Wednesday, March 12, 2014

♣6th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl~Cead Mile Failte♣

Please click above for some Irish music!  (or not!)
A thousand welcomes!  Pronounced   Kade-mee-laa-fall-cha !  (Different areas have different dialects.)
table 2012
Thanks so much for coming to the blog crawl, be it your first time or your 6th!
On the 12th day of March
Two Thousand Fourteen,
I grabbed my shillelagh
And donned my caubeen. Irish Caubeen Hat
I called to the marchers
I knew from past years
The crowd was amazing,
The clapping, the cheers!
Picture 1972
Laurie, and Susan, Diane and Diann
Lynne, Kathe, and  Cindy, and Cherry and Ann
Marigene, Jewel, Alma and Kitty
Retta and BJ and Alycia  so witty.

Mona and Debbie, Sarah and Marty
More than 100 were at the last party!
Christine and Lulu , Barbara ,Ellen and Jen
Fabby  and Scribbler, sorry no men!

Linda and Cathy and of course, Mary Mac
All came together to share some good craic! *
*(Irish fun with friends)
Joni and Jackie, Marlis and sweet Michael Lee
Katherine and Sheila and Canada’s DD!

Denise, Pat  and Jen and so many more
Linked up to join the  6th  Irish encore!
Sonia and Liz , Lorraine ,Rosie too,
The Martha’s are waiting for fine Irish brew.

Enough with the names
You’ve all been invited,
Oh wait there’s man
Shamrock pants have been sighted!
Now let’s start the crawl
Without further ado
Here’s some Irish style goodies
That I made for you !
A blueberry scone
On a new Irish plate
A present from Alma
Now isn’t it great?
Some sweet soda bread
You’ll need strength for the crawl,
It may take all week
But I’ll visit you all!

Add pure Irish butter
For your ‘taters and such,
It comes from old Ireland
So green and so lush.
table 3442
We must have some dancing
With a wild Irish beat
We can’t have a crawl
Without  Irish striped feet!
table 3459 (2)
Time for our dinner
Made with spinach, bright green
Not corned beef and cabbage
But Prawns O’Kathleen!
The Connolly arms
Sport shells from the sea
So it’s not so bizarre
To eat shrimp with me!

The table is set
I won’t think it’s rude
You can nosh on the centerpiece
Cause cabbage is food!






May this sweet Irish shamrock
With green leaves of three
Bring blessings from Patrick
And a big thanks from me!
Now on to your place
And here’s what I say,
Three cheers for the Irish
♣And St. Patrick’s Day!♣
Please link only Irish/Green themed posts to this Blog Crawl.  Visit at least 5 other crawlers, more if you can!  It is a party so mingle, mingle, mingle! Smile
A link back to this party is required .  Please put your BLOG NAME FIRST, it helps me remember where I have visited!  Thanks for stopping by!
Table notes:
Tablecloth, place mats, covered soup/mini casserole, butter domes, Pitcher,   flatware Cmas Tree
White dinner plates Horchow
Napkins HG, Green salad plates a gift from The Tablescaper
Green glasses Antropologie via .99 store as well as the Fighting Irish pen favors  in the glasses, and the round white candles.
Shamrock pants by LOUDMOUTH pants, in case your man needs a pair. )
The April Challenge will be April 9th.  The theme  will be announced in the next post!

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thurs
Diann and Linda for Thrifty Things Fri.


  1. Your crawl just keeps on getting better and better! xo

  2. Your inner poet hasn't lost it's creative touch. Well, done! This is always a fun party, Kathleen.
    Love your beautiful dishes with the shamrocks. I always think of you when I see anything with a shamrock. Happy St. Pat's Day! And thanks for another party!!!

  3. Will you share your shrimp recipe? It looks delicious!

  4. I'm looking forward to my first "crawl"! I love your table: especially the cabbage centerpiece!! Your poetry is so much fun and I listened to the music while visiting. Thank you for hosting the party. Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Welcome, Rosie, so glad you decided to crawl with us tonight!

  5. Love, love, love your crawl! I agree with Barbara... it just keeps getting better :)

  6. Love your poem! Your Irish wit is showing! Your table looks wonderful -- what perfect napkins! No wonder you grabbed those -- or maybe they were a gift? And I love the little leprechauns perched in the glasses!

    1. Thanks, Tricia. The napkins I have had for years from HG. The fighting Irish pens eyes light up when you push the hands to make them move. My gkids will love them! I hope!

  7. Kathleen!! How adorable - love the poem and all of the photos. The table is wonderful - you always have the very best Irish tableware!!! Thank you for hosting - we all love you and your Blog Crawl!!

