Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let’s Dish # 74~ Pastel and Flowery

Hello Ladies, welcome to Let’s Dish!

Thank you to all those who took the challenge for the ALL WHITE DISH party, with the addition of one color for napkins, flatware, glasses, etc.

Some had a hard time sticking to the theme, but  many really nailed it.  It was was fun visiting all the  beautiful entries. 

In October we will do the challenge again, ALL WHITE DISHES, and the addition of one color for a Fall scape.  Fair warning, start thinking!  No dishes other than white, so keep your eyes open at the thrift shops and yard sales.  I know a few of you are moaning, but I got several requests for it!

Tonight my scape has very little white.  On the contrary the cloth is loaded with colors!

August 014

I bought 3 of these on ebay years ago, from a rental place.  They were like new, and a cotton poly rather than the all poly that are sold now, which I don’t really like!

August 017

I was having 12 for a birthday party for my oldest sister, (I am the youngest of 4), so I did 2 tables of 6.  On one I used these pretty shell shaped felt mats from BBB, pink flatware from Bealls, dinner plates from Reading China that Alma picked up for me, and lavender napkins.

August 010

The other table I used pink straw mats from CTree Shops.

Both tables had bowls of hydrangeas as centerpieces.

August 012

August 016

I kept it simple as there were men guests and I didn’t want it too crowded with “stuff”, as they feel uncomfortable.

We had Baked Clams, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, my special chicken salad, Shrimp Cocktail, Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Asparagus Salad with basil and Mozzarella and homegrown cherry tomatoes.  As it was a special occasion, we had Filet Mignon with carmelized onions, and sweet potato fries, my sister loves them!

For dessert I made a fresh peach crumb cake, Blueberry Cheese Cream Cake and a Banana Loaf.

August 005

I used a MaryAnn pan for the cake.  It was a white wedding cake recipe. Then there was a layer of cream cheese icing, fresh blueberries and then fresh whipped cream piped on.  I used the rest of the blueberries on the top.  It was a hit!!

I’ll save the Fresh Peach Crumb cake for another post.

August 004

August 017

A word about the napkins.  I bought them on line, and I am not happy with them.  The serged edges look chintzy and although I soaked them right away, and for 2 days, some of the stains would not come out!  I am sticking with cotton napkins from now on, even though they need to be ironed.  These frayed after one use.

I guess they are good enough to “play” with, but I am swearing off the polyester kind!

ANNOUNCING the challenge for August…

Although many of you are thinking Fall, school here only ended the last week in June and doesn’t start in some places till 9/9.  Summer is very much still here! 

8/21 Challenge will be Summer Fun.  Beach, picnic, pool party, luau, camping, anything that definitely denotes fun in summer activities.  That’s an easy one, hope you will come up with something and join in!

Alma, The Tablescaper and I went on a 12 hour bargain hunting marathon yesterday.  I am exhausted today.  If I have time I will post some of the results of the hunt. 

This is the best thing I found…

Made in Italy, Luigi Bormioli.


I got 12, but thank goodness there were 12 left for Alma.  She was driving and she may have left me there if she didn’t get hers! :)

They were .99!


The pretty white tray from Portugal was a hostess gift from my cousin.  Don’t you love it when people bring  something that is perfect for you!? 

Your turn!

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  Please don’t link up if you don’t have time to visit a minimum of 5.  Everyone is busy, but leaving the entrants a comment is so important!

Thanks so much for visiting!



  1. I agree about the cotton napkins. Your table is beautiful. I went with a bit of color this week too.:-)

  2. Kathleen, what a lovely setting for a party! I love all of the colors that coordinate with the beautiful tablecloths! When I was a little girl, I had an obsession, about green and purple together. I, too, agree about the napkins. I do have some of the ones like you used, but I almost never really use them. I'll bet you and Alma had a fabulous time looking for those bargains - wow! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Kathleen..the all white challenge was so much fun..I can't wait for the next one! and I am glad about the all white dishes..should be a great party...I have gotten rid of almost all of my polyester napkins..I do NOT like them and the way they attract lint...ugh! Your table is lovely and the cake is really wonderful..I like blueberries...
    Thank you for hosting this party..
    Love, Mona

  4. Love your blooming cloth and color combination Kathleen! Your sister's party menu sounds oh so good, what a spread!

  5. Kathleen, So lovely! Summer is definitely still here! (til Sept 21, in my book) This table setting is perfect for summer....or spring.

