, so I hope most of the cost went to the Fresh Air Home.

  14. You sure did have a few busy days but it all looks so fun!

  15. Where do you get your energy? Well, for a few days of fun like this, I can understand! lol! Your pictures are captured the true spirit of the 4th of July and the fundraising party was a total win/win! Love those!


  16. You had a wonderful none stop fun! What a wonderful fundraiser cause, which you understand it perfectly, having had a disabled sister. Great pictures. Thank you for coming and commenting on my patriotic tablescape. Thank you for hosting another great party.

  17. All your activities look like a lot of fun. The pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    Okay Kathleen, do you realize how difficult the next challenge is going to be for ME?!?! I'm going to hurt my brain with no color. LOL!
    Thanks for hosting!!

    1. I DO , Monica! I thought about you and your Fiesta Ware. It can have color, but just one other than white. Have an ice cream so your brain stays cool, and think! :)

  18. What a great 4th of July celebration, Kathleen! Now that is how to celebrate the USA's birthday! Is that silver fox relaxing on the beach Mike? ;-) xo

  19. Kathleen, all the celebrating must have been fun, especially with all the grands there. Cute family! No fireworks for us, but we could hear them.
    The July challenge will be fun. I've already got an idea. '-)
    Enjoy the beach! ~ Sarah

  20. What a fabulous way to celebrate the 4th!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  21. It looks like you had a wonderful 4th ,and for such a worthy cause, as well. What a house! I had a nice long weekend camping w/ my family at the lake. Take care - Dawn

  22. Wow, that looked like one heck of a 4th of July celebration!

  23. it looks like a great time for a great cause! how nice to see your family enjoying the day. hope all's well.

  24. Love hearing about your summers! Your grandchildren are really getting big. Love all the red, white and blue attire. Enjoy!

  25. I and my one good eye enjoyed your post! This looks like a wonderful all-American Fourth of July! Ours was water-logged.

    All the kids are gorgeous!

  26. Kathleen,
    An amazing, full Fourth of July weekend celebration, dear friend!!!
    Loved seeing all the places you've been!
    The different tablescapes and party accessories are filling my files!!!
    Life doesn't get any better than spending time with family!!!
    Thank you for sharing, dear one!!!

  27. Now you guys know how to party over there, excellent pics

    I'm inviting you to join us on a regular photo tour link up on Mondays called Travel Photo Mondays, take a look

  28. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get a tablescape ready for this week's LD...I've been "feeding the sick". (not DH, just friends)

    You have a lovely family, Kathleen...those sweet little grandkidlets looks so adorable in their preppy R/W&B outfits. Your DILove's dress was especially cute!

    That was a wonderful charity to get to attend...I enjoyed the photos from it, esp. those RED heels!
    I didn't know about your sister's disability & I'm glad to hear that there are so many people wanting to help such children with handicaps. Bless them all & you, too.
    Thanks so much for sharing this experience.


    ps.. I'm already working on the challenge!!

  29. It looks like you had a fabulous 4th. I enjoyed seeing photos of the charity event and your community party. Have you ever been able to visit the house where the event was held? Mmmm..pulled pork. LOVE it! Sounds like a great community party.

  30. Oh, geez, Kathleen....I am SO sorry to have missed this last week. I'm playing catch up as best I can now that I am feeling a bit better, and this is quite a post to see!!!!! WOW!!! $19 million house?!??!!! That's just crazy!!! Who makes that kind of money?!?!?!! Goodness gracious!!! But everything was simply lovely... even if the plates were paper! ;-)

    I love the idea of a community get-together right there on the water. How fun! Even though the lake is a stone's throw away, we live nowhere near a developed beach area. This just seems like so much fun!!! I like that pop-up canopy. It would be great to have one of those!!!

  31. What a fun celebration for the whole community, Kathleen. I almost missed this lovely post cause I just came from trips to Utah, Canada and now packing for a trip to FL. This is getting tiring, lol, but I linked for today, the 17th...Christine

  32. Love the boys red, white and blue shorts :) What wonderful events. Your community is so active and it's wonderful that the generations keep coming!


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