  8. Kathleen, I always love your clever poetry and noshing on centerpieces is one of my favorite things! Prawns O’Kathleen looks pretty good to me too! Love your new plate from Alma. Thanks for the fun, I've been looking forward to getting my green on all week :)

  9. Thank you Kathleen, Your party is already fun. Your music has put me in the mood and I am looking forward to all the fun posts. You are quite a poet. Beautiful table.

  10. Hey Kathleen,
    This is my first time joining St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl.. I was so happy to be a part of this because I do love my green tablescapes....
    Thanks for hosting this party..
    Love, Mona

  11. Hi Kathleen - So excited to participate in the Blog Crawl this year. I have the Irish red hair, despite being German... but everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day right? May the wind always be at your back. Hugs, Holly

  12. This is the nicest blog crawl for St. Paddy's Day! So inviting and unique! Thanks so much for hosting!

  13. Hi Kathleen,
    It's always so much fun to join in at your St. Patrick's Day crawl. Of course, your poetry is something I look forward to so much. Don't we all love to see our names mentioned in a special poem by you? Your tea table is so pretty and your dining table is wonderful. You always inspire with your creativity and fabulous touches. Love the cabbage centerpiece... perfect 🍀 fun! Thanks for hosting your Irish party. xo

  14. Kathleen, I'm having so much fun looking at your pretty dishes and food and listening to the Irish music. Love your poem, too. Thanks so much for hosting another St.Patrick's Day party.

  15. Hello Kathleen! Looks like it's going to be a fun party! Love your post! The food all looks great and so do the shamrock dishes. Thanks for hosting the blog crawl! Best Wishes to you for a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  16. Thanks for hosting, Kathleen! Everyone knows how much I ♥ green...this is going to be fun see it all. Love those Anthropologie plates and what a deal you got on them. Off to see all the green..............

  17. So much fun Kathleen! I LOVE your poem, so so clever! A grand St. Patrick"s Day tradition I am honored to be part of, thank you so much!! Happy St. Pat's!

  18. Thanks for linking me up, Kathleen! I appreciate it. xo

  19. Oh you had me chuckling out loud with you Irish poetic-ness!! As always a wonderful St. Patrick's day table! And I love the centerpiece! How perfect...cabbage! Thank you for hosting! And an early Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  20. You outdo yourself every year! Don't know how you do it, but glad you do! The poem is so fun (glad I made it there too! Thank you!) I'm looking forward to trying to see all of them (I hope!)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  21. It's my Sixth blog crawl with you, and is always a pleasure Kathleen! I look forward to the poem each year, and wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Like I said in my post, I have been working overtime so my Irish decor and meal have been delayed until the 17th.

  22. Your new dishes from A are very pretty K!!! Also lovin' those stylish shamrock pants:@)

  23. Irish Poetess Laureate! I would have loved to listen to the music but my new Windows won't let me unlock the volume :( Is that Alma in the first pic? Love the shamrock pants! Happy St. Patrick's Day, Kathleen. Hope you're feeling well.

    1. No, it some lady in CTS who let me take her pic a few years ago. Hysterical! She was trying on the decorations.

  24. Clever and fun as always Kathleen! I so look forward to joining in :-) Thanks for hosting!

  25. Kathleen, I love your poem and your Irish feet as much as your table! I'd like to sneak a piece of that bread, yum. This is my first time joining in the crawl so thank you, thank you, thank you! :) Pam

  26. Oh CK, what a party! I put on your Irish music and it matched the words of your fabulous poem perfectly so that I felt like singing/chanting along! Such a witty verse - I've read it three times now and still laugh! I'll pretend I do have some of your yummy looking soda bread, "Connolly prawns" or even that centerpiece to snack on while I "mingle" at the party! And then, I'll have a seat at your lovely green table - love the tablecloth and the flatware! Thanks for hosting and welcoming this "Canada's DD"!

  27. Kathleen,
    What fun!!!
    I adore your creative writing...and the cabbage centerpiece!!!
    Thanks for hosting and may the luck of the Irish be with you now and all year through!!!

  28. This is the first time I've participated....this is truly wonderful! Thank you for being a gracious host and I love the music and poetry! ❤❤❤

  29. I think my comment got on the wrong post! I just put some new software on my computer to make it run faster, and I have gotten a couple of strange surprises. Anyway, thanks for having the party again, and your food looks divine as always.

  30. A cabbage centerpiece! Genius! Your poem was so much fun! Genius again! Your table is so pretty. Love that plaid tablecloth and those cute Irish boxers in the glasses. Oh, and those napkins too. It's all Irish perfection. The music made me want to stand up and do a jig, but I have no idea how to do it, and I'd probably break a leg. Thank you for continuing to host your fun blog crawl. I look forward to every year. laurie

  31. Hello there Kathleen, First time to join your Blog Crawl and I have to say, it is fun!
    Your table is so beautiful!
    Thank you for hosting.