    1. I use the same book as you, Carol! Why rush Fall, it is here till Dec.! :)
      I will keep summer as long as I can.

  6. Kathleen:

    Your party looks wonderful! I love how the tables coordinate, but aren't an exact match. Lots of fun color!

    Other than the fabric at 2 bucks a yard, I do think those sherbets were the bargain of they day - but you got 14, not 12. Remember, you were allowing for breakage!

    Hope we can squeeze one more day of adventure into this summer!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

    1. Yes, I do remember, but I didn't want everyone to think I am a klutz and plan for breakage! Anyway, with just us and my son and family we are 9, so we have enough for 5 extras!

  7. Kathleen, those blue glasses and hydrangeas are stunning....and I almost wanted to lick the screen for one of those delicious blueberries...

    Thanks so much for hosting another great party, have a good weekend


  8. All the great colors caught my eye right away K, love those great tablecloths! It's been very mild here, hope you've been having nice weather too:@)

    1. It has been perfect weather, low humidity and clear and sunny!

  9. Love that tablecloth! I agree with you on poly napkins...they have no place in my linen closet...I like cotton.
    Have a great week, Kathleen...

  10. 12 hours! That is a marathon. Can't wait to see what you girls found.
    Your tables are perfect for a birthday celebration. They look like a beautiful garden! Happy Birthday to your sister!
    I'm with you on the poly napkins. They just don't look as fresh as 100% cotton or linen, and they certainly don't hold up as well.
    Thanks for hosting and for sharing this luncheon.
    Looking forward to the next challenge. ;-)

  11. Kathleen, I remember when you bought these cloths. I scoured Ebay for months and never found anything as good as the deal you got! These tables are so pretty with all of the cooling pastels. They are the perfect summer look for a birthday party. I bet your sister was thrilled. I'm so glad you're feeling well enough to have a b'day party and to go thrifty. What great finds! Can't wait to see the rest. Thank you for hosting. laurie

  12. Your sister is so lucky! I know what you mean about the napkins. I've had two sets fray and been donated.

  13. Kathleen,
    Oh, my goodness. . .from Let There Be White Challenge
    to a Birthday Party filled with pastel color!!! I LOVE it!!!
    I adore that you kept the theme, but added a blend of
    tablescaping at two separate tables!!! Very clever!!!
    Thanks for hosting Let's Dish each week, dear one!
    Now, I'll be thinking what I can bring to the table for Summer Fun. . .
    P.S. Love your new finds...and glad you didn't get left behind! LoL!!!

  14. This is really a contrast from last week, Kathleen, very colorful and really pretty too. Wow, you got those glasses at a real steal. The cake looks so pretty and delicious....Christine

  15. The days are still warm, and I think it’s a wonderful time to relax in the garden. I don't want to rush Fall. The glasses were a great deal, and your cakes are always so appetizing. I rescued three hydrangeas that were pathetic looking and reduced at Home Depot. They are doing great now! I always think of you when I see hydrangeas.

  16. Kathleen your tablecloth is gorgeous, I'm smitten with it, so happy and cheery...and so long too, Just how I like them! Enjoy your summer to the end by eating outside in beautiful tables with yummy food! Thank you for hosting and having me again.
    Big hugs,

  17. Hi Kathleen,

    Your table is just beautiful!! I saw the white tables last week, and they were gorgeous, too. I think the all-white challenge is a great idea.

    I love, love your tablecloths. I adore pastels and floral patterns, especially this time of year. The colors in your tablecloths are lovely. Secondly, I love your pretty placemats, can't decide if I like the shell ones or the pretty pink ones best. :) I'm with you on the polyester linens; they're great for show, but now very practical for actual use. Poly cotton is definitely much better. I would love to have some of the blue hobnail stemware for my everyday dishes; they'd be perfect with my blue and white.

    Your tray is lovely and so are your Italian glasses and your hydrangea centerpieces. Thank you for hosting, Kathleen -- have a wonderful week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. Wow Kathleen, I love all the colors in your tablecloth! Perfect compliment to the hydrangeas...which have got to be my all time favorite flowers! The green plates and purple napkins are just so pretty with all the details! Such a beautiful table for the garden!
    Miss Bloomers

  19. Oh thank you for this challenge in the "Fall future". I am quite out of it in the present...
    Hope all is well with you and yours, Kathleen!

