Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Has Sprung! Bring on the Flowers!


Let's Dish 272

Today I had the urge to go to the nursery and buy some pansies!  I just want to see some color when I look outside.  I resisted though, we are supposed to get some snow this week, so I will hold off.

table 3677

Maybe I will find some sweet pink tulips at the market this week.


Or just set a flowery table to hold me over!

table 3978

table 3819

table 3826

Until I buy some flowers, I will just have to make the edible kind!  Dh likes them better anyway!

table 3670

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Remember the April 9th Let’s Dish Challenge …the theme is BIRDS~ EGGS or NESTS!


Joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal  Sunday.


  1. Ah, for a lady who doesn't like to do repeats, you've put together a beautiful post. I too would love to gather up some pansies for my yard, but for now we must enjoy them on our table.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  2. Oh I love all the bouquets on each of your tables! I have to wait until after April 1st to plant..that is suppose to be the last average freeze date here in OKC. I'm with you though...can't wait to get out and plant something! Wish I could participate in your next challenge...but I'll be on vacation so I'll just have to pop in and see what everyone shares. Happy Spring!
    Miss Bloomers

  3. We are also expecting snow, and more into next week..........I think I'll wait till June to get flowers for outside.......can't be too careful!!!

  4. Lovin' your fun pansy napkins in that first pic K! I choose to live in denial about the snow they're talking about on Tuesday... Happy Spring:@)

  5. Oh no, I can't believe you will have more snow! You've got a great attitude though, and all those blossoming tables will keep you cheery, especially if you have a slice of that daisy cake!

  6. Wow! Sp pretty! Love the 'scape and the pretty cakes. I hope you don't get more snowM. We are into high temps again. Crazy!



  7. Kathleen, aren't we all anxious for Spring?? It looks like Spring here, but cold weather is returning next week. I am hoping that it doesn't hurt our beautiful flowers or cherry trees. Love the tale at the beginning of your post with those glorious colors and pansies!

  8. I am ready for Spring too. It is snowing pretty heavy outside my window right now, I was even caught in a blizzard a couple of days ago. Your pansy napkins are lovely. It is easy to see how you could create a gorgeous Spring table around them. I went out looking for violas and pansies this week and did not find any yet. I did plant several flats of Ice pansies and violas last fall but I don't think any of them made it through this bitter cold winter.

  9. Loved all of them Kathleen, especially the pansy tablescape. pansies are one of my favorite flowers and they usually winter very well here in the south, but not this year. And like your dh mine likes the edible ones too. ~smile~ Enjoy your Day.

  10. Beautiful flowers and aren't we all ready for Spring! Looks like I"ll link up a former table for the challenge, I'm flying to my Mom's today as she isn't well and I will need to be there awhile.
    hugs, Linda

  11. I always enjoy your tables, old or new! As I sit at my computer I see a few tulips popping up in my neighbors yard. I am so over brown and want some green!
    Have a wonderful week, Kathleen.

  12. All I know is, it still feels very much like winter and I am freezing! I enjoyed your spring-y photos! xo

  13. Oh no, not more snow!! Thankfully, you're ignoring the forecast and sharing some flowery pictures, Kathleen. I'm with your hubby and would love a bite of your foodie flower cakes, although I so enjoyed seeing the happy Spring real flowers. May Spring arrive soon for you. xo

  14. I know how you're feeling, Kathleen! We're expecting a little snow here tomorrow, too, but later in the week it should warm up. Our daughter brought me some pansies so I'll be planting by week's end. (I hope!!) Your spring bouquets are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them!!

  15. It still feels like winter to me! I had to wear gloves and a scarf today, and I'm soooooo tired of it. It's lovely to look at your beautiful flowers, but I'm with your hubby...that pie looks awesome!

  16. Oh, Kathleen, I just posted pictures I did for a dinner I had Thursday night. I had birds and eggs and nests! Ha!

    I'm just looking forward to my bulbs coming up. I think our ground is too hard to plant anything.

    Happy New Week! :)


  17. Ooh.. the first photo of the pansies really caught my eye! I am so anxious for spring this year after a winter of 130" snow! Love the vase in your last photo - so unique!

  18. No kidding you guys are supposed to get some snow this week. Some SERIOUS snow as I've heard the weather guessers tell!!! I feel for you! This has been the winter from hell's hell for your guys!!!!

    Flowers of the fragrant or edible kind are a good thing! Enjoy!!! And I'll be here in the cold, grey Midwest trying to find inspiration for a Spring-y tablescape that includes eggs, birds or nests. Hard to think about Spring when there are snow flurries right outside the window. :-(

  19. Kathleen,
    Just the reason I, too, have put off filling my empty planters on the front porch.
    I want to rush right out and purchase flowers, but too, too many times we've lost it all to a late frost.
    Like you, I'll just enjoy photos of Tablescapes Past!
    Yours are delightful!!!

  20. Kathleen,
    I love your flowery cupcakes and your flowery table. I hope that soon you will have a flowery yard too..we are bursting with blooms down here in Georgia..I'll try to do a flower post this week...
    Have a good week..
    Love, Mona

  21. all the pansies.

  22. Your edible flowers are as pretty as the real flowers. Of course, pansies are edible too, but I'm betting your husband wouldn't think they were as good as that cake! laurie

  23. Hope you don't get too much snow! Love those edible flowers - soon it will be pansy time.

  24. Very pretty tables...especially the third! What a gorgeous cloth and arrangement. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Please come decorate my house :)

  26. My pansies are about the only thing blooming in my garden. I jumped the gun and planted white geraniums in my pots when we were having the teaser temps in the 80s. Lost every one of them in the last two freezes that dropped up into the 20s again. Crazy spring we are having. And to think you might have snow this weekend. Yikes!

  27. I love these beautiful tables and gorgeous flowers, Kathleen. Really makes me want to have some here, too. :) I also love your floral and pink plaid linens. Cherry trees and Bradford pear trees are in bloom here along with lots of daffodils. People have been saying that the cold weather has actually made our daffodils bloom more profusely; it usually gets hot pretty fast around here.

    We were supposed to get snow this Tuesday; we got a little bit mixed with rain, but thankfully it didn't amount to anything. Hope you have a good week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  28. For the Let’s Dish Challenge on April 9th....can we add butterflies to the theme? I know it wasn't on the list, so please don't roll your eyes ;-)

  29. The first day of spring is just around the corner, so it's an ideal time to start planning how you'll celebrate the launch of the season. order here


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