    1. Welcome, Betty! Always great to have a new celebrant!

  32. I see some great-looking posts on here, Kathleen -- so glad to be participating again! Thank you for hosting! :) Your poem is great fun (as always) and I love your header. Happy St. Pat's Day early!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  33. I'm looking forward to that shrimp recipe tomorrow. Is that you in the photo, Kathleen? As always your post is great! I love your poem and all your Irish treasures. I hope you are feeling well, my friend. Your blog crawl has become quite the event. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess.

  34. Love not only the table, but the fashions as well!! Too cute! Lot's of fun for a fun day!! Thanks for hosting another fabulous blog crawl!!

  35. Love that we get to nosh on the centerpiece!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  36. O, dear K.
    I think you outdid yourself on this is just flat ADORABLE. Love every bit of it.
    Thanks so much for this fun each year.
    Enjoy it all....
    xoxo bj

  37. Thank you for hosting. You brought many a smile with this fun green crawl! : = )

  38. I LOVED your poem AND your beautiful table. My Mom was 100% Irish and LOVED St. Patty's day. I miss celebrating with her. We are leaving Fri. for Fl. so I haven't gotten a St. Patty's day table set so shared one from 2 years ago, hope that is OK:) Thanks so much for hosting.

  39. What a delightful party you've created, Kathleen!! LOVE the music!...and all the lovely Irish items! So fun to see what you've done each year. You amaze me with your wit & your marvelous cooking, too. Those prawns look scrumptious.
    I've missed 'playing' with the gang...this was just what I needed to get me out of the winter doldrums.
    Thanks so very much for hosting this wonderful gathering of Irish * Irish lovers each year.

    Mega Hugs,

  40. The only thing more awesome than your poem is your shrimp! I want that recipe!!

  41. Dear Kathleen,
    I did manage to put something together for the St. Patrick's Day crawl. I love all your Irish goodies and as usual your food makes my mouth water. I hope to get around to lots of blogs before we head to our son's house for the weekend and my birthday on Friday. I wish I would have remembered to take a photo of the St. Patrick's day tie I bought our other son...oye. Blessings!! You'll need to click on the link to get to my post...

  42. Kathleen,

    My dishes are ready,
    The tables are set,
    But I've n'er been on time
    To the Blog Crawl as yet!

    This confounded IPAD
    Is driving me batty,
    I cannot load pictures
    To high-five Saint Patty!

    Unless Mr. Magpie will
    Share his computer,
    I might as well drink all
    The green beer at Hooter's! (Hey, I needed a rhyme!)

    So Erin go braugh
    And Magpie go way
    Till the pictures get loaded
    On the 'putter some day!


    Sheila...who loved your post and is sadly missing the muse in her own rhyme tonight! Hey, I tried!

  43. Stunning Kathleen! Your table setting is amazing, with the gorgeous dishes, wow! I did manage to do my table even a Little late, but here I am to celebrate this special day, of St, Pat's Day! Your poem is lovely as you are! Thank you for having me! Enjoy the festivity, along with your beautiful family.

  44. I did it! I've made the rounds to all the parties. What a fun time! Thanks for hosting this terrific party each year. ;-)
    Happy St. Patrick's Day……….Sarah

  45. Beautiful table and clever clothing!! Thanks for making St. Pat's Day so much fun!!

  46. I always love visiting you, Kathleen! So creative and such lovely table settings, always. So pleased I could join your annual crawl this year!

  47. Love your table...those napkins are great. Clever poem!

  48. What fun Kathleen! Thanks for the party...I am enjoying it so much! Love your St. Patrick's Day post!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  49. From poems to prawns O'Kathleen, your annual St. Patrick's Day party is my favorite. I look forward to it all year. I am still salivating over your cabbage from last year's party, and today, I have found more delights to put on my list. I'm trying the Kerry Gold butter for sure. Your post warms my Scot-Iris heart. There has never been a better wearin' o' the green. xxoo

  50. I am late to the party this year...but I made it... My offering is humble by comparison but it is so delicious!! Thank you for went all-out as usual!

  51. Im coming from Susan's blog! she is lovely!
    I hope you had a beauty and fun St Patrick's day!!I love your pictures, all look awesome!!!!

