Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santa Can Leave My Gifts on the Porch~ Seasonal Sunday

Good evening, everyone, and it is a mild one here on Long Island.  At 5:30 the temperature is reading 56!  I hope wherever you are you are enjoying the season, and not exhausted from all the busy ness!
I wanted to show you my new porch tree.  Last year in January, I picked it up for 12.00 after all the discounts and coupons .  I got it at BBB with the porch in mind. 7ft. pre lit.
It was an experiment, I didn’t know if the wind would constantly knock it over.  So far so good, so next year I will add some ornaments.

My wreath is faux, with a French Horn wired in, and real greens from the yard.  It is battery operated, so it lights up at dark.  Look mom, no wires!  I added pine cones, baby’s breath and some ornaments.
See the speaker under the tree?  Christmas music fills the air!
Here’s how it looks at night.
I have a small one on the back deck so we can see it from the den.  It kept blowing over, so I took it out of the stand, and put it in the umbrella stand.
Ta Da, problem solved.  Next year I will do that on the front one too!  In the background you can see my white bench adorned with a wreath and some battery operated lights . Did I mention that there is no one here in winter and it is so DARK!
Please excuse the cord, I will have to hide that tomorrow!
I bought one of those Bliss lights (QVC) like they have in Disney World to see how it would work on the tree in front.  DH wasn’t up to climbing the ladder to put the lights on this year.
I wish they made them in white!  It would be so much easier than putting lights up!  If you look carefully, you can see the Holy Family in the lights.  See them?  If not you still have a few days to straighten up your act and get on the good list before Cmas!  Smile
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I hope to post my special table Mon or Tues. for the Let’s Dish Christmas edition.
Tuesday the weather was a very different story, ice and snow.  Our gkids Christmas Concert was 90 miles away, but it was the Kdgn gson’s first, and I didn’t want to miss it!
Another gson in 2nd grade…
The third graders do the Nativity…
Seeing the whole school from Kdgn to 8th grade perform is such a spirit booster.  The grandparents eyes fill with tears as those little voices sing Silent Night!
Wishing you all the blessings of this holy season!
Hope your kitchen smells heavenly!
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I am joining Alma for Seasonal Sunday. I am also joining Susan for Metamorphosis Mon.  Please go over and visit!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kathleen, your porch is just beautiful! All of your decor is so festive and pretty; and the porch is so welcoming! Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!

  2. You have such a fun and festive porch! Your door is the absolutely perfect color!

    Well done on after holiday clearance prices too - looks excellent!!

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    I do love your new Christmas Tree on your porch looks Beautiful with all the bows on it. I hope you and your family have a bless Merry Christmas.

  4. Kathleen, your porch is certainly festive. What fun to add a tree with the garland. Seeing the photos of the school program brings back memories of those sweet performances during my years as a teacher.
    Sending holiday hugs your way………Sarah

  5. Your porch looks festive and colorful.Love the tartan bows on he tree.The children are adorable.Merry Christmas to you and your family...Love sujatha...:):)

  6. Everything looks very welcoming K! They say we're going up to 75 today, I was hoping to grill out until I saw potential thunderstorms! Odd weather indeed... Merry Christmas:@)

  7. LOVE seeing those sweet cherubs, singing out the Lord's praises! That IS the Christmas Spirit!!

    Your front entrance is lovely...especially at night. We have to tie the little tree in the gazebo with 3 strands so it won't get blown over. I like your idea of using a tree stand! We have an extra too. Remind me next year, please?

    I had not heard of "Bliss" lights so I'm off to google & learn more.
    This was a very informative & entertaining post.

    See you Tues. night for LD!!

  8. Your porch is so festive and welcoming Kathleen, I bet Santa will visit your house first! Merry holidays,

  9. Kathleen,
    You porch hearlds in the Christmas Season beautifully!!!
    Oh, yes, I saw the Nativity...and I've been assured that I'm on the "Nice List"! (wink! wink!)
    Your tree brought to mind on I saw in a designer shop this year. . .
    watering cans were tied on with burlap ribbon in varying sizes instead of ornaments.
    Wished I had taken a photo!
    Have a Merry Christmas, dear friend!
    The photos of the children. . .precious!!!

  10. Love the new porch tree and all of your decorating there. That red door = love! And I could see the Holy Family in the lights. I must have been good this year! ;-) And I loved seeing the kids in the choir and the pageant. How adorable! I was in one for years when I was younger. It made Christmas for us.

    Merry Christmas, my friend!



  11. Beautiful porch decorations!!! I cannot believe that you were able to snag that great tree for that incredible price. You are the queen of bargain shopping! Loved seeing the children participating in the Christmas program - merry Christmas to all of you!!!

  12. Your porch is so beautiful. I love it and your decor is totally amazing. I loved seeing the pics of the children's concert too. How special. I wish you the most Bless and Merriest of Christmas's ever. Hugs, Marty

  13. Your porch and tree is just stunning. Very merry and bright.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and pray your sweetheart feels better and stronger every day.
    xo bj

  14. Love your Christmas porch! Those kids really look great. How wonderful to be able to celebrate Christmas in school!! I love children's programs...

  15. Love your porch, Kathleen. I saw those lights at a friend's neighbor's house and wasn't sure I liked them, but yours look really nice and I did see the Holy Family! Merry Christmas to you and your family, you are a good grandma to brave the elements. xo

  16. Love the porch tree and the price....unfamiliar with BBB, what is that? It is a perfect size. Thanks for sharing and wishing your family a blessed Christmas. Vicki in Louisville KY

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Bed Bath and Beyond! A blessed Christmas to you too and thanks!

  17. We have plenty if snow and cold to share if you're interested. 10 inches from late last night through this morning. Definitely a white Christmas here. I've heard about the warm temps in the north east so enjoy it! Your porch is so beautiful with the tree and the pretty decor.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Kathleen!

  18. Your porch is so inviting -- I would bet you are a very popular grandma. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  19. Absolutely LOVE your Christmas porch. Your home is warm and welcoming and obviously a place where special holiday memories are made. Have a wonderful Christmas!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  20. I am loving the plaid ribbon and bows!

  21. What a warm and welcoming porch you have, Kathleen. I don't know,how,you do it all! You're a wonder to behold for sure. Your yard looks so pretty, too. I loved seeing pics of the Christmas performance with your little ones. What sweet grandparents you are to drive the 90 miles. What we won't do for our families.


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