  20. Your floral table is beautiful, I love the fresh color and the lavender is so beautiful...I love how you can use so many flowers for the centerpiece and you can't go wrong...I used to work for a hotel and I would order all the napkins, never anything less then 50/50 they were called..all poly napkins will never hold a fold, like plastic as you know...Love cotton ones and I don't mind ironing them either...thanks for sharing your beautiful table...I am attached for this week with my jungle parrot tablescape...sounds odd huh...I think you will love it...

  21. So so sorry about the napkins! I swore off poly ones decades ago because of that same issue, so frustrating. But they do look nice on the table!!! Both tables. The tables look so festive and fun. I love love the colors!!! Thanks so much for hosting, glad you are better. xo marlis

  22. I love your tablescape, but your food is what really gets me all the time ;-) All white again in October, I may have to set a table for two and might be able to join in! xo

  23. Hi Kathleen, your tables look beautiful for your sister's birthday. What a menu of fabulous food!! The cake would make me happy, that's for sure.
    I'm not linking up this week, but stopped by to say "hello". xo

  24. KC, great job coordinating the tables for your sister's bday, they are pretty with the pastel colours. Great deal on those compotes too! So fortunate The Tablescaper could get her 12 too! Wouldn't want you to have to walk home! Hoping to try to do your next challenge but my kids are coming home for a visit so we will see if they let me have any time to "play"!


  25. Pretty table - I esp love those blue glasses. Asparagus salad sounds good, I've never heard of that, I'll have to Google it! Thanks for hosting - Dawn

  26. This is beautiful! I love all of the vibrant colors. I agree that those ice cream bowls are lovely and a wonderful buy!

  27. Kathleen, thanks so much for hosting every week! I finally managed to join the party this week. I love your colorful, feminine tables! Nary a drop of white to be seen this week! The hydrangeas were perfect for the lovely tablecloth.

  28. perfect for an LI summer garden! You set the bar very high my friend!

  29. What a beautiful table for a mid-summers eve! It all coordinates so beautifully, Kathleen. You always do a great job & I truly envy your entertaining talents. I would be exhausted! You must be feeling better.

    I promise to get around to visiting the other participants just as soon as my computer gets fixed. I HATE dealing with this stuff.

    Thanks for hosting & I look forward to the next few challenges. ;-)


  30. Hi Kathleen! It's great being here for another table party!
    Your colorful tablecloth is the perfect starting point...there are so many possibilities! I like the colors you pulled out, the dishes, linens, stemware...perfect! I'll bet you had a lovely time at the party, what a great way to make everyone feel special!
    Now, let's talk about that dessert!!!! WOW! It is beautiful, and I'll bet delicious! I love anything blueberry, I'm going to have to try this one.
    Thanks so much for hosting this party. It's loads of fun!
    I like the white parties too. I think they all look so fresh and striking. AND I really like the challenges too. They are super fun to plan...thanks for giving us a few weeks notice to find all the treasures to display! My wheels are already spinning!
    Thanks again and enjoy this beautiful day!

  31. I got so caught up in visiting I forgot to leave a comment last night! Your table is wowza colorful! I guess you got pretty tired of looking at white ones! The floral cloth is so much fun, and perfect for a summer look. the bright pastels keep things visually cool on these hot summer days, and the blue compotes are just dreamy. .99!! Wow! I'm trying not to think about the cream cheese cake as I moan about another white scape~I am going to really be challenged this time!!

  32. I am determined to join in the next two challenges so I'm going to start planning now!! Glad to do the white challenge since I missed it last month!


  33. I love your table and I'm very happy there will be an other white challenge as I wasn't able to be part of the last one: I was in complete painting mode at that moment!

  34. OMG, I haven't stopped buy in ages, and I don't know why! What a gorgeous tablescape! And the cake with the blueberries is to die for, I can only imagine how delicious it tasted!

    I'm going to try to link up tonight! Have a great weekend!

  35. Hi, Kathleen. Thanks for visiting my summer rain post and commenting. Nice to have you stop by. Your table is flowery and lovely, and that cheesecake is amazing! No wonder everyone enjoyed it! ~Zuni

  36. We were out of town for a few days so trying to get caught up with my friends ;) I love that you have found a dish-shopping party in Alma! I just with we had the outlets you have there! Once again, beautiful table and those compotes are so pretty and a very nice size. I'm drooling over that cheesecake!


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