  52. Oh, I love the poem! That is so cute! Everything looks beautiful and so delicious!

    Thanks for hosting, Nancy

  53. It all looks lovely Kathleen! I love the green glass plates and the tea too. Thanks for hosting!

  54. I loved this post, and your centerpiece cracked me up! Happy St. Paddy's day!

  55. Just stumbled across a link to your party and now i'm so happy i'm here. Thanks so much for hosting i'm your newest follower.

  56. What a beautiful post this week! I love your plaid green tablecloth for it adds so much to the tablescape. Your green plates are the shade of green to blend with the tablecloth! You did a great rhyme for the this St. Patrick's Day event. The striped green socks are the cutest. Glad you are back for you were missed and I hope you had a wonderful R n R! Blessing on St. Patricks's Day!


  57. Kathleen, Wonderful post to honor St Patrick's Day. This is my first St Patrick's Day Crawl, so much fun, and so many wonderful links. Your table is lovely, the shades of green all blend and complement each other beautifully. You have been missed! I enjoy your posts so much!

    Happy St Patrick's Day!

  58. My first "crawl" and I am looking forward to visiting these beautiful celebration of green! I love the little ditty you sang for us, very creative :) You have done a gorgeous job with your tablescape.....I love those shamrock dishes and thanks for sharing with us the scrumptious goodies...loving every moment of it here:) Your post made me smile! Thanks for inviting me to this fun party and for hosting:) Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hugs, Poppy

  59. Kathleen,
    Your Blog Crawl is always so much fun...have visited blogs for the first time and have had new visitors to mine. Love your post...from those fun pants, striped stockings to your beautiful table! Thanks for being such a great hostess! Happy St. Paddy's Day!
    Miss Bloomers

  60. Late but hapPy to be partying with you as a newbie !
    Thanks for hosting one of my favs of the year =)
    HapPy St Patrick's Day ...

  61. Found you through Rattlebridge Farm... beautiful table settings.. amazing. I brought some Irish food to fill up the lovely plates. Thanks for the party.

  62. Your striped feet are, as the kids say, da bomb! Such fun to see how your readers do the crawl.

  63. Hi Kathleen! My grandgirls just left home, so here I am listening to your lovely Irish Celtic music while I drink some coffee with Baileys and visit some awesome guests at this fab crawl! Thanks for the party again and enjoy your weekend.

  64. OK, since no one but you will likely see this comment, I will confess that I had an authentic southern hissy fit because I didn't have a post ready for this party. It's true. I carried on like an idiot to my home-for-spring -break daughter who couldn't understand who this "Kathleen" was and why I was so upset to be missing a party. True story. No "decoration" added. Sigh. Not a good thing to show yourself the fool in front of your child.

    Anyway, I love everything you have and have dubbed the pants my favorite part of all. The only thing I did here for St. Pat's was frame some Irish music. If I hurry in the next day, I will not let it go uncelebrated.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  65. LOVE your St. Patrick's Day table setting! Just found your blog and am a new follower!


  66. Kathleen, Thanks for the nice comments! You asked about the Hat Bowls on my table! They are recent and were purchased at Tom Thumb( a subdivision of Safeway) at one of the super stores which carry holiday specialties. I also purchased the shamrock side bowl there, I am always on the lookout for fun tableware just like you!

    Thanks, Pam

  67. YOU, little woman, are a downright, bonafide, absolute HOOT!!!!!!! you go to bed at night dreamin' this stuff up??? You are hilarious!!!

    I didn't get a tablescape done this year, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy all the fun entries! I'm tardy for the party, but at least I've shown up! :-)

    I ate soda bread sample at the grocery store yesterday, and it was very good. Not real sweet, but very tasty. I should have picked up a loaf for tomorrow. I know there's no way I'm making it here on my own!

    I love your super creative cabbage centerpiece! That's the way to take it to the next level!!!

    Prawns O'Kathleen looks delicious! I think it's fun to step outside the corned beef and cabbage box!

    You are truly at the top o' the heap when it comes to celebrating the green and gold! Have a GREAT St. Patrick's Day, Kathleen!!!

  68. Sorry I missed the crawl this year, Kathleen! My little grandson was sick with croup and I was taking care of him and my granddaughter this past week--exhausting but I was glad to help out my children. I loved your post as always! I'd like to think I was the "Pat" in your poem ;)

    Here is my St Patrick's Day pots --published today:

    I make gluten free foods for my daughter-in-law who muct eat that way due to allergies and this GF soda bread came out delicious!

    Happy St, Patrick's Day!!

  69. Kathleen, I realized today that I linked up and planned to come back to comment and visit and life got very much in the way and I never made it back...but here I am. Thank you for hosting this party each year, I really do look forward to it! Wishing you a Late Happy St Patrick's Day! Love your table as always! Big Hugs, Linda


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