Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Totally Blue & White, WS Inspired ~Italian Rice Balls & The Challenge


Good evening, Ladies!  In case you didn’t read my last post, I want to thank everyone who took part in the 6th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl!  I enjoyed my visit to the 81 entries!  You were great with your visits too!  Some got 50, all the way up to 90!  Anytime you want to know how many you get, just ask!

Thanks so much for those who left comments, only a few didn’t. I loved hearing from you and thanks to the spectators too!

Tonight I am going totally blue and white.


I had bought some of these last month, for 8, I had a 20 off coupon so they came down to 6.40  Alma and I stopped in at WS OUTLET last week, and there they were  in Clearance, they had been marked down more.

I bought 4 more for me, and a few as gifts.  They are such a pretty blue.  I decided to do a totally blue and white table.

The cloth is from Dansk and well used.  It is faded to a perfect shade for the napkins!


The charger from Ikea, the plates are from Horchow, as is the white flatware.


The covered Lion’s Head bowls are from WS Outlet as are the alabaster napkin rings. The white laced edge napkins are from Horchow.


I turned one of the soup bowls over and used a pitcher from Portugal , a gift from my dear cousin Jean, filled with fresh white mums.


The white butter domes are from Cmas Tree Shop, the blue stem from Le Dollar Tree, and the rippled tumblers are at least 60 yrs old, and were my mom’s.


A little pitcher and bowl from HG, and the birds from Pier 1.


Speaking of BIRDS, the April 9th Let’s Dish Table  Challenge is BIRDS, EGGS or NESTS.  If you accept the challenge, :0 , your table or vignettte has to include at least one of those elements. 

Are you up for it???

In honor of my Italian friends who are celebrating St. Joseph’s Day today, I wanted to make something I had seen Giada make and I have never tried.  Arancini or rice balls.  I know pastries are the traditional thing for St. Joe’s, but I am a rebel, lol!

I asked Barbara form 2 Birdies and a B, one of my favorite Italian Americans, how to do it.  She ,like me, is not a recipe gal, so she explained the method.  I looked up a few recipes  on the net.  You get the general idea, then add what you want.  That’s the fun of cooking, recipes are too confining!

Here’s one.

Barbara said to use only Carolina Rice.  Didn’t have it, so used what I had.  Cooked it and spread it out to chill and dry.


I added salt, pepper, garlic powder and freshly grated parmesan cheese.


I chopped 1/3 C of ham, you could use prosciutto, or even bacon.

Mixed that into the rice with 2 beaten eggs.

Cut mozzarella into small chunks.

Wet your hands and form a ball.  Stick a chunk of mozzarella into the middle and mold the rice around it.

Dip it in egg wash, then Panko.

Fry till nicely browned.  Drain on paper towel.  Serve with Marinara.


Grate some fresh parmesan on the top.


When you cut it open, the cheese will ooze out.


The verdict????  This Irish American had a hard time with them.  I found it easier to use a small cookie scoop, stuff the cheese in, then mold some more rice around it.

The ones I have seen served in Restaurants were much bigger, maybe that is easier.  I wanted them to be small and dainty, lol.

Dh tried them, said they were good.  I think I would jazz them up , if there is a next time. 

Happy St. Joseph’s Day!  ( You know, I have non Catholic friends who buried his statue near their house when they were trying to sell it, so he is very ecumenical!)



Thanks so much for visiting me! 

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Share Your Cup at Jann’s

Diann  and Linda for Thrifty Things Fri.

Gollum for Foodie Friday


Let’s Dish will be monthly for now, so the next one is April 9th.  I will still be posting in between though, as the spirit moves me!



  1. Your table is so beautiful! I love all the frilly chargers! They make this table along with your great bargain linens. It is such a fresh, spring table. Thank you for hosting this fun party.
    Blessings My Friend,

  2. Oh, how I love blue and white! I can understand how you were inspired by those gorgeous napkins!! The rice balls look delicious, but if they were difficult for you, I would not stand a chance. However, they do look like something my family would like, so I might get brave!! Thanks for hosting and sharing the idea to make them!!

