Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are REDy for Easter? You have the Ears, but I have the WHOLE Bunny!

Hello, Ladies!  Happy April, or HOPPY April if tonight’s table plays into it! 

I know many of you have those burlap bunny ear napkin rings, (Pier One)

Burlap Bunny Ears Napkin Ring

but I have the ears and the bunny!


My sweet friend, Dani Pessoa, made these adorable bunnies.  Stop over to her blog and see her beautiful napkin rings and tables.  Her photography is wonderful!  I love them, Dani, thanks!

I know red is not a color you think of when you think Easter.  The checks are pink and red, so I could have added some pink, but I stuck with red and white.


I tried this red cloth, but decided to stick with the checks.


Red and white check cloth from, white charger, red scrolled plates, CTS, and white Filigree by Pfaltzgraff.  I liked the scrolls on both.

White flatware via Horchow sale.



Egg cups and butter domes from Cmas Tree Shop.


The red glassware is making its debut tonight, on sale after Cmas at the Lenox Outlet, by Gorham.


The clear stems were in the clearance at CTS, $1.00


The centerpiece is a white wicker basket , fresh white roses and baby’s breath.



A stack of chocolate chip cookies wrapped in dotted parchment paper is the take home.



Last weekend we went in to see my gdau Lily, in her school play.  They did “Meet Me In St. Louis.”

Since her 4 brothers had to sit through the 2 and a half hours of singing and dancing, and you know how little boys love that, I made some treats for them.


Dozens and dozens of choc chip and oatmeal raisin cookies.


I used a different recipe and was disappointed, should have stuck to tried and true.  I had half of the recipe left, so the next day I adjusted it and was able to get the consistency we like.  Thick and chewy.  The earlier ones, not chewy enough.  DH ate all his though!


I think with a big glass of cold milk they would be fine, though!


Made some apple oatmeal raisin crisp too.  Peel and slice your apples, add cinnamon and sugar.  Top with you favorite oatmeal raisin cookie dough and bake.   Cookies and fruit all in one! 


A little something for everyone!

Next week, APRIL 9th,  is the APRIL Let’s Dish CHALLENGE.  The subject is BIRDS~NESTS~EGGS.  It has to contain at least one of those elements to link up.

Hope you can hatch some good ideas to celebrate April!  The MAY challenge will be announced then too!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Oh, I started a FACEBOOK page for Cuisine Kathleen.  Would you please go over and like it?  Thanks!  I don’t know much about FB, but I am trying!

I am joining

Share Your Cup Thursday, Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Diann and Linda for Thrifty Things Fri.

Gollum for Foodie Friday



  1. They are adorable Kathleen..How creative!
    And all your treats for the wee ones are full of love..even if the recipe disappointed you..happens to me too..everyone... 50 macarons shells in the garbage this AM..

  2. The red check adds an interesting take on Easter décor which I really like! Love those bunny napkin rings and the red glasses you scored are perfect!


  3. Cute cute cute bunnies Kathleen!! They look adorable on your happy table!

  4. So happy you started a FB page, Kathleen. I was your 3rd like and I'm looking forward to following you there as well as on your blog. I love red and white for a table and I think it looks so fresh and bright. Great idea to use cookie dough for crust on a crisp.

  5. I Like you on FB!! Love this take on an Easter table. So cute and really you can never go wrong with red and white checks!

    hugs, Linda

  6. Cute table...and bunnies! I am sure the boys didn't notice the cookies weren't your usual, they were probably just happy you thought of them.

  7. I liked you on FB and I like those red gingham placemats :-)

  8. Thanks, Debbie! They were from CTS last year.

  9. Dear Kathleen,
    See my napkins Ring on you Easter Table made me so happy!
    Thanks for sharing
    I very glad you like it!

  10. I forgot to say I love those bunnies!!!!

  11. The bunnies and the bunny ear napkin rings are just to cute. Gingham checks are so perfect for the bunnies and for your table. Easter looks good in red and white on your table.

  12. Hi, Kathleen! I think it's absolutely fabulous to have red & white for Easter! There's no rule that says you can't!!! I'm going non-traditional this year, too. My family can like it or lump it! They just need to be happy I'm feeding them! :-)

    I like your actual bunnies! So glad you didn't decapitate them for the sake of just having ears! :-)

    I think I'll try that recipe for the apple-oatmeal raisin crisp next time we have company over!!! It sounds good...and easy, which is the most important! We don't eat a lot of sweets anymore, but if company's a'comin', that's a great excuse to whip up something tasty and sweet!

    Hooray that you FINALLY got on board with Facebook!!! I've been on for years, so just let me know if I can help you with anything. I've got the 411 on just about anything you need to know.

    Looking forward to the challenge next week! Take care!!!

  13. I so love this change from the typical pastels for Easter!....Fabulous goblets and again, you always find the greatest deals!...The cookies and the crisp look so delicious!...and I am going over to Facebook to friend you my friend!!!

  14. Love the red for Easter! The bunnies are adorable! The cookies and apple dessert look delicious! Great idea to give them to the kiddos and also for the take home gift!

    Glad you are on FB, I "liked" you! (Now Like me back! LOL!)


    P.S. - I did TWO bird 'scapes, using one tonight and the other next week on your challenge!

  15. I love your red and white Easter Tablescape. Who says pastels are the only way to go?

  16. No, red is not what I think of for Easter but it is an adorable table.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  17. Your red turned out perfectly for Easter. I love all of your cute bunnies. We are just starting to get them out. Your header table is wonderful too. Those little fences are adorable.

  18. I love the happy red of the table and happen to think that any color can be any holiday if it has a mind to. I am excited to see that I'm not too late for a challenge and really hope that I can put together a nesty table to join you. If I can't, I have one from several years ago. Would it be OK to link it? I won't be offended if not.

    Also: I happen to LOVE the movie "Meet Me In St Louis"! It's one of our all time favorites here.

  19. I think the red table is perfect!!

  20. I love the Redy Easter tablescape, Kathleen. Thanks for the apple oatmeal recipe, your cookies look yummy. We grandmothers alway come prepared. ~smile~

  21. This is cute! Love the "Redy" Easter spin! It's cheerful and cute- especially the bunny napkin rings! Those cookies look way too good! I should make some- it's been a while. That was a wise idea on your part to bring them for the grands! Looking forward to next week's Let's Dish challenge!

  22. Wonderful idea for napkin rings...great idea to use the red.

  23. I love the REDy table and all it's inspiration, Kathleen. What a sweet grandma you are to take care of those grands with some treats. xo

  24. I like the red for Easter. I followed you on Facebook. Not sure I can make it for the challenge but I will try.

  25. Love those bunnies! The apple oatmeal crisp sounds fantastic, I need to try it, you make it sound easy! That is a gorgeous centerpiece!!!!

  26. I really love this table, and your clever us of the color for an Easter setting. Oh those bunnies are adorable. Yum, I'm supposed to be off cookies and yours and making me long for some.

    I'll be taking up the challenge, so looking forward to it!

  27. This table is just fun, fun, fun! Love the bunnies, and all of your red and white on the table. I'm sure I would have eaten the entire stack of cookies too - even before you improved them. laurie

  28. Awww, those bunnies are adorable! Your friend is very talented. Of course I love red any time of year :)


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