Friday, August 22, 2014

What’s in Costco and Christmas Tree Shop?

A new Costco opened 40 min from me.  While we have always made monthly visits to Costco, this one is closer and more convenient.  How you ask?  Well, within 5 minutes of it is WSonoma and PBarn Outlets, and directly across the street is Christmas Tree Shop. 

This one also has a gas station, which is nice!  Locally, unleaded gas is about 4.00 and .10 more a gallon if you use a credit card, which I always do.  Costco it was $3.57 using a credit card, big difference on a fill up.

So while I was going to get gas and a few groceries, I snapped a few pics in case you haven’t been there lately!


The ribbon is out, 6.99 for a 50 yard roll.  Great deal. 


Moving on…


Does that scare you?  Make no bones about it, I won’t be buying one!



Hopping across the street to Christmas Tree Shop!


Blingy pears for 1.99


Red flatware, $1.00


Fabric like chargers, 2.99




Hello Kitty, my TX friend!


Nice, and made in USA!



So cute for a little boy’s room!



Don’t forget the Farewell to Summer Table Challenge next Wed. on Let’s Dish!


Yes, I must!  Hope all of you are well, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Glad the Costco is close to your other haunts! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Breaks my pudgy little heart that there still isn't a CTS here, this area is perfect for it! Sounds like you had a fun day:@)

  3. I would hate to live without a Costco nearby. Wish CTS would come further into the middle of the country...I think Indiana, and Texas are the two closest states...not very close.

  4. Looking forward to the challenge. Good for you that these stores are all so close together.

  5. What a wonderful space. The attention to detail is just glorious.
    The perfect Interior in Café au Lait

  6. We don't have a Costco just a SAMs Club but we buy our gas there too. Fortunately our area doesn't charge that extra 10 cents for fuel with a credit card but downstate they do and it grinds me. I got to visit my first PB and WS outlet this year and loved it! I hope to get a Tablescape together for your party!

  7. You little Costco?CTS spy:)
    We drove there yet again..To get to Trader Joe' know it takes us about 3 hrs to get there and 3 to come back..seriously reconsidering..You have no idea how the CTS has slipped where we go since we started going.
    TJs..wonderful..not so much CTS..They must differ from state to state..considerably.
    It's like a Big Lots now..:(

  8. Fun to visit these stores with you! We don't have Costco near me but a Sam's. Also no CTS!! Alas, I dream of visiting one some day. See you Wed!


  9. Nice to see a post from you! It's always nice too see what's out there.

  10. Thanks for sharing all the goodies...loved the Hello Kitty cupcake kit, Kathleen! I ended to go to Costco soon, as my list is growing. I hope to get something ready for the challenge on Wednesday.
    Hope all is well with you and Mike and that you're enjoying your summer. How're the Kardashians??!!

    1. They left! Their rental is over, the iron gate and guard are gone, and the 5 trash cans no longer out in front. How will we live without them? :) Yes, enjoying the summer, the weather has been perfect!

  11. Out closest Costco is a 20 minute drive by freeway but next year - one opening up a 12 minute drive by a much more relaxing route. I'm very excited. Love Costco, although there are still a few things I prefer to buy at Sams. So glad a CTS isn't close - I really don't need to add more to store.

  12. All the years we lived in FL, we had a Christmas Tree Shop nearby & I never went in it, because I thought it only sold Christmas stuff. How sad is that?!! Now, the nearest one is in Erie, PA...several hours away. Boo-Hoo!!! Maybe it is a good thing.

    Hey, I have a set of antique blue glassware with a matching pitcher that have sailboats on them...very similar to the ones you shared. I should dig those out & USE them at least once!!

    Looking forward to next week's party.

  13. Thanks for taking us along to CTS and Cosco! We have to drive an hour to a Cosco (either Jacksonville or Orlando.) CTS is about 50 minutes away, I never did go back there, need to do that. There's a Sam's in Daytona Beach, about 30 minutes away. We don't go to those big stores! :-(

    Gas has gone down around here to $3.27 per gal.

    I'm working on my challenge scape now.


  14. Oh I wish we had a Christmas Tree Shop... the only Costco is about an hour drive for me and way off my beaten path, ditto for PB Outlet. Hope to see you Wednesday if I can get it together, we've been out of town and I'm way behind :)

  15. I will have to check out Costco as it is only 10 minutes from where I live. If you wait until closer to Xmas everything is either gone or so picked over. Love their ribbon and the 3 D xmas cards.
    Thanks so much for the heads up. Wish we had a Christmas Store here - maybe it's a good thing we don't.

  16. How fun to have all those great stores near you. We don't have a Christmas Tree Shop here...only been to one in Dallas once and loved it. Found chairs there I really wanted but, by the time I shipped them home, too expensive.
    I have my post ready for Wed...nothing to write home about but.......:)
    What time do you open the party on Wed.?

  17. never mind...i see it opens at 7 pm on wed evening.

  18. How did I miss that you had posted this? I am trying to be better at keeping up so I don't miss the good stuff. I'm not inspired to hit the stores. I love (LOVVVVE) the chargers the best of all. I also love the sailboat stuff and wonder if any of it will make it to your table.

    We got one ready to set today, and I'm setting it tomorrow here at my house so I HOPE (Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise...) I'll be here on Wednesday night.

  19. I meant to say that I'm NOW inspired, not I'm NOT inspired. Good grief.

  20. I like the red handled flatware and the fabric covered chargers at the CTS store. I think the closest CTS to my home is in Erie, PA (about a two and a half hour drive). I liked the sail boat glasses a lot too. There was a lot of Halloween out at the HomeGoods Store when I stopped in there Sunday, but no Christmas yet. Oh, I did find a large pumpkin tureen that matches my covered soup bowls from last year. It was the only one they had at that store so I bought it.

  21. I just love those fabric chargers. What a fabulous collection of bits and pieces, to get us thinking of Christmas and Halloween.

  22. I always enjoy virtual shopping with you, Kathleen, but I wish I could really visit those stores physically. Such good prices!...Christine

  23. Do I miss the Christmas Tree Shoppe! I love that place. It always has great seasonal prices!
    We belong to Sam's. I do buy everything in bulk even though we are empty nesters. I started buying in bulk when we lived in New York before winter. I hated carrying big & heavy stuff during winter. So I would stock up and still do today! I just went to Hobby Lobby and they are having their 40% off sale! Christmas is out already so I need to get my act together! New outdoor decorations coming on Sweetladyelaine. I missed out last year and went too late! Oh by the way, I did your challenge last week instead of this week! My weeks are all mixed up! lol Glad you are doing your challenges again! Much love to you,
    Blessings My Friend,

  24. I need to get someone to take me to Costco. I still dream of a Christmas Tree Shop opening here. Thanks for taking us shopping!


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