  3. Love your blue and white tablescape, Kathleen, Thanks for the recipe too!

  4. Kathleen I am so glad to see you doing a Let's Dish. I'll take the challenge and be there with my birdies!! The table is so pretty, I love blue and white. Classic!
    Hugs, Linda

  5. You and Alma find the greatest bargains! those blue and white napkins would have called me back for more too~love the crisp white against the pretty blue~ The challenge sounds great, they are always so much fun, thanks for doing it again~

  6. I think they look great, Kathleen! Glad they held together. Your table is beautiful, and I hope to do the challenge! xo

  7. I want you to know that I checked to see if there would be any W.S. outlets on our cross country route to N.C. in late April/early May and would you believe...none, nil, zilch. Ugh and pooh. I love your purchases and all the wonderful dishes!

  8. Kathleen,
    I am totally smitten with your Blue & White Tablescape, dear friend!!!
    The chargers are so elegant!
    I adore your reticulated ivory dinnerware!
    I have looked over the past eight months. . .
    and have yet to find any stemware at our Le Dollar Tree
    that remotely looks like these!!! Great find!
    I find that an all white floral arrangement is so regal and exquisite. . .as is yours!
    Yes!!! I'm looking forward to your next Let's Dish Challenge!!!

  9. What a pretty table! I love the blue and white color combination and those white covered bowls!! boy you two are the best shoppers!!! What a deal on those wonderful napkins!

  10. Gorgeous table Kathleen! Your lacy dinnerware makes me swoon. I would definitely mangia!

  11. Such a pretty blue table, Kathleen! You always find the best bargains with Alma. The rice balls look wonderful. I have never heard of them, but I'm glad Barbara could help you out. I'm happy you're doing your Let's Dish party monthly. xo

  12. I think I saw that episode when Giada made the rice balls while I was sitting in the waiting room at the orthopedic surgeon's office awhile back. Funny!!! And yes, I'm sure Mrs. Falzone can make a mean rice ball, too!!! That chick is a hoot and a half!!!

    I've never heard of burying a statue of Jesus when you want your house to sell. But I guess it makes good sense since house stagers like Cindy at Beaux R'eves will tell you NOT to have religious relics sitting out in the open. I'll keep that in mind for the future!

    Those tumblers are 60 years old??!?!?!! That's COOL!!! I have some beer pilsners of my Mom's that are 50, but you have me beat! Isn't it neat to have that kind of stuff still in good shape and usable?

    I'm not even gonna comment on you and Alma's shopping escapades! :-)

    Great table, Miss Kathleen! Enjoy the rest of your week, and thanks again for hosting this rockin' party! I'll be back with a post next week, and I'm already thinking ahead to what to do for the April challenge!

    1. You bury St. Joseph, not Jesus. :)
      Yes, I could see where religious things all over the house would not be good for staging a house. Put the cats and dogs outside and hide the family pictures too!

  13. My bad....I meant to say I will be back with a post on April 9th. If I show up next week, it'll be just me sittin' there twiddlin' my thumbs! :-)

  14. Kathleen your table is gorgeous, gorgeous! I adore those reticulated plates and the Little soup bowls are, yeah, gorgeous again! I can't believe you have your mom's 60 year old tumblers...amazing! We used to celebrate my dad Joseph and my brother Joe's today, and I miss that since my father died.
    Your April challenge sounds like a lot of fun. I love Italian food, so I will be copying this to make sometime in the near future. Yummy presentation!


  15. I love your table, Kathleen. Blue and white are always so goodlooking!

    I bet the nuns at the covent here celebrated heartily today. That is their order. Mr. Magpie and I rescued a large antique statue of St Joseph with Jesus for the nuns. It came from a deconsecrated convent in Belgium that was run by French nuns, and since this order was founded by French nuns, we felt like it needed to go live with them. They are so precious.

    And they tried to convince me to bury St. Joseph upside down, but I couldn't bear to do it o him... They gave me a small statue! I just couldn't. And our hose? The deal fell through! LOL.




    Kathleen, if you get a chance, please let me know what is going on with Pattie at Bromosole. She dropped by today and asked me to ask you or another friend about her. I couldn't find her other friend's email or yours, but if you leave me a message, I will erase it before it is published. I just want to know what is going on. She asked me for prayers which I am happy to do, but I would like specifics. Thanks! xoxoxoxox

  16. I love those lion soup tureens, and I so wish that we had a Williams Sonoma outlet. You know that I adore blue and white, so this tablescape makes my heart sing! I'm looking forward to the bird, nest, egg challenge. See you in April! Cherry Kay

  17. You can never go wrong with blue and white! Your table is so pretty. I have been wanting to try making these rice balls for awhile now (I have a recipe from Pattie).

  18. I loooove your blue! I think you're absolutely right, what a perfectly aged periwinkle! So very pretty! Thank you for sharing....pinning! :)

  19. So many of you have inspired me with your blue and white tables that I am gradually acquiring some pieces in those colors. One of these days I might pull it all together!

  20. I've had my eye on the tablecloth that matches those napkins. I'm jealous that you have an outlet to go to!! You won't believe what I bought today...but it has to do with birds! How coincidental!! So you're cutting back to once a month- OK we'll let you off the hook!! Hugs, Liz

    1. I forgot to say I so love those chargers- and the dishes from Horchow. If the napkins disappear in the middle of the night you'll know why!!

  21. The table looks totally gorgeous, and I am so regretting only buying two of the chargers (Ikea calls them candle plates -- don't they know us at all?).

    The food looks relish, but like a lot of trouble. I would probably jazz this up a little, too.

  22. You absolutely cannot miss with blue and white, and you did the color combination proud !! So many elements to drool over: the chargers, dish stack, napkins.....everything! Bravo!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch P.S. Looking forward to the bird challenge !! Thanks for hosting!!

  23. Kathleen, this looks great! Your new plates look so pretty on it. I had great time shopping with you, as always.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  24. This table looks great! I love those small tureens...

  25. I love your table but.... I am jealous of your Willams Sonoma outlet and that you have a good friend named Alma.!!!!

    I am constantly in awe of the inspiration you bring to us. Thank you.

  26. Love the blue and white. I want those white pierced plates and the white chargers too! Beautiful!

    I've had a rice ball (huge) at a favorite Italian restaurant and it was very good. I like the idea of making them smaller.


  27. Katleen, if she emails you, please ask her to leave her address on my blog as I have comment moderation on and can erase it before anyone sees it. I had to take down my email some time ago due to someone messaging me that was a spammer type.

    Thanks again!



  28. Gorgeous, gorgeous table, Kathleen...that is a shade of blue that really stands out.
    Your arancini look yummy!

  29. Kathleen, your table is absolutely stunning! Love the lacy look and layers of your plates. Blue and white is always a classic. The napkins were a real bargain. I think your rice balls look cheezy yummy! I was so happy to have you join SYC. Hope to join your April party. I love birds and nests!

  30. Your B&W table is lovely! I don't know why but I rarely do blue & white - guess I'm not a blue person but when I see how wonderfully you've pulled it altogether, it makes me want to try. I REALLY want those lacy chargers to go with my lacy pots! Better take a trip to visit my daughter as she has an Ikea near her.


  31. I love the blue and white so fresh looking. I made a table last week in all blue and white and was going to post it today but went with birds instead it's like I did your challenge already without even knowing about it.oh well I guess I have to go back and repost. love your ideas. I wish I could go shopping with you and Alma.Susie

  32. Hi Kathleen! Love your blue & white table, you find the best bargains! I'm blue :) that we don't have a WS or PB outlet nearby!

  33. Kathleen, you table is amazing! The covered soup bowls, butter domes, and the white birds put this beautiful table so over the top. I had never seen butter domes before. I am so in awe of your abilities as a savvy shopper for all of these goodies.

  34. The blue and white is so sharp! And what a deal on the napkins! Lucky you!

  35. Just stopping back by to say thank you for linking us to this week's TTF party! have a fun weekend!

  36. I so love your blue and white table.......gorgeous!

  37. Oh Kathleen, this blue and white table is beautiful. It's like a breath of fresh air - Spring air! Those napkins are beautiful, and of course, you always get the best deals from Bill. The rice balls look so good, but I don't think I'm going to be making them. If you had trouble, mine would be a disaster! laurie

  38. The design of your is so beautiful and your rices balls look delicious.


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